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The Arts & Entertainment are highly valued in Newburyport and amongst the top rated Things to Do in Newburyport. There is strong encouragement and praise for our young aspiring individuals and respect for the many professional local artists and entertainers. Newburyport is a community that proudly supports our vibrant local performing arts scene with strong attendance at local performances, exhibits and concerts.

Annual arts and entertainment fundraisers are well attended and accomplishments are recognized and celebrated throughout the community. The Newburyport Arts Collective was developed to encourage cross collaboration amongst our many arts organizations and has helped to establish Newburyport as a cultural center and destination city to visit and experience a broad selection of arts and entertainment. Newburyport is fortunate to have a strong group of volunteers on the Local Cultural Council who help to advocate and administer funding for the many community-based projects.


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Maritime Holiday Tree 2022 – Life Ring Ornaments Unite the Community

Newburyport’s 2022 Maritime Holiday Tree strung with life ring ornaments will light up the waterfront for the season beginning December 2nd at at the annual maritime tree lighting ceremony on
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Sculpture at Maudslay Showcases Local Artists in a Picturesque Setting

Sculpture at Maudslay 2022 returns to Newburyport for visitors to enjoy from Sunday, September 11th through Sunday, October 2nd at 2 pm when the show closes. The event features the

Newburyport Documentary Film Festival

The Newburyport Documentary Film Festival features some of the most thought-provoking and entertaining documentary films on screen. Purchase tickets and check the lineup for the 2022 Film Festival, Friday, September

The Newburyport Art Association Encourages & Inspires

The Newburyport Art Association, also referred to as the NAA, is not only a place to view work by artists in the Greater Newburyport area, but it is also where
Theater in the Open

Theater in the Open

Theater in the Open is dedicated to bringing creative and innovative community theater to the cultural landscape of Greater Newburyport. They stage high-quality original productions each year for the enjoyment of the community. And they are dedicated to theater that is free and open to anyone!

Firehouse Center for the Arts

Newburyport is a quant community with a vast art scene full of theater, music, dance and film, all available at the Firehouse Art Center.

Let the Music Move You at Aurora Ballroom Dance Studio

Whether you are a professional seeking to refine your skills, a couple in need of practice for your special wedding dance, or you just have a passion for dance, you
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