GNBA Offers Aide to Bura, Kenya with Newburyport Volunteers

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.

The Greater Newburyport/Bura Alliance is a non-profit organization working to connect residents of the local coastal community of Newburyport across the Atlantic to a rural community in Eastern Kenya—Bura.  The alliance is committed to fostering friendships, cross-cultural understanding, education, and leadership development between the two communities. While an entire ocean may separate Newburyport and Kenya, the GNBA manages to make a huge impact in the lives of those living in Bura from afar.

GNBA,  solely made up of supporters and volunteers dedicated to sharing the world of Bura, Kenya with Newburyport, is affiliated with Sister Cities International. The non-profit organization became a fixture in the Newburyport community back in 1992 and has thrived with an active group of volunteers ever since.

Interested in volunteering yourself or simply like to learn more? GNBA holds monthly meetings on the first Sunday of each month. While these get-togethers are currently virtual, meetings generally include a potluck supper and good company, along with valuable information and opportunities on how to get involved.

How do volunteers of GNBA make an impact in Kenya? The organization has many ongoing projects that directly impact the people that call Bura home. Currently, they are working on a wide range of areas including Education for Orphans, coed Soccer, Technology, AgroForestry, and COVID public health. Volunteers are welcome to join in on any ongoing projects and are also encouraged to initiate new projects in areas they feel passionate about.

Along with joining or creating a project and attending the monthly meeting, there are so many additional ways to get involved with GNBA and help the people of Bura, Kenya. Consider participating in one of the organization’s fundraisers it holds throughout the year or making a donation to the cause. Any form of volunteering is always welcome and appreciated. For more information contact Chris Bentley at 617-905-6371 or visit

Looking for even more ways to get involved and help others? Visit our site for additional community outreach opportunities in the city of Newburyport and surrounding areas.


Snow Angels of Newburyport – Neighbors Helping Neighbors

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
Snow Angels, Newburyport

Newburyport’s Snow Angels Program is a snow removal service created to help senior citizens and those with physical disabilities. If you are looking for ways to give back in our local community please sign up to shovel! Currently the program is in strong need of volunteers as they have more requests than they do Snow Angles. Run by the Newburyport Youth Services and the Newburyport Council on Aging, the program connects volunteers with Newburyport residents that need assistance clearing their sidewalks and walkways.

When snow falls, sidewalks and streets can become a hazard for providers, children, and those with limited mobility. While the city works hard to clear the streets, Newburyport residents are responsible for shoveling their own property’s sidewalks. For senior citizens and those with disabilities, shoveling heavy snow is not a possibility, and for many, paying for a service can be too expensive. This is where the Snow Angels Program comes in. From December 1st through March 31st, residents in need are matched with a volunteer to help.

In need of assistance? Visit the Snow Angels official site and apply online or call the Newburyport Council on Aging at 978-462-0430 or Newburyport Youth Services at (978) 465-4434. The program runs from 12/1/2020 – 3/31/2021.

If you are looking for a way to give back to the community and would like to volunteer, the program is always looking for new Snow Angels to join the team. You can register online or call the Newburyport Council on Aging at 978-462-0430 or Newburyport Youth Services at (978) 465-4434. The program runs from 12/1/2020 – 3/31/2021. Disregard dates on the NYS website referencing the prior year as the dates were just not updated.

Once registered, you and your shovel will be paired with a neighbor in need. Each Snow Angel is matched to help one neighbor for the entire winter season. General guidelines are that Snow Angels hit the streets when there is 1/2 inch of snow or more and have the sidewalks cleared within 48 hours of the storm, a city requirement. Beyond that, Snow Angels and their assigned resident can work together to meet any specific needs such as making sure entryways are cleared in time for at home care services, visiting nurses, or meals on wheels.

For more information on Newburyport snow emergencies, parking bans, and snow removal visit our Newburyport Winter Guide.

AJH Healthcare Heroes Fund – Your Donation Helps Support Local!

