Colby Farm Sunflowers – End of Summer Fun!

What will you discover?

Visit the Sunflower Field & the Market!

The Colby Farm Sunflowers in Newbury, MA have become an annual end of summer tradition for many. The Sunflower field will be open for the 2022 season from Wednesday, August 24th through Sunday August 28th. Visit between 9 am – 6 pm on Wednesday and Thursday and from 9 am – 7 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There is no event/ticket cost, simply a $10 cash only parking fee.

This cherished annual event is an amazing opportunity to experience the natural beauty of this wonderful family run farm. Make sure to visit the farmstand after your trip to the sunflower field. Pick up fresh vegetables locally grown by Colby Farm and explore the many exceptional locally sourced products available in the market. If you enjoy supporting local small businesses, you can feel great about any purchase you make at Colby Farm!

Colby Farm and its farm stand are located just a few minutes from downtown Newburyport on Scotland Road in Newbury, MA. Here they sell many of their own freshly grown fruits and vegetables as well as locally sourced meats, dairy products, grains, and many wonderful sweet treats! The most important thing to know, is that Colby Farm is a leader amongst local farms, helping promote the importance of buying from local farms and other small business who work hard to provide top quality local consumables. Not only does Colby Farm sell many of their own products but they are an important supporter to other local small businesses who depend on Colby Farm to help provide awareness and generate sales for their locally made products.

In addition to the highly popular sunflower field and farmstand Colby Farm has tremendous experience in the hay business since 1960. Colby Farm harvests over 200 acres of hay annually and has become known as as a leading provider of quality hay for local farm animals.

Colby Farm is open from May, through December 24, when they sell Christmas trees, wreaths, baked goods and other seasonal items.

*Professional pictures courtesy of Jaimie Cuddire & Colby Farm

In observance of National Ovarian Cancer Month, Greater Newburyport Ovarian Cancer Awareness (GNOCA) will host the 2022 annual Newburyport Lantern Festival, at Bartlet Mall, on Sunday, September 4th of Labor Day weekend. This special event starts at 5:30 pm and the floating ceremony begins at 7 pm, just prior to dusk. The rain date is Monday, September 5th. All are welcome to come and decorate, light, and float lanterns on Frog Pond at dusk. This well-attended ceremony is in the Asian tradition of remembering family and friends and making wishes for the future. Decorating materials and calligraphers will be available. The event is free, with a suggested donation of $10 per lantern. Lanterns can be purchased at the event and there are lots of markers and stencils available to help decorate lanterns. Lanterns can also be purchased in advance at Greetings by Design.

GNOCA, a volunteer organization, was founded in 2011. Its mission is to honor and improve women’s lives by promoting earlier detection, enhanced recovery and greater survival rates for ovarian cancer. GNOCA ( seeks to increase awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer, to provide support services for women and families affected by ovarian cancer within the Greater Newburyport area, and to help fund ovarian cancer research.

Aside from direct assistance to local patients and their families, proceeds from GNOCA events go to Ovations for the Cure (, a nonprofit organization, in their promotion of knowledge of the disease, concrete hope and support for those already diagnosed, and significant scientific advancements leading to the cure.

Each year, over 21,000 women in America are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but with a keener awareness of the subtle, earliest symptoms of this insidious disease, a 93 percent five-year survival rate can be achieved.

Over the past seven years, the Newburyport Lantern Festival has really grown, beginning with about 100 participants the first year and swelling to about 2,000 participants in subsequent years. Many view the occasion as a perfect time to take evocative photographs as the lit lanterns freely float along the water in the twilight.

The public is encouraged to bring picnics, blankets or lawn chairs to the Newburyport Lantern Festival. Live music, under the able leadership of Donna Ricci, will be featured throughout the evening.

Other 2022 events planned by GNOCA include a September 25th a run/walk in honor of Jackie Poor and Paula Holm. Register now or sponsor a runner/walker.

For questions about events, or to learn more about GNOCA, please call Deb Green, at Greetings by Design, 978-225-6700, or email

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Trouble eating or feeling full quickly
  • Urinary urgency or frequency
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Fatigue and/or fever
  • Unexplained weight gain or loss
  • Unexplained changes in bowel habits

UAV Look Drone Video of the 2015 Newburyport Lantern Festival

Meet your new Best friend at the Newburyport Black Dog Adoption Event on Saturday, September 17th from 12-3 pm. The Black Dog in downtown Newburyport has a long term partnership with the local rescue group, Sweet Paws Rescue. Together they host two dog adoption events per year. The Black Dog has numerous stores and each store works with local shelters to help promote dog adoption and rescue efforts.

Why does the Black Dog do this? They do this because their roots and our iconic Black Dog silhouette were born from a rescue. 50 years ago Captain Douglas of Martha’s Vineyard rescued a small black pup with white paws and of no certain pedigree. She was called Black Dog and she lived for 16 years sailing side by side with her captain. Rescue and dog adoption is embedded in the Black Dog Brand, in hope that one day every dog will have a loving home.

Sweet Paws Rescue is a nonprofit agency driven solely by volunteers. All of the rescued dogs are placed in foster homes until they are able to find their forever home. Many healthy pups make their journey to Massachusetts looking for a family! We encourage everyone to ADOPT and not SHOP for a pet. If you’re considering the addition of a new special member to your household please keep these bi-annual dog adoption events in mind as they are a wonderful opportunity to meet some very special dogs.

The Newburyport Black Dog store located at 37 State Street is host to these events and donates a generous percentage of adoption event sales to Sweet Paws Rescue, helping bring dogs to safety. Even if you can’t adopt a pup, you can SHOP for a cause! 20% of the Newburyport Black Dog Sales from Saturday, September 17th will be donated to Sweet Paws Rescue. Treat yourself to a few new Black Dog items, or maybe you have gifts to purchase. This is a great opportunity to pick up quality Black Dog merchandise, and possibly provide a loving home for one of these very special pups.

The walking tours of Plum Island, North Point, led by Bill Sargent, are wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. These 60-minute walking tours, start at North Point’s Plum Island Lighthouse go down to the south jetty and back.  The Walking Tours of Plum Island are held at 10 am rain or shine so be prepared with rain gear depending upon the forecast. Tour participants should park in the Plum Island Lighthouse parking lot. The 2022 walking tours dates are: June 19th, July 3rd, July 17th, August 7th and August 28th. Please note that the 8/28 walk will start at 9 am instead of the usual start time of 10 am. 

During these beautiful walks there is much to explore and discover.  You will see horseshoe crabs, woolly mammoth, terns, and striped bass and view the effects of last winter’s erosion. Changes occurred over this past Winter and this Spring validating that Mother Nature is in charge!

Investigate the Coast Guard archaeology site and speculate on whether some of the artifacts could have been used to set U-boat nets across the Merrimack River. Visit the Sand Machine where up to an acre of sand flows through natural weirs in the South Jetty during high course tides. Discuss how the Army Corps of Engineers, the city of Newburyport, universities, and colleges have all been working together to work with nature and find a solution to the rapid erosion on the point.

Walking Tours of Plum Island participation costs is $10 per person, payable to The Coastlines Project. What should you bring for the trip?  We recommend a camera, sensible shoes and a keen sense of humor!

Bill Sargent is well respected as an authority on this beautiful area of Plum Island and has been featured by many local and regional publications.  Bill is the author of over 20 books about science and the environment, including “Islands in the Storm”, “Plum Island 4000 Years on a Barrier Beach,” and “Plum Island 2016.”


Plum Island Light House/Newburyport Harbor Light

Guide Us Through the Channel

Plum Island Light House, Newburyport MA

The Historic Plum Island Light House

The Plum Island Light House also know as the Plum Island Light or the Newburyport Harbor Light, has a very interesting history. It was first lit in 1788 with a lantern burning whale oil. And it was the 13th lighthouse to be constructed in the U.S..  It was needed to guide boaters into the treacherous mouth of the Merrimack River and into Newburyport Harbor. The strong currents and shifting sands at the mouth of the harbor present a serious challenge to boaters to this day.

Newburyport Harbor was very active and important to the U.S. for whaling, fishing, shipbuilding, and trade. There were many ships coming in and out of Newburyport Harbor. Before the lighthouse was built, fires on the beach in Plum Island were used to guide mariners. It was the business people of Newburyport in the 1780s that paid to build the Plum Island Lighthouse. President George Washington appointed the first keeper of the Plum Island Lighthouse, Abner Lowell. And three generations of Lowells served as lighthouse keepers at the Plum Island Lighthouse.

There were storms that damaged and original Plum Island Lighthouse. In addition, shifting sands meant that the Lighthouse had to be moved several times.

The current lighthouse dates from 1898. Since 1927 the lighthouse has been powered by electricity. The last keeper left the Lighthouse in 1951 when the light was automated. Today the lighthouse flashes a green light to guide boaters.  It is still very important to have this lighthouse in operation to guide boats safely through the turbulent area where the Merrimack River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

The Plum Island Lighthouse is located across from the Park River National Wildlife Refuge at the northern section of Plum Island.

Today the lighthouse is owned by the City of Newburyport. Friends of Plum Island Light lease it from the City and care for it. The grounds are open to the public. The Friends of Plum Island Light offer periodic public tours inside the Plum Island Lighthouse.

The picture perfect Plum Island Lighthouse is one of the great lighthouses to visit in New England and the North Shore.  It’s a “must see” for any lighthouse enthusiast and worth the visit if you are in the Greater Newburyport area. For more general information on Plum Island attractions visit our Plum Island Beach page and check out our Plum Island Parking article for parking lot information.


From the Newburyport Harbor Range Lights on Water Street in downtown Newburyport, continue east on Water Street for 1.3 miles, where Water Street will become Plum Island Turnpike. Follow the turnpike for 1.8 miles to Plum Island, and then turn left on Northern Boulevard. Continue on Northern Boulevard for 1.3 miles to the northern end of the island, where you will see the lighthouse on your left.

Plum Island Light House

Northern Boulevard
Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 973-6935

The Friends of Plum Island Light maintain the lighthouse and sometimes open the tower. Call (978) 973-6935 to see when open houses are offered.

Tour the Plum Island Light:

Tour the Plum Island Light: June 11th, July 9th, August 13th or September 10th. Reserve a time slot on these days between 10 am – 12:45 pm. Each 15 minute time slot is limited to 5 people and only one person in the group needs to sign up. Reserve a time in advance and be aware that there are not any rain dates. All attendees must be a minimum of 5 years old and at least 42 inches high, and be wearing sturdy shoes. A suggested donation of $5 per person is greatly appreciated to help care for the Plum Island Lighthouse. If tours are fully booked or you are unavailable on the dates offered, private tours can be booked via email to

The 2023 Tour Season has finished. 2023 Tour Dates will be posted here and on the Events Calendar as soon as they are announced. 

Cruisin’ the 50’s Newburyport 2022

Rev Your Engines For This Spectacular Display

Aerial Video from UAV Look

Cruisin’ the 50’s Classic Cars to Drive You Wild

The 10th annual Cruisin’ the 50’s event will be held on Thursday, August 11, 2022 from 5 – 8 PM in downtown Newburyport, Massachusetts where the owners of amazing vintage automobiles showcase their works of art.

This premier classic car show features an exclusive group of specially selected cars from collectors who are invited to participate in the show.  In past years, Cruisin’ the 50’s has featured some high profile vehicles such as the DeLorean that brought us Back in Time from the classic Michael J. Fox movie “Back to the Future.” Another past favorite was the 1948 black Delahaye, hand built in Paris, France and owned by private collector Bruce Male of Swampscott, MA. The Cruisin’ the 50’s Car Show becomes more popular each year and local businesses enjoy being part of the fun! This video features a live 50’s band preforming while folks enjoy live music and check out classic cars in the Newburyport Bank parking lot.

Throughout the night while indulging in one gorgeous vintage vehicle after the next, great classic tunes will be broadcast live from the stage in Market Square complements of WXBJ Radio, Cool 94.1. If your not able to make it to this exciting event, enjoy coverage from our Live Web Cams.

Cruisin’ the 50’s is a free event open to all and hosted by The Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce.  Enjoy beautiful classic cars in the picturesque historic downtown of Newburyport, MA.  State Street, Pleasant Street and Inn Street will be open to pedestrians only and classic cars will also be parked on other surrounding streets as well.  If necessary, the rain date for this event will be held the following Thursday, August 18th from 5pm until 8pm.  

Please note: Classic car participation is by invitation and pre-registration only. For participant information, contact car coordinator Wes Pettengill at 978-465-3140.

*Professional photography by Visual Storyteller and Documentary Photographer Ben Savoie. 

Things to Do

Top-rated attractions, National Parks and historic tours are among the many things to do in Newburyport.
Plum Island Light House, Newburyport MA

Plum Island Light House the Newburyport Harbor Light

Tour the Plum Island Light House: June 11th, July 9th, August 13th or September 10th. It was the 13th lighthouse to be constructed in the US, helping guide boaters into the treacherous mouth of the Merrimack River and into Newburyport Harbor.

Bartlet Mall

Bartlet Mall

Bartlet Mall, a gorgeous historic park at the intersection of Pond and High Streets, is a great place for ice-skating, sledding, and enjoying nature. Its scenic views provide the setting for a wide variety of popular community events. There are wide walkways and a series of footpaths that border the Mall and lead to the Frog Pond. It has also become a highly photographed area by many local photographers.

Hellcat Boardwalk Trail, Hellcat Interpretative Trail, Parker River, Plum Island, MA

Hellcat Boardwalk Trail also called Hellcat Interpretative Trail – Plum Island 

The Hellcat Boardwalk Trail Trail, often referred to as the Hellcat Interpretative Trail for its planked pathway, is located in Plum Island’s Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. The trail, which

The 2022 Reggae Fest at Newburyport Brewing Company will take place on Saturday, August 13th from 12 – 9 PM at 4 New Pasture Road. Bring your friends family to experience the reggae reggae vibe at this amazing annual outdoor festival. Reggae Fest is guaranteed fun regardless of the weather. Nothing can put a damper on the fun so be prepared for a good time, rain or shine! Newburyport Brewing Company welcomes all ages and well behaved pets too! Sample NBPT Brew Company’s selection of craft beers, tour the brewery, dance to live reggae music, and eat food from delicious local restaurants and food trucks. The event will also features various outdoor games/activities.

The 2022 festival line-up includes: Dub Apocalypse, Aqua Cherry and Supernothing. Everyone’s favorite  DJ Marjerley Mon will entertain the crowd spinning great reggae vibes in between sets!

Tickets can be purchased in advance online for this very popular event. If tickets are still available you may purchase them at the event. Tickets are $10 for people 21+ and kids attend free!  Mark your calendars for family friendly Reggae Fest at Newburyport Brewing Company! is proud to help promote awareness of Newburyport Brewing Company events and we appreciate their support of our Best of Newburyport VIP Program.  If you enjoy dining and shopping in our local community make sure to download the Newburyport App for your Apple or Android device.  Enjoy discounts EVERY TIME you visit the 180 participating local restaurants and shops.  The cost is $25 per year and $10 of your purchase can be donated to one of our many local nonprofit partner organizations.  The Newburyport App also gives you direct access to the Events Calendar, Live Web Cams, Local Real Estate Searches and more.

We hope you enjoy our video coverage of last year’s Reggae Fest. Click to view other cool local videos.


The annual Yankee Homecoming Parade will march down High Street on Sunday, August 7th at 12 PM, marking the final official event of Newburyport’s week-long celebration. The parade, which will cover a little over a mile, begins at the intersection of Moseley Avenue and Ferry Road and end at Federal Street.

Along with tons of fire trucks, police cruisers, motorcycles, and vintage cars, spectators will also enjoy floats from local businesses, musical performances, a juggler on a unicycle, and Chinese dragon dancers. Many participants in the Yankee Homecoming Parade also throw candy and other swag to children along the way.

The theme for this year’s Yankee Homecoming, now in its 64th year, is “Reimagined,” focusing on celebrating the long history of Newburyport’s cherished tradition with a strong appreciation to be reunited with family and friends. Many floats and performances will represent this theme in the Yankee Homecoming Parade.

If you’re thinking about joining in the parade instead of watching from the sidelines, there is no fee if your float follows the theme. Non-profit organizations may also join the Yankee Homecoming Parade free of charge. Businesses that would like to participate outside of the theme must pay an advertising fee. All registrations can be done online.

For locals and tourists that would like to enjoy watching the Yankee Homecoming Parade, it’s best to arrive early to find a spot on either side of High Street.  Space fills up quickly and many locals even set up chairs days in advance to claim a larger area for groups.

The Yankee Homecoming Parade is a $15,000 operation, making it the second most expensive event of the week, after the Yankee Homecoming fireworks display.

Newburyport’s Yankee Homecoming celebration lasts an entire week, beginning July 30th and ending with the annual Yankee Coming Parade. To find even more ways to join in the celebrations, check out all of the events listed on our calendar.

Video of 2018 Parade

The 2022 Yankee Homecoming fireworks are set to make a bang Saturday, August 6th at 9:15 pm with their annual display over the Merrimack River. Pack up your lawn chairs, bring blankets and snacks and grab a spot in town to watch the sky light up at one of Yankee Homecoming’s biggest and brightest events of the week.

With the Yankee Homecoming fireworks going off from a barge in the river, there are tons of places around town to catch an unobstructed view of this illuminating show. Get in on the excitement and grab a spot among the crowds on the boardwalk, Route 1 bridge or Salisbury shoreline to hear the cheers of crowds and the sounds of the boats honking. Or make a night of it and set up camp early to dance to the live music of the Foreigners Journey Band, a high energy band specializing in two legendary stadium rock bands, at the Waterfront Park music series, beginning at 7:15 pm. Pop into one of downtown’s numerous restaurants to grab a bite to go or stroll through the food stands set up in the square and pick up dinner and treats to enjoy during or after the show.

If you have a boat, anchoring in the river is a great way to get up close to the show and avoid the crowds. But if you don’t have a boat of your own, you can still hit the open waters for the show. Many local companies offer up special Yankee Homecoming fireworks excursions, from party boats with live music to more low key family oriented atmospheres. Check out Captains Fishing Cruises and Parties and The Yankee Clipper Harbor Boat Tours to name a few.

Letting your little ones stay up late for this special event? Pack a picnic dinner and head to Cashman Park to set up your blanket and chairs along the river. Your tiny spectators can enjoy the playground with other excited kids up past their bedtime while waiting for the festivities to start.

No matter where you choose to watch, come early to claim your viewing spot and enjoy the buzzing downtown area on this special night filled with live music, entertainment, food and shopping. Be sure to check our Events Calendar for any changes or updates do to weather. If by chance you were searching for 4th of July weekend fireworks, you can view our VIP recommendations for places near Newburyport. 

If you would like to support the Yankee Homecoming fireworks, consider purchasing a Newburyport VIP Card today. The VIP Card gives you discounts EVERY TIME you make purchases at 180 local restaurants and shops and you can choose between a Digital VIP Card in the Newburyport App or a Physical VIP Card. Purchase one for $25 or two for $40 and donate $10 of your purchase to the Yankee Homecoming Fireworks Fund. 

Family Day is a Yankee Homecoming tradition for many families. This popular event will be held at the Nock Middle School on Saturday, August 6th from 10 am – 2 pm.  It’s easy to see the appeal! Enjoy free games, crafts, live music, and discover new activities and organizations that support families within the community.

Check out all the booths with free fun activities. Todd Farm Grill Serving up burgers, italian sausages, hot dogs, chicken fingers, french frys and cold drinks.

Confirmed Businesses/Activities Family Day 2022

Brigid’s House of Hope (Brigid’s Boutique)
providing expressive arts therapy projects, safety tip handouts

Candice J Photography
activity to be announced

Essex County Sheriff
K-9 unit demonstration

Family Connections of Salisbury, Newbury, Rowley and Newburyport
providing crafts

Greater Newburyport Ovarian Cancer
providing nail painting(teal color)

Kin Fitness
Fitness activities for kids

Lola Lovs
providing mandalas and other mindfulness activities.

Macaroni Kid North Shore MA
providing different crafts and activities

Maddieshack Designs
providing spinning prize wheel

providing reusable brown paper bags that the kids can decorate using crayons and stickers.

Newburyport Youth Football
providing football toss and tackling dummy

Pixie Dusting Plans
providing bubbles, stickers, wands, ride height checks

PJC Ecological
providing pollinator coloring pages and spin for prize

The Mom Comm Fitness Studio & Community
providing a kids mini obstacle course, carnival games, stickers and more

Relief Parenting
Family Yoga and scavenger hunt

The Studio NBPT LLC
providing an art project

Food provided by
Todd Farm Grill
Serving up burgers, italian sausages, hot dogs, chicken fingers, french frys and cold drinks

If you enjoy dining and shopping in our local community, you can support the Yankee Homecoming Firworks by purchasing or renewing your Newburyport App and VIP Card. The VIP Program allows you to enjoy discounts at 180 restaurants and shops in the Greater Newburyport community and $10 of each purchase or renewal can be donated to the Yankee Homecoming Fireworks Fund.

If you don’t already have the Newburyport App, just type the word “Newburyport” in the App Store or Play Store or use the links below from your mobile device.

Apple/App Store: Download “Newburyport” for iOS/Apple

Android/Play Store: Download “Newburyport” for Android/Google



When is Newburyport Bed Racing? Mark your calendar for the 2022 Newburyport Lion’s Club Bed Races on Thursday, August 4th at 6 pm on Federal Street in Newburyport. What is Newburyport Bed Racing? It’s a totally fun event during Yankee Homecoming week where folks design and build a bed that is used to race down Federal Street in Newburyport. The starting line is at the intersection of Federal Street and High Street, and the finish line is at the intersection of Federal Street and Water Street across from the Tannery.

You will find that the goals of participants are all different. Some are determined to win the race, others are excited to show off their cool bed creations and some are just busy waving at friends. Bed Racing is a very social Newburyport event. Most of the beds are designed and raced by local small businesses. Some of the creations are entertaining and others are impressive, but in all cases the fans get very excited to cheer for their favorite small businesses as they race or saunter down Federal Street.

All are encouraged to come enjoy this event, but if Bed Racing is one of your favorite events during Yankee Homecoming week, then you’re probably from the local Newburyport area as this event is an extremely popular tradition with the Newburyport locals. Bed Racing is an annual event hosted by the Newburyport Lion’s Club. Proceeds benefit the Newburyport Lions Club local charities (eye exams / glasses for the needy, annual Thanksgiving dinner, visual aids for the blind, high school scholarships, local food pantries, etc.). recommends arriving early at the bed races so that you have time to stop by the Rotary Club of Newburyport’s annual Beer & Hotdog Fundraiser from 5 – 7 pm in the Tannery parking lot.  Support Local!

If you would like to enter the Bed Races, the registration fee is $30 per bed and you can register up until 6 pm on race day, but you must arrive at 5:00 pm for bed check in. Use the following link for 2022 registration and rule Contact Tara at 978-561-9755 or with any questions. If by chance we have severe weather (not just rain) at race time, then this event will be moved to Friday, August 5th at 6 pm. Enjoy our 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 video coverage below.

Circus Smirkus (“On the Road Again”) will be hosted during The 2022 Yankee Homecoming Festival. Get your tickets for the 2022 Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour, in Newbury, MA. There will be four shows: Friday, August 5th at 2:00 and 7:00 pm and Saturday, August 6th at 1:00 and 6:00 pm.  This exciting event is held under the big top at Spencer Peirce Little Farm and is the largest annual fundraiser supporting Theater in the Open.  Don’t miss this amazing performance!  The talent of these young performers is exceptional, and the storyline is fun and entertaining for both kids and adults.

Every summer, Circus Smirkus kids ages 10 to 18, go on the road preforming 70 shows in 7 weeks, for sell-out crowds in a 750 seat European-style one-ring big top tent.  It is amazing to watch the determination, dedication and passion of these kids.  Although they all work very hard to achieve their ambitious goals, it is apparent that they are loving every minute of what they do, and developing strong friendships and team building skills that will carry them far in life.

Each year brings a new Circus Smirkus storyline and original full-length show combining the best in traditional and contemporary circus styles.  Come experience this highly anticipated big top show. The hilarious clowns are guaranteed to keep you laughing, and you’ll be in awe of the astonishing aerialists, wondrous wirewalkers, mystifying magicians, and jovial jugglers. Make sure to purchase tickets early as many shows do sell out.

Circus Smirkus performances run 2 hours in length including the intermission. There is plenty of seating for Circus Smirkus, but tickets do not have assigned seat numbers so we recommend showing up at least 30-45 minutes prior to the show, especially if you are a large group looking to sit together.  At the end of the show you may want to account for an extra 10 – 15 minutes, as there is opportunity to meet the stars and even get a few autographs.

Ticket Prices:
Adults (13+): $25
Child (2-12): $20
Babies – (< 2) FREE

Circus Smirkus is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization helping youth engage in life changing adventures while promoting the circus arts.  If you would like to support Circus Smirkus efforts there are many ways you can help all of which are greatly appreciated.

Theater in the Open has been a vital part of the Northshore’s cultural landscape for 37 years bringing theater performances to the public, at no cost, in the beauty of Maudslay State Park and connecting children with art and nature through our beloved youth arts education programs.  Please consider supporting Theater in the Open and helping to strengthen the local arts for young aspiring actors in Greater Newburyport.

Whether you have a little Coast Guard in training at home, or you would like to meet the men and women that protect our city, the US Coast Guard Open House has something for everyone. The Merrimack River Coast Guard Station, located in downtown Newburyport at 65B Water Street, will be opening its doors to the public Thursday, August 4th, from 10 am to 2 pm, for a special day of tours and information. A little rain doesn’t stop the US Coast Guard! This event is still happening as planned. 

As part of the town’s Yankee Homecoming celebrations, The US Coast Guard Open House offers a special opportunity for locals and tourists to step inside this iconic station. Visitors are welcome to explore the different areas within, all which will be manned by crew members offering information and taking questions. And perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the visit, is the opportunity to step aboard some of the US Coast Guard boats. While the boats will remain at the station, boat enthusiasts will be allowed to explore the decks while learning about special features. Make sure to bring your cameras and snap a pic in the Captain’s seat!

A special boating safety stand will also be set up at the station, offering up information and tips on how to navigate a boat safely. Learn about some of the challenges our local waters present, the hazards of the Merrimack River entrance, and life saving techniques.

For those visiting with little sea farers in tow, the Coast Guard Open House will also have Coastie on hand. The Coast Guard’s robot boat is equipped with navigation, searchlights, a rotating beacon, siren and air horn, sure to impress the little ones. Coastie will interact with young boaters and teach safety rules like “always swim with a buddy in a supervised area”. Watch out though, Coastie is also equipped with a squirt gun that he is known to use to get a laugh from the kids, so don’t be surprised if you get a little wet.

Newburyport, designated one of only 21 Coast Guard cities, is the birthplace of the Coast Guard. The Merrimack River Coast Guard Station is the home to the men and women protecting our waters with search, rescue and law enforcement. This Coast Guard Open House is a great opportunity to meet and interact with the crew of our local station and thank them for their hard work.

For a full list of events happening during Newburyport’s Yankee Homecoming week visit the Newburyport Events Calendar and consider supporting the Yankee Homecoming Fireworks fund by purchasing a Newburyport VIP Discount Card.

The Yankee Homecoming Sidewalk Sales are an annual Newburyport shopping event that take place each year from Thursday – Saturday of Yankee Homecoming week. The 2022 Sidewalk Sales are scheduled for: Thursday, 8/4 – Saturday 8/6 from 11 AM – 6 PM. It is important to note that the Sidewalk Sales hours represent a general guideline and that hours for each business are different. Some may close at 5 PM and others will choose to stay open until 8 or 9 PM. There are also a few shops that continue to host Sidewalk Sales on Sunday as well.

Whether you live locally or you’re just planning a visit, this is the perfect opportunity to find great end of the summer deals, all while helping Support Local retailers! The Newburyport downtown shopping area offers a broad range of shops, from clothing and accessories to home decor, children’s fashions, specialty foods, sporting goods and much more. If you’re from the area maybe the Sidewalk Sales can be the inspiration that gets you downtown to discover new shops that you weren’t previously aware of and if you’re visiting from outside of the area, we welcome you and thank you for choosing to visit Newburyport!

While you are out shopping and visiting our Newburyport retailers and restaurants between July 30th and August 7th, make sure to save your Newburyport shopping and restaurant receipts over $20 so that you can enter the Yankee Homecoming Support Local Content! Take a picture of your receipt and email it to along with the following details: your full name, mailing address and the name of the Newburyport business you would like a gift card from, if you are selected as a winner. Three winners will be randomly drawn on August 12th to receive a $100 gift certificate and there is no limit to how many times you can enter.

If you dine and shop frequently in the Greater Newburyport area, you should consider purchasing/renewing or renewing your Newburyport VIP Discount Card and $10 of your purchase can be donated to the Yankee Homecoming Fireworks Fund. Choose a traditional Physical VIP Card or the Digital VIP Card inside of the Newburyport App and enjoy discounts EACH TIME you use it at participating businesses. Local restaurants and retailers offer discounts as way to encourage folks to shop and dine locally and to build loyalty towards supporting local businesses.

