A Plum Island Vacation – One Tiny Island – Three Big Experiences

By Linda McKeehan, Newburyport.Com Correspondent

Owner of Plum Island Beach Rentals, Linda has over 20 years of experience with seasonal and vacation rentals.

Plum Island Beach Rentals
Plum Island Vacation, Newburyport

A Plum Island vacation just might persuade you to consider the Plum Island Lifestyle as an annual tradition or possibly as a place to call home. Plum island, is a picturesque New England barrier island located just off Newburyport, MA, and less than an hour north of Boston. Plum Island is only 11 miles long and is named after the wild beach plums that grow across the island. Even though the island is small in size, there are so many wonderful experiences to be had on this tiny piece of New England Coast. What makes Plum Island so unique is it’s array of activities available to all.

Plum Island Vacation, Newburyport

Visitors enjoy a Plum Island vacation for many reasons. The natural beauty of The Island features a long Ocean Beach and the tidal interior
waters of the Basin which are perfect for swimming. Plum Island offers a variety of fun activities including Paddle boarding, paddle boarding, kayaking and boating plus fishing and Captain’s Boat tours. If you have an appreciation for the natural beauty of the outdoors you are sure to enjoy Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, and Sandy Point State Park, which encompasses more than 4700 acres of diverse habitats. You’ll find sandy beaches and dunes, cranberry bogs, maritime forest, shrub lands and freshwater marsh. The most abundant habitat on the refuge is its 3000+ acres of salt marsh, one of the most productive ecosystems in nature.

Plum Island Vacation, Newburyport

All in All you don’t even have to leave the peacefulness of The Island, and your days will be full!  If the idea of a Plum Island vacation intrigues you, give a call to Plum Island Beach Rentals for assistance with vacation rentals and year round rentals as well. For some, Plum Island is a vacation destination and for others it is the peaceful place to call home throughout the year.

Living on Plum Island we are inspired every day by the beautiful scenery.  I hope you enjoy these photos which feature a combination of ocean front shots and the tranquil waters of the Plum Island basin as well.  Come visit our beautiful Island and experience all the natural beauty and outdoor adventures that Plum Island has to offer.


Plum Island Vacation, NewburyportPlum Island Vacation, Newburyport







Plum Island Vacation, Newburyport

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