By Mary Williamson, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Executive Director of the Anna Jaques Hospital Community Health Foundation, Mary brings more than 25 years of well-rounded management and fundraising experience grounded in relationship and community building. Her multi-faceted expertise will advance the philanthropic activities that support the sustainability and strategic initiatives of Anna Jaques Hospital.
Anna Jaques Hospital
AJH Healthcare Heroes Fund, Newburyport MA

A gift to the Anna Jaques Hospital, AJH Healthcare Heroes Fund provides immediate resources to our nurses, physicians and hospital leaders to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an opportunity to help give back to folks in our local community who put themselves and their families at risk daily. All donations made through the AJH Healthcare Heroes fund stay local and are used to provide support for frontline workers serving our community.

The AJH Healthcare Heroes fund helps provide us with critical resources needed right now to be here for our community. We have reconfigured hospital spaces to accommodate more patients (and training staff to care for patients in a different setting), expanding ICU capacity, and procuring additional equipment and supplies. We have set up telehealth capabilities enabling patients to be cared for while maintaining social distancing, and have postponed non-urgent elective procedures, visits, appointments and surgeries. Your support will help to address these efforts and other emergency responses, and it is critically needed.

Please make a gift now to the Healthcare Heroes Fund by clicking here. If you make your gift in honor of a provider, we will let them know that they have inspired your giving!

If you wish to speak with the Anna Jaques Hospital Community Health Foundation, please contact Mary Williamson by email or at 978-463-1211As always, all gifts to Anna Jaques Hospital remain here, serving our community. Thank you for your consideration of the AJH Healthcare Heroes Fund. Every donation helps make a difference!

Anna Jaques Hospital is a not-for-profit community hospital based in Newburyport, MA. AJH is part of Beth Israel Lahey Health and has a long history of providing top quality medical care for residents of the Merrimack Valley, North Shore and Southern New Hampshire. Not only is Anna Jaques Hospital a critical health resource for the community but the hospital is also a very important employer to many families providing jobs for over 1,200 individuals within the community.

Guide to Parking Permits in Newburyport

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
Parking Permits, Newburyport MA

Residents and employees, and in one case even non-residents, may apply for parking permits that allow them to park in the city without having to feed the meter or obey time restrictions on streets. But parking permits are different for the parking garage, parking lots, and residential streets. Like paying the meters, all parking permits are now digital, meaning you do not need to display anything in your car. Permits are all registered by plate, so once you have completed your application online you’re ready to park.

Sound complicated? That’s why we’ve created a guide on how to get your parking permit, what type of permit makes sense for you, and any restrictions that may apply. Read on for the full parking permit breakdown below.

Types of Parking Permits

Parking Lot Permits: With the exclusion of the Waterfront Parking Lot, which does not allow permit parking, if you purchase a parking lot permit you may park in any of the other six lots in downtown Newburyport without paying the meter. To apply as a resident you must have proof of residency (ie. utility bill, mortgage bill, etc) and for employee permits, you must have proof of local employment (ie. paystub, contract, etc). Residents $15/year; Employees $160/year; Seniors $5/year.

Parking Garage Permits: Located at the corner of Merrimac Street and Titcomb Street, the garage offers a covered parking option for residents, employees, and the only option for non-residents to secure a coveted parking spot in town.  During the busy seasons in Newburyport, this can be a great option for frequent out of town visitors. Residents $60/month; Employees $50/quarter ($200/year); Non-residents $80/months.

Resident Parking Permits: For residents of Newburyport that live on streets with posted time limits, you may apply for a FREE parking permit to override time restrictions. These permits must be renewed annually and require proof of residency. Residents in these zones may also apply for visitor parking permits for guests.

Please note rates are subject to change by the City of Newburyport. Rates in this post are from February 2020.

Parking Garage in Newburyport

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
Parking Garage, Newburyport

The newest addition to the parking scene in Newburyport is the two-story covered parking garage located at the entrance of town at Merrimac Street and Titcomb Street. The entrance on Titcomb Street is for permit holders while the entrance off of Merrimac is for general public parking. This 207 spot garage offers parking protected from the elements, permit parking options for employees and residents, and 24-hour parking, an option not available in the city’s parking lots.

Similar to the city’s parking lots, those choosing to park in the parking garage can opt to pay by kiosk or by downloading the Park Mobile app on their phone. Whichever method you choose to pay by, make sure to have your license plate handy as Newburyport parking is paper-free and your plates are how you register to park. Parking in the garage is $1/hour no matter what time of day.

