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Doug Danzey lives in downtown Newburyport with his two sons Greer and Parker and their funky little dog Kolby. 

Having been a licensed Realtor for over 23 years he has put his expertise to work for many happy clients. During his sons younger years, he worked tirelessly as a mortgage banker, helping buyers secure financing for their homes. His dream was to return to real estate sales when his sons were a bit older and he is now one of the top agents on the north shore.

Anyone can list a home for sale and hang a sign. The true talent comes when a person is able to market a home and most importantly negotiate the sale between the buyers and the sellers. Many people think that they can sell their own home because they don’t want to pay a commission. What they don’t realize is the value of a realtor, one that knows all the aspects of buying and selling, and most importantly knows people and the art of communication. Buying or selling a home is a truly an emotional experience and not one that can be treated like a transaction. We are dealing with your dreams, your home, your biggest asset and this should not be taken lightly. Doug has a gift for being able to keep people calm and keep the focus on the end result, which is buying or selling your home. Allow Doug to be your trusted expert in real estate, as he will work tirelessly to stay focused on your needs and your goals. Doug has bought, renovated and sold over twenty homes of his own. He has the experience that will give you the confidence that you need when working with him.
Doug offers unparalleled knowledge and an unwavering commitment to providing you with superior customer service. When you’re ready to begin, call or email Doug so that you can start the journey together. 

Doug’s mission is to provide you with the best service, guidance and communication to help you achieve your goal, whether it be finding the perfect home or selling your home so that you are able to move on to the next stage of your life.

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