Mark your calendar for Kids Day in the Park 2022, scheduled for Wednesday, August 3rd from 10 am – 2 pm in Atkinson Common Park. Kids Day is one of the many family focused annual events hosted during Yankee Homecoming week.   Atkinson Common Park This free event hosted by the Exchange Club of Newburyport, is one of the highlights of Yankee Homecoming week for many kids, featuring all the best stuff from childhood. Kids Day in the Park in an opportunity to create lifelong memories with your children. For many families this event has become an annual tradition, along with Olde Fashioned Sunday and Family Day.

Kids Day in the Park starts with a parade for decorated bikes and doll carriages, with prizes for the best ones! After that, kids can get their faces painted by volunteers from the high school art department, experience Theater in the Open – featuring the famous giraffe! – relax with a story organized by the Newburyport Library, participate in a sing-along with Steve Swochak, Music Director at the Immaculate Conception, and watch a police department K9 demonstration. Kids Day in the Park also lets youngsters see what it feels like behind the wheel in official vehicles from the City Fire Department, the Police Department and the Department of Public Works. There’s also food! Boston Sports Club of Salisbury will bring and grill an assortment of burgers and dogs and the folks at Polar Seltzer are sending cans of bubbly water. On top of that, there will be watermelon, ice cream, and what else? It’s all free!

Kids Day in the Park is hosted by the Newburyport Exchange Club,  a service organization that has existed since 1976 and focuses on four service areas: youth services, preventing child abuse, honoring America and community service. Kids Day in the Park has been organized as part of the Yankee Homecoming events since 2005, and Exchange Club members enjoy working with other community organizations to make this special day lots of fun and free for families.

The 62nd  Annual Yankee Homecoming Road Races hosted by the Newburyport Lion’s Club will be held Tuesday, August 2nd 2022. The Yankee Homecoming 10 Mile and 5K races are a wonderful tradition in Newburyport. The 5K race starts at 6 pm and the 10 mile race starts at 6:10 pm, with the start and the finish of the races at Newburyport High School.

It’s hard to believe that the Yankee Homecoming Road Races started with 30 runners in 1960. It has grown drastically in popularity with thousands of runners participating each year! Early August can be toasty for runners and spectators. Be sure to hydrate well and stay hydrated! There are water stops along the courses and there are plenty of refreshments available in Newburyport before, during, and after the races. If race day is hot you will even find a few residents along the route offering the option for runners to cool off as the run through a refreshing hose mist. You’re certain to feel the adrenaline rush with the exceptional fan participation and thousands of competitive runners. The locals are out there every step of the course cheering and trying to spot friends and family as they speed by in the sea of color.

The Yankee Homecoming Road Races are an ideal opportunity for runners to challenge themselves, and to enjoy the beautiful Newburyport scenery! This event is a wonderful way for runners to enjoy the gorgeous historic neighborhoods and coastline of Newburyport. It’s known as one of the best road races in the region and offers family-friendly fun. The course takes runners along the ocean and through quintessential New England streets.

Information about the registration process, race pricing, and course maps for the Yankee Homecoming Road Races is available on the Lions Club website. The cost of entering the races are $35 (5K) on race day and $45 (10 mile), Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022. Everyone registered before July 9th will receive a commemorative short-sleeve tech race shirt.  After that date, shirts cannot be be guaranteed – register early!

If you are one of the first 2000 people to register you will receive a Yankee Homecoming Road Race T-Shirt. T-shirts are also available on race day for purchase. All finishers will receive a custom finisher medal with a sublimated neck ribbon. Proceeds from the races will go to support the Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund, which benefits eye research in innovative Massachusetts.

Contact the dedicated organizers of the Yankee Homecoming Road Races with any questions you may have about the races and check the Events Calendar for details of all other Yankee Homecoming Events including the Newburyport Bed Racing, also hosted by the Newburyport Lion’s Club.





Come show your support for our local Newburyport & Plum Island restaurants and cheer for your favorite waiters and waitresses at the 2022 Yankee Homecoming Waiter and Waitress Race. On Monday, August 1st, 2022 at 4:30 pm on Liberty Street local waitstaff will race down the street carrying full trays to compete for an honorary title and cash prizes. Check out Newburyport VIP on Instagram for totally different versions of our Waiter & Waitress videos. 

Congratulations to the 2022 overall restaurant winner voted to have the most spirit, Plum Island Beachcoma! Amazing job by all of the racers. Below were the 2022 individual race winners.

Waiter & Waitress Race Cup Winner, Plum Island Beachcoma Yankee Homecoming Waiter & Waitress Race 2022 Winners
1st  Anchor Pizza – Leanne Paparella (3rd time with 1st place)
1st  Oregano – Gabriel Sambataro

2nd  Port Tavern – Olivia Coppinger
2nd  Carmine’s –  JD Horne

The Yankee Homecoming Waiter and Waitress Race, created to showcase all of the delicious dining options in Newburyport area restaurants, will feature local VIP celebrity judges. Mayor Sean Reardon, Tristan Horan: Actor, Musician, Composer and former Sea Level Server and Laura Bentley: VIP from our local media company

This is an opportunity for local restaurants to showcase their menus and specials and drive Yankee Homecoming crowds in for a meal. It’s advertising at no cost to the restaurants. In fact, participating restaurants are encouraged to display their menu and any Yankee Homecoming specials, promotions, on a board at the finish line.

All Newburyport and Plum Island waiters and waitresses, eighteen years and older, are welcome to compete in the Yankee Homecoming Waiter and Waitress Race. Not in the industry? Come by to cheer on your favorite waitstaff as they walk/run from Fair Street down Liberty Street carrying trays piled high with full glasses! The top 3 female waitresses and top 3 male waiters to cross the finish line first with dry trays will move on to the final challenge, yet another diner dash, but with the addition of obstacles.

The male and female winners will each earn very substantial tips: 1st place $450, and 2nd place, $200. The restaurant with the best overall performance/spirit will earn the traveling trophy, as well as bragging rights as the fastest staff in town, until the following year.

Thinking about entering the race? Brush up on the rules and register here. Only waitstaff from local Newburyport and Plum Island restaurants may compete. Registration fees are waived this year for the Yankee Homecoming Waiter and Waitress Race.

Congratulations to all of our amazing local restaurants and thank you to all who have participated! Enjoy prior year videos and see winners lists below.  

2021 Overall Restaurant Winner – Brick & Ash

2021 Waiter & Waitress Winners:
1st Anchor – Leanne Paparella
1st Bar 25 – Joey Nickerson

2nd Michael’s – Erin Leary
2nd Bar 25 –  Andrew Vignati

3rd Poynt – Cassie Harding
3rd Michael’s – Chase Pantelis

2019 Overall Restaurant Winner – Anchor Pizza

2019 Waiter & Waitress Winners:
1st Anchor – Leanne Paparella
1st Bob Lobster – Sam Fitzpatrick

2nd Sea Level – Margaux Munick
2nd Poynt – Chad Flinkman

2019 Yankee Homecoming Waiter & Waitress Video – Newburyport VIP

Check out 2019 videos of Sea Level Oyster Bar and Oregano Ristorante waitstaff practicing for the big event! 

This 2019 Sea Level video features Madeline Walsh (left) and Margaux Munick (right). 

This 2019 Oregano’s video below features Gabriel Sambataro (left) and Lindsey Howland (right). 

The Yankee Homecoming Waterfront Morning Workouts are back for another full week of great classes with amazing views of the Newburyport waterfront. These free classes, all put on by local fitness businesses, are a great opportunity to get some exercise and even try a new type of class—there’s something for everyone and every fitness level. Sponsored by Newburyport’s own Anna Jaques Hospital, the waterfront workouts are an entire week of wellness opportunities—a fitting match for a hospital that strives to keep its community healthy.

Located right off the Newburyport boardwalk on the lawn in front of Sea Level Oyster Bar, the Waterfront Morning Workouts take place each morning during Yankee Homecoming week. From bootcamp to yoga, there are a wide variety of classes offered to fit all ages and levels. Classes are free and open to the public, so sample and try as many as you would like. Love a class you take? Continue on your fitness journey by visiting the company’s local studio. The article image features a prior year waterfront workout class hosed by Sarah Oleson Yoga. 

A big thank you to Yankee Homecoming for supporting local and organizing the waterfront workouts. This event helps to promote awareness for local fitness businesses and gives our community a chance to kick off their day with a FREE class that will energize them while enjoying the natural beauty of the Newburyport waterfront.

Sunday, July 31st through Sunday, August 7th, 2022:

Sunday, July 31st  8:00AM – Pilates Fusion in the Park with The Mom Comm
A full body class blending the principles of Pilates with strength + cardio exercises. We will work to strengthen our core and pelvic floor muscles, correct postural imbalances, increase flexibility, and enhance mind-body awareness.

Sunday, July 31st 9:15 AM – YWCA Greater Newburyport
Ilene Harnch-Grady, YWCA Health and Wellness Director: Hatha Yoga – This gentle yoga class is appropriate for all fitness levels incorporating basic asanas (poses) both standing and on the mat ending with a metta meditation. Please bring a mat.

Monday, August 1st 8:00 AM – AWAKE MINDS
Join Meghan Leighton from Awake Minds: Yoga & Conscious Living for an all levels vinyasa yoga class that includes poses and breathwork to support refreshment and coolness in summer months – based on yoga and Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science) recommendations for the summertime. Bring a mat, towel, and water bottle with you and get ready to flow!

Monday, August 1st 9:15 AM – YMCA OF NORTH SHORE
Fit for Life…Low impact fusion of resistance exercises and cardio vascular movements. Bands and weights will be provided. All levels are encouraged to participate.

Tuesday, August 2nd 8:00 AM – FUEL
Please join us for a strength, core, and cardio FUELtoGO mini band workout with Jessie Reardon. All levels of fitness are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat or towel, sneakers, and water.

Tuesday, August 2nd 9:15AM – Stroller Bootcamp with The Mom Comm
A full-body workout using your stroller! We will combine strength, cardio, and core together with your babe in tow! Pregnant moms and all levels are welcome. Little ones can stay in the stroller during class; older kids are welcome to come out and participate with us (we understand they get antsy!). Bring your own toys, snacks, and entertainment for them!  Please bring your own mat and water. Prenatal + postnatal modifications will be provided. All fitness levels are welcome.

Wednesday, August 3rd 8:00 AM – FUEL
Please join us for a strength, core, and cardio FUELtoGO mini band workout with Jessie Reardon. All levels of fitness are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat or towel, sneakers, and water.

Wednesday, August 3rd 9:15 AM – Club Pilates
Our signature contemporary mat Pilates class will strengthen and lengthen your entire body. Experience the benefits of classical Pilates with a contemporary twist.

Thursday, August 4th 8:00 AM – Tokyo Joes

Thursday, August 4th 9:15 AM – YWCA Greater Newburyport
Jane Deliere YWCA Group Exercise/Aquatics Instructor: Hatha Yoga: – this gentle yoga class is appropriate for all fitness levels incorporating basic asanas (poses) both standing and on the mat. Please bring a mat.

Friday, August 5th 8:00 AM – Riverside Yoga
Move slowly into basic yoga postures while emphasizing breath work and simplicity. The class will include seated stretches, standing postures, and long cool-down into savasana. This class welcomes beginners and anyone wishing to balance their regular more vigorous yoga practice or exercise with a softer, mindful class. Appropriate for all levels.

Friday, August 5th 9:15 AM – Pure Bare
Pure Barre is a full-body, ballet-barre-based workout. The 50-minute class features low-impact movements that focus on tightening and toning your core, glutes and arms. Please bring a mat, water bottle, and a set of light hand weights if you have them!

Saturday, August 6th 8:00 AM – Motivate® Barre•Cardio•Nutrition
Motivate® Barre + Burn is a hybrid class that will utilize barre and cardio to increase heart rate and keep your body guessing. Each class is fresh and interesting so that you will never be bored. All the benefits of our classic barre class with an added endorphin push.

Saturday, August 6th 9:15 AM –  F45 Salisbury MA
F45 is a combination of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Strength Training in a team environment.

Sunday, August 7th 8:00 AM – The Cure Studio
Live Music & Buti Yoga: join us for this rhythm.

Sunday, August 7th 9:15 AM – Kin Fitness
Fun-filled class of sports drills, bodyweight movements, fun games, and interval training. A whole-body workout for the whole family! Exercises will be modified for different ages and fitness levels.

The waterfront morning workouts are just one part of a much larger celebration—Yankee Homecoming. Be sure to check out our Events Calendar to find all of the fun events happening all week long in Newburyport.

Yankee Homecoming Golf Tournament

Three Strokes Under Par

Yankee Homecoming Golf  Tournament – GENO Open 2022

The 2022 Yankee Homecoming Golf Tournament, GENO Open will be held on Monday, August 1st at Ould Newbury Golf ClubThis event is sold out for The 2022 Yankee Homecoming Festivites. The Tournament which is open to both men and women, kicks off at 8 AM with a shogun scramble.  The raffle and silent auction will run throughout the Yankee Homecoming Golf Tournament, GENO Open, followed by awarding of prizes with a cash bar cocktail hour.  Be ready to play your best, as there is a $10,000 cash prize for getting a hole in one on the sixth hole!

After the Geno Open, participants and guests will proceed to the dock at Waterfront Park to board the Captains Lady at 4 PM for a dinner cruise hosted by the Starboard Galley Restaurant.  The menu will include: Caesar Salad and pasta salad, Sirloin Steak Tips, Grilled Chicken and Shrimp, rolls & butter followed by Strawberry Shortcake.

The Yankee Homecoming Golf Tournament is always a very popular tournament so register ASAP by contacting Gary Greco at 978-462-1326 to reserve your spot. You can also reach out to Gary to sponsor a tee or donate a raffle prize. 

The Yankee Homecoming Golf Tournament, Geno Open Cost is $150 Per Person (Includes Carts, Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Harbor Cruise & Dinner.)  Guest fee is $30 to bring a spouse or guest on the Harbor Cruise.  NET proceeds for this event go to support the efforts of the Yankee Homecoming Committee.  Use 305 Newburyport Turnpike in your GPS as the Address for Ould Newbury Golf Club.

Yankee Homecoming Golf Tournament History

July 31st, 2014 was a day filled with birdies, bogies and pars for most, except Paul Mahoney.  Unlike any other year, Paul played the 9-hole course with a crew of friends. Throughout the day they joked and laughed with each other about various ‘swings and misses,’ until there was nothing to joke about.

Yankee Homecoming Golf Tournament at the Ould Newbury Golf Club

“A number 6 iron, he hit the ball, a perfect swing, it landed three feet before the hole and BOOM, hole in one!” said Paul’s friend and teammate.  And to the victor goes the spoils, a $10,000 prize.  According to Yankee Homecoming President Michael Volpone, this was the first hole-in-one in the tournament’s 30 year history. 

On the hole Paul made the eagle, there was also a double your money raffle for landing a tee shot on the green in combination with being the closest shot to the pin. Given Paul’s hole in one, he also sank this award.

Paul, who’s been playing golf since he was a kid, says nowadays it’s more luck than anything. When asked what he plans to do with the money, Paul said he is soon to take his wife on a couple’s trip to Alaska.

FUN FACT about the Ould Newbury Golf Course 

“Under the leadership of Benjamin Pearson, Dr. Charles S. Ingham and Joseph Dummer, 60 acres of land were leased from Governor Dummer Academy and in 1915, with a fund of $10,000 construction of the golf course began.”

Do you like the idea of relaxing to amazing live music with picturesque water views? Get ready to enjoy some gorgeous Newburyport summer nights featuring awesome live music when you attend the Yankee Homecoming Waterfront Concerts. The 2022 concert series runs from Sunday, July 31st through Saturday, August 6th. Check the concert schedule and read more about your favorite bands below. You will find a few that everyone associates with the Yankee Homecoming Waterfront Concerts, and a couple of cool new surprises too. Grab your chairs and blankets and come experience the Yankee Homecoming Waterfront Concerts with your friends and family!

You can also enjoy live music from Market Square stage and Waterfront stage during the day. Check the 2022 Downtown Entertainment Schedule or view the Yankee Market Place article for Sidewalk Sales, Craft Show and other details. If you are looking for some fun things to do in Newburyport before the free live concerts we recommend a walk along the boardwalk, a visit to the Custom House Maritime Museum, and the Newburyport Art Association.  Of course shopping is always a great choice! Downtown Newburyport features a wonderful selection of local boutiques so make sure to leave time to check out the Newburyport shops!

During Yankee Homecoming Waterfront Concerts and throughout Yankee Homecoming there is delicious food to enjoy from vendors and a wide variety of superb restaurants in Newburyport. Enjoy the Yankee Homecoming Waterfront Concerts, a free live music series on the water, a Newburyport tradition!

Sunday July 31st 
7:30-9:00 PM – EJ Oulette & Crazy Maggie

Monday August 1st 
7:30-9:00 PM – Cold Spring Harbor

Tuesday August 2nd
7:30-9:00 PM – Andrew McManus Band

Wednesday August 3rd
7:30-9:00 PM – Salem Boyz

Thursday August 4th
7:30-9:00 PM – Beatlejuice

Friday August 5th
7:30-9:00 PM – Fortune

Saturday August 6th
7:15-9:15 PM – 12 Barz Band

2022 Yankee Homecoming Waterfront Concerts Bands

EJ Outlette & Crazy Maggie

Front man, string wizard and song smith EJ Ouellette takes listeners on a wild ride every time he performs with his band EJ Ouellette & Crazy Maggy. The Nor’east’s Premiere Regional Roots Band.  A guitar journeyman/banjo/mandolin and fiddle master demonstrates creativity and passion with original songs and Nor’east fiddle-driven tunes. Our main mission is to bring JOY to our audiences.  Ouellette, a recently Grammy® Nominated Song Producer/Featured Artist/Engineer in the 2022 Grammy® Awards, easily jumps genres, merging American Roots, Celtic/Acadian/Upper Appalachian fiddle tunes and songs in a contemporary fashion.  The current Line up is long time Maggy member and sax/vocals/percussionist Steve Baker, Carol Coronis on Vocals/Guitar/Cittern, Ray Himmer Jr. on Bass and Pete Whitehead on drums and vocals.


Cold Spring Harbor is a Billy Joel tribute band consisting of Benjamin Eramo, Lead Singer/Pianist; Josh Heselton, Drummer; Andrew Pesaturo, Lead Guitarist; Jake Smith, Guitarist; Rob Macy, Bassist; Sean Godbout, Percussion; and a rotating saxophonist.  At any Cold Spring Harbor show, you can expect to hear the full variety of Billy Joel’s gentle love songs to his popular arena rock songs, and everything in between! The Entertainer, Keeping The Faith, Only The Good Die Young, Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song), New York State Of Mind, Piano Man, The River Of Dreams, It’s Still Rock n’ Roll To Me, The Stranger, Uptown Girl, Vienna, We Didn’t Start The Fire, and more!


Andrew McManus is an emerging Singer / Songwriter who calls Greater Boston home. Born and raised in Rowley MA, his influences stem from the Alternative Rock he grew up on and evolved into the Modern Country sound that is prominent today. Andrew formed his band in 2016 and has gained momentum in the Boston Country Music scene with an edgier Country / Rock experience at their shows.


The Salem Boyz is a nostalgia-rich, 12-piece classic rock and dance band with horn section, made up of reunited high school friends from Salem, New Hampshire. Our passion is bringing communities together and celebrating our favorite era of music, the 1970’s into early 80’s. We perform during the summer at Hampton Beach, at reunions and home town events.


BEATLEJUICE doesn’t mimic the Beatles, they honor them! Widely recognized as the finest interpreters of Lennon & McCartney, Beatlejuice combines wonderful vocals, great musicianship and true respect for their heroes. Playing special tribute to the late Brad Delp will be friends Mike Girard and Joe Holaday (Newburyport’s own) of “The Fools” along with Jim Rogers, Buddy Bernard, Steve Baker, John Muzzy and Bob Squires. This will be an evening of celebration, love and remembrance and the greatest rock ‘n roll music ever written!


For over three decades, Fortune has regularly packed venues throughout New England. Hailing from Peabody, MA, this 6-piece band has long maintained a reputation for smooth three and four part vocal harmonies, dynamic and melodic textures of multiple guitars and keyboards, and a tight rhythm section; this allowed for limitless possibilities in both writing original songs and covering any song they wanted to.  Along with their original music they are known of calling out songs from artists such as Queen, Journey, Boston, Queensrych, Led Zepplin and many more!

Over the years, Fortune has been privileged to open for nationally successful bands such as Cheap Trick, Kansas, Dave Mason, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Robin Trower, Bad Company, Blue Oyster Cult, The Guess Who, Ben Orr, America, and Jefferson Starship. More recently, Fortune was called to open for Kansas for the fourth time over the past decade.

Fortune is: Bob Vose, Lead vocals; Bill Plourde, Guitar; Pete DiStefano, Guitar; SteveBaker, Keyboards; Lou Spagnola, Bass; Dickie Paris; Drums
For more information, visit our Facebook page:


Don’t Miss 7 Piece Horn and Vocal Powerhouse 12 BARZ BAND, co-led by one of Boston’s most respected and beloved Vocalist-Frontmen, Allan Michael Marcus and Journeyman-Guitarist, Ed Dondero. These two seasoned and electric performers together with their killer Horn and Rhythm sections bring it to the stage every single night.  The Legendary 12 BARZ BAND will keep all ages dancing and entertained with their musicianship, song selections and stage presence. The Band will give a fresh take on classic songs without taking away the original artists deserved due.  Allan, Ed and the boys are sure to make this the best concert of the Summer.  Don’t miss 12 BARZ BAND!

Whether you want to get competitive or play for fun, all are welcome to throw bags at the Yankee Homecoming Cornhole Tournament. Yankee Homecoming is partnering up with NBPT Cornhole to bring two tournaments to the festivities—one for beginners and one for players that regularly compete in local leagues.

The Beginners Tournament will take place on Sunday, July 31st promptly at 11:00am (check in at 10:30am), at the Mall as part of Olde Fashion Sunday. $40 per team. The contest will consist of teams of two competing in a double-elimination tournament. All casual bags players are welcome to grab a partner and compete for bragging rights of Yankee Homecoming’s best beginner team and a cash payout for the top five finishers. If you’ve got a lucky set of bags you can bring your own or borrow a set from NBPT Cornhole.

Those competing in the Beginners Tournament are encouraged to download the free Scoreholio app to track their team’s progress and standing. The app will also notify teams when it is their turn to play.

If you’ve taken your cornhole game out of the backyard and compete in a league, sign up for the Competitive Tournament at the Newburyport Elks on August 6th promptly at 12:00 PM. Each team must pay $60 to participate, due on the day of the event.

In addition to cornhole, the Elks offer a cash bar on site.There will be a food truck available for the afternoon and the Mostly Young band will be there at noon.

To participate, preregister here and pay the $40 team entry fee for the Beginners Tournament and $60 for the Competitive Tournament day of the Yankee Homecoming Cornhole Tournament. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Yankee Homecoming Committee.

Want to take the leap from Beginner to Competitive for next year? Check out Newburyport’s very own bags league and partner for the tournaments, NBPT Cornhole.

The cornhole tournaments are part of Newburyport’s annual Yankee Homecoming celebration. For a full list of events happening throughout the week, check out our events calendar.

Are you ready for a day of outdoor fun, games, and entertainment? Get ready for Yankee Homecoming Olde Fashioned Sunday 2022! This year’s event will be held Sunday, July 31st from 10 AM to 4 PM. This is a classic Newburyport family event where children of all ages enjoy a fun and exciting array of activities.  The setting for Yankee Homecoming Olde Fashioned Sunday is on Bartlet Mall, a beautiful and picturesque area at the intersection of Pond Street and High Street in Newburyport.

This event is an opportunity to kick off Yankee Homecoming week in Newburyport while making wonderful memories with family and friends. There are so many fun activities to enjoy.  Yankee Homecoming Olde Fashioned Sunday begins with folks displaying their favorite pets on stage. There will be entertainers playing music and performing dances from the 1960s.  This is a great opportunity for folks to wear clothing from the era, including bell-bottom pants and tie-dye shirts!

Art on Bartlet Mall is another very popular event that takes place at the same time and location as Olde Fashioned Sunday. There will be regional artists displaying and selling their amazing original work on Bartlet Mall. Be sure to check out the beautiful drawings and paintings by local artists at Yankee Homecoming Olde Fashioned Sunday. You can enjoy Art on Bartlet Mall both Saturday, July 30th as well as Sunday, July 31st during Olde Fashioned Sunday. Art on Bartlet Mall runs from 10 AM – 4 PM each day.

Kids will love the free activities at the Family Midway event. Enjoy some old fashioned games as a family, such as the potato sack race and three legged races. Kids can take a pony ride, enjoy face painting, and train rides around the pond! There will also be a classic car display, water safety tips, K9 demonstrations, and many exciting competitions on the lower green.

Roaming Railroad Rides & Pony Rides – 10:00am – 3:00pm
Down by the pond, make sure to take pictures of the kids’ smiling faces.

Midway Games – 10:00am – 3:00pm
Come enjoy some olde time fun and win prizes.

Vendor Row – 10:00am – 4:00pm
Enjoy some food, ice cream and activities

Pet Show sponsored by Bartlett’s Cove Pet Care – 10:30am
Registration at 10:00 visit Bartlett’s Cove Facebook page for more information

Antique and Classic Cars – 10:30am – 1:00pm
Step back in time and admire the classic stylings and muscle of years gone by.

Beginners Cornhole Tournament (cost $40 per team) – 10:30am
View registration information

Opening Ceremonies and the Raising of the Flag – 11:30am
Main stage and the corner of High St and Pond St. The big start of the
week’s festivities.

Family Fun Competition – 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Come enjoy some good olde fun, some friendly competition and win
some prizes too.

  • Potato Sack Race
  • Three Legged Race
  • Hula Hoop
  • Water Balloon Toss – Pre-register at volunteer table next to the Main stage 10am – 1pm

When you get hungry during Yankee Homecoming Olde Fashioned Sunday there will be plenty of vendors cooking up delicious snacks. There will also be old-fashioned candy and popcorn available for purchase. That’s right, there will be tasty candy and snacks. New this year you can register your RC car for the Yankee Homecoming RC Car Race.

Enjoy the beginning of Yankee Homecoming week and all the fun events for people of all ages at Yankee Homecoming Olde Fashioned Sunday!

If you enjoy dining and shopping in our local community, you can support the Yankee Homecoming Fireworks by purchasing or renewing your Newburyport app and VIP Card. The VIP Program allows you to enjoy discounts at 180 restaurants and shops in the Greater Newburyport community and $10 of each purchase or renewal can be donated to the Yankee Homecoming Fireworks Fund.

If you don’t already have the Newburyport App, just type the word “Newburyport” in the App Store or Play Store or use the links below from your mobile device.

Apple/App Store: Download “Newburyport” for iOS/Apple

Android/Play Store: Download “Newburyport” for Android/Google


Come experience Art on Bartlet Mall 2022, Saturday July 30th and Sunday the 31st from 10 AM – 4 PM. In Newburyport on the corner of High Street and Pond Street, the art is exceptional and the setting is picturesque. Art on Bartlet Mall is a Newburyport tradition for the past 35 years. Enjoy works from over 60 local and regional artists showing all media of work, including a few hand-pulled printing artists. The artists are from Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and even New Jersey.  There are award winners in over half of the participants.

Stroll along the path that surround the pond and features a beautiful fountain in the center. Bartlet Mall is the setting for the premier Yankee Homecoming art show and is one of the most photographed places in Newburyport. The 2nd day of the show shares the space and coincides with another major Newburyport family tradition, Old Fashion Sunday. Art on Bartlet Mall is a free event for the public to attend.  Participating artists pay a fee to feature their art and these fees are used to support the Yankee Homecoming Committee efforts.

If you work up an appetite after enjoying the beautiful works of art, you could take a walk down to visit one of the the many wonderful restaurants in downtown Newburyport. If you are a live music fan make sure to stick around for the Sunday night Waterfront Concert.

If you appreciate dining and shopping in our local community, you can support the Yankee Homecoming Fireworks by purchasing or renewing your Newburyport VIP Card. The VIP Program allows you to enjoy discounts at many local restaurants and shops in the Greater Newburyport community and $10 of each purchase or renewal can be donated to the Yankee Homecoming Fireworks Fund.

If you don’t already have the Newburyport App, just type the word “Newburyport” in the App Store or Play Store or use the links below from your mobile device. The Newburyport App includes a direct link to the Events Calendar making it simple to stay in the know about events and happenings in Newburyport and surrounding towns.