Because this parking garage is situated at the entrance of town, it provides easy access to all downtown shopping, restaurants, the Waterfront Park, and the boardwalk. On busy weekends when traffic backs up along the main access point into town, Merrimac Street, opting for the parking garage can save you time arriving and departing by avoiding downtown congestion.

Also because the parking garage is located on the edge of town, many visitors choose to park in the lots in the downtown area, meaning on busier weekends, the garage is a great option to score a spot!

For visitors spending more than an afternoon, the parking garage offers one of the only options, aside from private parking, to have a car in town overnight and for multiple days.

Newburyport is a premier destination for both day visitors and those looking for an extended vacation. For visitors or residents out enjoying their city,  make sure to check out all of the amazing restaurantsone of a kind shops, and unique experiences available in Newburyport. And if you are going to eat, shop, and play in town, consider purchasing a VIP Card to receive local discounts.

Please note rates are subject to change by the City of Newburyport. Rates in this post are from February 2020.


Parking Lots in Newburyport: Locations & Payment

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
Parking Lots, Newburyport

Whether you’re a Newburyport resident or visiting for the day, knowing where the city’s parking lots are located is essential. On busy days, street parking is hard to come by and on days when events are happening in the downtown area, parking lots can frequently fill up. But there are seven different lots to choose from, and some of these lots are not as well known. Read on to find out where each city parking lot is located, how to pay, time limits, and more. You’ll be parking like a local, even if you are just visiting for the day!

The city parking lots vary in fees, time limits, and permit restrictions. All lots do require payment when parking is enforced. From January to the end of March, you must pay to park Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm and on Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm. During the busier months, April through December, you must pay to park Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm and Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm. It is important to note that you may not park overnight in any of the city parking lots.

Payments for parking can be made at kiosks located throughout each lot, but to skip the lines that sometimes build-up, you can also download the Park Mobile app to pay directly through your phone. Whichever method you choose, make sure to have your license plate handy! Parking in Newburyport is paper free, so you must enter your plates to register for parking.

Waterfront Lot: The first lot many come across as they head into town is the Waterfront parking lot, located right off Merrimac Street along the—you guessed—waterfront. The Waterfront Lot offers 60 metered parking spots and it’s entrance is right after the intersection of Green Street and Merrimac. This location gives you quick access to the boardwalk and Waterfront Park. Please note, there is NO PERMIT PARKING in this lot. If you are a resident with a permit, you must still pay to park in this lot.  Parking $1/hour, all day. 

NRA West Lot: Literally connected to the Waterfront Lot, the NRA West Lot is the slightly larger gravel section to the right with 68 parking spots. This lot also has great access to the boardwalk and Waterfront Park and DOES allow for permit parking. So, if you are a permit holder, bypass the paved spots for the gravel spots! There are also spots in this lot designated specifically for permit parking. To gain access to this parking lot, you must enter through the Waterfront Lot. Parking $1/hour, all day.

NRA East Lot: Located on the other side of Waterfront Park and the downtown area, you can gain access to this lot at the intersection of Water Street and Ferry Wharf Road. Offering 175 spots, parking here will give you quick access to the boardwalk, Oldies Marketplace, and the Custom House Maritime Museum. Permit parking is permitted in this parking lot. There are also spots in this lot designated specifically for permit parking. Parking $1/hour, all day.

Green Street Lot: This lot is the largest parking lot, with 227 spots, and is located directly across Merrimac Street from the Waterfront. Green Street parking lot gives you direct access to Inn Street shops and restaurants. There are three entrances to this lot—from Merrimac Street, Green Street, and Unicorn Street. Residential permit parking is permitted but you must still follow the time limit rules. Employee parking permit holders may park all day from January 1st through April 1st. This lot offers special parking spots for military plates and compact cars. Parking $1.50/hour, 3 hour limit.

State Street Lot: This smaller lot, with only 31 parking spots, is located at the top of State Street at the Harris Street intersection. On busier days, this lot may be overlooked and is a great alternative to the main downtown lots. You do however need to keep in mind that there is a parking time limit. State Street Lot gives you close access to downtown shops and restaurants and is located right next door to the Newburyport Public Library. While permit parking is permitted, you must still follow the time limit rules. This lot is one of the few parking lots that also has electric car parking/charging stations. Parking $1/hour, 3 hour limit.

