By Mike Mastrangelo, Correspondent
North Shore entrepreneur Mike Mastrangelo understands vehicles inside and out. Owner of professional auto detailing company Minor Details, Mike and team bring their services to your home or office, helping protect your investment, and giving back your weekends. Connect with Mike at 978.394.3797.

Buying a new car should be a fun and enjoyable experience. When you purchase a new vehicle you might think that its paint is flawless, but in most cases it is not. Once you purchase the vehicle the dealership will begin the process of “vehicle preparation”. This normally involves service technicians at the dealership removing the white plastic protective covering on the inside and outside of the vehicle. Then, the technicians will proceed to execute a “quick detail” on the vehicle. The tech will spray the vehicle down,with water and wash the vehicle with a stiff long bristle brush, and contaminated car soap. Then, they will dry the car (in most cases) with old, used, towels, and usually apply a coat of spray wax to make it shine. For the interior they will again remove any plastic protective coatings, and do a quick detail on the interior. Normally, the technicians will use an overwhelming amount of cleaner (Armor-all or similar). This is very dangerous because the of the slick properties in these chemicals.  Especially if the technician uses these products on seats, pedals, steering wheels, and shift knobs.

The moral of the story is, when you buy a new car tell the dealership to leave all of the plastic protective film on the vehicle as is. Tell them not to wash the vehicle, or detail it in any way. When a detailer uses harsh chemicals, dirty hard bristle brushes, and contaminated towels and wash buckets to clean the vehicle this causes surface scratches.  In some cases this causes irreversible damage to the vehicles paint shine and clarify. The same will go for the interior. Ensure that the dealership does not remove any protective films or coverings from the seats, steering wheel, floor matts ect.

Take your new vehicle to a reputable professional detailer. At Minor Details we will remove all of your protective film and perform a multi step process to ensure that your new vehicle paint remains flawless. We use a “two bucket” system, clean MICRO FIBER wash mitts and towels, and professional foam cannons. The foam cannon ensures that there is minimal contact with the painted surfaces when washing the vehicle. The micro fiber products ensure that when contact is needed, the materials will not scratch your paint.


Treat Your Vehicle Like It Is Part Of The Family

By Mike Mastrangelo, Correspondent
North Shore entrepreneur Mike Mastrangelo understands vehicles inside and out. Owner of professional auto detailing company Minor Details, Mike and team bring their services to your home or office, helping protect your investment, and giving back your weekends. Connect with Mike at 978.394.3797.
Minor Details Mobile Auto Detailing

We rely on our vehicles every day for transporting our friends and families, keeping our business moving, or planning that special holiday or vacation getaway.  Wether its picking up the kids at soccer practice, delivering that last minute shipment to a valued customer, or driving up to the mountains for that last minute ski trip, our vehicles have served us well.
This winter, has been especially harsh on our vehicles. The increased sand and salt use has made it difficult to keep our vehicles clean, and protected.  Salt, sand, road debris, tar, and acid rain all contribute to thousands of dollars of possible damaging affects to your vehicles protective clear coat.  Now that this harsh winter is coming to an end, and spring is around the corner, its time to treat your vehicle to a well deserved cleaning and reconditioning at Minor Details.
Your vehicle is a reflection of you and of your business, and a vital part of your family. At Minor Details we want to make sure that your vehicle is looking its very best and is well protected throughout the spring and summer seasons.
We make it easy for our customers to schedule appointments online. We take care of the dirty work by providing the auto detailing services on site, in an eco friendly fashion so you can spend more time doing the things that you love.

Let us know what is most convenient for your schedule, and where you would like us to detail your vehicle.  Why not take advantage of our mobile automotive detailing services today?  Enjoy great deals if you are a Best of Newburyport VIP Card holder.

Cruisin’ the 50’s Mystery Car Revealed – 2014

By Joe, Joe

Cruisin’ the 50’s Mystery Car

Hand-Built in Paris, France

The Difference Between a Collector & an Enthusiast

Thursday night marked the 2014 annual Cruisin’ the 50’s Classic Car Show in downtown Newburyport, Massachusetts featuring hundreds of vintage automobiles from throughout New England, but none was more impressive than this year’s Mystery Car.

Spectators lined State Street early for a VIP glimpse of the highly anticipated Gem of a Car. Many buzzed with excitement taking guessing at its make and model.

“Lamborghini!” said one man. “No, no, it’s the Ferrari from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” said another.

One by one the rest of the vehicles cruised into position, with proud owners perfectly angling their beauties throughout State, Inn and Pleasant Streets until….

A GORGEOUS 1948 Delahaye purred into its special spot in front of Newburyport VIP M.K. Benatti Jewelers on State and Middle Streets.

Wearing a brilliant smile, Parisian cap, Delahaye owner Bruce Male of Swampscott, MA set his classic auto in position as attendants quickly closed the red velvet ropes before viewers circled the luxurious lady for a closer look.

Myself included, I could smell the leather putting my iPhone to good use, including posing for a shameful selfie with the car’s owner as he told me more about his treasure.

“She was hand-built in 1948 in Paris, France and found in India,” said Bruce.

After a quick Breaking #NewburyportNews video upload to’s Facebook page, Bruce turned to me and said, “So do you want to know the rest of the story?”

“You know I do Bruce,” I fired back!

“In 92′ I was with my wife in London when I first say her (the Delahaye). She was scheduled to be a centerpiece that week in the Coye Auction. So I made a deal that if I purchased her, I would still showcase the car in the auction since all the promotional materials and advertisements were anchored on her presence. Well, that night I almost lost her when someone came within $25,000 of the reserve,” beamed Bruce.

Bruce, who I jokingly called ‘Bruce Wayne’ then taught me the difference between a Car Collector and an Automobile Enthusiast.

“Collectors buy cars, clean them up and store them. Enthusiasts find cars and drive the heck out of them,” said Bruce.

When asked which category he falls into…

“Well, I drove her here didn’t I?” Bruce said with a wink.

Touche Bruce, touche.

When not Cruisin’ the 50’s in his Delayhe, Bruce can be found Vintage Racing in Europe and throughout the U.S. behind the wheels of various Ferraris and Macerates.

Things to Do

Top-rated attractions, National Parks and historic tours are among the many things to do in Newburyport.
Plum Island Beach, Newburyport

Plum Island Beach

PI beach is family-friendly sand, surf and sun 35 miles north of Boston, and a bike ride from downtown Newburyport.

Bartlet Mall

Bartlet Mall

Bartlet Mall, a gorgeous historic park at the intersection of Pond and High Streets, is a great place for ice-skating, sledding, and enjoying nature. Its scenic views provide the setting for a wide variety of popular community events. There are wide walkways and a series of footpaths that border the Mall and lead to the Frog Pond. It has also become a highly photographed area by many local photographers.

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