Apple/App Store: Download “Newburyport” for iOS/Apple

Android/Play Store: Download “Newburyport” for Android/Google



The 2022 Newburyport Kitchen Tour features a uniquely self-guided tour of exceptionally beautiful residential kitchens and craftsmanship and also includes delicious sweet and savory bites and drinks from local businesses. The 20th Annual Kitchen Tour & Tasting will take place on Saturday, July 30th, from 10 am to 4 pm, and is a major Newburyport PTO fundraiser in support of the Newburyport public schools. The Newburyport Kitchen tour features innovative design, and the opportunity to view stunning cabinets, counters, flooring, lighting design, fixtures, soft furnishings, tableware, flatware, appliances, and other practical and decorative elements of kitchen design! The addition of select wine and beer tastings has been an attendee-favorite and offers another tasty dimension to a fun filled tour to explore.

Many Newburyport Kitchen Tour goers make a day of it, seeking inspiration and renovation resources or salivate at the thought of local culinary creations and brews, making this event a must for kicking off the Yankee Homecoming Week festivities at this popular annual event. Thank you to the many local businesses who have donated food and or drinks to help make the Kitchen Tour extra special!

All Newburyport Kitchen Tour proceeds help fund cultural experiences, books, field trips, science fairs, and other educational events for Newburyport public school students and classrooms.

Tickets for the Newburyport Kitchen Tour and Tasting are are $30 in advance and $35 the day of the event. Tickets can be purchased at the following Newburyport locations or you can purchase tickets online. If buying online your ticket receipt must be redeemed for a tour brochure. Brochures can be picked up at the following locations prior to or day of this fabulous event:

  • B&G Cabinets – 253 Low Street
  • Buttermilk Baking Company – 9 Liberty Street
  • Chococoa Baking Co. & Cafe – 50 Water Street/ The Tannery
  • Custom House Maritime Museum Gift Shop – 25 Water Street
  • Newburyport Lighting Co. – 38R Merrimac Street
  • Nu Kitchen – 19-23 Pleasant Street
  • Olive’s Coffee & Bakehouse – 341 High Street
  • William Raveis Real Estate – 12 Federal Street

If you enjoy dining and shopping in our local community, you can also support the Newburyport PTO by purchasing or renewing your Newburyport App and VIP Card. The VIP Program allows you to enjoy discounts at 130 restaurants and shops in the Greater Newburyport community and $10 of each purchase or renewal is donated to the Newburyport PTO.

If you don’t already have the Newburyport App, just type the word “Newburyport” in the App Store or Play Store or use the links below from your mobile device.

Apple/App Store: Download “Newburyport” for iOS/Apple

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Newburyport Kitchen Tour 2017

Annual Yankee Homecoming Battle of the Bands

Top Up and Coming Local Bands

2022 Battle of the Bands

The Battle of The Bands provides entertainment for opening night of Yankee Homecoming from Waterfront Stage. Each year local high school students from Newburyport and surrounding towns help kick off Yankee Homecoming week as they compete in the annual High School Battle of the Bands. Mark your calendar for Saturday, July 30th starting at 6 PM. Bands perform on the Waterfront Park stage featuring a collection of family-friendly songs for cash, prizes and the opportunity to be the opening act, Sunday night of the Yankee Homecoming Waterfront Concert Series.

2022 High School Battle of the Band Winners

1st: Vibe Check
2nd: Dune Dogs
3rd: Catching Arrows

Solo Acoustic:
1st: Georgia Siegfried
2nd: PC Walker & Charlie Grossman

Come cheer for and support these up and coming local bands as they compete for the High School Battle of the Bands title. If you’re interested in participating, make sure to register by midnight on July 22nd. View the registration form for complete rules and regulations.

First Prize

  • Featured opening act at a Yankee Homecoming Waterfront Concert
  • $100 Cash
  • Paid performance – Yankee Homecoming Parade, Sunday August 7th

Second Prize

  • $100 Cash
  • Sunday August 7th, Paid Performance Market Square stage

Third Prize

  • $100 Cash

SOLO/ ACOUSTIC DIVISION (2 or less members)

First Prize

  • Sunday August 7th, Paid Performance Market Square Stage.
  • $100 CASH

Second Prize


As part of the Battle of the Bands competition rules, one band is accepted on a first come first serve basis from each of the following: Newburyport High, Amesbury High, The Governor’s Academy, Pentucket Regional High, Triton Regional High, The Musical Suite, West Newbury School of Music, and Zach Field Drum Studio. Additional bands are then selected based on contest availability.

Get ready for the 2022 Yankee Homecoming Brewfest Fundraiser on Saturday, July 30th from 5 – 9 pm. Brewfest takes place along the beautiful shoreline of the Merrimack River under a huge tent located at Cashman Park. If you are a regular at this fun annual event make sure to note the new location! Yankee Homecoming Brewfest is the ideal opportunity to satisfy your curiosity about local craft beers, discover some new breweries or revisit some of your favorite brews! The event is host to over 20 local and regional breweries featuring over 40 local craft beers and ciders. Come sample some new styles and varieties of craft beers and view the list of participating breweries below.

The following is the list of 2022 Yankee Homecoming Brewfest participants.  3 Floyds, Allagash, Cisco Brewers, Deacon Giles, Downeast, Global, Goose Island, Jack’s Abby, Kona Brewing Co, Lagunitas Brewing Co., Mayflower Brewing Co, Newburyport Brewing, Night Shift, Nutrl, Rockport Brewing Co, Smuttynose Brewing Co, Stella Artois, Troegs, True North, Two Robbers, and Worm Town. Check back as the list of confirmed participants may still increase.

Brewfest 2022 will feature awesome live music courtesy of Steelfingers, a high energy classic rock band, playing covers from Aerosmith, Bad Company, The Doors and more plus a few of their originals. In addition to an excellent selection of beers, Brewfest will offer tasty food options as well: Boston Burrito Company, Justine’s Whoopie Wagon and Friends of Oba, serving Asian Fusion.

While Yankee Homecoming features many events for families and people of all ages, Brewfest is a really fun occasion exclusively for adults! Only folks aged 21+ with a valid form of identification will be admitted.  No children or pets are permitted. Make sure to purchase tickets for Yankee Homecoming Brewfest as soon as possible because this popular event sells out every year. Note, that Brewfest will happen rain or shine. We like to assume that the weather will be perfect “glass half full”…. but check the forecast and be prepared to keep the party going…even if your umbrella becomes necessary.

If you enjoy dining and shopping in our local community, you can support the Yankee Homecoming Fireworks by purchasing or renewing your Newburyport App and VIP Card. The VIP Program allows you to enjoy discounts at 180 restaurants and shops in the Greater Newburyport community and $10 of each purchase or renewal can be donated to the Yankee Homecoming Fireworks Fund.

If you don’t already have the Newburyport App, just type the word “Newburyport” in the App Store or Play Store or use the links below from your mobile device.

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Yankee Homecoming Brewfest, Newburyport

Image by Jenny Coyle of


Enjoy delicious, authentic Greek food at the Newburyport Greek Food Festival at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church located at 7 Harris street in Newburyport. The Festival will run from 11:30 am – 8 pm on Friday, July 29th and Saturday, July 30th as well as 11:30 am – 3 pm on Sunday, July 31st. There will be live Greek music brought to you by OPA entertainment, on Friday and Saturday evenings from 4 – 8 pm.

I am certain that I’m not the only local resident who eats at the Newburyport Greek Food Festival three days in a row in order to try and satisfy my craving for this wonderful, homemade Greek food! You will be delighted by all the Greek entrees including: the famous Lamb Shanks, Moussaka, Pastichio, Chicken & Lamb Kabobs, Gyros, Loukaniko, Keftethes, Spinach Pie, Greek Salad, Stuffed Grape Leaves, and Fish “Plaki” (Friday Only). Coffee & Greek Pastries including Baklava, Galaktobouriko, Koulourakia, and more!

You can purchase food to eat on the run, such as a Gyro, or you can take your time and sit down for a relaxing meal outside or inside the air-conditioned church hall. My recommendation to my fellow foodies, is not to wait until the last day of the Festival to visit, because some of the most popular items may be sold out!

For 2022, the Greek Food Festival will host a few Greek vendors just inside the foyer of the church, a perfect place to find quality gifts. Taste & Art of Greece will have a fantastic display of jewelry, handbags, home items, ceramics, candles, etc. made from Greek artisans.

While the Greek Food Festival is not an official Yankee Homecoming Event, it has become a very popular tradition to kick off  Yankee Homecoming week at Greek Food Festival.

How many times will you visit the Newburyport Greek Food Festival during Yankee Homecoming to enjoy delicious homemade Mediterranean cuisine?


Riverfront Music Festival – Riverfest 2022

Free Concerts on the Newburyport Waterfront – Saturday, July 23rd

No Tickets Needed for this Waterfront Party

Riverfront Music Festival 2022, also referred to as Riverfest, will return to the Newburyport Waterfront on Saturday, July 23rd for a full day of free live concerts. Crowds will line Newburyport Waterfront Park, the Boardwalk and boats on the Merrimack River for the return of this very popular annual event. Enjoy prior year video produced by local Newburyport videographer, Jim Reid.

Thanks to sponsors 92.5 The River and The Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce for organizing this exceptional live entertainment for the everyone to enjoy.  Below is the 2022 line up. 

Concert Schedule:
12:15 – 1:00 PM FREEVOLT 
1:30 – 2:30 PM Chad Hollister Band
3:00- 4:00 PM Adam Ezra Group
4:30 – 6:00 PM Brett Dennen

Date: Saturday, July 23rd, 2022

Time: 12 – 6 PM

Location: Waterfront Park: 36 Merrimac Street, Newburyport, MA


A limited number of on-site parking spots will be available on a first-come-first-served basis at the NRA East and NRA West parking lots. Festival attendees are encouraged to rideshare/carpool to the event, use ride hailing services (Uber/Lyft/Taxi), take alternative transportation to the event, and utilize the free shuttle service to/from satellite parking (see below).  Downtown Newburyport municipal parking for a daily fee will be available in Titcomb, Green, Merrimack, Water, and Harris Street.

The satellite parking locations below will be serviced by four free shuttle buses, provided courtesy of 92.5 the River:
■ Mersen, 374 Merrimac Street – map/directions (free parking & free shuttle)
■ Graf Skating Rink, 28 Low Street – map/directions (free parking & free shuttle)
■ Rupert A. Nock Middle School, 70 Low Street – map/directions (free parking & free shuttle)
■ Mark Richey Woodworking, 40 Parker Street – map/directions (free parking & free shuttle)
■ Newburyport MBTA, 25 Boston Way – map/directions ($2 parking & free shuttle)

The free shuttle buses run two routes approximately every 20 minutes from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

■ Route A:  The Merson Lot on Merrimac Street
■ Route B:  Rupert A. Nock Middle School, Mark Richey Woodworking, and MBTA Lots
■ Note:  The downtown shuttle stop is located at The Custom House, 25 Water Street.

Special Details:  FREE event on the lawns of Waterfront Park. Bring lawn chairs, blankets and a picnic basket to enjoy amazing musical performances.

Things to Do

Top-rated attractions, National Parks and historic tours are among the many things to do in Newburyport.
Plum Island Light House, Newburyport MA

Plum Island Light House the Newburyport Harbor Light

Tour the Plum Island Light House: June 11th, July 9th, August 13th or September 10th. It was the 13th lighthouse to be constructed in the US, helping guide boaters into the treacherous mouth of the Merrimack River and into Newburyport Harbor.

Wooden Wheel, Hoist Wheel, Newburyport Liberty Law

What’s Up With That Wooden Wheel at Liberty Law

If you have ever been to a real estate closing at  Liberty Law, you may have noticed a huge wooden wheel on the 3rd floor (hand-notched with evenly-spaced square holes

Featured Video Play Icon

Sandy Point State Reservation: Tips to Plan Your Trip

Sandy Point State Reservation, located at the southern point of Plum Island, offers beautiful views, a protected cove with calm waters, and an escape from overcrowded beaches. While Sandy Point

4th of July weekend in Newburyport offers many fun things to do including free live concerts on the waterfront! Experience the best shopping and dining that the North Shore has to offer and relax on Plum Island Beach. Live music fans will not want to miss Parks Fest 2022, on Saturday, July 2nd, the FREEVOLUTION live concerts on Monday, 4th of July weekend from 12-8 and the 215th Army Band on the 5th of July from 6 -8 pm. Check the Newburyport Events Calendar for details. If you’re looking for great places to watch the 4th of July fireworks, view our Newburyport VIP recommendations below for exceptional North Shore and Seacoast, NH venues.


Why doesn’t Newburyport host fireworks on the 4th of July? Many folks know the answer to this question but for those who don’t, the Newburyport fireworks are launched each year during the annual Yankee Homecoming celebration. Mark your calendar for the 2022 Yankee Homecoming fireworks on Saturday, August 6th, and view our Newburyport VIP recommendations for 3rd & 4th of July fireworks.

South Mill Pond-Portsmouth, NH – 9:15 pm on 7/3

If you have other plans on the 4th of July, heading up to historic Portsmouth, NH to catch their fireworks display on Sunday, July 3 may be perfect for you! Located just a few blocks from downtown Portsmouth, South Mill Pond, across from City Hall, is a lovely spot to watch the festivities. As in years past, the city is planning for a family friendly event and please take note that it is alcohol-free and dogs are not allowed.

Salisbury Beach-Salisbury, MA-10:15 pm on 7/4

Visit Salisbury Beach, just across the Merrimack River from Newburyport to enjoy live music by Joppa Flatts at 7:30 pm and the fireworks display at 10:15 pm. If you’re an animal lover, make sure to arrive early to check out the Salisbury Beach Pet Parade from 6-7 pm on the Broadway loop. You can also enjoy a beautiful view of these fireworks from the North Point of Plum Island Beach. Note, Plum Island parking lots reach capacity quickly over the holiday weekend.

 Woodsom Farm- Amesbury, MA- 9:30 pm on 7/4

Fireworks in Newburyport’s neighboring city, Amesbury, on the 4th of July are the finale for the annual weeklong celebration known as Amesbury Days. Arrive early with your blankets and chairs to enjoy live music by New England favorite, Way Up South. Plenty of yummy food, including BBQ and ice cream, will be offered from local vendors.

Hampton Beach – Hampton, NH-9:30 pm on 7/4

As of this post, fireworks have been approved for the 4th of July on Hampton Beach. Fireworks are held all summer long here, however, as many locals are aware, prior displays have had to be cancelled to protect the endangered piping plovers which nest near this area. If you decide to go early, there is plenty to do and see along the busy boardwalk including many restaurants, shops and arcades.  Live music by The Continentals at The Sea Shell Stage starts at 7 pm. You may also witness one of the area’s most stunning sunsets.

Newburyport and Plum Island Beach are an excellent choice for 4th of July weekend! In addition, to great shopping and dining, check out Newburyport Whale Watch or brush up on your maritime history at the Custom House Maritime Museum. Visit the Newburyport Art Association or just chill on Plum Island Beach. If you’re in search of picturesque places to stay, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re from the local area or planning a visit, consider downloading the Newburyport App for quick access to the Newburyport Events Calendar and Things to Do. Foodies and shoppers should check out the Newburyport VIP Discount Card for savings at many local restaurants, shops and places to stay.

Check out Newburyport Parks Fest 2022 also known as the Americana Rhythm & Roots Festival at Waterfront Park on Saturday, July 2nd, from 12 – 6 PM. Bring your picnic blanket and experience the Americana Rhythm & Roots Festival for free, or purchase VIP tickets to experience Best of Newburyport live music. VIP ticket holders can sit on the balcony of the Firehouse Center for the Arts while enjoying free food, wine and beer or be front and center, dancing on the grass in front of of the stage. All proceeds support the Newburyport Parks.

Make sure to arrive early in downtown Newburyport for a free Pre-Concert Shopping & Brunch Event. Local retailers will be hosting complimentary brunch inside their shops from 10 am – 12 pm, an amazing kick off to Parks Fest 2022! Enjoy brunch and and feel good about Shopping Local in Newburyport!

Who’s playing at the 2022 Parks Fest – Americana Rhythm & Roots Festival, you ask? Check out the impressive line-up and if by chance you’re not familiar with these nationally know bands, check out their Youtube videos.

2022 Parks Fest Lineup:

12:00 pm    Opening Remarks
12:15 p.m.  Quentin Callewaert
1:00 p.m.    Darin & Brooke Aldridge
2:10 p.m.    Rosie Flores & The Talismen
3:15 p.m.    Ward Hayden and The Outliers
4:00 p.m.   NH Academy of Performing Arts Dance Act
4:30 p.m.   HEADLINE: Amythyst Kiah

The Americana Rhythm & Roots Festival supports the Newburyport Parks Conservancy, which maintains several parks and playgrounds around Newburyport including Cashman Park, Mosely Woods and Atkinson Common, to name a few.


VIP Coverage from Prior Year Newburyport Parks Fest – Americana Rhythm & Roots Festival


Newburyport’s Museum of Old Newbury will host its 2022 annual garden tour June 11th & 12th 10 am – 4 pm. The theme for this year’s tour is Town & Country, and will feature ten gardens located in the Newburyport, Newbury and West Newbury. This is an extremely popular annual event so make sure to purchase your tickets early. Start your tour at 98 High Street, in order to pick up your 43rd garden tour guide.

Our feature video provides a view of the beautiful South End home of Paul Goldberg & Joe Bell Garden, captured during the 2019 tour.

Private gardens, including the museum’s own Cushing Garden, will be on the garden tour, all within a short drive throughout Newburyport, Newbury, West Newbury, and Rowley. Stops on the garden tour will showcase sweeping landscapes, views of the Merrimack River, creative features, and wide varieties of plants and flowers. Along with beautiful landscaping, tour-goers will also be treated to various artists and musicians at work in different gardens.

This year’s event will feature a digital program book that you can view on your mobile device. It will include information on each garden, it’s owner as well as lunch suggestions and Garden Tour discounts.

Along with the Cushing Garden, The Cushing House itself will also be open to tour free of charge. This historic ship captain’s home, filled with 400 years of local history. The Museum of Old Newbury, founded in 1877, preserves and interprets the history of “Old Newbury” from pre-settlement to the present. All proceeds from the event benefit the museum’s education programs and preservation projects.

Newburyport’s Pride in the Port festival on Saturday, June 11th is a great opportunity for the city to show its true colors. That’s when this culturally rich North Shore enclave will host its annual celebration of Pride Month and once again prove that it’s all about community here.

For LGBTQ+ people, “community” might mean, at minimum, acceptance, inclusion, respect, and equality. In Newburyport, all people are valued, but Pride in the Port goes beyond the mere minimums and truly celebrates this specific segment of its population and visitors.

There is a plethora of ways that organizations and businesses are showing the love: pub events, dance parties, street entertainment, store specials, music, kids’ activities, a Mutt Strut, cruises, and even special swag. Pride in the Port has something for everyone, so you can bring the kids, the grandparents, and even the pooches. Festivity locations and events include:

Pride in the Port Events:

  • Bar25 from 1:00-6:00 p.m. It’s a Party on State Street!
  • Market Square/Inn Street Festivities from 1:00-7:00 p.m.
  • Riverwalk Brewery from 1:00-4:00 p.m.
  • Seacoast Stillettos hip-hop dance performance on Inn Street at 2:00 p.m.
  • Thirsty Whale from 6:00-10:00 p.m.
  • Captain’s Lady Sunset Cruise from 6:30-10:00 p.m. (Purchase Tickets in advance.)

You can also check out the Newburyport Events Calendar for more details regarding the Pride in the Port Market Square Celebration. If you are unable to make it downtown to State Street in person, you can view the fun on the Live Web Cams.

Pride Month is meant to encourage LGBTQ+ people to be proud of who they are (in a world that can often make that difficult), and that’s certainly important, but the Pride in the Port event is also meant to show LGBTQ+ residents and visitors that Newburyport is proud to have them. As Mayor Sean Reardon said, “We are committed to being a city that is welcoming to all, and to creating…safe spaces and positive experiences for all…people.”

For more LGBTQ+ and Pride resources, check out the Newburyport Public Library, Newburyport Youth Services, and NAGLY (North Shore Alliance of GLBTQ Youth).

Support Ukraine fundraisers have been hosted and will continue to take place in the Newburyport Community and throughout many North Shore cities and towns. It is uplifting to see the positive response and participation with hope that the combined efforts will help make a difference for the Ukrainian people. Many of these initiatives began as simple ideas and spiraled into incredibly successful campaigns due to the tremendous response from individuals, small business owners, student groups and local nonprofit organizations. helps increase awareness for our local nonprofit and small business customers, many of which have recently organized or contributed to local Ukraine fundraisers. This article is meant to promote awareness of upcoming efforts and it summarizes some of the recent local happenings with links to the the organizations providing direct humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian people. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and we encourage folks to visit Ipswich this upcoming weekend to take part in the Stand Strong with Ukraine efforts.

Upcoming Local Support Ukraine Efforts:

  • Join Ipswich residents of Ukraine heritage, local ministers, state representatives, select board members, musicians and citizens of the North Shore community for an inspirational, Stand with Ukraine Event and Fundraiser, Sunday, May 22nd from 11:45 am – 3:30 pm, in Ipswich. Organized by Ipswich Citizens in Partnership With the People of Ukraine, this is a grass roots effort that provides support directly to people in the Ukraine. View the schedule of events below and scroll down to watch a video of event organizer, Ipswich business owner and Ukraine native, Tanya Marshall, from her participation in Newburyport candlelight vigil. For more information in this event, you can also visit the facebook page.
    • Program:
      • 11;45 Gather on Town Hill to join in an ecumenical prayer for peace led by Reverend Brad Clark, Ascension Memorial Church, and fellow Ipswich ministers;
      • Walk for Peace down Market Street, through the Pavilion terrace by the River;
      • 12;15 pm Rally at the Hall-Haskell House for LIVE STREAM with friends and families in Ukraine, and further a series of offerings designed to generate deeper and renewed care and compassion for the people of Ukraine in the struggle to retain their freedom, including:
      • A special live video link with friends in Ukraine Kyiv, Konotop, Dnipro
      • Tanya Marshall (Ipswich resident, born in Ukraine)
      • State Senator Bruce Tarr , 
      • State Representative Jamie Belsito 
      • Ipswich Select board members
      • Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England 
      • Music by Steve Kercher “ I need Ammunition Not a Ride” 
      • Traditional Ukrainian food and songs

Past & Ongoing Support Ukraine Efforts:

  • The, We Stand With Ukraine Musical Benefit, was held on Saturday, April 9th from from 7-10 pm, at Belleville Congregational Church. TicketsSupport Ukraine Benefit Concert Newburyport were $30 per person, available for purchase at the door and proceeds were donated to the World Central Kitchen. Doors open at 6 pm and cash is appreciated as it will enable quicker entrance into the concert, but Venmo and Square are also available. The concert will featured musical performances by: James Paone, Marjorie Senet and the Broken Home Boys, Liz Frame and the Kickers, Way Up South.
  • Ganesh Imports Newburyport, Portsmouth & Exeter helped encourage folks to make donations in support of The World KitchenGanesh Imports Ukraine Fundraiser Pic by Henry VanderSpek Photo Art by generously matching donations up to $5,000 during the week of March 7th – 13th. Salesforce Cares also made a matching donation for a total contribution of $14,821.12. Thank you Bill Bixby, Owner of Newburyport and Portsmouth and Kristin Poulin, Owner of Exeter. Thank you to Bill and Kristin, long term retailers in the community known for their ongoing support for many important nonprofit efforts. Featured picture taken by Henry VanderSpek Photo Art.
  • The Newburyport 4th Grade Girls Bake Sale for Ukraine Refugees raised a total of $36,000.00! The first bake sale hosted on March 13th at 45 Bromfield Street was a huge success raising $12,000.00, motivating the girls to organize and prepare for Support Ukraine Part 2, April 3rd, with an even bigger bake sale and the addition of a market place, raising a total of $24,000.00. A thoughtful idea of three 4th grade girls transformed into a communitywide mission with baked goods donations from a huge list of bakeries in Newburyport and neighboring towns as well as individual baked goods donations. In addition, gift certificates were donated for the raffle by many local small businesses and numerous kids donated Ukrainian artisan crafts.   This tremendous group effort was led by parents, Greg and Emily Kulowiec owners of  local small business, Dolly + Bub. Funds were donated to two causes: bstrong and family in Przemysl, Poland. Donations can be made through Venmo @Emily-Kulowiec ( verification code, 1611) or the Go Fund Me link.
    • A Newburyport Candlelight Vigil was held on March 23rd in Market Square. The Vigil was organized by Alissa Christie of Bentley’s Real Estate offering an opportunity to reflect and or pray as a collective effort to show support. The Vigil was attended by a special guest, Tatyana Marshall, an Ipswich resident and small business owner of Twins Chic. Tanya, originally from the Ukraine has lived in Ipswich for the past 15 years and is working hard to raise money for her, Stand with Ukraine Fund, a grass roots effort , designed to help get support to family and friends in need of food and medical attention. We encourage folks to follow Tanya’s mission on facebook. Tanya communicates daily with family, friends and volunteer workers in Ukraine and she works tirelessly every day to spread awareness at events throughout the North Shore community.

    • NHS Honor Society Bake Sale with Poetry, Music & Art in support of UNICEF was hosted on March 26th at Newburyport High School. The bake sale raised a total of $2,050.00.


    • On March 27th the Firehouse Center for the Arts, Theater in the Open & The Newburyport Arts Collective hosted An Evening of Theater and Poetry to Benefit Ukraine as part of a global initiative called the ‘Worldwide Readings Project’ in which close to 150 theater companies around the world have staged readings of Ukrainian texts to raise money for the military, humanitarian aid and relief efforts. The event raised $3,500.00 which was donated directly to Razom for Ukraine, a charitable organization delivering humanitarian aid. For anyone who wasn’t able to attend the fundraiser but would like to make a donation, they are encouraged to contribute through Nova Kahovka for Life, run by Plum Island resident Nadiia Sadowski.


    We will continue to post information about upcoming support Ukraine fundraisers and or opportunities to get involved in other ways as well.



    Newburyport’s Spring Fest 2022, an annual spring festival guaranteed to entertain the whole family, is where you’ll want to be. Stroll the streets of our coastal town May 14th and 15th starting at 10am both days and enjoy a day filled with delicious food, shopping, and entertainment.

    This year’s Spring Fest will be held behind the Firehouse on Waterfront Park. Watch on stage performances by local artists and performers, shop the waterfront artisan fair and don’t forget to pre-order a picnic meal from one of the many local restaurants!

    Newburyport, already a destination for exceptional restaurants, waterfront views and unique local stores, is a must visit for Spring Fest with the addition of local arts and crafts vendors along the waterfront as well as live entertainment geared toward all ages.

    Swing by Waterfront Park both Saturday and Sunday for lots of fun entertainment and performances by local artists on the Waterfront Stage! Saturday performances include those of: Anna Smolowitz, Zach Fields, EJO, Exit Dance, The Firehouse Center for Arts, Nock Middle School, 2 of us Beatles Tribute Band and Will + The Way! Sunday’s artists include; Acting out, Performing Project, Actors Studio of Newburyport, Greater Newburyport Children’s Choir and Joan Osborne as the headliner!

    Grab a tasty snack on-the-go or relax at one of the many outdoor cafes like Sea LevelBrine, Paddle Inn and Oregano, to take in the bustle as you dine. Work off all that delicious food strolling the waterfront boardwalk, let the kids blow off some steam at the Inn Street playground, and then treat yourself to some gelato !

    From clothing to one of a kind art work to home decor, if you’re looking for a special gift or simply something for yourself, Newburyport’s downtown shops, as well as the local vendors at this Spring festival, are bound to have what you’re looking for. And don’t forgot to take a walk over to the Tannery for even more local shopping.

    This year’s Spring Fest is organized and hosted by the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with The Newburyport Arts Collective and Newburyport Art Association. The Chamber continuously works to promote the city and all the great things it has to offer, this event will not disappoint locals and tourists alike. is a proud media partner to the Chamber and happy to help promote broad awareness of all major community events hosted by the Chamber.

    In addition, during Spring Fest, you can purchase the Newburyport VIP Loyalty Card and $10 of your purchase will be donated to the Chamber Beautification Program. The Chamber Beautification Program is responsible for the beautiful hanging flower baskets around town, holiday decor, and other decorations around our beautiful city.

    The Newburyport App/VIP Loyalty Card rewards card holders with discounts EACH TIME they make purchases at many Greater Newburyport participating Restaurants and Shops. Purchase one card for $25 or two for $40 and $10 of your purchase will be donated to the Chamber Beautification Program. You can purchase directly through the “Newburyport” App or purchase online. Choose between a Digital VIP Card in the Newburyport App or a Physical VIP Card.

    We hope to see you at Spring Fest 2022! If you can’t make it, check out the festivities on our Live Web Cams.


    Spring Fest 2018 Video

    The 2022 Fairy Gnome Discover Walk and Art Stroll is scheduled for Saturday, April 23rd and Sunday, April 24th at Pettengill Farm from 11-3. Put on your best and brightest wings, sprinkle a little fairy dust and get ready for a magical stroll through the woods to search for nearly 200 fairy houses. This year the very popular Salisbury Art Stroll is being combined with the Fairy Gnome Discovery Walk. So mark your calendar (rain or shine) for this wonderful outdoor event at Pettengill Farm, 45 Ferry Rd., in Salisbury Hosted by the Salisbury PTA, this event will transport your family to a pint sized world fit for Tinker Bell and all of her fairy friends. Cost for the event is $7 per person, you may purchase a ‘family bundle’ of four tickets for the discounted price of $25, children under 2 are free. Online ticket sales have ended. Tickets are available at the ticket booth on the day of event, reminder that in person tickets are cash only. If you purchased tickets online, make sure to print and bring your Paypal receipt for entry.