Hale’s Ct. Lot: This lot, tucked off of Pleasant Street, is a lesser-known parking lot located very close to downtown. While it is slightly off the beaten path, making it a less obvious place to park, the lot only offers 17 spots so parking here is hit or miss. You can enter the lot off of Hale’s Court, a small side street connected to both Pleasant Street and Prince Place. Permit parking is allowed at this lot. Hale’s Ct. Lot also has parking spots specifically for compact cars.  Parking $1.50/hour, all day.

Prince Place Lot: Located right around the corner from the Hale’s Ct. Lot is this hidden of a gem lot with 43 parking spots. The Prince Place Lot entrance is located off of Prince Place, a small side street off of the main downtown State Street. Parking here will also give you great access to downtown shops and restaurants. Permit parking is allowed. Parking $1.50/hour, all day.

Please note rates are subject to change by the City of Newburyport. Rates in this post are from February 2020.


MINCO Smart Growth Project at One Boston Way to Bring Much Needed Rental Units

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
MINCO Smart Growth One Boston Way Newburyport

The MINCO Smart Growth Project at One Boston Way will bring affordable rental housing options to the city of Newburyport in a quickly developing new neighborhood. Located off the Rail Trail with close proximity to the commuter rail train station, the MINCO development brings easily accessible apartments for commuters, as well as affordable living options for families, in an area that is growing in retail and entertainment.

Designed by MINCO Development, a North Andover firm, the project will feature a single 4-story building offering a total of 76 units. Along with much needed rental opportunities for city residences, this smart growth project—the first of its kind in Newburyport—will create 19 affordable housing units. Under state guidelines, a smart growth project must deem 25 percent of the building’s units to be affordable housing.

The project is also set to be the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building in the city. This means the building is designed to be energy-efficient, water-efficient, and offer environmentally friendly features such as being located near public transportation and offering electric car charging stations. In addition, the MINCO project will also feature environmentally friendly carpet, cabinets, countertops, and windows.

The location is extremely convenient for those commuting daily on the train, to both Rt. 1 and 95, as well as the Rail Trail if you work downtown. Along with an easy commute, projects like One Boston Way aims to create a community that you will want to spend time enjoying. The area—which already features breweries, gyms, restaurants, and more— is quickly developing into a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. Current businesses like Metzy’s Cantina owner Erik Metzdorf are welcoming the new foot traffic.

“I’m so excited to see the town push beyond its downtown area to a location I have always seen the value in. The boom of these projects has in turn brought in new customers to the local businesses, as well as enticing new ones to open,” said Metzdorf.

The MINCO project at One Boston Way broke ground in late December of 2019. Apartments are expected to be made available by the Spring of 2021. Follow the One Boston Way official site to stay up to date on the project, see availability, and for contact information.


Anna Jaques Hospital, AJH Aid Association Presents Annual Gift

By Mary Williamson, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Executive Director of the Anna Jaques Hospital Community Health Foundation, Mary brings more than 25 years of well-rounded management and fundraising experience grounded in relationship and community building. Her multi-faceted expertise will advance the philanthropic activities that support the sustainability and strategic initiatives of Anna Jaques Hospital.
Anna Jaques Hospital
Anna Jaques Hospital, AJH Aid Association Annual Gift

On October 17th, 2019 at its 131st Annual Meeting, the Anna Jaques Hospital, AJH Aid Association presented a check to AJH for $130,000. Mary Ann Abbott, President of the AJH Aid Association presented a check to Mark Goldstein, President & CEO, David LaFlamme, chair of the Anna Jaques Board of Trustees and Matt Khatib, Chair of the Anna Jaques Community Health Foundation.

The funds were designated to the following areas: assist underinsured and uninsured low-to-moerate income patients in Seabrook

  • Assist underinsured and uninsured low-to-moderate income patients in Seabrook, NH
  • AJH Birth Center
  • Comprehensive Pain Center
  • Cardiac Cath/Interventional
  • Radiology Suite
  • Pediatric Psychiatric Unit

The Aid Association’s success is attributed to annual events like Great Chefs’ Night, the AJH Gift Shop, the beloved bake sales and plants sales, the art display and sales program, and the Holiday Arts & Craft Fair, to name a few. These events also reflect the important role that the Aid Association plays as they bring together local businesses, community leaders, hospital supporters, and philanthropic individuals in support of its community hospital. The Anna Jaques Aid Association works closely with the Anna Jaques Community Health Foundation which also helps raise funds for the hospital.

For more details, visit AJH Aid Association


Asset Builder Awards, Recognition for Supporting Newburyport Youth

Asset Builder Awards, Newburyport

The Asset Builder Awards are a great opportunity to publicly acknowledge youth, adults and organizations throughout Newburyport who are supporting young people through their work or character. Our story image features prior year winners. Come help recognize the 2020 winners as Newburyport Youth Services and The BEACON Coalition host the 12th Annual Asset Builder Awards happening on March 19th from 7:00-8:30 pm at the Newburyport Senior Center. Nominated by members of the community, the recipients are selected for awards based on their natural ability and desire to support youth in Newburyport. Their relationships with youth in the city are positive, encouraging, supporting and empowering. Below is the list of 2020 Asset Award winners.

2020 Asset Builder Award Winners:
Frank Crump, Newburyport School Crossing Guard
Lisa Hutchings, Joppa Flats Education Coordinator
Madison, Bridget, & Charlotte MacMillan, Outstanding Youth
Kathleen Petrie, Molin School Teacher, NPS
Richard Tierney, Newburyport Youth Hockey Coach

In 1990, Search Institute released a framework of 40 Developmental Assets, which identifies a set of skills, experiences, relationships, and behaviors that enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults. The greater number of assets a younger person has, the lower number of high risk behaviors they get involved in. The BEACON Coalition uses this model as their framework for prevention.
Newburyport Youth Services and The BEACON Coalition will be accepting nominations for the eight main categories of the 40 Assets.

Anyone can recognize an individual or organization by submitting a nomination. The 2020 nomination deadline is February 14th and below is a list of the eight asset categories. If you missed the nomination deadline, make sure to recognize someone next year. Nominations can be filled out online and forms are also available at the Newburyport High School, Nock Middle School, Newburyport Rec Center and the Newburyport Public Library. They can be dropped off at the Newburyport Rec Center (formerly the Brown School) or mailed to 40 Milk Street Newburyport, MA 01950. For additional information regarding the event and nomination forms, please contact 978-465-4434 or

Newburyport Youth Services and The BEACON Coalition accept nominations for the eight main categories of the 40 Assets.

  • Support: This award recognizes an individual or organization who actively supports and advocates for youth. More than just a good friend, this is an individual that is trusted, respected and able to connect people to the resources they need. Or a family that models healthy communication and support!
  • Empowerment: Do you know of a young individual who has taken on challenges throughout the community in hopes of making a difference? Or an adult or organization that works to empower young people by building skills or creating opportunity for leadership.
  • Positive Identity: We would like to recognize an organization that helps to build self-esteem in young people and/or a young person who displays a positive model of identity to his/her peers.
  • Commitment to Learning: Do you know an organization that strives towards expanding the knowledge of young people throughout the community, or a young person that is dedicated to learning and pursuing further knowledge and inspire others to do the same?
  • Positive Values: This award will recognize a young person who has demonstrated honesty, character and conviction in their everyday life. A person with integrity does what is right, not what is easy.
  • Constructive Use of Time: Do you know an individual who uses their free time toward programs, creative activities or other positive programs? Or an organization whose purpose is to support youth in using their use of time to better themselves/others?
  • Boundaries & Expectations: This award recognizes an individual who is considered an adult role model or positive peer influence. This individual has a good sense and supports appropriate family, school and neighborhood boundaries.
    Social Competencies: Do you know an individual or organization who supports excels in planning/decision making, interpersonal skills, cultural competence, resistance skills, and/or peaceful conflict resolution?