    You and your little fairies will frolic through a one mile path, discovering surprises along the way. Situated throughout the woods, children will delight at finding tiny fairy houses, some humble abodes with a small swing outside to sizable (for fairies of course) estates with numerous rooms, pools and more. Be on the lookout for a butterfly themed home, some bookworm fairies and a possible village! All of these enchanting creations are the work of talented professionals, families, school children, and local businesses.

    While fairy houses may be very small, the Fairy Gnome Discovery Walk is a BIG day, complete with activities, entertainment and food. Spread your wings and dance to live music with David Torrisi, check out a performance with Theater in the Open, get your face painted and create fairy themed crafts with local groups like Macaroni Kid, the Greater Newburyport Mother and Families Club and Salisbury Public Library. And when you’ve worked up an appetite from all the fun, as we’re sure you will, the Fairy Gnome Discovery Walk will also have delicious local vendors serving up fresh eats from BBQ to pizza to sweets. We’re told there will even be a s’mores bar this year and to be on the look out for a very special Harry Potter drink.

    Costumes and imaginations are strongly encouraged, so come dressed to impress in your fairy finest. There will be fairy inspired attire and accessories for purchase for those in need of a wardrobe update. Make sure to check out the Salisbury PTA’s stand, for tutus, wands, wings, gnome hats, snacks and more. Everything for purchase at their stand is very reasonably priced so you won’t break the bank! And yes, parents, you can also dress up. After all, fairies have moms and dads too!

    The fairy house walk is hosted by the Salisbury PTA, who raise money throughout the year to put on special events as well as to fund field trips, assemblies, college scholarships and other activities that enrich the Salisbury Elementary curriculum.

    Please note, the Fairy Gnome Discovery Walk will happen rain or shine.

    Make sure to visit the Riverside Cycle Tannery Tent on Sunday, April 24th from 10 am – 2 pm for the annual community bike swap, hosted by the locally based Pan Mass Challenge Team, The Riverside Rockets. This is an amazing opportunity to pick up used bikes at very reasonable prices, while helping support important fundraising efforts. If your interested in selling or donating bikes drop them off at Riverside between 9 am – 5 pm, April 16th and on the 23rd. Whether you’re, buying, selling or donating, a portion of all proceeds will go to the Jimmy Fund to help fight cancer as well as the Coastal Trails Coalition to help improve our local bike trails.

    Here’s how it works; on April 24th between 1o am – 2 pm, head over to Riverside Cycle’s Tannery tent and and browse the the amazing selection of used bikes. We recommend arriving early for the bike swap, as this is a popular event and a line normally forms by 9:30 AM! Pick out and pay for your favorite bike, and the friendly staff at Riverside Cycle give it a quick safety check, and get you on your way.

    If you’re interested in selling used bikes make sure to drop off bikes at Riverside Cycle between 9 am – 5 pm, April 16th and the 23rd at Riverside Cycle. There are two options; take 80% of the purchase price in cash, or 100% as store credit at Riverside. Either way, 20% of the purchase price will be a donation. If you choose to donate bikes, all proceeds will go to charity. Remember, donations are tax deductible! If you can’t make it to the drop off times, call the shop to arrange a pick-up, 978-465-5566.

    According to Riverside Cycle owner Aaron Millett, the goal of the bike swap is to raise money to help in the fight against cancer and support our local bike trails, while providing a venue for people to buy or sell secondhand bicycles. About 75 percent of those taking part in past bike swap events, are customers who enjoy finding great deals and supporting our fundraising efforts. Among them are plenty of parents looking for gently used bikes for their children, or looking to part with older bikes their kids have outgrown. Some just stop by to donate bicycles. Regardless of the motive, it’s a great opportunity for customers and our fundraising efforts. “I think it’s a win-win.”

    Have fun at the Riverside Bike Swap and when your finished make sure to visit some of the other wonderful shops and restaurants located in the Tannery Marketplace.

    Mark your calendar for the Clark School Tours and Open House dates for the 2022 – 2023 school year. The Clark School, a coeducational private school located in Rowley, MA, offers rolling admissions, making any time of year the perfect time to schedule a private tour or attend an open house. Founded in 1978, The Clark School offers a stimulating learning environment for students Kindergarten – Grade 12 and is particularly appropriate for all types of students. Our goal is to encourage students to become lifelong learners who think deeply and embrace challenges that lie ahead.

    Apply to Clark School

    With Clark School’s rolling admissions, you can start on a new educational path today, in a school that better fits who you are as a learner and person. Prospective students and families may attend an open house or take a tour and apply for admission at any time throughout the year, there is no admissions deadline. At the Clark School, we strongly believe that if your current educational path is not working, it is never too late to make a change!

    Visit Us!

    Schedule a private tour of our beautiful Rowley, MA campus at any time by emailing our admissions department at or call us at 978-777-4699 ext. 112.

    Attend an Open House!

    Clark School Open Houses and Admissions Events are excellent opportunities for prospective students and their families to learn more about our school, our approach to education, and most importantly to develop an understanding if Clark School is the right learning environment and experience for them. Due to our rolling admissions policy, we offer open houses through out the year.

     2022/2023 Open House Dates:

    Tuesday, October 18, 2022 K-12 Tour-us Tuesday | 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

    Wednesday, October 19, 2022 HS Open House | 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

    Saturday, November 5, 2022 All School Open House | 9:00 am – 10:30 am

    Tuesday, December 6, 2022 K-12 Tour-us Tuesday | 10:30 – 12:00 pm

    Saturday, February 4, 2023 All School Open House | 9:00 am – 10:30 am

    Tuesday, April 4, 2023 K-12 Tour-us Tuesday | 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

    Wednesday, May 10, 2023 All School Open House | 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

    Learn more and register for an Open House!

    Can’t make it to an Open House? The Clark School also offers private on-campus or virtual tour/meetings (, so you can explore our beautiful campus, busy classrooms, and hear from students and staff, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home!

    Old Newbury Christmas Tree Bonfire Fundraiser

    Tree Burning at Spencer Peirce Little Farm 2022

    Old Newbury Bonfire Party & Fundraiser

    Let’s get ready to Burn Baby Burn those well-loved Christmas Trees at the Old Newbury Bonfire on Saturday, January 15th from 3- 8:30 pm! The bonfire is typically lit at dusk, or whenever the Fire Department deem it to be safe. Dusk is at approximately 4:30 pm. In honor of the original purchase of Newbury, MA in 1701, the 10th Annual Old Newbury Bonfire benefits the Newbury Volunteer Fire Department and Historic New England.

    The event is held on Saturday, January 15th, but if you’re interested in including your Christmas Tree in this community, 3-story bonfire you must drop it off by Tuesday, January 11th at one of the following locations.

    • Newbury Fire Department:  3 Morgan Avenue, Newbury
    • Byfield Fire Department:  44 Central Street, Newbury
    • Pipe Stave Hill:  693 Main Street, West Newbury
    • Questions:  978-462-2282

    The Old Newbury Bonfire is hosted by Protection # 2 Newbury’s Volunteer Fire Company, along with Historic New England.  Join your friends and family for music, games, food, drinks and fun at an event that is becoming a Greater Newburyport Winter tradition.

    Parking is available at Spencer Peirce Little Farm: 5 Little’s Lane, Newbury which is adjacent to the Old Newbury Bonfire held at Tendercrop Growing Field.  The Bonfire event is free but there is a $10 per car parking fee. This has become such a popular event that there is now an option to purchase your parking pass in advance.

    Event Details

    Date: Saturday, January 15, 2022

    Time: 3 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. w/ Bonfire Lighting at Dusk approximately 4:30

    Cost:  Admission FREE, Food & Drinks Available for Purchase, Parking $10

    Location: Tendercrop Farm Growing Field 71 High Road, Newbury, MA

    Parking:  $10 for parking @ Spencer Peirce Little Farm:  5 Little’s Lane, Newbury, MA

    Fundraiser forNewbury Volunteer Fire Department Protection Fire Company #2

    Wings will be spread and curious eyes will be wide open during the 2022 Merrimack River Eagle Festival. This cherished annual event will offer virtual & and in-person options from Tuesday, February 8th through Saturday, February 12th in Newburyport and Amesbury. If you are planning to attend in-person or online you must register in advance for all planned activities in order to allow for management of capacity limits. The annual Eagle Festival, which welcomes back bald eagles to the region, is co-hosted by the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and Mass Audubon’s Joppa Flats Education Center and features many great events. Image taken by Jim and titled (Mr. LifeLoomsLarge).

    Although this year’s Eagle Festival will be quite different than prior years, there are still many opportunities to experience this wonderful annual tradition. Register to join online lectures including: raptor demonstrations, winter wildlife photography and winter wildlife. Outdoor guided walking tours will be available for adults and families with children ages 8 and older. Outdoor family programs highlighting winter raptors and other winter wildlife. It is important to register in advance for all online and in-person activities and lectures.

    The Merrimack River Eagle Festival is a favorite of both locals and tourists. For those visiting the area for the event, Newburyport is also a destination filled with amazing restaurants, one of a kind shops, and unique experiences. Make a weekend of your visit, there are wonderful places to stay, and continue to explore the area. If you are going to eat, shop, and play in town, consider purchasing a VIP Card to receive local discounts.

    New Year’s Eve Happenings

    Greater Newburyport Suggestions to Ring in the New Year 2022

    New Year's Eve, Newburyport, MA

    Parties and Dining  to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Newburyport

    Looking for New Year’s Eve fun in Greater Newburyport? From countdowns to dining experiences, there are plenty of options toNew Year's Eve, Newburyport MA ring in the New Year—VIP Style! Whether you’re looking to dress up for a formal party, join friends at your favorite local bar or enjoy a relaxing early dinner, Newburyport VIP has plenty of New Year’s Eve suggestions!

    For revelers hoping to stay out late for a countdown to midnight—Brine, Joy Nest, Mission Oak Grill, Plum Island Beachcoma, Seaglass and The Winner’s Circle will all be staying open and celebrating into 2022 with champagne toasts. From a roaring 20’s theme party to more romantic sit-down options to live DJs and dancing, there’s a party for everyone this New Year’s Eve! Fun 2019 picture from the Plum Island Beachcoma featured here. More details for events are on the Newburyport Events Calendar.

    If you’re hoping to grab a nice dinner earlier in the night on New Year’s Eve and be home in time to watch the ball drop from the comfort of your couch—Capri, The Grog, Oregano’s, Park Lunch, Plum Island Grille, Ristorante Molise, and Sea Level will all be open for business and serving up delicious meals worthy of a 2021 send off. Call ahead to check on special menu options and if they will be accepting reservations.

    And when the confetti has all fallen and you wake up to your first day of 2022, keep the party going with a celebratory brunch at Sea Glass. This restaurant will be pouring Bloody Mary’s and champagne with their brunch menu. If you’re hoping to sleep in and grab a bite later in the day, swing by Paddle Inn where they will be featuring a tasty Chinese menu for New Year’s Day from 2-8 pm. You can also place an order in advance for Paddle Inn Chinese takeout.

    Open Until Midnight:
    Brine – limited menu and tasting menu with midnight champagne toast. Reserve online or call. (978) 358-8479
    Joy Nest – Roaring 20’s Party: delicious food, craft cocktails, live music and champagne toast. Reserve online or call. (978) 572-1615
    Mission Oak Grill -dinner specials with last seating at 10:30 and midnight champagne toast.
    Plum Island Beachcoma – DJ and dancing, dinner specials and a midnight toast, open at 4 for dinner & party starts at 8.
    Seaglass – Midnight by the Sea Gala, 3 course dinner, dessert, dancing & decadence starting at 8 pm. Purchase tickets ASAP.
    The Winner’s Circle – kitchen is open until 11pm, serving their regular menu. Bar is open until 1am.

    Open for Dinner:
    Capri – dinner from 4-9 pm, bar open until 10 or later with chef specials.
    Grog – enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner from 11:30 – 8:30 pm. (978) 465-8008
    Oregano’s– serving their full menu from 12 – 10 pm. (978) 462-5013
    Park Lunch – serving dinner specials, Prime Rib & Seafood Florentine with kitchen open until 9 pm, bar until 11.
    Plum Island Grille – dinner in the Dining Room or Bahama Bob Live & Hors D’oeuvres, Sunset Bar 6:30-8:30 pm. (978) 463-2290
    Ristorante Molise – enjoy a delicious dinner from 3-9 pm.(978) 388-4844
    Sea Level – serving dinner until 10:30 pm. Order takeout online or call for reservations. (978) 462-8862

    The restaurants highlighted in this article are suggestions from It features customer’s of ours who have provided us with information about their New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day happenings. This not a complete list of all restaurants open for New Year’s Eve. We encourage folks to support any of our local restaurants.

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    Newburyport’s 2021 Maritime Holiday Tree strung with life ring ornaments will light up the waterfront for the season beginning December 3rd at 5:30 pm at the annual maritime tree lighting ceremony on the Custom House Maritime Museum lawn adjacent to the Newburyport boardwalk. Visitors can arrive before the lighting at 4:45 pm to enjoy caroling lead by the Newburyport Choral Society, hot chocolate, and great company at this community event. Although the tree lighting is early in December, this stunning tree is kept up through the holidays for all to enjoy.

    Unlike the coastal town’s traditional evergreen, the Custom House Maritime Holiday Tree features a nautical theme in keeping with the rich history of our port. The “tree” itself will be made of rope riggings resembling a tall ship and the decorative ornaments are replica boating life rings of various sizes. Equally as unique as the tree design is that the ornaments are all individually decorated by local residences and businesses. The idea for the Maritime Holiday Tree was developed in 2020 as a way to connect the community during a time when many people were experiencing isolation and or loss. The Maritime Tree provided hope and the start of what is certain to be, a long term Newburyport holiday tradition and an important ongoing fundraiser helping to support the Custom House. Sponsorships from local businesses help fund this fun the Maritime Tree in addition to the purchase of life rings. Thank you to Newburyport Bank, the Presenting Sponsor as well as the many other local businesses helping to support this maritime tradition.

    The life rings, which will be strung on the Maritime Holiday Tree to illustrate tying our close community together, can be purchased in advance online to be picked up in person at the museum or by simply dropping into the museum gift shop during regular operating hours. While you are there, the museum gift shop is also a great place to shop local and discover unique gifts for that hard to shop for person on your list! The Custom House Maritime Museum is open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10 pm to 4 pm and Sundays from 12 pm to 4 pm. In order to offer more flexible hours, folks are able to go to pick up life rings through Monday, 12/20. If you are picking up a life ring on a day that the Museum is closed, go to the back door and ring the doorbell. If you have a wreath to hang after the 20th, you are welcome to hang it on the tree.

    Families, students, businesses, and nonprofits are encouraged to purchase and decorate their ornaments with anything that will sustain the weather and contribute to the festive Maritime Holiday Tree—creativity welcome!  If you would like to have your life ring ornament returned to you, make sure to write your name on the back.

    Along with the tree lighting ceremony, the Custom House Maritime Museum will also host numerous other events during the season, including the Newburyport PTO hot chocolate and spirit wear sale and the Salvation Army mitten drive. For a full list of all holiday events and dates make sure to check our Events Calendar. Special event or not, visitors are welcome to stroll past the tree nightly through the end of December to enjoy the lights and one-of-a-kind ornaments.


    Mark your calendars because Santa Claus is coming to town aboard a fire truck at the annual Santa Claus parade Wednesday, December 22nd starting between at 4 – 4:30 pm. With Christmas just days away, Santa will cruise through town waving to all the good little boys and girls of Newburyport spreading holiday cheer.

    The Santa Claus parade—sponsored by the Newburyport Fire Department, Newburyport Police Department, Newburyport Teachers Association, and Simply SweetSanta will arrive at the Newburyport Fire Station at 4pm with the plan to depart the Firehouse between 4:15pm and 4:30pm. The parade route will begin at the Fire Station on Greenleaf Street, roll through the South End making its way to the downtown area via Water Street. It goes up State Street, turns onto High Street heading towards Famous Pizza and then all the way to the Turkey Hill neighborhood. Check the full parade route to find your nearest spot to shout hello to the big man in red aboard his red fire engine escort.

    Santa always makes sure he gives a jolly “ho ho ho” to all the residents of Newburyport, meaning the entire procession can last up to two hours. So while the Santa Claus parade begins at 4 pm, Jolly Old Saint Nick may not drive into your neighborhood until much later depending on where it lies on the route. For this reason, revelers are encouraged to bundle up, dress warmly, and bring along some hot cocoa and treats to stay warm and pass the time.

    Many neighbors gather at meeting spots as a group to celebrate the Santa Claus parade together in the spirit of the upcoming holiday. Jingle bells, festive music, and holiday attire are all welcome!

    The annual Santa Claus parade has been a Newburyport tradition for 49 years thanks to the support of many local businesses and organizations that have sponsored the event over the years and the Newburyport Fire Department for loaning Santa his fire truck ride each parade.

    To find even more ways to celebrate the holidays in festive Newburyport, be sure to check the events calendar.


    Santa’s Workshop, a very special “Local Shop” is ready for customers in downtown Newburyport, owned and operated by Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick himself. This festive shed is a joint effort from two great local organizations: the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce a highly connected local business organization and was able to secure visits from Santa for three weekend’s and the decorations are are a stunning creation compliments of the Newburyport Horticultural Society. The 2021 Santa’s Workshop theme is Woodland Wonderland where the animals decorate the trees in honor of Santa’s visit.

    Santa’s Workshop will be open to the public for visits daily through Christmas, with special appearances from Santa scheduled throughout the month. If you want a chance to say hello to the big man in red, he will be ho ho ho’ing in his workshop on any of the following days/times. Children can bring their list and snap a pic, and even drop a letter off in Santa’s “official” mailbox.

    Santa’s Workshop Special Appearances by Santa:

    Fridays 5-7 pm (12/3, 12/10 & 12/17
    Saturdays 11 am – 2 pm (12/4, 12/11 & 12/18)
    Sundays 11am – 2 pm (12/5, 12/12, 12/19)

    Need some letter writing inspiration? Pop into Greetings by Design before you visit Santa’s Workshop and pick up some magical stationery created specifically for VIP letters to St. Nick.  The pack even includes some thank you notes for post-holiday.

    And even when Santa isn’t hard at work, you can still swing by for a visit! In fact—on days Santa is off at the North Pole, visitors are welcome to actually enter Santa’s Workshop and peek around inside. Make sure to bring your cameras to grab some family pictures with the amazing decorations inside and out, and be on the lookout for a fun new addition this year, some naughty gnomes looking for a snowball fight!

    The Newburyport Horticultural Society spent many hours and dollars to transform this shed into Santa’s Workshop, a winter wonderland designed to encourage Christmas spirit. This holiday display is their way of giving to the greater community and to say happy holidays to all.

    If you are interested in more Newburyport holiday events and fun things to do check the Newburyport Events Calendar.

    The 2021 Invitation Nights are scheduled for: December 3rd, 10th and 17th. Newburyport-area residents and visitors seeking the ultimate holiday shopping experience tend to bypass the malls in favor of Newburyport Invitation Nights – a series of shop-local events in which downtown retailers stay open late and spread the holiday cheer by offering light refreshments in a festive setting. Invitation Nights draw spirited crowds as shoppers enjoy all the merchant hospitality, live entertainment, and shopping and dining the downtown area has to offer.

    Beautiful and festive holiday decorations line the streets of downtown to the Tannery Marketplace, including the main thoroughfares of State and Pleasant Streets. You’re likely to see plenty of tired holiday-shopping enthusiasts taking a break in Market Square, resting on the benches ringing the city’s giant Christmas tree.

    While you are out shopping make sure to pay visit the Custom House Maritime Museum to view the stunning Maritime Holiday Tree and stop into the museum gift shop for a wonderful selection of unique holiday gifts.

    Newburyport Invitation Nights are presented by the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry a strong partner to also focused on helping encourage folks to Shop and Dine local in support of our retailers and restaurants. The Chamber is also responsible for Newburyport’s beautiful holiday decorations.

    If you are a parent looking for a night out, Newburyport Youth Services has generously decided to host free movie nights for your littles at City Hall on Friday, December, 3rd and 17th, from 7pm to 9pm, while you shop! This is for grades K through 5, preregistration is required. There is also a “date night drop off” hosted by NYS on December 10th, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm for a $15 fee which includes childcare and even dinner for your littles.

    Check the Events Calendar to find a learn about other local holiday events in Newburyport and surrounding towns.

    Sea Festival of Trees & Seaside Ice 2021

    Experience the Magic of the Season at Blue Ocean Event Center

    Sea Festival of Trees Spreads Holiday Cheer to All!

    The 2021 annual Sea Festival of Trees fundraiser lights up the seacoast to kick off the holiday season beginning on Saturday, November 20th. View specific dates and times below. Experience the magic of the holiday season with stunning oceanfront views as the backdrop for a maze of beautiful sparkling trees, get your photo with Santa, visit with other popular holiday characters and check out the GIANT gingerbread house! Visit the North Pole Post Office to mail a letter to Santa and and meet Elsa the Ice Queen in front of the castle gates. Keep an eye out for the Grinch as his curiosity just might lure him out of the Grinch Tree to explore the festival. Remember to bring your skates for ice skating at Seaside Ice, a beautiful indoor rink surrounded by holiday cheer! Skate rentals are available.

    Enjoy holiday shopping during your visit to the Sea Festival of Trees and make sure to purchase raffle tickets to win one of the many spectacular themed trees –  or gifts valued at up to $1,000. This fun holiday family tradition is made possible through a collective effort of volunteers and donations from businesses and individuals throughout the community. Donations from the Sea Festival of Trees event benefit the Salisbury Beach Partnership’s fund to bring back the historic carousel. Thank you to Newburyport Bank, the Presenting Sponsor and all of the Sea Festival of Trees sponsors for helping fund this wonderful holiday event cherished by the local Salisbury community as well as families throughout the North Shore of MA and Southern Seacoast of NH.

    The Sea Festival of Trees kicks off on Friday night, November 19th with the Spirits of Christmas Gala, a fundraiser featuring the 2021 Grand Lighting of the Trees and the announcements of the 2021 tree award winners. This is a special ticketed event separate from the general admission Sea Festival of Trees.

    The Sea Festival of Trees and Seaside Ice opens to the General Public for viewing on Saturday, November 20th. For just $10 per person (children 5 and under $5), visitors walk through a maze of beautifully decorated 4 foot to 10 foot-high artificial trees decorated with a breathtaking array of holiday colors and more than 75,000 twinkling lights. Scroll down to view specific dates and times. The cost for ice skating is included in the Sea Festival of Trees ticket price. You can bring your own skates or rent skates for a cost of $5.

    Of course Seaglass and Capri are wonderful dining options that are close by, however, if you are looking for something quick and easy for the entire family, there is a Festival Café amongst the displays of trees. The Festival Café is located on the second floor at the bar, you can enjoy to go snacks, soft drinks and coffee, full bar service is also available.

    Parking is also available next door for a small fee, or free parking is available on the street or in the Salisbury Municipal Parking Lot just a couple of blocks from the venue.

    In addition to the Sea Festival of Trees festivities, Blue Ocean Event Center is also hosting many holiday Special Events as well such as the Polar Express PJ Party and an ice skating party with Blades, the Bruin. Don’t miss the the adult holiday events such as the Holiday Sip & Shop as well as the Spirits of Christmas Gala. Check the Newburyport Events Calendar for to find details for these events as well as other festive holiday happenings in the local areas.

    2021 Sea Festival of Trees & Seaside Ice Days & Times:

    Saturday, November 20th   11AM-8PM
    Sunday, November 21st   11AM-5PM

    Friday, November 26th   11AM-8PM
    Saturday, November 27th   11AM-8PM
    Sunday, November 28th   11AM-5PM

    Friday, December 3rd   5PM-8PM
    Saturday, December 4th   11AM-8PM
    Sunday, December 5th   11AM-5PM

    Sea Festival of Trees 2021

    Blue Ocean Event Center
    4 Ocean Front North
    Salisbury, MA 01952

    Hours & Admission

    Friday 11/19 6:30 – Gala – Ticketed Event
    Friday 11/26 from 11am to 8pm
    Friday 12/3 from 5pm to 8pm
    Saturdays from 11am to 8pm
    Sundays from 11am to 5pm

    $10 for Adults
    $5 Children Ages 5 and Under

    General Admission Sea Festival of Trees Tickets are ONLY available at the door.

    Advance online ticket purchases are available for special events. View List of Special Events.

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    Seaside Ice 2021

    Skate Indoors – No Hats or Gloves Required

    Seaside Ice at Blue Ocean Event Center in Salisbury Beach

    Seaside Ice, hosted each year during the annual Sea Festival of Trees is a great choice if your looking for fun, affordable family activities during the holiday season. The ice skating rink is located inside of the Blue Ocean Event Center on the 2nd floor amongst the beautifully decorated Christmas trees. Plan a time to visit this local winter wonderland and experience the beauty of the season.

    For the 2021 Seaside Ice skating season, the rink is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the Sea Festival of Trees, November 20th – December 5th.  The cost to skate is included in the admission price for the Sea Festival Trees. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for ages 5 and under. You can bring your own skates or rent skates for a cost of $5.

    Glide around the indoor ice rink as you skate to festive music, surrounded by sparkling snowflakes, gleaming decorations, andSeaside Ice, Blades the Bruin, Salisbury Beach, MA breathtaking views of the ocean. No hats, gloves, or jackets required. In addition to open skating during the Sea Festival of Trees, there are also a few special events you may want to check out, for example a chance to skate with Blades the Bruin or Elsa the Ice Princess. Make sure to check the Events Calendar for Blue Ocean Special Holiday Events as well as other fun family events happening throughout the community.



    Seaside Ice Hours | Weekends During Sea Festival of Trees
    Fridays 11-8 PM | Saturdays 11-8 PM | Sundays – 11-5 PM
    *Note Special Hours – Friday 12/3 from  5-8

    Call or email the Blue Ocean Event Center with questions, 978-462-2512 or email 

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    The 2021 Santa Parade & Tree Lighting, Hosted by the Newburyport Rotary and the Newburyport Chamber is scheduled for Sunday, November 28th, offering all the holiday cheer that’s to be expected of a downtown yuletide celebration – but there’s a twist. In this most nautical of cities, Santa and Mrs. Clause arrive by boat. Honoring the Clipper City’s heritage as the birthplace of the U.S. Coast Guard, Santa and Mrs. Clause make their first local appearance waving from a Coast Guard boat on the Merrimack River before docking at the boardwalk for a joyful procession through the downtown area to the traditional tree lighting in Market Square.

    Kids and families gather on the boardwalk to await the arrival of Santa and Mrs. Claus at 3:00 pm. Santa then leads a short parade starting at approximately 3:30 pm. The parade ends at Market Square for caroling and the tree lighting which starts at approximately 3:45 – 4 pm. The event features a spirited round of caroling from residents capped with Santa hats as they usher in the holiday season. Note that these times are approximate. We recommend arriving early in case Santa is running early!

    Traditionally held on the Sunday afternoon immediately after Thanksgiving, the Newburyport Santa Parade & Tree Lighting is the much-anticipated kickoff of the area’s official holiday season. The nearby town of Salisbury typically hosts its own Christmas tree lighting later on the same day.

    Over the next few weeks Santa will pop up at a host of public events in the area, including Amesbury’s annual holiday parade, a series of tours by firetruck (in Byfield, Newburyport, and Salisbury), a very popular Jingle Bell Walk through Ipswich, and a wide variety of storytimes and parties at local libraries and recreational farms.

    In early December in Newburyport, Santa takes up residence at Santa’s Workshop which is festively decorated by the Newburyport Horticultural Society, offering visits and photos with the kids in December. Check the Events Calendar for the specific days and times.

    The Newburyport Santa Parade & Tree Lighting is presented by the Newburyport Rotary Club and the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce. Why both organizations? The answer is that while the Rotary Club hosts the festivities every year by orchestrating the events, the Chamber helps to support the Rotary Club by providing the Market Square Christmas tree and our other beautiful downtown Newburyport decorations.

    As part of the Chamber’s beautification program, they are in charge of all of the holiday decorations for our city as well as the beautiful hanging flowers you may notice during the Spring and Summer months. When purchasing one of our Newburyport VIP Cards you are able to donate a part of the proceeds directly to the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce, these funds are allocated specifically to the beautification program.

    Enjoy this fun video from UAV Look.

    Local Menorah lightings enable Newburyport and Amesbury to share the joy of Hanukkah traditions as a community. Each year Newburyport and Amesbury illuminate their respective downtowns with festive menorah lightings on all eight nights of Hanukkah. These public celebrations are open to all and enable our local Jewish communities to celebrate and share their cherished Chanukah traditions with all who would like to attend. The 2021 Festival of Lights begins this year at sunset on Sunday, November 28th and ends at sunset on Monday, December 6th.