Repair Café, Don’t Ditch It, Fix It: Electronics Repair, Jewelry Repair & More

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.
Featured Video Play Icon

Grab that old toaster that’s lacking the heat or wristwatch that has you constantly running late and pay a visit to the experts at Repair Café on Saturday, January 25th from 10 am to 2 pm at the Newburyport Community/Senior Center. This pop-up event performs a wide variety of services including electronics repair, jewelry repair, and so much more.

Repair Café is a completely free service, matching up volunteer repairers with those in need of a service to troubleshoot the problem together. Along with electronics repairs and jewelry repairs, other common items include clothing, computers, ceramics, bicycles, and toys. Here is a full list of repair stations being offered at the upcoming event.

Organized by The Time Trade Network of Newburyport and Toward Zero Waste Newburyport, this will be the fourth Repair Café held in Newburyport. Over 250 Visitors with more than 350 items visited the Cafés last year.

With the slogan “Don’t ditch it, fix it,” organizers and participants donate their time in an effort to reduce the volume of materials waste, contributing to Newburyport’s zero waste goal. Repairers encourage visitors to watch and ask questions so they can not only take home a working end product but also take home some knowledge of how to fix something similar on their own.

It’s important to note that Repair Café does not offer any guarantees that they can fix your item nor are they held responsible if an item has any additional damage or stops working at home. Whether you come in for jewelry repairs or electronics repairs, if the problem turns out to be more complicated then a short session with a volunteer, Repair Café can also refer you out to a specialist.

Think you have a skill to share? Whether you’re a tinker, bike expert, computer pro, or master seamstress—Repair Café can use your help! Email or call 978-225-3440 to sign up and donate your time.

If you’re in need of repairs but can’t make this Repair Café, follow their official facebook page to stay up to date on the next event.


Everything You Should Know About Peanut Butter and Your Dog

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
Peanut Butter and your dog, xylitol

I never met a dog that didn’t like peanut butter. Not only can peanut butter be a healthy protein option for your dog but it can be a good distraction as well. I’m sure most dog owners have played the “hide a pill” in the peanut butter trick. It works like a charm every time. Peanut butter’s “stick to your mouth” consistency also makes a good diversion when you have to do something that Fido is not cooperative about, like clipping nails, or pulling ticks. You also can’t talk about peanut butter without mentioning the Kong, my personal favorite dog toy that keeps your dog busy trying to get the peanut butter out of the unbeatable plastic toy. This ingenious toy invention has saved many table legs and couches from teething puppies and anxiety-riddled furry family members. It’s also because of this toy that I made an unpleasant discovery, but I’m so glad I did because I learned some interesting things about peanut butter and your dog.

I found that all peanut kinds of butter are not created equal, and I found out the hard way. My teething pup became extremely loose in the goose after a few days with his Kong and peanut butter. I tried an elimination diet to try to find the culprit to the loose goose. I immediately put him back on rice and chicken because I knew his body responded well to that base diet. Problem solved, but what was the cause? After some careful reintroduction of foods back into his diet I found that the Kong and peanut butter were the culprits. I was perplexed, to say the least, and started researching. What I found was well worth sharing. I learned some eye-opening information about peanut butter and your dog.

I started my research through family and friends. The first thing fellow dog owners shared with me was that there was an artificial sweetener in some peanut butter that was poisonous to dogs. That’s not entirely factual. There is a sweetener called xylitol. Xylitol is used in food products as a sweetener. But it’s not an artificial sweetener, it’s actually a derivative from fruit and vegetables, some extracts even come from birch trees. What is factual is that xylitol is toxic to your dog. This explanation from WebMD has an informative summary of xylitol. Some brands use xylitol as a sweetener making peanut butter and your dog a toxic combination. This can be highly toxic, in fact, more dogs have died from xylitol poisoning than chocolate intoxication. Below is a list of peanut butter to avoid.