    Newburyport’s Congregation Ahavas Achim will honor Hanukkah tradition by lighting up its signature 6-foot-tall electric menorah. The Menorah lightings will take place in historic Market Square at 5:30 pm on November 28, 29, 30 and December 1st, 2nd 4th and 5th. On Friday, December 3rd the lighting will take place at 4 pm. These gatherings are open to the public and all are encouraged to attend.

    In Amesbury, come light the Hanukkah menorah with Rabbi Zalman Borenstein; Rabbi and Rebbetzin of congregation Anshe Sholom Chabad in Haverhill, in the gazebo in front of the Amesbury Public Library at 5:30 pm on November 30thOrganized by Rachel Barcelona, founder and Director of The Brave Maccabees of Amesbury (Formally known as The Amesbury Chanukah Menorah Committee), with support from members of the Amesbury community, both Jewish and gentile, Amesbury’s menorah lightings typically include storytelling, songs, jelly doughnuts, and gelt (chocolate coins) for the children.

    Community menorah lightings are an annual tradition that is relatively new to our area. Newburyport began its public menorah lightings in Market Square in 2012. Amesbury followed up with its own nightly celebrations in 2013. In 2019 when Hanukkah fell close to Christmas, Newburyport celebrated with an interfaith candle lighting service lead by: Congregation Leader Alex Matthews from Congregation Ahavas Achim, Reverend Rebecca Bryan from the First Religious Society Unitarian Universalist Church and Reverend Chris Nay from the Central Congregational Church.

    Congregation Ahavas Achim, founded in 1896, is a welcoming and diverse spiritual community whose goal is to educate and inspire individuals and families to actively participate in Jewish Life, Torah study, prayer, acts of kindness. The congregation welcomes families and individuals from all backgrounds.

    Small Business Saturday is the perfect excuse to Support Local as you kick off the holiday shopping season! works hard consistently to promote and reinforce our Shop Local, Dine Local, Support Local messaging throughout the Greater Newburyport Community and beyond. The Newburyport VIP Card Loyalty Program is designed to encourage folks to Shop Local throughout the year and we encourage everyone to help make Small Business Saturday a huge success! As an added bonus, many local retailers are taking part in the, Keep it Local promotion in order to help incent shoppers on Small Business Saturday. Keep an eye out for the catchy branded tote bag. As we kick off the start of the holiday shopping season, we urge everyone to please challenge themselves to make more local purchases this season. Before making purchases from major online retailers, please consider whether you might be able to find that same gift locally. “Collectively we can help make a difference” for our local small business owners.

    Although Small Business Saturday may sound like a marketing tactic designed to help increase sales, it is a great opportunity to get our there and show gratitude to our small owners. We encourage everyone to help make our local business owners feel appreciated by Shopping Local and by simply remembering to say thanks! Don’t forget you can also recognize your favorite businesses by writing a nice review for them.

    In addition to local incentives and promotions, some businesses are choosing to use Small Business Saturday to give back in other ways. Ganesh Imports is donating 10% of sales to our local food pantries from purchases made on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Sunday of this weekend as well.

    Although the focus for many people is traditional holiday shopping, keep in mind that Small Business Saturday promotions are being offered by a very broad scope of business types. Don’t forget to support your favorite home related businesses or service oriented retailers. We wish everyone a happy holiday shopping season and please remember that, “Every Local Purchase Helps Make a Difference!”

    In addition to Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sales, Newburyport is host to many holiday events. Make sure to check the Greater Newburyport Community Events Calendar for fun Things to do this holiday season! If you’re a fan of shopping events, make sure to visit Newburyport for the annual holiday shopping Invitation Nights on Fridays in December.

    Kick off Black Friday by Shopping Local in support of our Greater Newburyport retailers! Many local businesses are running Black Friday Sales in order to incent shoppers to make as many local purchases as possible.  Take advantage of local sales and promotions and feel good knowing that every local purchase is greatly appreciated by our small business owners. is committed to promoting SHOP LOCAL throughout the year and is asking everyone to please visit our local shops before making major online purchases. “Collectively, we can help make a difference!” If everyone in our community makes just a few more local purchases this holiday season, we can make a significant positive impact for our local small business owners. Plus there are many new local businesses that you’re likely to discover!

    In addition to Black Friday Sales, many local retailers are also running great promotions and sales on Small Business Saturday. Check out the, “Keep it Local” promotions. There are also businesses using Black Friday and Small Business Saturday to raise money for local nonprofits. Ganesh Imports is donating 10% of sales for the entire weekend to our local food pantries.

    If you discover a shop that isn’t offering Black Friday Sales, you may want to check and see if they happen to offer a discount as part of theBlack Friday Sales Soak Shoreline, Newburyport MA the Newburyport VIP Card Discount Program. The foundation of this community based loyalty program is to reward customers with small discounts as a thank you for shopping local! Participating businesses have the flexibility to choose their own discount, in order to ensure that the offer works with their margins, helping to drive profitable business and encourages customer loyalty. VIP Card Discounts offered by each participating business are meant to be small because card holders have the opportunity to receive substantial savings if they use their card at multiple businesses throughout the course of the year. VIP Card Discounts are not able to be combined with other discounts or promotions so if you prefer to take advantage of a Black Friday Sale, you can’t use the VIP Card discount on that same purchase.

    If you’re a fan of shopping events, make sure to visit Newburyport for the annual holiday shopping Invitation Nights on Fridays in December. Although the Newburyport downtown shopping is very popular during the holiday season, make sure visit the Tannery Marketplace as well as our great local retailers in the shopping center and industrial park areas. You are certain to find Black Friday Sales at retailers in downtown Amesbury, Salisbury and many other local towns and cities surrounding Newburyport as well. Support Local throughout the Community!

    Lace-up those running shoes for the 2021 Greater Newburyport Wild Turkey Trot, a local Thanksgiving day race hosted by the Winners Circle Running Club. The Turkey Trot—a 3.1 mile course—weaves around the Pipestave Recreation Area in West Newbury. Runners will take to the starting line at Pipestave Hill at 8:30 am on Thanksgiving morning, November 25th and race to work up those appetites for family holiday festivities later that day.

    All skill levels are invited to enter the 31st Annual Thanksgiving race and attendees are welcome to run or walk the route. Family and friends are also encouraged to attend the event and cheer on the runners. While running or cheering, be on the lookout for more than just beautiful scenery, a genuine wild turkey may even cross your path!

    Want to join the Wild Turkey Trot? Participants can register in advance or on race day for an additional $5 fee. Advanced registration is $30 per adult and $20 per youth (17 and under). Registration includes a long sleeve Wild Turkey Trot custom race shirt and of course—bragging rights!

    If you want a score a few extra minutes of z’s on race day, swing by The Winner’s Circle Sports Bar in Salisbury the night before, November 24th, from 6 pm to 8 pm. The Turkey Trot organizers will be handing out shirts and race numbers in their Skybox function room. This is also your last chance to pre-register for the Thanksgiving day race and avoid the additional fee. Be warned—the night before Thanksgiving is a popular night at the bar. So if the parking lot is full, you can find additional parking at the shopping center off of Merrill Street. If you can’t make it to The Winner’s Circle Sports Bar, shirts and numbers will be available for pick up on race day starting at 7 am.

    After the race, hang out to enjoy some free snacks and beverages compliments by Panera Bread of Newburyport and the Winner Circle Running Club/WCRC. You earned it!

    For 2021, the Newburyport Lions Club  will be DELIVERING 400 Thanksgiving Dinners instead of hosting the annual Thanksgiving community meal at the Senior Center. The Lions Club will provide a free all-the-trimmings meal to: seniors, mobility challenged individuals and families unable to secure food.  The menu will consist of Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Peas with Pearled Onions, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Rolls with Butter, and Assorted Desserts.

    Over 400, Meals will be delivered Thanksgiving morning to folks in: Newburyport, Newbury, Salisbury and other surrounding towns. If you would like to request a meal, please register as soon as possible by calling Frank Bertolino at North Shore Realty Group, at 781-412-4466. The Lions Club is  in need of drivers/volunteers who are able to help deliver food on Thanksgiving morning. If you are able to help volunteer, please contact Don Carey at 978-384-8535.

    The Newburyport Lions Club Thanksgiving Dinner is made possible by the collaboration of many businesses, groups, and volunteers throughout the community. If you are not able to donate your time, monetary donations are also greatly appreciated. Please make checks payable to: Newburyport MA Lions Foundation, Inc. Mail to Newburyport Lions Club, PO Box 545, Newburyport, MA 01950.

    Newburyport will honor veterans and their families at the annual Veterans Day Commemorations on Thursday, November 11th. Residents and visitors are invited to join honored guests for a ceremony and parade in observance of the holiday. A short procession will start on Pond Street across from CVS at 10:45. They will turn on to High Street and continue down Green Street to City Hall. The ceremony will start at 11 am in front of City Hall and last approximately 45 minutes followed by a parade that will march through Market Square to Veterans Cemetery for the conclusion of the ceremony. Scroll to the bottom of the article for a detailed schedule.

    All are welcome to gather at City Hall at 11 am for a formal Veterans Day ceremony. Captain Jessica Berkhoudt of Newburyport Salvation Army will give with the invocation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance lead by local scouts. The National Anthem will be preformed by the Newburyport High School Marching Band under the direction of Steve Cohen. Mayor Donna Holaday will recite the names of recently departed veterans with Memorial Bells and Kevin Hunt, Veteran Agent will pay honor with memories and remembrances. The City Hall portion of the ceremony will conclude with patriotic music from the Newburyport High School Marching Band under the direction of Steve Cohen.

    The ceremony itself will last about 45 minutes. Please be aware that seating will be limited in front of City Hall, so arrive early if you would like to have an actual seat. In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony will move into the City Hall’s auditorium.

    After the Veterans Day ceremony, the parade will continue on to Market Square, marching up State Street to Veterans Cemetery where Newburyport Mayor Donna Holaday will place a memorial wreath at the monument, the selection will be played by Newburyport High School Band and the Benediction will be given by Captain Jessica Berkhoudt of the Newburyport Salvation Army. The observance will end with Taps as a final salute to veterans.

    There are some local businesses offering discounts and or free offers for Veterans on Veterans Day. Visit the Events Calendar for details. Below find the detailed listing of the parade and ceremony.

    10:45 to 11:00 AM
    Procession will start on Pond Street, across from CVS and proceed down Green Street to City Hall.

    11 AM to 11:45 AM (Approx.) Commemorations in front of City Hall
    Invocation – Captain, Jessica Berkhoudt, Newburyport Salvation Army
    Pledge of Allegiance – local scouts
    National Anthem – Newburyport High School Marching Band under the direction of Steve Cohen
    Recitation of the names of recently departed veterans –Mayor Donna D. Holaday. Memorial Bells
    Veteran Memories and Remembrances – Kevin Hunt Newburyport Veteran Agent
    Patriotic Music – Newburyport High School Marching Band under the direction of Steve Cohen

    11:45 AM to 12:15 PM (Approx.)
    Parade will leave City Hall and march around Market Square, up State Street to Veterans Cemetery at the base of Pond Street
    Mayor Holaday places Memorial wreath at monument
    Musical selection Newburyport High School Band
    Benediction – Captain Jessica Berkhoudt, Newburyport Salvation Army
    Taps – Conclusion of Newburyport Veterans’ Day

    If you are looking for a summary of the 2021 newly elected candidates for Newburyport Mayor, School Committee and City Council, visit the Newburyport election results article. There is much to know if your preparing to vote and registration is a good place to start. The 2021 voting registration deadline in 2021 Massachusetts elections is Wednesday, October 13th at 11:59 pm and election day is Tuesday, November 2nd with polls open from 7 am – 8 pm.  Newburyport residents will vote for a new Mayor, unopposed City Council positions and in a competitive race for School Committee positions. If you need information about the candidates for Mayor you can visit their websites: Charlie Tontar Website and Sean Reardon Website.

    You can also visit the Mayoral Candidate’s social media pages which are updated regularly with new information and are helpful to differentiate the candidates. Here are the links for Sean Reardon facebook  and Charlie Tontar facebook as well as the Sean Reardon Instagram and Charlie Tontar Insagram. You can also watch the live stream of the Newburyport Chamber Candidate discussions as well as the most recent Storm Surge/Daily News Debate.

    There are six Newburyport School Committee Candidates vying for three positions. School Committee candidates are elected for a four year term. The School Committee candidates are: Daniel Blair, Steven Cole, Brian Callahan, Sarah Hall, Laura Viola Maccarone and Juliet Walker. Brian Callahan and Steven Cole are incumbents running for re-election. To hear from the Newburyport School Committee Candidates you can listen to the first part of the recent Daily News debate.

    All City Council candidates are elected for two year terms and all are running unopposed for the current election. The following is a list of the City Council Ward Candidates. Ward 1 – Sharif Zeid, Ward 2 – Jennie Donahue, Ward 3 – Heather Shand, Ward 4 – Christine Wallace, Ward 5 – James McCauley, Ward 6 – Byron Lane. All ward City Council candidates are incumbents running for re-election except for Jennie Donahue. Scroll down to voting locations if you don’t know your ward. The following is a list of the City Council At-Large Candidates: Edward Cameron Jr., Afroz Khan, Constance Preston, Bruce Vogel and Mark Wright. Afroz Khan and Bruce Vogel are incumbents running for re-election.

    Below you will find general information on a variety of election related topics: Newburyport voting locations, early voting information, how to confirm if you are registered to vote, registration information for folks interested in registering to vote in future elections. You will also find a summary that explains our Congressional District and our MA State District and links to the folks who currently represent us.

    What offices are we voting for in the 2021 Newburyport elections?

    The 2021 election ballot will ask you to vote for the following positions.

    • Mayor – Four Year Term – Vote for One
    • City Council in your Ward – Two Year Term – Vote for One. There is only one candidate per ward on the 2021 ballot.
    • City Council At Large candidates – Two Year Term – Vote for a maximum of five. There are five candidates on the 2021 ballot.
    • School Committee candidates – Four Year Term – Vote for a maximum of three. There are six candidates on the 2021 ballot.

    Where do I go to vote?

    Your street address determines where you are allowed to vote on election day, Tuesday, November 2nd. To figure out where you need to go, check out the Find My Election Info web page, enter in your address and find out the address of your personal poling location. Here are the locations for registered Newburyport voters.

    City of Newburyport Voting Locations:
    Ward 1P    Plum Island Boat House – 300 Northern Blvd.
    Ward 1      People’s United Methodist Church – 64 Purchase Street
    ward 2      Brown School – Lime & Milk Streets – Open for election day with space heaters to keep folks warm.
    Ward 3      Hope Community Church – 11 Hale Street
    Ward 4      Hope Community Church – 11 Hale Street
    Ward 5      Senior Community Center – 331 High Street
    Ward 6      Senior Community Center – 331 High Street

    Am I allowed to vote early?

    As long as you are registered for the general election, you can vote as early as October 25. Early voting is available at the Newburyport Senior Center location during the following remaining days/times: Wednesday 10/27 from 8:30-3:30, Thursday 10/28 from 8:30-6:30 and Friday 10/29 from 8:30-11:30. 

    Am I registered to vote?

    If you’re not sure whether or not you’re registered to vote, you can check your status with a quick search here by providing your name, birthdate and zip code.

    If not, how do I register for future elections?

    If you are a citizen of the United States of America, are over 16, and have an ID issued by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, you can register online. Use the Online Voter Registration System to do any of the following tasks: register or pre-register to vote,  update your address or political party, or update your name. To register, you only need to provide your drivers’ license number, no need to upload any documents. If the information is correct, you will receive a confirmation email within a day or two and then you’ll be good to go. If you’d rather register by mail or in person, you can find instructions here. But make sure you do it by October 13th!

    What Congressional District do I live in?

    Massachusetts has nine Congressional Districts.  The Sixth Congressional District represented by Seth Moulton includes: the Essex County cities of Amesbury, Beverly, Gloucester, Lynn, Newburyport, Peabody, and Salem and the towns of Andover, Boxford, Danvers, Essex, Georgetown, Groveland, Hamilton, Ipswich, Lynnfield, Manchester, Marblehead, Merrimac, Middleton, Nahant, Newbury, North Andover, Rockport, Rowley, Salisbury, Saugus, Swampscott, Topsfield, Wenham, and West Newbury.

    Which MA State District am I part of and who are my Representatives?

    For the Massachusetts State Legislature Newburyport is part of the First Essex District. The Upper State Legislative District includes the following Cities and Towns: Amesbury, Haverhill,  Merrimac, Methuen, Newburyport, North Andover and Salisbury which is represented by Senator Diana DiZoglio. The Lower State Legislative District includes the following Cities and Towns: Amesbury, Newburyport and Salisbury and is represented by Representative James Kelcourse. James Kelcourse is currently running for Mayor of Amesbury. If he wins that election then a special election will be held to fill his seat in the State Legislature. If he does not win the Amesbury Mayor election then he will maintain his seat as our Representative. To view district maps and more information, check out Statistical Analysis.

    What is’s Role? is not a political website. We are a local media company focused on promoting our local small business and nonprofit customers as well as local events in the area. When we see it may be helpful to the community we utilize the broad reach of the website and the Newburyport VIP Social Media platform to help broadcast important information. We have created this summary article in hopes that it enables folks to more easily find voting and election information, important links and answers to frequently asked questions all in one place. We do not promote specific candidates running for office but we do occasionally highlight positive news that features some of our local elected officials on our Newburyport VIP facebook and Newburyport VIP Instagram pages. We also list important information such as debates and election day information on the Events Calendar in order for folks to easily access information.

    If you’re looking for a good scare this Halloween season, look no further than the home of local Newburyport residents, the Pages, at 13 Tilton Street. With hundreds of spooky characters, lights, props, and sounds, this Newburyport haunted house is a big time operation. But be warned, we’re told someone actually ran out of their shoes last year!

    Lights turn on at dusk and stay on until 9 pm most nights for anyone that wants to drive or walk by, but the real screams and shrieks will happen on Halloween night when this Newburyport haunted house gets even more realistic with the addition of ten people in costume. While they promise to take it easy on any little monsters that dare to visit, 13 Tilton Street is not for the faint of heart and parents may want to visit without the kiddies. The Pages don’t keep track of foot traffic, but popularity has grown each year, and one neighbor says she gave out 800 pieces of candy to trick-or-treaters last year.

    Bruce Page, a family man and detective for the Exeter Police by day, is the mastermind of this spooktacular experience and has been adding to his collection for the past 17 years. The haunted house began with a single eerie butler in the window back in 2001 and has since grown to include over 100 characters, 40 skeletons and 86 light up pumpkins, among other things. A curator of all things spooky, Page tries to add to his collection each year  by shopping in Halloween stores, making his own homemade creations and has even taken on a friend’s inventory when he retired from the haunting business.

    But while Page may head up the operation, he makes a big point in saying this is a huge effort with lots of friends and family helping out. Nick Dole, the Page’s tenant that they prefer to just call a friend, is right there on the frontline as Page’s biggest helper, setting up the lights, designing the skeleton tree, and daily tweaks. Daughters, Madeline, age 13, and Faith, age 9, may not partake in the set-up but are totally on onboard with their scary abode for the season and love showing it off to friends. And while wife Nicole is not into the elaborate decorations, she loves that the community enjoys it. 

    The house at 13 Tilton Street is a family home owned by Bruce’s parents and grandparents before his own family, but that’s not where his passion for Halloween stems from. In fact, Page says his parents weren’t really into the holiday at all. However, just across the street, neighbor Richard Cook was stirring up scares and inspiring a young Bruce back in the day. Page says Cook use to dress up in costume and chase trick-or-treaters with a pretend chainsaw on Halloween.

    This year, if you have the guts to visit this Newburyport haunted house, be on the lookout for Page’s newest addition, the blade wielding guy of nightmares, Freddy Krueger. And if you aren’t too scared, say a hello to Bruce who loves to hang out, he doesn’t dress up in  costume, and watch the fun unfold on Halloween night.

    Whether you’re planning on driving by on your way to a Newburyport Halloween Event or visiting on the big night, make sure you get there before October ends, come November 1st, the lights are out!

    Register for the Yoga Ohana fundraiser, lead by top yoga instructors from the Greater Newburyport area, and know that your participation is helping to improve quality of life for children with cancer. Lucy’s Love Bus helps provide hope, comfort and peace for children and their families in our region. Yoga Ohana will be held on Sunday, October 17th from 10am to 1pm, with the option to join in-person at Triton High School in Byfield, Mass. or via live online streaming video.

    Yoga Ohana will offer adults and children a fun start to their day where they will learn from expert instructors and relieve stress, while raising money for children diagnosed with cancer! Lucy’s Love Bus provides free integrative therapies such as yoga, massage, acupuncture, and music therapy to kids with cancer, as they have been proven to help alleviate pain, stress, and anxiety and are beneficial activities that inspire hope and healing.

    “‘Ohana’ means family and this event brings our community together to help families coping with childhood cancer,” said Beecher Grogan, Executive Director of Lucy’s Love Bus. “People of all ages and abilities will be able to experience the benefits of practicing yoga wherever they are comfortable, whether that’s socially distanced and masked at our in-person event, or via livestream from the comfort of their own home.”

    Yoga Ohana will feature family-friendly yoga and meditation classes, led by local yoga teachers Ann Biese, Sarah Oleson, and David Glazebrook, and sound healing with Ankati Day. Local musician and Master of Ceremonies Michael Bernier will be the lively emcee, and local music group Start the Whale will be providing relaxing music during breaks! Thanks to Cedar’s Food, all attendees will be offered snacks to take home for a healthy refuel after a morning of fun!

    Tickets are $50 for individuals or register your family/household for just $99! For more information and to register, please visit the Lucy’s Love Bus website. If you are not available to participate in this wonderful event, please consider making a donation.

    Choosing a daycare or school for your child can feel like an overwhelming task, but Newburyport Youth Services is making it easier for families with their upcoming annual Early Education Fair. Visit Newburyport Senior Center Thursday, November 18th from 6:30 – 8:00 pm to meet with over twenty early education schools and daycares from the surrounding areas, all in one place. The fair is free and open to the public. Please note the new location of the 2021 Early Education Fair is the Newburyport Senior Center.

    Every family has different needs and priorities for their childcare, and researching your options can be incredibly time consuming… something all families can agree they are short on! The Early Education Fair, designed much like a college fair, gives parents the opportunity to move from table to table to learn about what each school or daycare has to offer. Teachers and representatives will be on hand to answer questions and offer information, ranging from flexible hours and costs to teaching techniques and philosophies, to help families select a school or daycare that matches their needs. Representatives from area Educational Foundations will also be available to answer questions about the local school districts.

    Unsure of what exactly you’re looking for? The Newburyport Youth Services will be handing out folders with a suggested list of questions that parents may find helpful to ask the teachers and/or representatives from the schools.

    The Newburyport Youth Services is a municipal department that provides quality programs, events and services for families with young children in the Greater Newburyport area.

    Newburyport Youth Services absorbed The Greater Newburyport Families Club in the first half of 2021 and is committed to continue hosting key GNFC events that are truly important to our community. The Early Education Fair, running annually for over 20 years, expects a turnout of 50 to 100 parents. Come and socialize with other local families while planning your child’s future.

    The Moving Wall, a half-sized replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. will be on display at Plum Island Airport in Newbury from 6 pm Thursday, September 2nd through 6 am Tuesday, September 7th. The replica, which is 252.83 feet long and consists of 58,272 names, has been touring the country since its conception in 1984. Approximately 1,300 people are still unaccounted for prisoners of war (POW’s) and missing in action (MIA). Vietnam Veterans were not honored for their service as they returned home. The idea to create the Moving Wall was originated  by a Vietnam Veteran, John Devitt who while attending the the 1982 dedication in Washington DC, was inspired to share the positive power of “The Wall.” John Devitt, Norris Shears, Gerry Heaver and other Vietnam Veterans built the Moving Wall in order to honor and show gratitude to as many Vietnam Veterans as possible throughout the country.

    The Moving Wall procession is scheduled to leave Amesbury Furniture Outlet Thursday between 5 – 5:15 pm and should arrive at Plum Island Airport by 6 pm. The Moving Wall will be escorted to the Plum Island Airport by NEMLAC (NE MA Law Enforcement Council), Patriot Riders, and Amesbury and Newbury police. Residents and tourists are invited to line the procession route and welcome its arrival at the airport. Visitors are also welcome to attend the wall’s opening ceremony on Thursday at 6 pm which will feature a wreath-laying ceremony by decorated Vietnam Veterans, a welcome home ceremony, keynote speakers, and a fly-over by the state police.

    The Moving Wall will be available for viewing twenty-four hours a day until its disassembly on Tuesday, September 7th at 6 am. Up to 20,000 are expected to visit this solemn memorial that honors our heroes throughout its stay, including about two thousand area veterans that were personally invited. Volunteers will be onsite twenty-four hours a day assisting visitors as greeters, helping them look up names of the fallen, and escorting them to the correct panel on the Moving Wall. Grief counselors provided by the Lowell Vet Center will also be on hand.

    The Moving Wall’s visit to the area is a project ten years in the making for the chief organizer of the event, Dennis Palazzo, who finally secured a date last November. For Palazzo, who has a close friend on the wall, it’s an emotional experience to finally have the opportunity to bring the monument to the area.

    “Freedom is not free, it comes with a cost, and the cost is written on that wall,” said Palazzo.

    Palazzo and the official host of the Moving Wall, Newburyport’s Yankee Homecoming Board of Directors, worked tirelessly with a group of close to 100 volunteers to make this event possible. The outpouring of support from the community to aid Palazzo in bringing this memorial to the area has been huge. He has raised over $20,000 from sponsors, local restaurants and shops are donating meals and goods, the National Guard is supplying a command tent, and Newbury police and firemen are offering up their time pro bono.

    “It’s an honor to bring the wall to the area. The names on the wall each represent a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice and never made it home,” said Palazzo.

    The article picture are from Moving Wall visits to other cities. From the top of the article to the bottom the locations include: Lewes DE, Cleveland OH and Medway MA. 

    Moving Wall Procession Route from Amesbury Furniture Outlet to Plum Island Airport:
    Down Market Street to Amesbury Center, continue Up Friend St., go 3/4’s around Rotary onto Main St., continue on Main St. across Route 110, under Route 495, turn Left to stay on Main St., bear Right onto Spofford St., over the Chain Bridge (Newburyport), continue half around the Rotary – 2nd exit – onto Moseley Ave., merge Left onto High St., (Route 113) for about 3.5 miles, turning Left onto Rolfes Lane, (Newbury), turning Right onto Plum Island Airport (ETA a bit before 6:00 p.m.) – with Escort Motorcycles parking on the Airport Runway, in designated area.

    Newburyport resident and renowned historian Dr. Kabria Baumgartner is digging into the rich and often untold history of African Americans in Essex County. Thanks to a $100,000 grant awarded by the National Parks Service and the Organization of American Historians, Dr. Baumgartner is working to uncover materials and information to help create more inclusive and interpretive sources for local sites that reflect the true racial diversity of the county.

    Through public records and census records, Dr. Kabria Baumgartner can confirm there were many African American families living in Newburyport in the 19th century. However, she has found archival materials like newspapers, photographs, and other documents extremely limiting for Newburyport itself. While Dr. Baumgartner, an associate professor at the University of New Hampshire, is still actively researching and uncovering materials, there are some fascinating stories and artifacts that have already been discovered for Essex County. Folks had the chance to hear Dr. Baumgartner’s discoveries first hand, as she was the keynote speaker at the 2021 Newburyport YWCA’s annual Engaging Community Luncheon where she spoke about her findings and shared stories and answered questions.

    One such story that she uncovered is that of Sara Baro, referred to as “the African princess”, who lived in Topsfield. Sara, who was born in West Africa in the late 1830s, was captured and brought to the United States as a child. The Conant family “took her in” as an indentured servant—slavery was abolished back in 1783 in Massachusetts, but we know that the labor of enslaved people continued to fuel the economy in Essex County well into the late 18th century. Sara’s life is an amazing story of survival in the face of adversity. The Conant family seems to have treated her well and Sara even received an education at Topsfield Academy. While Sara could not change her class status, she appears to have lived a satisfying life worthy of something very special Dr. Baumgartner discovered—a will. It turns out the Topsfield Historical Society holds a very valuable artifact, Sara’s jewelry box which also happens to contain her will. This shows that while she may not have had a large amount of money, Sara had made enough of a life for herself to feel the need to create this document. Dr. Kabria Baumgarner sees this as just the beginning of her search to find more documents and artifacts related to the African princess.

    Another of Dr. Kabria Baumgartner’s stories she has come across is that of the Hinton’s, an African American family that resided in Andover in the late 19th century and early 20th century. This historical story is a great example of black entrepreneurship and a tale of Black family life in New England. Allen Hinton, a freed slave, moved from the south to Andover for a new beginning—where he started his family. It’s also where he started the Hinton Family Ice Cream Farm, the first ice cream selling business in New England. The business was embraced by the community, with Allen and family selling at local schools—Phillips Andover Academy and Abbott Academy for Young Ladies. Allen’s daughter Alice later took over the business and received praise from Booker T. Washington himself for her keen business sense.

    Dr. Kabria Baumgartner, who resides in Newburyport with her family,  is an interdisciplinary historian of nineteenth-century African American life and culture in the United States and the author of the award-winning book, In Pursuit of Knowledge: Black Women and Educational Activism in Antebellum America. Dr. Baumgartner and her co-principal investigator in the Essex County African American history project,  Elizabeth Duclos Orsello, continue to research and find artifacts and materials to enrich our communities. Orsello, a professor at Salem State, and Baumgartner both use this grant as a teaching moment, getting their students involved in the research first hand. Photograph taken by Matthew Troisi 22 CPA, UNH EDU.

    Experience the Yankee Homecoming Market Place in the heart of Newburyport’s historic and downtown from 10 am to 10 pm daily from August 1st- August 7th.  Eat, shop and be entertained daily in Market Square, and surrounding streets. Follow the scent of the outdoor grilling to the many savory food choices and, explore all sorts of outdoor shopping, crafts and other fun things to do.  Make sure to catch daily entertainment at the Market Square stage as well as the Waterfront stage. Article photograph taken by the the official Yankee Homecoming photographers at Glenn Livermore Photography.

    The Yankee Homecoming Market Place offers a wonderful variety of food options so your certain to find something for everyone. In addition to the standard outdoor vendor options of burgers, hot dogs, sausages fries and pizza, you will also find seafood vendors, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican and delicious Greek food as well. Make sure to save room for sweet treats and refreshing, cool treats as well, maybe an Italian Ice, or traditional fried dough.

    Grab a seat on one of the benches in Market Square and enjoy live entertainment from the Market Square stage or take a walk down to Waterfront Park to check out what’s happening on the Waterfront Stage. Downtown Entertainment runs daily from 11:30 am – 6 pm, and you can view the 2021 entertainment schedule for both the Market Square Stage and the Waterfront Stage. In the evenings during Yankee Homecoming you can also enjoy the Yankee Homecoming Waterfront Concerts.

    As part of the Yankee Homecoming Market Place you can enjoy the Market Square Craft Day on Tuesday, August 3rd from 10 am – 7 pm. The rain date is Wednesday, August 4th. Check the Events Calendar for more details on these events.

    The Yankee Homecoming sidewalk sales are another great extension of the Yankee Homecoming Market Place. You will find tents with all sorts of great merchandise on the streets surrounding Market Square: State Street, Pleasant Street and Inn Street too. The sidewalk sales run Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 5th, 6th and 7th. The sidewalk sales are a great way to support our local retailers and find some great deals!

    While in Market Square the kids can get get their face painted, play on the Inn Street Playground or cool off in the Inn Street fountain! The Yankee Homecoming Market Place runs from 10 am – 10 pm daily in Market Square and surrounding streets.

    If you enjoy saving money, make sure to purchase a Newburyport VIP Card, to receive discounts at participating Greater Newburyport restaurants and shops. You can use your VIP Card every time you visit any of the participating businesses and help support Yankee Homecoming Fireworks. Purchase one card for $25 or two for $40 and $10 of your purchase is donated to help pay for our spectacular firework display. Choose if you would like a traditional Physical VIP Card valid until 12/31/21 or a login for Digital VIP Card display in the “Newburyport” App. The digital VIP Card is valid one year from purchase.

    If you enjoy using Apps, type “Newburyport” in the App Store or Play Store and select “VIP Card Discounts” to view participating businesses and discounts. You can purchase directly through the App, for immediate activation, and make sure to select YANKEE HOMECOMING FIREWORKS to receive $10 of your purchase.

    Nunan’s Florist & Greenhouses, located at 269 Central Street in Georgetown, is hosting our 2019 Spring Open House Saturday and Sunday, Apr. 13-14, with classes and events for the entire family. Bring the whole family and help us kick off the Spring season. Nunan’s is a family-owned florist & garden center known for their exceptional service, friendly staff, and gorgeous arrangements.


    Saturday: For the young aspiring gardeners

    On Saturday, from 12 to 2:30 PM, Nunan’s Spring Open House begins with a few fun activities for young, aspiring gardeners:

    • How to plant a pansy
    • Curious Creatures
    • Earth Day Crafts
    • 1 pm Kids Fairy Gardens ($15) must register, see below

    In addition, we’re offering a children’s class on creating a fairy garden beginning at 1:00 PM.  Cost for this class is $15, please call (978)352-8172 to register. If you love making fairy houses Nunan’s shop carries a wonderful assortment of items to help create your fairy dream house.

    Sunday: A Sweet Meet & Greet

    On Sunday from 11:00 PM – 2: 00 PM, Sweet Paws Rescue will be on site with adorable pups to meet, pet and fall in love with.

    Entrance is free and guests are encouraged to bring photos of your lawn, tree and shrub issues. Nunan’s experts will be available to provide plant & gardening consultation during the Spring Open House for anyone who needs it! We’ll proudly be serving Kane’s Donuts at the Spring Open House and offering our hanging pansy baskets for $5 off while they last. For more information, contact us at (978) 352-8172.

    Soon enough, Garden Golf, Kallie’s Kones will be open for the season and the NEW Café Sarina will be open for business. Café Sarina is a locally-sourced, farm-to-table café & restaurant serving light breakfast & coffee, brunch, lunch, & dinner. Guest seating overlooks the beautiful, state-of-the-art Garden Golf course, featuring running water elements and gorgeous natural greens. Café Sarina’s new building also houses Kallie’s Kones, a sweet little spot serving award-winning ice cream from Richardson’s, a local, family-owned farm.


    Purchase your tickets now for the 2020 North Shore Magazine Grand Tasting, Thursday, March 5th from 6-10 PM at Blue Ocean Event Center. Doors open at 6:00 for VIP ticket holders and 6:30 for general admission. What is the Grand Tasting? Celebrity chefs, exquisite wines and tantalizing tastes from the region’s top restaurants and gourmet food and wine shops, come together for the North Shore’s premier 6th annual “foodie” event. If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience a past Grand Tasting, enjoy video footage from prior years. 

    Indulge in scrumptious savory and sweet nibbles from local food artisans, making everything from farmhouse cheese to hard cider to award-winning handmade chocolate treats. Enjoy creative dishes, foods and drinks from some of your favorite highly regarded spots, and discover exceptional new places to eat and shop as well. The Grand Tasting features a broad selection of exceptional North Shore food and drink vendors from restaurants, wine and cheese shops, breweries, wineries, catering companies, and bakeries. 

    In addition to hosting amazing events, North Shore Magazine strives to help give back to folks in our local community. A portion of all 2020 Grand Tasting ticket sales are donated to Our Neighbors’ Table and the Greater Boston Food Bank in support of their efforts to end hunger in eastern Massachusetts.

    Purchase your tickets now. Don’t miss the North Shore’s most exciting ‘foodie” event of the year! Secure General Admission tickets to the Grand Tasting for $125 per ticket or VIP tickets for $150 per ticket. There are a limited number of tickets being sold at a special price. Use the code FLASHSALE02 and receive 40% off, for both General Admission and VIP tickets. Gather some friends and treat yourself to a well deserved night of exceptional food, drinks, music, dancing and socializing.

    Mark your calendar for the annual Pettengill House Fundraiser, Friday March 6th from 6-10 pm at Blue Ocean Music Hall.  Enjoy a special performance from Bob Surette, top-tier master fine artist for: Disney, Star Wars, DC Comics, Dreamworks, Muppets and he is also know as the fastest portrait artist in the world. The Pettengill House Fundraiser will include dinner, live music by the Jumpstreet Band, dancing, speed painting, live and silent auctions, all for a great cause!  Purchase your tickets before the sell out. Tickets are $60 per person or reserve a table for eight people for $450.

    Founded in 1994 by area residents and agencies, The Pettengill House has been helping Greater Newburyport families and individuals for more than 20 years. The Pettengill House supports at-risk families and individuals by providing wrap-around services and core basics such as food, shelter, clothing and health and safety. As of today, the Pettengill House helps an estimated 3,030 clients. many of them children. Among the communities served by the Pettengill House are: Amesbury, Newburyport, Groveland, Byfield, West Newbury and Salisbury.

    “Together with our generous friends and supporters, it’s time to celebrate all that our agency does for the nine local towns that we serve. Our work continues as we remain steadfast in our mission to ensure that the basic needs of every individual, child and family in our service area are met,” Pettengill House Executive Director Deb Smith said.

    “Thank you for your continued support and rest assured that every donation stays local and has an immediate impact on individuals, families and children of the Pettengill House community,” Smith said.

    Greater Newburyport Spring & Summer
    Consignment Sale

    West Newbury Town Annex | March 7th & 8th, 2020

    Buy or Sell at the Spring and Summer Consignment Sale

    Spring Consignment Sale | Greater Newburyport Mothers & Families Club

    Mark your calendar now for the GNFC Spring and Summer Babies and Kids Consignment Sale, March 7th from 9 AM – 2 PM and March 8th from 9 AM – 12 PM. Organized by the Greater Newburyport Families Club (GNFC), the Consignment Sale is an amazing opportunity to find great deals on everything you need for babies and kids. This is such a popular event that there will certainly be a line of shoppers waiting to enter at 9 AM on Saturday morning, and you will find the serious shoppers back at 9 AM on Sunday to take advantage of the sale. GNFC will be offering 50% off (on items marked as discounted) all day on Sunday.

    For two days, the West Newbury Town Annex will be transformed into a store where people can sell and purchase gently used baby gear, clothing, shoes, toys, books, DVD’s, strollers, maternity clothing and more. GNFC is very appreciative of the Town of West Newbury for letting them use the facility at no charge.

    If you’re interested in selling items you must Register Online at My Consignment Managerand you do not need to be a GNFC member. On Thursday, April 4th, at 11:59 pm My Consignment Manager closes, so all items must be entered prior to this time. After the sale, sellers receive a check in the mail for 70% of the purchase price for sold items, and they can pick up or donate unsold items on Sunday between 2 – 2:30 PM.

    GNFC maintains 30% of each sale and combines the funds for a community gift that is given in the GNFC name. The donation recipient changes each year as GNFC works to help support many local nonprofits in the Greater Newburyport community. In recent years donations have been made to The Community Giving Tree, The Custom House Maritime Museum, The Newburyport Rail Trail Project, The Amesbury Town Park Renovation Committee, The Breast Care Center at Anna Jaques Hospital and the Newburyport Inn Street Foundation Restoration.

    For more information on how to prepare your items for sale, contact Otherwise, happy consignment sale shopping Greater Newburyport Families! Click here to go directly to the GNFC website.

    Enjoy our video from a prior GNFC Consignment Sale.

    Event Details

    West Newbury Town Annex
    318 Main Street
    West Newbury, MA 01985

    Saturday, March 7th – 9 AM – 2 PM
    Sunday, March 8th – 9 AM – 12 PM
    Sunday Sale – 50% off items marked as discounted

    Register to Sell Items

    Important Notes:

    Thursday, March 5th 11:59 PM

    Friday, March 6th – 9:30 – 11:30 AM

    Sunday, March 8th – 3:00 – 3:30 PM
    Anything not picked up during this time will be donated and can not be reclaimed.

    Important Notes:
    You must check all items for recalls and sign a waiver confirming this information. Go to for recall information.

    Things to Do

    Top-rated attractions, National Parks and historic tours are among the many things to do in Newburyport.
    Plum Island Beach, Newburyport

    Plum Island Beach

    PI beach is family-friendly sand, surf and sun 35 miles north of Boston, and a bike ride from downtown Newburyport.

    Historic Carousel, Salisbury Beach

    Historic Carousel on Salisbury Beach – Newburyport Bank $250K Donation

    A historic carousel will soon call a brand new pavilion on Salisbury Beach home thanks to the efforts of the Salisbury Beach Partnership and a generous $250K donation from Newburyport

    Dogs on the Beach, Newburyport

    Dogs on the Beach – Plum Island & Newburyport Area Beaches

    Taking your dogs on the beach in the Newburyport area is a great outdoor adventure for you and your furry sidekicks. While most area beaches welcome your pups for a

    The Asset Builder Awards are a great opportunity to publicly acknowledge youth, adults and organizations throughout Newburyport who are supporting young people through their work or character. Our story image features prior year winners. Come help recognize the 2020 winners as Newburyport Youth Services and The BEACON Coalition host the 12th Annual Asset Builder Awards happening on March 19th from 7:00-8:30 pm at the Newburyport Senior Center. Nominated by members of the community, the recipients are selected for awards based on their natural ability and desire to support youth in Newburyport. Their relationships with youth in the city are positive, encouraging, supporting and empowering. Below is the list of 2020 Asset Award winners.

    2020 Asset Builder Award Winners:
    Frank Crump, Newburyport School Crossing Guard
    Lisa Hutchings, Joppa Flats Education Coordinator
    Madison, Bridget, & Charlotte MacMillan, Outstanding Youth
    Kathleen Petrie, Molin School Teacher, NPS
    Richard Tierney, Newburyport Youth Hockey Coach

    In 1990, Search Institute released a framework of 40 Developmental Assets, which identifies a set of skills, experiences, relationships, and behaviors that enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults. The greater number of assets a younger person has, the lower number of high risk behaviors they get involved in. The BEACON Coalition uses this model as their framework for prevention.
    Newburyport Youth Services and The BEACON Coalition will be accepting nominations for the eight main categories of the 40 Assets.

    Anyone can recognize an individual or organization by submitting a nomination. The 2020 nomination deadline is February 14th and below is a list of the eight asset categories. If you missed the nomination deadline, make sure to recognize someone next year. Nominations can be filled out online and forms are also available at the Newburyport High School, Nock Middle School, Newburyport Rec Center and the Newburyport Public Library. They can be dropped off at the Newburyport Rec Center (formerly the Brown School) or mailed to 40 Milk Street Newburyport, MA 01950. For additional information regarding the event and nomination forms, please contact 978-465-4434 or

    Newburyport Youth Services and The BEACON Coalition accept nominations for the eight main categories of the 40 Assets.

    • Support: This award recognizes an individual or organization who actively supports and advocates for youth. More than just a good friend, this is an individual that is trusted, respected and able to connect people to the resources they need. Or a family that models healthy communication and support!
    • Empowerment: Do you know of a young individual who has taken on challenges throughout the community in hopes of making a difference? Or an adult or organization that works to empower young people by building skills or creating opportunity for leadership.
    • Positive Identity: We would like to recognize an organization that helps to build self-esteem in young people and/or a young person who displays a positive model of identity to his/her peers.
    • Commitment to Learning: Do you know an organization that strives towards expanding the knowledge of young people throughout the community, or a young person that is dedicated to learning and pursuing further knowledge and inspire others to do the same?
    • Positive Values: This award will recognize a young person who has demonstrated honesty, character and conviction in their everyday life. A person with integrity does what is right, not what is easy.
    • Constructive Use of Time: Do you know an individual who uses their free time toward programs, creative activities or other positive programs? Or an organization whose purpose is to support youth in using their use of time to better themselves/others?
    • Boundaries & Expectations: This award recognizes an individual who is considered an adult role model or positive peer influence. This individual has a good sense and supports appropriate family, school and neighborhood boundaries.
      Social Competencies: Do you know an individual or organization who supports excels in planning/decision making, interpersonal skills, cultural competence, resistance skills, and/or peaceful conflict resolution?

    Grab that old toaster that’s lacking the heat or wristwatch that has you constantly running late and pay a visit to the experts at Repair Café on Saturday, January 25th from 10 am to 2 pm at the Newburyport Community/Senior Center. This pop-up event performs a wide variety of services including electronics repair, jewelry repair, and so much more.

    Repair Café is a completely free service, matching up volunteer repairers with those in need of a service to troubleshoot the problem together. Along with electronics repairs and jewelry repairs, other common items include clothing, computers, ceramics, bicycles, and toys. Here is a full list of repair stations being offered at the upcoming event.

    Organized by The Time Trade Network of Newburyport and Toward Zero Waste Newburyport, this will be the fourth Repair Café held in Newburyport. Over 250 Visitors with more than 350 items visited the Cafés last year.

    With the slogan “Don’t ditch it, fix it,” organizers and participants donate their time in an effort to reduce the volume of materials waste, contributing to Newburyport’s zero waste goal. Repairers encourage visitors to watch and ask questions so they can not only take home a working end product but also take home some knowledge of how to fix something similar on their own.

    It’s important to note that Repair Café does not offer any guarantees that they can fix your item nor are they held responsible if an item has any additional damage or stops working at home. Whether you come in for jewelry repairs or electronics repairs, if the problem turns out to be more complicated then a short session with a volunteer, Repair Café can also refer you out to a specialist.

    Think you have a skill to share? Whether you’re a tinker, bike expert, computer pro, or master seamstress—Repair Café can use your help! Email or call 978-225-3440 to sign up and donate your time.

    If you’re in need of repairs but can’t make this Repair Café, follow their official facebook page to stay up to date on the next event.


    Entering into the public school system can feel exciting and daunting at the same time, which is why we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need for your family to tackle preschool registration, pre-k, and kindergarten registration—all in one convenient place. With our guide, you can spend less time searching for answers and more time preparing your children for their next big adventure.

    For families entering the Newburyport Public School system for the first time, make sure to put the Parent Information Session on January 29th at 6 pm at the Bresnahan School on your calendar. Here teachers and principals will explain the process for both preschool registration and kindergarten registration, answer questions, and get you started on the overall process.

    Preschool Registration 

    How it Works: 

    Preschool and pre-K are all part of the same program, The Integrated Preschool Program. Families with students returning to the program (ie. in their second year of preschool or entering pre-K) and new students that have had siblings attend the preschool program previously (this includes the former Brown Schools) are given priority registration from January 6th to the 16th. These students will be given spots before any lottery drawings.

    From February 3rd through the 28th registration opens for all new preschool families, along with kindergarten registration. Preschool registrations can be dropped off in person at the Bresnahan School office during school days between 10 am and 2 pm, scanned and emailed or, or mailed to the school at 333 High Street. When the school system receives your completed application your family will be given a lottery number.

    Preschool registration forms can all be found online and will also be handed out during the parent information session, January 29th at the Bresnahan School. In order to complete the process, you must fill out all forms which include:  Enrollment Form, Confidential Student Health Form, MA Health Record Form, Home Language Survey, and Certification of Address Form. Along with the forms, applicants must also include a check or money order for $300, a copy of your child’s birth certificate, your child’s most recent health records, and proof of residency (utility bill or mortgage/lease agreement). You will not be given your lottery number until the school receives your application in its entirety.

    A lottery will be drawn on March 4th at 10:00 AM at the Superintendent’s Office-70 Low St, if there are more applicants than spots. Programs range in demand, with the full day programs tending to be the most popular and the half day options generally having enough spots to meet demand. When filling out the application you will be able to give your top three preferences. If you aren’t selected for your first choice you will automatically be entered into the lottery for your second and third choices. Families may attend the drawing to see if your child is selected or wait for the school to post results online, this will be done no later than March 6th. Those that do not secure a spot will be put on a waitlist.

    Kindergarten Registration 

    Kindergarten registration is a somewhat easier and less stressful process than preschool registration, as all students are guaranteed a spot. Because all applicants will be accepted, there is no priority registration or lottery process to explain.

    How it Works: 

    From February 3rd through the 28th families may submit their applications. kindergarten registrations can be dropped off in person at the Bresnahan School office during school days between 10 am and 2 pm, scanned and emailed to or, or mailed to the school at 333 High Street. 

    All kindergarten programs are five days a week, but families can choose between half and full day options. While half day kindergarten is free, families must pay for the full day option. Visit here for tuition information. There are tuition assistance programs for families that qualify and families with multiple children entering kindergarten will also receive a discount.

    As is with preschool registration, 0nly completed applications will be accepted. In order to be considered complete, you must submit all forms (these can be found online and will be handed out at the Parent Information session January 29th), which include: either the Full or Half Day Application, Newburyport Public School Enrollment Form, Confidential Student Health Form, Certificate of Address, Home Language Survey, Kindergarten Parent Questionnaire, Preschool Visitation Permission. Along with the forms, applicants must also include a check or money order for $380 if applying for full day kindergarten, a copy of your child’s birth certificate, your child’s most recent health records, and proof of residency (utility bill or mortgage/lease agreement).

    Important Dates to Remember 

    • January 6th-16th: Priority registration for preschool registration is open for returning preschool students and siblings of students that previously attended the preschool program (including former Brown Schools).
    • January 29th: Information session for all prospective families—preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten.
    • February 3rd-28th: Non-priority registration is open for preschool registration and kindergarten registration is open for all families. 
    • March 4th: Preschool registration lottery will be held. If there are more students than slots, a waitlist will be formed.
    • Mid-March: Acceptance letters to all families in all programs are sent out.

    River Valley Charter School

    Along with the Bresnahan School, Newburyport is also home to River Valley Charter School. River Valley does not offer preschool, but you may apply for kindergarten.

    How it Works:

    Any family in Massachusetts may apply to this charter school—however, residents of Amesbury, Newburyport, Pentucket, and Triton are given enrollment preference. Siblings to currently enrolled students will also receive preference. General enrollment for River Valley is done by a lottery system.

    Applications for kindergarten registration, as well as other grades, must be submitted by February 25th at 4 pm to be considered for the upcoming school year. You may apply online, in person at River Valley Charter School located at 2 Perry Way, or by mail.

    Your registration checklist should include—the enrollment application, proof of residency, and a copy of your child’s birth certificate. Once completed, you will receive a unique application number and entered into the lottery.

    The lottery drawing will be held on February 27th at 4 pm at the school. Families are welcome to attend the lottery drawing but it is not mandatory. Those not in attendance will receive a phone call and/or email to let them know the status of their application. Once a spot is offered, you have five days school days (five business days over the summer months) to accept the offer. Applicants that do not receive a spot will be placed on a waitlist in the order their number was drawn.

    On Saturday, October 12, 2019 The Grog Restaurant’s 12th Annual Chili Cook-Off & Craft Beer Fest will be held from 12 noon to 4 pm under the tent at The Tannery Marketplace, 50 water Street in Newburyport. This great event began as a chili cook-off held for six years in The Grog’s parking lot, has grown each year in popularity and diversity. With the generosity of their co-sponsor, The Tannery Marketplace, The Grog has been able to triple attendance over the years by adding the perfect complement to chili, a craft beer festival.

    Billed as the Northshore’s most creative chili competition, Newburyport area restaurants and markets vie for The Peoples’ Choice Award for Best Chili. Everyone who purchases a ticket gets to vote. So far the 2019 participating restaurants include: Michael’s Harborside, The Grog, Metzy’s, Brick & Ash, Loretta, Dos Amigos,  The Paddle Inn, and Port Tavern (more to come)

    This is a competitive event and an honor to be selected as the Grog Chili Fest winner. For 2019 The Michael’s Harborside took 1st place for the 3rd year in a row. The Grog was 2nd place, Andiamo was 3rd and Metzy’s was 4th. The top pick in 2018 & 2017 was Michael’s Harborside, in 2016 was Port Plums and in 2015 the winner was Port City Sandwich Company! There are many local eateries that will participate in this fun event.

    This is the sixth year of the craft beer and cider-makers tasting. Many local and regional breweries are participating and the list will be published closer to the event date.

    The event was created to benefit local food pantries and it still does. The Pettingill House in Salisbury, Our Neighbors’ Table in Amesbury, and Community Services of Newburyport share the proceeds from the festival. The agencies attend the event each year to provide information regarding their services and to accept food donations from attendees.

    Tickets to the event are $10 for Unlimited Chili Tasting and $25 for Beer & Chili Tasting. This is an all-ages community festival and children 10 and under are admitted free. Tickets will be sold on-site.


    Don’t miss the 2019 Newburyport Choral Society Winter Concert, Christmas with Brass, Saturday Dec. 7th at 7:30 pm and Sunday Dec. 8th at 2:30 pm, directed by Dr. George Case, featuring Giovanni Gabrieli’s Hodie Christus Natus Est and O Magnum Mysterium, as well as works by British contemporary composer Cecilia McDowall, and contemporary American composers Daniel Pinkham and Kevin Siegfried.

    The magnificent harmonies of the chorus will be joined with the majestic sounds of a brass ensemble and organ, representing a musical tradition that traces back six centuries to the Renaissance, and continuing forward through Europe and Great Britain to American contemporary compositions. And of course, no holiday concert is complete without our favorite carols of the season, our accompanist Dr. Kirsten Helgeland, and the delightful voices of the Greater Newburyport Children’s Chorus, all under the masterful baton of NCS Music Director Dr. George Case.

    The concerts will be held at Belleville Congregational Church, 300 High St., Newburyport and tickets can be purchased online or at one of the following locations: Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce, 38R Merrimac St. Newburyport • Jabberwocky Bookshop, 50 Water Street, Newburyport • The Coffee Factory, 56 State Street, Newburyport • The Natural Grocer, 334 High Street, Newburyport • Conley’s Drug Store, 146 High St. Ipswich • Starbird Jewelers, 80 Main St., Amesbury.

    Advance tickets: Adults $25, Seniors/Students $23
    Day of Concert/At Door: All Tickets $30

    The Annual Nunan’s Fall Festival is back on Saturday, October 5th for another year of fun fall activities for the whole family, featuring vendors, crafters, raffles, giveaway’s and more! Join Nunan’s from 10 am to 4 pm to celebrate the coming of the new season and help support a wonderful local resource, as a percentage of all proceed from the day will be donated to Anna Jaques Hospital Aid Association.

    Nunan’s has plenty in store for this year. Curious Creatures will be on site from 12 to 2:30 pm, where kids will have the opportunity to learn about and interact with a variety of animals. Always a fan favorite with kids, and adults too! There will be plenty of fun kids activities from 11 am – 3 pm including: fall crafts, pumpkin painting, fairy scavenger hunt, pumpkin bowling and face painting.  The Pet Parade is scheduled for 3 pm if you would like to bring your dog or cat on leash, ready to show off a cool costume or fall accessory. Free popcorn will be available as a snack but if your ready for a full meal make sure to stop in to Cafe Sarina for amazing farm to table food.

    For mom, dad, and other adults, there will be a great display of fall décor items, such as Mums, pumpkins, cornstalks, and more! Plus there will be over 20 fall craft vendors, raffles and giveaways.

    Plus, Nunan’s state-of-the-art 18-hole miniature golf course will be open for play. Visit them and putt your way to victory – your see if your score might get you up on their leaderboard! At the end of the season, the top scores will compete for bragging rights, a free ice cream, and a trophy!

    The Nunan’s Fall Festival has always been a fun, fantastic way to spend a Saturday with the family. Head on over to Nunan’s located at 269 Central Street in Georgetown.

    Celebrating Survivors – Couture for a Cure 2019 Brunch & Fashion Show will honor people in our community who have been impacted by cancer. On Sunday, October 20th from 12 – 2 pm, cancer survivors, their families and friends, and cancer caregivers will walk the pink carpet for a fashion show to celebrate their courage, beauty, and strength. Cheer on survivors and gather with family, friends and co-workers at the Blue Ocean Event Center in Salisbury, to honor someone in your life who has been impacted by cancer for an inspirational and fun Sunday brunch.  Purchase tickets or sponsor a table soon, as this amazing event will sell out. If you are unable to attend donations are greatly appreciated.

    Support Survivorship

    Funds raised from Couture for a Cure will support survivorship programs available at the Gerrish Breast Care Center and Anna Jaques Cancer Center. Survivorship programs support patients as they manage life beyond cancer, including understanding the long-term effects of treatment, managing the risk of re-occurrence, and addressing the social, physical and psychological effects of survival.

    Ways to get involved

    History of the Event

    For almost a decade, Anna Jaques Hospital and the Institution for Savings have partnered to raise awareness and promote the prevention of breast cancer in our community. The Institutions’ support has ranged from partnering on community events to raise awareness – to supporting the purchase of 3D Mammography at AJH for our community.

    Over the years our efforts for the event have been aimed at educating and advocating for women to schedule their annual mammogram. We have celebrated the survival of coworkers, neighbors and friends and offered cancer patients support on their personal journeys. In 2018, we decided to kick it up a notch and showcased local breast cancer survivors as featured models in a fashion show luncheon event titled Couture for a Cure.

    This year, we have changed the event from a mid-week luncheon to Sunday brunch so that families and friends can all gather in celebration of the strength, beauty and determination of survivorship.

    Put on your dancing shoes for the annual Music for Change fundraiser hosted by Pennies for Poverty. The Elks Lodge (25 Low Street, Newburyport) will be hopping on Saturday, November 2nd at 6 pm for this charitable concert featuring food, dancing, and of course—live music.

    Headlining the Pennies for Poverty Music for Change event is the energetic seven-piece R&B band, The Chicken Slacks, returning by popular demand for a second year. This fundraiser has sold out in years past, so grab your tickets online or in-person at Dyno Records (1 Middle Street, Newburyport) or Greetings By Design (1 Rear Water Street, Newburyport). If you don’t plan on sitting down—and you may not want to with the tunes going—you can purchase a single ticket for $40/person. For those that would like to grab a seat, there is also an option to reserve a table for eight. Tables are limited and sell out quickly.

    Along with music, there will be plenty more to enjoy at the Music for Change fundraiser. The event’s sponsor, For the Love of Food and Drink, will be serving up small plates, including vegetarian and gluten-free options and Pennies for Poverty has organized both a silent and live auction. Years past have featured Boston Celtics and Patriots tickets, gym membership, restaurant gift certificates, work by local artists, and more.

    All proceeds from Music for Change go directly to address urgent needs and underfunded programs at social service organizations that help those living in poverty in Newburyport and surrounding towns.

    Pennies for Poverty: 2 Cents 4 Change, Inc. was founded with the belief that if everyone in the community does a little to help those in need, we can substantially reduce poverty and improve the well-being of all members of the community. This nonprofit is run by volunteer members of the community. Its mission is to reduce poverty and alleviate its devastating impact on individuals and families in the greater Newburyport area.


    Pennies for Poverty Music For Change, Newburyport MA Pennies for Poverty Music For Change, Newburyport MA

    The Greater Newburyport Fall and Winter Baby and Kids Consignment Sale is an amazing opportunity to find gently used items at very reasonable price points. This semi-annual sale has become so popular that it is now a two-day event. This year’s sale will be held on Saturday, September 14th from 9 am – 2 pm and Sunday the 15th from 9 am – 12 pm at the West Newbury Town Annex located at 381 Main Street in West Newbury. In addition to being a fun shopping event, the Greater Newburyport Families Club Baby  (GNFC) and Kids Consignment Sale is also the perfect place to sell items that you no longer need. 70% of the proceeds go to the seller, 30% goes toward a community gift given in the GNFC’s name. You do not need to be present to have your items sold. Upon registering with “My Consignment Manager” you are assigned a seller number. After the sale, you will receive a check in the mail from the GNFC for the items sold.

    How to register:

    Log on to: and follow the steps to become a seller.


    Children’s Shoes/Seasonal Boots
    Children’s FALL/WINTER Clothing
    Baby gear
    Maternity clothing
    Children’s Videos & DVDs

    On Thursday, September 12th, at 11:59 pm the My Consignment Manager website closes; all items must be entered by this time.

    Location: Town of West Newbury Annex, 381 Main Street, West Newbury, MA 01985

    Drop-off of items is Friday, September 13th, from 9:30 am -11:30 am. Should you be unable to drop off items due to work or scheduling conflict, please email

    THE SALE IS NOW TWO DAYS OF SHOPPING: Saturday, September 14th 9:00 am – 2:00 pm and Sunday, September 15th 9:00 am -12:00 pm

    *If you are NOT donating unsold items, you must PICK UP between 2:00-2:30 pm. ANYTHING LEFT AFTER 2:30 pm WILL BE DONATED AND CANNOT BE RECLAIMED.*

    If you are not donating unsold items, you MUST leave a container(s) or large trash bag(s) that are clearly labeled with your seller number on the outside. All unsold items will be placed in your container(s)/bag(s) for you to pick up.

    Also, The Greater Newburyport Families Club (GNFC) is pleased to announce that they are ready to accept proposals for our 2019 Community Gift. Selected project(s) will receive a monetary gift from the GNFC. This is a great way for local non-profits to move forward with a new or expanded project directly related to the mission of GNFC and support local families.

    If you need further assistance or have questions, email

    Paddle The Port, Kayak and Sup River Races will not be hosted during The 2022 Yankee Homecoming Festival. We hope to see the return of this event by next year. 

    This year, Yankee Homecoming will kick off with the fourth annual Paddle The Port, Kayak and Sup River Races on the Merrimac River, on Saturday, July 27. Contestants in the Kayak and Sup River Races must be at Cashman Park to check-in between 8-9 am and the race will start promptly at 9:30. Online registration should be done prior to race day. All registrants will receive an event t-shirt, designed by Paddle Paddle Surf Apparel, and names will be entered into a drawing for tickets to attend the Yankee Homecoming Brewfest, happening that night. Organizers are working hard to make Paddle the Port as fun to watch as it is to participate in, so grab your kayak or stand-up paddle board and join in, or watch from shore and cheer on your favorites; a great time is guaranteed.

    Competitors will launch kayaks and stand-up paddle boards into the Merrimac River at the Cashman Park boat ramp off Merrimac Street and after a safety review, paddle up river past Ram Island, Carr Island and around Deer Island, then back to Cashman Park and the finish line for a total of 4.6 miles. This year’s Kayak and SUP River Races has several divisions: kayakers will compete for Elite, Recreational, Tandem, and Over Age 60, first, second and third places, male and female. Stand-up paddle boards will compete for first, second and third places and winners will receive a medal.

    New to the Kayak and Sup River Races this year are some complimentary fitness as well as food options to round out the event for both spectators as well as participants.  New sponsor this year, Pure Barre, a boutique barre studio in town, will offer free barre classes throughout the day while. At 11 AM there will be the chance to enjoy a SUP YO Demonstration/ Class. On the culinary front, food trucks on site this year to add ease to your picnic plans. The Sacred Cod with be offering up fresh breakfast items while Flor de Cafe will be nearby with both with fresh hot coffee as well as yummy pastries. If you are in the mood for something a little stronger or cooler on the summer day, be sure and check out Floyd’s Spiked Ice Tea & Lemonade tent.

    Race Wire is handling all registrations and providing professional timing for racers. This means that competitors in the Kayak and SUP River Races will get their time and photos sent to them moments after they cross the finish line. Participants come from all over New England to join in this fun and exciting event, and organizers are expecting around 150 competitors. The event also has some new sponsors this year, including REI who will have a tent with give-aways and lawn games in the park. The course should take the average kayaker or stand-up paddle-boarder around 30-40 minutes to complete, so spectators have time to enjoy a picnic lunch by the river and play games while they cheer on the contestants.

    Organizers put safety first and enlisted the help of the US Coast Guard to pick the safest time for racers to take on the rushing Merrimac River. On race day, there will be several motor boats in the water to supervise and assist boaters and paddle-boarders who need it. Alcohol is prohibited, and all participants must have a USCG approved flotation device and a race whistle. Inspectors will review all equipment before they allow racers to launch.


    In the Spring of 2019, crowds gathered along coastlines from Plum Island to Salisbury to watch the 200-ton Spanish tall ship, Nao Santa Maria, sail into Newburyport. The Custom House Maritime Museum docked this replica of Christopher Columbus’  flagship the Santa Maria at the city’s Waterfront Park as part of their annual Newburyport Maritime Days celebration.

    Built and launched in Spain in 2018, the 92-foot Nao Santa Maria was created by the same private foundation that built El Galeón, the Spanish tall ship that visited Newburyport in 2016. The Nao Santa Maria was built to honor the 555th anniversary of Christopher Columbus sailing to America from Spain.

    Visitors flocked to Newburyport, the ship’s only stop on the East Coast, to explore and tour the Nao Santo Maria while it remained docked in town for over a week. Along with public tours, the Custom House Maritime Museum also hosted special events aboard the ship like a private breakfast and a special Little Pirates themed morning for kids. For adults, the CHMM Pirates Party featuring nationally touring Jimmy Buffett tribute band, Changes in Latitudes, dancing, and rum cocktails was a huge hit and the CHMM Black Tie Gala was an elegant evening with a 12 piece big band playing the Great American Songbook, food catered by the Poynt, and a selection of Spanish wines. The Council for Aging also had a chance to climb aboard the Spanish tall ship for coffee and donuts and a cocktail hour.

    In addition to all the fun onboard the Nao Santa Maria, the Custom House Maritime Museum kept the festivities going onshore with an outdoor market showcasing local businesses at the waterfront park. The Newburyport Collection featured 18 local businesses to explore, sample, and shop.

    A visit to the Custom House Maritime Museum is always a must when visiting downtown Newburyport. Whether you are a tourist or local, this museum is full of information and history about the city of Newburyport and the Merrimack Valley. From displays of famous shipwrecks to the history of the Coast Guard, there is something for everyone.

    If you enjoy dining and shopping in the Greater Newburyport area, you may want to consider purchasing a Newburyport VIP Card in support of the Custom House Maritime Museum. The VIP Card provides discounts at 180 Greater Newburyport restaurants and shops and is available as a Digital VIP Card in the Newburyport App or as a Physical VIP Card. Purchase one card for $25 or two for $40 and $10 of your purchase will be donated to the Custom House Maritime Museum. Physical VIP Cards are available for purchase in the museum gift shop and both Digital and Physical VIP Cards can be purchased online. VIP Cardholders receive 10% off purchases of $25 or more in the museum gift shop and 50% off museum admission.


    The Kids Talent Show will not be hosted during The 2022 Yankee Homecoming Festival. We hope to see the return of this event for next year.

    Local kids will take to the stage to show off their skills at the annual Yankee Homecoming Kids Talent Show on Monday, July 29th from 11 am to 1 pm at the Newburyport waterfront stage located in Market Landing Park.

    From music to dance to poetry to magic, kids of all ages, ranging from grades 1 all the way through 12, are invited to register and perform their talents, whatever they may be, for a live audience in the park. The Yankee Homecoming Kids Talent Show is a non-competitive performance designed to showcase all of the wonderful kids and rising stars that live right here in Newburyport and surrounding towns. Because this is a performance, not a competition, every kid is a winner just by taking the stage, and so all participants will be awarded with goodie bags at the end of the show.

    This year, organizers estimate there will be around 15 acts to hit the stage for the Yankee Homecoming Kids Talent Show. Performers will be from professional organizations as well as just individual kids— and include a DJ for a show first. This daytime event attracts, parents, locals, and tourists alike.

    It’s so important to do the kids talent show so that we can involve people of all ages in Yankee Homecoming. With kids getting involved at a young age, they’ll certainly participate in future Yankee Homecoming’s and perhaps one day even volunteer for the event,” says Lorraine Mazza, the 2019 Kids Talent Show Chair.

    To register for the Yankee Homecoming Kids Talent Show performers must fill out the registration form and return it via mail or email, as instructed on the form, by Friday, July 26th. There is no fee to register. While day of talent may be allowed to join the show, it is dependent on space and not guaranteed.

    Newburyport’s Yankee Homecoming celebration lasts an entire week, beginning July 28th and ending with the annual parade on August 4th. To find even more ways to join in the celebrations, check out all of the events listed on our calendar.

    Newburyport High School Prom is always a time of excitement and fun! It’s a wonderful tradition that students prepare for, weeks in advance. The 2019 Newburyport Senior Prom was held Thursday, May 30th and the festivities started at 5 PM with the annual promenade. The Promenade always takes place at Newburyport High School before the prom in order to include everyone in this memorable event. Students (who so chose) name’s are announced as they walked down the steps of the high school and then continue down a sidewalk lined with people. Friends, parents, younger & older siblings, other family members, and many from the community come out to be part of this exciting nigh for the students. After the Promenade, students take photos with friends and family and then are transported to the prom on buses. The prom will be held at Blue Ocean Event Center in Salisbury. The 2019 Prom Promenade Video was entirely produced by Julia Bentley, 11 year old daughter of owners.

    Traditionally, at a prom students were expected to wear formal attire. Male students wore a black tux with a tie or vest that corresponded in color to their date’s formal gown. Now, with today’s society evolving faster than ever, students, especially girls, are encouraged to express themselves, as they so choose. You will still see lots of formal dresses but you will also see some wearing outfits that stray from traditional gowns, like jumpsuits and even two piece fashions. Meanwhile, boys are wearing different colored suits and switching up their formal attire.

    Not only are students more expressive with their attire, but there is far less pressure to attend the Newburyport High School Prom as a traditional couple. You will see groups of girls, groups of guys and LGBT couples too. Newburyport High School students are attending prom with friends that they want to make memories with. Newburyport High School senior Isabelle Bacon said, “As a member of the LGBT community, I have personally noticed that our community has become more accepting, because our society has grown in awareness that not everyone is the same.” The Newburyport High School seniors are a diverse group of students but they are ready to celebrate their many wonderful accomplishments as they prepare for exciting future endeavors. enjoyed helping to capture this great group of students and we hope you enjoy our video of the Newburyport High School Prom Promenade. Make sure to follow Newburyport VIP on Instagram to view our VIP Prom photo highlights.

    2018 Prom Video:

    Newburyport High School PromNewburyport High School Prom










    The Slow Bike Race will not be hosted during The 2021 Yankee Homecoming Festival. The Slow Bike Race is one of many great local fundraising events during Yankee Homecoming week and is hosted by Coastal Trails Coalition.  Funds raised from the event go towards pedestrian and bicycle paths connecting the towns of Newbury, Newburyport, Salisbury and Amesbury.

    So how does one win the Newburyport slow bike race?  By being the last rider to cross the finish line without touching a foot to the ground.  In addition to awarding the slowest biker, there are also prizes for best costume, team spirit and most donations. The race is 1/2 block long and takes place in historic Brown Square in downtown Newburyport.  If you haven’t had a chance to see the Newburyport Slow Bike Race in past years, enjoy aerial coverage brought to you by, UAV Look.

    We suggest heading downtown to the Yankee Homecoming Market Place to grab dinner from vendors and then heading over to Brown Square to catch the Slow Bike Race followed by a visit to Waterfront Park to enjoy a free live concert!

    Complete the Coastal Trails registration form if you would like to enter the race. The cost is $25 and make sure to arrive by 5:30 the day of the race.

    Saturday, June 8, starting at 11:00 am, pack up your family and picnic blanket and head to Waterfront Park, behind Sea Level Restaurant, for the second annual Waterfront Music Festival where students from schools in the Newburyport school district will perform music, dance and dramatic pieces through the day.  The district Performing Arts Department is presenting the second annual Waterfront Music Festival to highlight performing groups from all schools, and students of all ages across the district, including all range of music, dance and theater arts. Performances begin at 11 am and go through the day until 2:40 pm. Performances from the youngest students will start in the mid-morning and the day will end in the afternoon with Newburyport High School students. The Waterfront Music Festival is free and open to the public, and attendees are welcome to join for one or two performances or stay for the whole day. At 1:00, there will be an intermission for families to enjoy their picnics, explore offerings from local vendors, or stroll through town.

    Enjoy our full video here and for other great short clips go to the Newburyport VIP Instagram profile and view under the VIP Kids & Family Highlight. You do need an Instagram login in order to view the hightlights. 

    Check the schedule to see when your favorites are performing, or just come by and see what’s on! Note the original schedule posted below has been amended. The event will begin at 11 am and end at 2:40. Times may change slightly. 

    11:00 – 11:20 Bresnahan Grades K-1 Chorus
    11:20 -11:30 Molin Orchestra
    11:35 – 11:50 NHS Theatre & Dance
    12:00-12:30 Molin Grades 4-5 Chorus
    12:30 -12:45 Nock Grades 6-8 Chorus
    12:50 – 1:10 NHS Chorus
    1:10 – 1:25 Nock Orchestra
    1:25 – 1:35 Bresnahan Grades 2-3 Chorus
    1:35 – 1:45 NHS Theatre & Dance
    1:45 – 2:00 Molin Band
    2:00 – 2:20 Nock Band
    2:20 – 2:40 NHS Band & Strings

    The mission of the festival is to feature groups from all schools in Newburyport – the Bresnahan Elementary School, the Edward G. Molin Upper Elementary School, the Rupert A. Nock Middle School, and the Newburyport High School. The district is especially excited to give the students in the new orchestra program a chance to demonstrate all they have learned.

    Jamie Sokolowski, chorus and orchestra teacher at both the Nock School and the Molin School, is also the festival’s organizer. She hopes to create a fun-filled day program that brings together the community with the students, allowing community members to see all that the young people in the Newburyport school district have achieved in the performing arts. “We’re putting the festival out to see how it does, see what happens, and to collect community feedback,” Sokolowski said. “We’d like to make this an annual tradition for the performing arts. We hope that each year it grows more.” The NHS band director, Steve Cohen, has also been working hard to help the kids prepare. He has been collaborating with the younger grades as part of our district wide effort to make connections across grade levels. Both Jamie and Steve are featured working with the Molin 5th grade band in preparation for the big event!

    Video and Pictures are from 2018. 

    Waterfront Music Festival, Newburyport


    The 2021 BONS Event will not be hosted this year. Northshore Magazine will have a 20th Anniversary Event on August 15th at Encore. 

    Don’t miss the 6th annual BONS Event in recognition of the 14th Annual BONS Award winners on Tuesday, August 20th at the Crane Estate, from 6:30 – 10 pm, with a 6:00 start for VIP ticket holders. Enjoy exceptional eats and drinks with friends, and rub elbows with owners from some of the North Shore’s top restaurant, shops, spas, salons and many other categories of BONS Award winners.

    The BONS Event offers a chance to taste, sip, and indulge in, the North Shore’s best cuisine, brews, cocktails, and wines under the stars, while enjoying live music and dancing at a stunning venue. Know as the North Shore’s best party of the summer, the Best of North Shore BONS Award Celebration is the premier red carpet event for the Boston area.

    The Best of the North Shore/BONS Awards celebrates the magazine’s editors’ and readers’ picks for the North Shore’s best dining, nightlife, entertainment venues, shopping, spas, and services. Each year, local businesses are nominated and voted on by the editors and readers of Northshore. 2019 BONS winners will be announced prior to the BONS Event in the mid-July issue of North Shore Magazine. Businesses  owners from towns and cities across the North Shore are honored with prestigious BONS Awards including many Best of Newburyport VIP’s.

    Do have a passion for exceptional food and drinks? Do you appreciate fine shopping, spas, salons and premier services? Purchase your tickets now for the 2019 BONS Event and celebrate with the 2019 BONS Award winners! Enjoy unlimited food, cocktails, wine, dancing and a night of excitement and fun in the stunning and historic venue of The Crane Estate.

    Yee haw! Boots & Scrubs, the 2019 Anna Jaques Hospital Aid Association Great Chefs’ Night, will ride into town on Friday, April 5th at the Blue Ocean Event Center in Salisbury, MA. Come dressed in your finest pair of jeans and cowboy boots, or favorite fancy duds. All to benefit Anna Jaques Hospital.

    For more than 25 years, this signature event hosted by the Anna Jaques Hospital Aid Association has brought together employees, volunteers, board members, community leaders, and hospital supporters to enjoy food samplings from local restaurants and chefs, live entertainment, raffle prizes, a live auction, cash bar, and dancing.

    Enter to win 2 fabulous Great Chefs’ Night raffles:

    • $5,000 jewelry raffle, donated by Matt and Karyn Khatib of M.K. Benatti Jewelers. Tickets: 1 for $20 or 3 for $50
    • $5,000 dream vacation, donated by BNY Mellon. Win a travel voucher for the destination of your choice. Tickets: 1 for $50

    Thank you to this year’s Great Chefs’ Night presenting sponsor: Provident Bank.

    For more information or to purchase event and/or raffle tickets, please visit


    For anyone wondering how they can do their part to help the environment, the upcoming Greater Newburyport Green Expo on Thursday, April 11 from 4-8 PM at the Rupert A Nock Middle School is the perfect place to start.  From speakers to interactive exhibits, the Green Expo aims to educate people of all ages about sustainability through net zero strategies. At this free event, attendees will enjoy products and programs from over 30 of the area’s most exciting eco-friendly companies. Click to view the full agenda of exhibitors and speakers.

    Whether you are a residents, business leaders, educators, or students, the Green Expo has something for everyone. Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your emissions, tips for recycling, ways to create an eco-friendly home, energy efficient improvements, nature friendly landscaping, and more.

    Among the exhibitors will be many hands-on activities and visuals including Newburyport’s popular Repair Cafe staffed and ready to take on repairs, a display of electric cars, energy consultants, and delicious healthy food options from For The Love of Food and Drink.

    You can also expect to visit with non-profit organizations—including the Mass Audubon, the Newburyport Farmer’s Market, and Our Neighbor’s Table—to name just a few. These exhibits will focus on issues like clean water, local food production, waste reduction, and more.

    Equally exciting, the Green Expo’s featured speaker, Newburyport Mayor, Donna Holaday, will share plans to create a Net Zero Newburyport, unveiling strategies to to put the city on a path toward zero waste and carbon neutrality. Senator Diana DiZoglio and Representative James Kelcourse will also be attending to Green Expo and making opening remarks.

    The overall purpose of the Green Expo is to teach communities how they can come together to address environmental issues like energy use, waste, and resiliency to confront climate change.  So whether you are looking for ways to improve energy use at your business, cut down on waste consumption as a local resident, want to learn more about going net zero, or you would to teach your child how they too can make an impact, this event has it all covered. Visit the Green Expo website to learn more about this important community initiative.

    Platinum Sponsors: National Grid, N.E.T.R. Inc, and Revision Energy.

    Gold Sponsors: Amesbury Industrial Supplies, Home Works Energy, Lombardi Oil, Beach Plum Flowers, Eastern Insurance, Apex Green Roofs, Serv Pro, Sun Bug Solar, RevolouSun, Window Woman, Andrew Sidford Architects, Green Cocoon, North Shore Home Energy, Graf Architects, Energy Source, Kearney HVAC, Rescom, Renewal by Andersen, High Road Farm, Black Earth Compost, Hall & Moskow, and Castagna Construction.




    With the warmer weather and blossoming flowers also comes an opportunity to enjoy beautiful live music at the annual Newburyport Choral Society Spring Concert. Tickets are now on sale for Newburyport Choral Society’s (NCS) performance, Voices of America, celebrates great American composers on Saturday, May 4th at 8 pm and Sunday, May 5th at 4 pm at Belleville Congregational Church, 300 High Street in Newburyport. This Spring Concert will not only showcase the work of incredible composers, but will offer a virtuoso performance by the 150 voices of NCS singers, along with a 17 piece professional orchestra and four soloists, all devoted to contributing to the culture of Greater Newburyport through choral music.

    The Newburyport Choral Society spring concert will be led by the talented Music Director  Dr. George Case. Case divides his time between Newburyport and Boston, where he is also the Director of Choral Activities at the Boston Conservatory.  At the Conservatory, he not only directs the chorale ensembles, but also teaches Choral Literature and directs the graduate choral conducting program.

    At the spring concert, audiences will have the pleasure of hearing choral masterworks in the wonderful acoustics of Belleville Congregational Church. This year’s spring concert will feature music from the great american composers Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, and Utah composer Andrew Maxfield.

    Enjoy Copland’s music, blending folk art and musical theater, while capturing themes, melodies, and rhythms that are uniquely American. Move to the sounds of Bernstein, known for bringing people together with his music, regardless of their religions or origins. With a jazzy contemporary style, his dramatic Chichester Psalms is most commonly associated with Church music with the Judaic liturgical tradition. And Maxfield will be making his New England premier at the spring concert, celebrating Wendell Berry in Music, based on a collection of texts by this American poet.

    The Newburyport Choral Society has been a community cultural asset for over 80 years.  Along with the spring concert, they also performs a winter concert each year. NCS members range in age from high school students to retirees and are united in their passion for singing and sharing choral music with the Greater Newburyport Community.  

    Tickets for Voices of America are available in advance online as well as at the following locations:

    • Newburyport: Chamber of Commerce, 38 Merrimac Street, Unit 101; Jabberwocky, 50 Water Street; The Book Rack, 52 State Street; & The Natural Grocer, 334 High Street
    • Amesbury: Starbird Jewelers, 80 Main Street
    • Ipswich: Conley’s Drug Store, 146 High Street

    Love shopping? Love great deals? Stop by The Greater Newburyport Families Club Purge & Purchase consignment sale to shop a huge array of designer and name brand clothing, shoes, and accessories for both men and women. Purge & Purchase will open from 6 to 8 p.m. on Feb. 8th and from 8 a.m. to noon on Feb. 9th  at the Plum Island Taxpayers Association Hall.

    If you plan your visit for Friday, the evening doubles as a Sip & Shop. That means you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer and light appetizers while scanning the racks for the perfect additions to your wardrobe.

    What can you expect to find? The GNFC promises name brand and designer items that are priced to sell from roughly 100 different sellers. Be on the look out for designer names like Burberry, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, and Kate Spade, and name brand items by Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, and Anthropologie, to name just a few.

    If you’d like to clean out your closets before filling them up with your new purchases, the club is still accepting new sellers with gently used brand name and on-trend items. To be a part of Purge & Purchase, simply set up your account online. 70% of all sales go directly to the seller and GNFC plans to donate a portion of it’s proceeds to a local charity. The sale is open to both members and nonmembers, to shop and/or sell.

    To ensure you get first dibs on all the designer and name brand goods, consider volunteering to help. All volunteers will get exclusive access to pre-shop the sale on Friday from 5 to 6 pm before doors open to the public.

    Greater Newburyport Families Club is no stranger to hosting these large scale sales as they have put on a very successful bi-annual children’s consignment sale since 2008. The club is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary this year and excited to kick off their big anniversary year with an event to benefit adults in the community.


    The Anna Jaques Hospital, AJH Community Health Foundation held its 28th Annual Fore Your Health Golf Tournament on August 13th at Renaissance Golf Club and raised over $128,000. Proceeds of the tournament will support MAKO™ robotic arm technology at the hospital.

    Under the leadership of Byron Matthews, Chairman of the Golf Committee, the annual Fore Your Health tournament has generated over $2 million to support programs and services at AJH. Thank you to Byron and the committee of volunteers for their hard work and dedication to this event: Steve DeGuglielmo, Rich Doolan, Luis Fernandez, Dr. Kevin Gasiorowski, Tom Howard, Rob Kotarba, John Matthews, Mac McKay and Donna Twombly.

    Congratulations to St. John’s Prep’s Drew Semons and Robbie Forti, who won the 12th Annual Byron Bowl High School Challenge, sponsored by SPS New England Inc. Thank you also to Amesbury, Hamilton-Wenham, Ipswich, Masconomet, Newburyport, and Triton high schools for participating in this year’s event.

    About the AJH Community Health Foundation

    Led by a volunteer Board of Trustees, the Anna Jaques Hospital Community Health Foundation works with the hospital and medical staff to provide the highest quality medical care to our patients and improve the health of our community. The Foundation supports these goals through community outreach and education, and seeks philanthropic support from grateful patients and community members, employees, foundations, and businesses through outright gifts, events, and planned giving, and works closely with the AJH Aid Association.

    To find out ways to support Anna Jaques hospital visit

    You only need to travel down to Story Ave. to jet set to another country and celebrate at this Japanese Summer Festival on Sunday, September 15th from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm at Hana Japan in the Port Plaza. From games to food to entertainment, this annual festival, known as Natsu Matsuri, is a fun way for the whole family to learn about Japanese culture. The festival is free for all ages with games, gifts and food available for a small cost.

    Spend the afternoon enjoying traditional Japanese entertainment right here in Newburyport. Dance to Taiko (Japanese Drums) or relax to the soothing sounds of a Japanese harp called the Koto. Toast each other at a traditional Japanese tea, learn the art of Shodou, Japanese calligraphy, or bend and fold artistic creations with origami. Festival-goers will also enjoy a Kimono show, Shishimai by Stephen Long, and a Bon Odori dance performance.

    The Japanese Summer Festival will also have fun for your little world explorers. They can try their hands at games young Japanese children play like yo-yo balloons, toy rifle shooting, and goldfishing. If your kids enjoy dancing, partake in the kids dance lessons to add some new moves to their repertoire.

    And of course, there is no better way to learn about another culture than to try out the local cuisine. The Japanese Summer Festival will have sushi, fried chicken called Kara Age, pan fried noodles known as Yakisoba, and more. Expand your palate and challenge your little ones to try something new or indulge in favorite dishes you already know and love.

    If your family really want to immerse yourselves into the Japanese culture, Hana Japan is even offering a Kimono rental for the day. Don’t forget to bring your own flip flops to complete the look.

    The Hana Japan, run by mother and son team Miyano Takahashi and Kosuke, is a local favorite offering a traditional Japanese experience from the decor to the food. While the festival is only one day, you and your family can transport yourselves back to Japan anytime by visiting the restaurant, especially when you find yourself craving some more Yaksoba.

    Be treated like Lord and Lady Grantham by attending a Maritime Tea Wednesday event at the Custom House Maritime Museum. Did you enjoy the last six years of Downton Abbey? Are you feeling a bit less complete now that it is finished? Well, you only need to attend one of the Maritime Tea Wednesday events at the Custom House Maritime Museum.

    The tea will be British and the fare will be scrummy, a proper tea indeed. There will also be a light presentation for your pleasure and classical music to accompany your indulgence in one of the greatest pleasures, a tea laid out for you. With historical presentations that will range from special viewings of certain antiquities to excerpts from journals kept by the incredible people of Newburyport of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, you will be transported in time as well as learn about the this great city.

    The Maritime Tea Wednesday events will also be a lovely place for guest to hobnob and reacquaint themselves with one another. As the tea events are taking place inside the historic Custom House Maritime Museum, guest will also come to realize how special this building has been, and is today. Do not hesitate to reserve your place for one of the upcoming 2017 Maritime Tea Wednesday Events and relive those glorious Edwardian days with a maritime flair. Tea, Cakes and Maritime History…

    January 10th, 17th & 31st – 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM 

    February 14th & 28th – 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM 

    March 14th & 28th – 11:30  AM – 1:30 PM 

    April 11th & 25th – 11:30  AM – 1:30 PM 

    Cost is $15 per person for both Members and Guests 

    Custom House Maritime Museum – 25 Water Street Newburyport MA.

    Reservations are necessary with limited seating – ring now 1 . 978 . 462 . 8681

    The Custom Hose Maritime Museum is managed by the Newburyport Maritime Society, Inc., a 501 © (3) corporation established in 1968 to preserve, protect, interpret and celebrate our maritime heritage and its role in American history. The historic Federal Custom House in the heart of downtown Newburyport was designed by Robert Mills, architect of the Washington Monument and the U.S. Treasury Building. It was built in 1835 to serve the growing overseas trade and to collect taxes on imported goods coming into the waterfont.

    The museum is open to the public year round for events and activities – from January through April every Saturday from 10am-4pm and Sunday (plus holiday Mondays) 12-4pm; and from May through December on Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-4pm and Sunday (and holiday Mondays) 12 to 4pm.

    Museum admission is $7 for adults and $5 for seniors and students. Museum members, active military members and children under 6 are admitted free. For more information, visit us online at the museum website at or call 978-462-8681, or email

    The Newburyport Choral Society (NCS) delivers a knockout annual holiday concert, but buy your tickets early – the pair of performances typically sell out days before the chorus sings a single note. This year’s concerts will take place at Belleville Congregational Church on Saturday, December 9, at 8 PM and Sunday, December 10, at 2:30 PM. The Sunday concert is Sold Out.

    The NCS Winter Concert will feature its 125+-voice chorus, professional soloists, and a full orchestra performing classical, traditional, and contemporary seasonal favorites. In recent years, the event has also welcomed a performance by the Greater Newburyport Children’s Chorus, comprised of local singers in grades 4 through 8.

    The 2017 program include “Christmas Oratorio” by Camille Saint-Saëns, popular arrangements of the Germanic hymn “Lo How A Rose E’er Blooming,” and an uplifting piece from South Africa titled “Hope for Resolution.”

    If you go to the NCS holiday concert, prepare to lend your voice to the festivities. The audience will be invited to join in as the chorus performs holiday carols and traditional tunes of the season.

    NCS is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing outstanding choral music to the Greater Newburyport area, including Essex County and southern New Hampshire. It is one of the largest community choral societies in New England, and one of the nation’s oldest choral groups.

    In 2017, NCS Music Director Dr. George Case was named by the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce as one of 40 Under 40 local entrepreneurs and leaders. The honorees were chosen for their “tremendous impact in the community where they work, and for their ongoing dedication to making Newburyport a very special place to live, work and play.”

    Envelope yourself in yuletide song at the Newburyport Choral Society’s gorgeous and uplifting winter concert – an annual community event that’s not to be missed. Purchase your tickets online or at store locations from Newburyport as far as Ipswich, including the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce and Jabberwocky Bookshop, among others. Purchase tickets.

    Make sure to mark your calendar for the many wonderful Nunan’s holiday events and floral classes during November and December. Nunan Florist & Greenhouses is one of the largest retailers of outdoor winter décor, such as greens, roping, wreaths, and Christmas trees. We also grow over 20,000 poinsettias annually, all grown in our 20 growing houses on site. This coming holiday season is bound to be a busy one over at Nunan Florist & Greenhouses. Come visit us in Georgetown for your holiday décor, both inside and out. Your certain to find everything you need and you can also visit Nunan’s at our West Newbury location, formerly Knapp’s.

    We have been busy organizing fun, holiday events and floral classes to help our customers celebrate the holiday season. Call your girlfriends and kick off the season with Ladies Night on November 21st 6-8 pm. Mark your calendar for the Nunan’s Holiday Open House, December 1st, 9 am – 5 pm, an event that is always fun for the entire family. Delicious Kane’s Donuts and other refreshments will be served, and Santa will be visiting! Come capture a keepsake family photo. Let the children visit with Santa and munch on a delicious donut, then make sure to venture outside to browse our endless bunches of Christmas greens , our sea of Christmas trees and other holiday decor.

    Let Nunan’s help you decorate your home by registering for one of our decorative workshops, such as learning how to design a unique centerpiece in our Thanksgiving Centerpiece class, master the art of bow-making for your fall cornstalks and holiday wreaths or sign up for the Boxwood Tree Workshop. Below is the full list of holiday events and floral classes. Call or email soon to reserve your spot in one of these popular workshops, 978-352-8172 or

    • Holiday Bow Making Workshop – Nov 17th 1-2 pm
    • Holiday Ladies Night – Nov 21st 6-8 pm
    • Thanksgiving Centerpiece Workshop – Nov 24th 2-3 pm
    • Holiday Open House – Dec 1st 9 am – 5 pm
    • Boxwood Tree Workshop – Dec 1st 6-7 pm – Class is Full
    • Boxwood Tree Workshop – Dec 10th 6-7 pm

    Last, but certainly not least, Nunan Florist & Greenhouses boasts a team of talented floral designers who are eager and ready to help you create a beautiful holiday centerpiece for your dinner table or to bring as a hostess gift. Bring your ideas to our girls in the florist shop and watch them create the perfect centerpiece to celebrate the holidays.

    Mark your calendar for the Nunan’s 100 Years Celebration On Saturday, July 22, 2017 at 269 Central Street, Georgetown!  Come help Nunan’s Celebrate from 10 AM – 2 PM with family fun and games.  The official 100 year ceremony will take place at noon!  Enjoy great activities for the entire family including: free balloons, free hot dogs, touch a truck, creative creatures and mini golf specials.  Nunan’s will also be running a customer appreciation sales both Saturday July 22nd and Sunday the 23rd giving customers 25% off purchase store wide.  There are some exclusions that apply.

    Nunan’s has a rich history of family, top notch customer care and service to the community.  Albert D. Nunan started Nunan Florist & Greenhouses as a florist shop in Saugus, MA, in 1917. After a long and successful career, Albert passed the business to his son Ken. In 1985, Ken sold the company to Steve Flynn and Bill Guerrini. Respectfully, they decided to keep the name of the business. Over the last 30 years, Steve and Bill have grown Nunan’s into the diversified, family-oriented business it is today. Steve continues to oversee Nunan’s business operations, and, though Bill is now semi-retired, he continues to help in the greenhouses on a part-time basis.

    Family ties are strong at Nunan’s. Steve’s son Stephen, Jr. is the Owner/General Manager, his sister Maryanne is the Office Manager, his sister Maureen is the Garden Center Manager, his wife Christine is an office staff member, and his son Brody is a full-time employee. 

    Over the last 30 years, Steve and Bill have grown Nunan’s into the diversified, family oriented business it is today. From its small roots as a florist shop, they have added services and offerings year after year including a vibrant nursery, landscaping services and plant rentals. In 2016 they opened an extraordinary 18 hole Garden Golf Course and an ice cream shop named after their grandchild – “Kallie’s Kones” proudly serves premium Richardsons ice cream.

    If you haven’t experienced Nunan Florist and Greenhouses this is your excuse to explore this amazing garden center while enjoying the Nunan’s 100 Years Celebration.  A trip to Nunan’s is more than a shopping excursion. It is a fun afternoon activity! You are certain to be impressed with the knowledgeable and friendly service and understand why Nunan’s has been able to achieve this wonderful accomplishment of 100 Years in business.

    Round up your friends for what promises to be the summer’s ultimate “three-hour tour” — The Gilligan’s Island Costume Fundraiser Cruise, a fundraiser for The Actors Studio of Newburyport on July 14th. No worries about the weather getting rough and a tiny ship being tossed. Although this is a rain-or-shine event, the S.S. Minnow has been upgraded to the 106-foot, 3,600 horsepower Captain’s Lady III, with state-of-the-art electronics, life-saving equipment and cruising speed of 20 knots, as well as seating for 100 people.

    Expect hors d’oeuvres, dancing with DJ Shelly Cullen spinning tunes and the bonus of feeling good about supporting The Actors Studio of Newburyport while you enjoy this fabulous costume fundraiser cruise.  Come dressed as one of the characters: Gilligan, The Skipper, Mary Ann, Ginger, The Professor and, last but not least, The Millionaire and Her Husband! (Didn’t see that coming, did you? But Natalie Schafer, the actress who played Mrs. Thurston Howell III, or “Lovey,” as she was known, was indeed a millionaire!) By the way, if you’re too young to have seen the “Gilligan’s Island” TV show, Google it! Cross-dressing encouraged. What? We’re theater people. What did you expect?

    Your support makes it possible for The Actors Studio of Newburyport, a registered nonprofit, to continue its stellar programming of established plays, new original works, readers theater, acting workshops, musical performances, story slams, films, and all the other events you love. Thanks for helping to keep local arts alive!

    This is guaranteed to be the best boat party of the summer! Make sure to get tickets early for The Gilligan’s Island Costume Fundraiser Cruise, a fundraiser for The Actors Studio of Newburyport.

    Where: Newburyport Waterfront

    When: Friday, July 14. Arrive by 6:30 p.m. We cast off promptly at 7 p.m. Don’t miss the boat! Cruise departs rain or shine!

    Admission: $35 by June 1, $40 after June 1 gets you on the boat, includes hors d’oeuvres, dancing and some good feelings about supporting The Actors Studio of Newburyport. Advance purchase required. There will a cash bar. DJ Shelly Cullen will have you on the dance deck all night long! All proceeds to benefit The Actors Studio of Newburyport.

    Reservations: 978-465-1229, or Purchase Tickets online.

    Thanks to the Custom House Maritime Museum, the Greater Newburyport Community and curious visitors from near and far, will once again be able to experience Newburyport’s maritime history through tours and events associated with the visit of Tall Ships:  Schooner Alabama and Schooner Adventure.  Enjoy tours and special events May 24th through May 29th.

    Newburyport Maritime Days are almost here!  Mark your calendar for a couple of special times: the Tall Ships are due to arrive on Wednesday, May 24th at 10:52 AM on the high tide at the mouth of the Merrimack River.  The arrival will be marked with a parade of sails to the Newburyport waterfront and the official welcoming ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday evening from 6 – 8 PM.

    General public tours will be available Thursday through Monday.  Check the Events Calendar for specific inforTall Ships, Newburyportmation and days and times of special tours and events for student groups, seniors, and artists as well as a number of fun social events.  You should purchase tickets in advance for tours and special events.  If you have questions contact the Custom House at 978-462-8681.

    If you are enamored by the beauty of these amazing tall ships, we highly recommend a tour of the Custom House Maritime Museum.  Newburyport is a city filled with fascinating stories of folks who navigated ships, worked on ships, built ships and those who sailed for both business and adventure on incredible journeys of exploration.  If locals weren’t somehow connected to ships, it was certain that a family member or neighbor was, and that ships had a significant impact on the lives of everyone from Newburyport.  The Custom House Maritime Museum is the ultimate destination for learning and sharing maritime history and tradition.  If you haven’t been it is a must on the bucket list, and if you have been then stop in again and discover more stories and adventures of our Newburyport founding residents.

    While exploring the Tall Ships we also highly recommend a visit to the, Newburyport Collection, a group of regional hand crafters, artists, and vendors selling their wares on the green, the 27th through the 29th.  This is another great opportunity to further explore Newburyport’s maritime traditions and and history.  You will find them under the tent on the Custom House waterfront lawn.

    The schooner Alabama is a living piece of America’s maritime history. Built in 1926 for the Mobile, Alabama Bar Pilots, she sTall Ships, Newburyporterved until her retirement in 1966. She is not a replica, a ship built to emulate the style of past generations, but rather a design of Thomas F. McManus, a man widely regarded as the best designer of all the Gloucester fishing schooners. Alabama’s second phase of her life began when the Coastwise Packet Company and its owner, Robert Douglas purchased and brought her to Vineyard Haven in 1967. Never fitted out as a sailing vessel by the Mobile Pilots, she was finally given this opportunity thirty years later when it was decided to put her back to work in 1994. The rebuild that was a result of this decision lasted over three years and replaced almost 90% of her original form. As with the Shenandoah, Captain Douglas gave every consideration to her construction and the result is a vessel true to the era and design of McManus. The fishing schooner was an American invention, and the Alabama represents the finest vessels from this area when ships like her were relied on to provide the country with the staple of its economy, codfish.

    Tall Ships Newburyport

    The Schooner Adventure was designed by the famous marine architect Thomas McManus as a “knockabout” without a bowsprit for the safety of the crew. The schooner was built in 1926, in Essex, Massachusetts, by the John F. James and Son Shipyard. She measured 121.6 feet in length, 24.5 feet in breadth, and 14 feet in depth. Her gross tonnage was 130 and her net tonnage 62. When built, Adventure was powered by a 120 horsepower engine turning a single screw in a cutout space in the rudder.

    Experience Newburyport Maritime Days by touring the Tall Ships, attending amazing events, and make certain you also tour the Custom House Maritime Museum.  Whether you are local to Newburyport or just visiting for Maritime Days be sure to download the Newburyport App.  The Neburyport App is a community based loyalty program that offers folks discounts at 180 local restaurants and shops and and helps support local nonprofit organizations.  Please consider supporting the Custom House Maritime Museum with your Newburyport App purchase.  In addition to being a nonprofit partner, The Custom House Maritime Museum also provides discounts as part of the VIP Program.  Show your Newburyport App or VIP Card and receive 50% off Museum admission and 10% off gift shop purchases of $25 or more.

    Award-winning Newburyport author Elizabeth Lorayne will launch and sign her new children’s picture book, The Adventures of Piratess Tilly: Easter Island – where haiku meets girl-empowerment, science and exploration, at the Custom House Maritime Museum, 25 Water Street, Newburyport on Saturday, May 13th, from 10:00 am – 12 pm.

    “Piratess Tilly—the refreshingly bold, smart heroine” (Kirkus Reviews) is a budding naturalist who captains the Foster with her crew of orphaned international boys and her rescued best friend, a koala named Yuki. In the sequel they head to Easter Island to study the local fish. While exploring the mysterious monolithic statues and ruins, they happen upon a smuggling of sooty tern eggs by pirates! Readers will soon find out if Piratess Tilly, Yuki and the brothers safely save the eggs.

    The book release party will not only include crafts, lollipops, and commemorative bookmarks, but it will also be a fundraiser for Cure SPG47 (, a non-profit organization devoted to seeking a cure for spastic paraplegia-47, an extremely rare, newly recognized degenerative genetic disorder resembling cerebral palsy. All proceeds from the launch party and from the Piratess Tilly Shop online ( will benefit Cure SPG47.

    Author Elizabeth Lorayne first heard about SPG47 through Kasey Edwards, the mother of a child afflicted with this disease. The two moms met at the Newburyport Montessori School where their children attended and became friends. “Because the heroine of my book, Piratess Tilly, is passionate about raising awareness and helping those in need, I’m donating the book sale proceeds to this cause,” says Lorayne.

    Raffle prizes will also help benefit Cure SPG47. Some of these offerings include a beautiful floral arrangement from Willow Event Planning (just in time for Mother’s Day!), a bottle of wine and olive oil from Grand Trunk Old World Market, gift certificates to Shanti Salon, Repose Yoga Studio, Port City Integrative Health, Anchor Pizza, Brooke Whicher Photography, Motivate, Pretty Poppy, Joppa Fine Foods and a gift bag and gift card from Buttermilk Baking Company. Siga Snipas and Gretchen Stone of The Bean Group will be pledging a shared $5/book sold at the book launch and fundraiser.

    Visit for more information and to register for this family-fun event!

    Partners with Best of Newburyport to Serves Up Great Tennis and Support Alzheimer’s

    With the arrival of the new year, it’s natural to look ahead. And for the Newburyport Tennis Club, that means looking to the Club’s 2017 tournament. It may seem early but it’s not. Walk around the Club and you’ll start to hear people talking about who they may partner with for the big tourney. As always, the season-ending tournament, scheduled for April 27th through May 5th, promises a week of great tennis capped off with a party for club members on May 4th, the night before the event finals.  Call the Club to register:  978-462-3121.

    This year the Newburyport Tennis Club is putting the “fun” in “fundraiser”  partnering with Best of Newburyport VIP. The Tennis Club is encouraging tournament participants and their friends and family to raise funds for a great cause: the Spectrum Adult Day Health Program in Beverly. For every purchase of a VIP Card made from this page, $10 will be donated to Spectrum’s award-winning memory-care program, which supports those struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

    This year’s tournament promises to be bigger and better than ever, topping last year’s record of more than 50 teams organized into two divisions. Teams battle it out until just one is left standing. Each division will also host a rubber match for its runners-up. (Another consolation for players knocked out of the tournament? An “endless freezer” dishing up all-you-can-eat ice cream every night of the Bowl! And since all new year’s resolutions are long gone by April, there’s no guilt. Thank you Lago Ice Cream.)

    The Lago Bowl is sponsored by Mike Lago in memory of his wife Carol, a huge tennis fan who encouraged him to take up the sport at the age of 50. Carol was also a major supporter of the Racquet Club and longtime sponsor of its annual tournament. The club suggests donations be made to Spectrum Adult Day Health Program in her memory.

    The Racquet Club of Newburyport is the premier tennis facility on the North Shore, featuring six beautifully maintained indoor courts. The family-oriented club offers a wide range of services including tennis lessons (private and group), round robins, leagues, a junior program, and social events for its members. Whether you are a novice player looking to improve basic skills or a seasoned player in search of a better stroke, the Racquet Club of Newburyport has a program for you. Stop by to check it out!

    You can help support the Lago Bowl Fundraiser by purchasing a Best of Newburyport VIP Card.  $10 from each VIP Card purchased on this page will be donated to the Spectrum Adult Day Health Program to help support Alzheimer’s patients and their families.

    Under the direction of Dr. George Case, the NCS, Newburyport Choral Society Spring Concert will feature James Whitbourn’s powerful oratorio Annelies, the only musical setting based on the story of Anne Frank during the Holocaust. Premiered to huge acclaim in 2005, Annelies has been praised for its “woundingly beautiful” music and an extraordinary libretto that captures Anne’s keen observations and indomitable spirit. Whitbourn wrote this about Annelies:

    “It was to be a commemorative work, not only for Anne Frank, but for those by whose side she lived, those she watched with penetrating eyes, and those voiceless millions who shared her fate.”

    Numbering more than 125 singers, the Newburyport Choral Society will perform this dramatic oratorio to commemorate Anne Frank’s spirit and her vision of hope as an inspiration to all of the world’s oppressed people. The piece includes a variety of musical styles of the time period, including classical, folk songs, and a cabaret influence. NCS will end the concert with Whitbourn’s healing All Shall Be Amen and Alleluia, transcending the horrors of history and underlining a belief in the power of the human spirit to triumph.

    The Newburyport Choral Society will perform two concerts: Saturday, May 6th at 8 PM and Sunday, May 7th at 4 PM at the Belleville Congregational Church located at 300 High Street in Newburyport.  Purchase tickets now for this amazing performance.


    “I can feel the sufferings of millions and yet, if I look  up into the

    heavens, I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too

    will end, and  that peace  and tranquility will return again.”

    Massachusetts Cultural Council






    The Newburyport Choral Society gratefully acknowledges funding support for this program from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.  This program is also supported in part by grants from the Local Cultural Councils of Ipswich, Merrimac, Newbury, Newburyport, Rowley, Salisbury and West Newbury.


    It’s amazing how many summer camp programs in the Newburyport area are “place based” – that is, they are camp experiences that just can’t be replicated anywhere else because they reflect our community’s unique topography, maritime history, and cultural heritage. From Merrohawke Nature School’s B.O.A.T. camp on the Newburyport waterfront to SummerQuest at the historic Crane Estate in Ipswich to Workshop in the Woods at Camp Denison in Georgetown, area programs tailor their activities to the amazing natural and cultural resources available here.

    It’s not too early to start thinking about camps – many of these programs began accepting registrations as early as January! Here’s are just a few of the wonderful placed-based options to get you and your child excited for summer:

    • New this year: Appleton Farm Camp. Ipswich’s Appleton Farms, a property of the Trustees of Reservations and the country’s oldest continuously operating farm, is expanding its educational offerings with a new summer camp program for ages 5-13. Farm Camp introduces children to the farm through games, activities, arts, adventure, harvesting, cooking, and free play in the great outdoors.
    • Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm, a family-friendly historic site in Newbury, hosts Farm Friends – a series of weeklong summer enrichment programs for children ages 5-12. These programs immerse children in fun farm-related activities, games, and crafts, and include visits with farm animals.
    • Mass Audubon, a nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental conservation, education, and advocacy, offers summer programming for children ages 4-14 at two area locations: Joppa Flats Education Center in Newburyport and Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield. Campers explore tide pools and dunes on Plum Island and paddle on the Ipswich River while having fun, meeting new friends, and learning about plants and animals.
    • Merrohawke Nature School in Newburyport offers nature-based learning programs for ages 4 to teens, ashore and afloat, all with the intention of creating time and space for kids to connect to our beautiful corner of the New England coastline. Summer activities include learning primitive skills and crafts, knot-tying, storytelling and singing, fishing, hiking, tidepooling, and exploring along the Merrimack River watershed, Great Marsh, and nearby coastal waters.
    • SummerQuest at the historic Crane Estate in Ipswich is a day camp for ages 5-15, promoting environmental awareness and place-based learning through hands-on, outdoor adventures. Highlights from last year’s camp session include playing Clue in the Great House, tidepooling at Steep Hill Beach, and exploring Choate island. This summer’s program promises field trips to local Trustees of Reservations properties such as Ravenswood and Agassiz Rock.
    • Georgetown’s Workshop in the Woods, a summer day camp for kids ages 5-14, is a site-specific enrichment program created in partnership with the Georgetown Conservation Commission and Friends of Camp Denison, the public-use recreational area where the camp is located. Whenever possible, the program plans activities that are unique to the area, from building rockets with the Friends of Camp Denison to jamming with the Merrimac Hat Band. Highlights from last year’s summer season included kayaking with Essex River Basin Adventures on Baldpate Pond and marching in the Yankee Homecoming Parade.
      For more amazing summer camp experiences, including archery, arts and performance, and sailing, please visit Macaroni Kid Newburyport’s free online Summer Camp Guide 2016.

    For more events for kids and families in the Greater Newburyport area, visit Subscribe to our FREE weekly e-newsletter to have our complete calendar delivered right to your inbox:

    Newburyport is thrilled to host the inaugural Savor Newburyport event brought to you by the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce and their members, highlighting the exceptional cuisine, craft beer and cocktails, shopping and cultural experiences the maritime city has to offer.  From September 17th through the 26th, Newburyport will host unique events and innovative dining and retail collaborations.

    The celebration will kick off on Thursday, September 17th at the Opening Savory Gala on Newburyport’s picturesque waterfront from 6-9pm.  Guests will have the opportunity to sample award-winning food and drinks from over 30 local restaurants and chefs throughout Greater Newburyport.

    Throughout the 10-day Savor Newburyport celebration, tickets will be available to numerous special events hosted by local restaurants in and around Newburyport. In addition from Friday, September 18th to Sunday, September 20th, the Savory Retail Showcase events will take place with numerous retail shops offering special incentives, features and promotions.

    Visit for full listing of events and ticket information.

    Community Events During Yankee Homecoming

    Tradition expands thru other local Organizations

    Yankee Homecoming Road Race Hosted by Lions Club

    Yankee Homecoming Bed Racing Hosted by Lions Club

    Community Events During Yankee Homecoming

    Many local organizations in the Greater Newburyport area host community events during Yankee Homecoming week.  Although these events are not officially part of Yankee Homecoming, many have become strong traditions that help to raise money for local organizations in the community.

    Together both the official and unofficial Yankee Homecoming events help to stimulate our local economy, expand tourism and bring our community together to celebrate local traditions.  Enjoy our photos and videos from:  Greek Food Festival, Police Station Tour, Yankee Homecoming Road Race and Bed Race hosted by the Lions Club, Kids Day hosted by the Exchange Club, and the High Street Mile hosted by the Winner’s Circle Running Club.

    Check out the Newburyport.Com Events Calendar for details on both official Yankee Homecoming events as well as other community sponsored events.

    Enjoy Newburyport.Com photos and videos from events throughout Yankee Homecoming week, both on our site as well as on our facebook page.

    Please consider purchasing a Best of Newburyport VIP Card for $25 and $10 of your purchase will help support Yankee Homecoming fireworks.  Present your VIP card when you shop and dine and receive discounts @ 180+ greater Newburyport businesses.

    Its that time of year again…another class has wrapped up its four years at Newburyport High School and is preparing to graduate.  A proud Newburyport tradition for all graduating seniors of NHS is the week before graduation.  It is referred to as “Senior Week” and includes various fun activities.  Activities include a senior banquet, a Sox game, a trip to Giggles Comedy club, the senior prom and traditional activities like Vespers, Ivy Day and the Senior Sing out.  It’s a great week of final bonding with classmates and last hurrahs with lifelong friends.  The last day of senior week is graduation, happening this year on June 7th at 1pm at NHS’s Stadium.  The graduation itself is very traditional, starting with the procession of graduates entering under the “arch of roses” and wrapping up with the singing of the Alma Mater.  Growing up here makes the whole senior week so special; being able to celebrate the same NHS traditions with my children.  This is my second one to graduate from NHS and it sure is special watching them participate in these age-old traditions.

    I sometimes wonder about living someplace else and not being able to send my children to a school that has such a long history (my grandmother went to NHS, as did both of my parents!).  Newburyport itself dates back to 1635, but became an official city in 1851, prospering in fishing, shipbuilding and silverware manufacturing.  Many of the large clipper ships were built right here in Newburyport (hence the mascot of NHS being the “Clippers”).  We have many historical homes for sale highlighting amazing architecture and historical features from a bygone era.  Our entire downtown area was restored with the utmost care to preserve the beauty and elegance, while still being functional and liveable, with numerous retail shops, restaurants, bakeries and even our own theater.  Its no wonder most people who hear I live in Newburyport tell me how lucky I am…and I get it.  It’s a beautiful city with a deep history and we ARE lucky to call it home.

    Newburyport 250th Anniversary

    Year-long Celebration | Events, News & Happenings

    Treasures in the Archives

    One of the city’s final events in celebration of our 250th Anniversary.
    Treasures in the Archives: Newburyport 1764-2014
    Sunday, December 7, 2014
    Public Library Program Room
    1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

    Trace your genealogy, view early maps and photographs, and learn about Newburyport’s part in several historic wars.

    The city will also display a slideshow on shipyards and gravestone restoration. If you have photos to contribute to the presentation, please call the Archival Center at 978-465-4428 x 231.

    Newburyport 250th Anniversary

    Incorporated in 1764 with a population of 2,800, Newburyport was the smallest town in the province of Massachusetts Bay.

    The City of Newburyport now welcomes you to celebrate a century of culture and history with pride.

    Notify Mayor Holaday

    Contact the City.

    It’s important to Mayor Holaday and our City Officials to receive constructive criticism.

    Announcement from Mayor Holaday

    “Mayor Holaday and the Institution for Savings are pleased to announce another exciting event to celebrate Newburyport’s 250th! On Saturday October 18th, there will be a community-wide scavenger hunt and community fair at the Bartlet Mall. Vendors will be at the Mall from noon to 4PM to showcase their businesses. The scavenger hunt will wrap up with a pasta dinner in the auditorium at City Hall later that evening – more details to follow.”

    newburyport 250th anniversaryNewburyport 250th Anniversary Clambake, August 2014

    What a turnout for the Newburyport 250th Anniversary Celebration at Plum Island Point yesterday.

    Travel was made convenient, parking at the Plum Island Airport and getting shuttled to the event free of charge.

    Once there, the music was pumping all day long featuring several bands including The Holaday Project with Joe Holaday of Beatlejuice.

    Our pals from the U.S. Coast Guard were also front and center, allowing kids on their mobile watercraft for an up close look at what it takes to navigate our Newburyport area waters.

    All this activity made us work up a hunger, so it was over to the tent for some David’s Seafood lobsters and clams, as well as hotdogs, hamburgs and corn on the cob from Tendercrop Farm served up by VIPs Starboard Galley and Port City Sandwich Co.

    Thanks goodness Mill River Winery and Newburyport Brewing Company were also on hand, because there was plenty of cheers to be had when Newburyport Mayor Donna Holaday unveiled Newburyport’s new flag – a clean boat on a brilliant blue background to represent our beautiful coastal city.

    Kids also enjoyed kite making and flying, as well as a little beach volleyball, before Dianne’s Fine Desserts presented us with an enormous spread of delicious cakes and cheesecake. Thumbs up!

    Last call was aboard the nearby Captain’s Lady cruise ship for families to travel the Merrimack River, greeted by a cool ocean breeze.

    Thank you to all that donated their time to make this event such a wonderful experience!

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    Clipper City Rail Trail

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    US Coast Guard Birthday, Newburyport

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