Brands Containing Xylitol

  • Go Nuts, Co.
  • Krush Nutrition
  • Nuts ‘N More
  • P28

This paragraph may be tough to get through, but this is important information to know about peanut butter and your dog. But please know that xylitol is not only found in peanut butter, but it’s also becoming mainstream in a lot of food products. The symptoms are not nice but need to be addressed, your dog’s life could depend on you having this knowledge. First, why does your dog not respond well to xylitol? Xylitol is quickly absorbed and triggers a huge release of insulin from your dog’s pancreas. This could cause a massive drop in Fido’s blood sugar level, medically termed hypoglycemia. Just 50 milligrams (mg) of xylitol per pound of body weight (100 mg per kg) can put your dog into a hypoglycemic state. Below is a list of symptoms as described by VCA Hospital. Should your dog show signs of hypoglycemia you should call the Pet Poison Helpline (800-213-6680) immediately. Typically they treat the dog just like a human in a diabetic shock, introduce sugar to bring the dog’s blood sugar levels back up to normal. If your dog is responsive you could try frosting or a bowl of water with sugar diluted in it. The idea is to give them something high in sugar that will have an immediate uptake response.

Symptoms of Xylitol Poisoning in Your Dog

  • Vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Lack of coordination or difficulty walking or standing
  • Depression or lethargy
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Coma

As you can see from the list my dog being loose in the goose isn’t a typical symptom of xylitol poisoning so Levi’s symptoms we’re either a coincidence or perhaps it was just too oily for his body at this point. We haven’t reintroduced him to it yet but I feel very comfortable having investigated peanut butter as the culprit. Had I not I may have run the risk of accidentally poisoning him with xylitol. So please remember this new additive isn’t just being used by the peanut butter brands. Many good manufacturers are using it. It’s popping up a lot in healthy products because it does not have the same response in humans. Below is a list of other brands that also use xylitol. Keep in mind that these are not typical products you would introduce to your dog, like peanut butter, but if they are in your house you always run the risk of your furry family member accidentally getting a hold of them. Please check labels and keep your dog safe. Also note: some labels could list xylitol as an artificial sweetener. I’d advise avoiding it just to be safe. In the end, always check the labels because peanut butter and your dog should be a good thing.

Brand Containing Xylitol

  • Clemmy’s Rich and Creamy ice cream products
  • John’s products (hard and soft candies, chocolates, drink mixes, etc.)
  • Jell-O sugar-free pudding snacks
  • Nature’s Hollow jams, syrup, ketchup, honey, etc.
  • SparX Candy
  • Zipfizz energy drink-mix powders
  • KAL Colostrum Chewable, Vanilla Cream
  • KAL Dinosaurs Children’s Vitamins and Minerals (chewable tablets)
  • Kidz Digest Chewable Berry from Transformation Enzyme
  • L’il Critters Fiber Gummy Bears
  • Mega D3 Dots with 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per “dot” (dissolvable tablet)
  • Suntheanine L-Theanine chewable tablets by Stress-Relax
  • Vitamin Code Kids by Garden of Live (chewable multivitamins)
  • Webber Natural Super Sleep Soft Melts (dissolvable tablets)

Pet Poison Helpline (800-213-6680) immediately.


Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Newburyport and Plum Island

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Newburyport

The residents of Newburyport and Plum Island take pride in their dog-loving community and many of the small businesses show this love by offering dog-friendly environments throughout the area, even if they don’t offer seated service many offer water bowls for passers-by. The Beach Dog Daycare thought it would be helpful to feature a collection of dog-friendly restaurants in Newburyport segmented in a way that hopefully makes it easy for owners to choose the ideal place for themselves and their furry best friend. We created a post on our Beach Dog Facebook page and received many helpful suggestions. We hope that visiting dog owners find this article helpful while vacationing in our area and perhaps locals may find some new dog-friendly restaurants to enjoy with their dogs as well. This has been a fun article to research and The Beach Dog would like to thank the folks who contributed as well as the many local restaurant owners who replied to say they wanted to be featured in our article.

Dog-Friendly Full-Service Restaurants in Newburyport

Let’s start the tour by highlighting some of the full-service dog-friendly restaurants in Newburyport. Most restaurants with outdoor patios  welcome dogs on the outside perimeter of the patio and require that dogs be on a leash and well behaved. We start our tour of dog-friendly restaurants in Newburyport with…but of course…seafood!  Sea Level Oyster Bar is one of Newburyport’s top downtown seafood restaurants featuring an excellent raw bar, delicious grilled seafood dishes, lobsters, steamers and fried favorites too. Sea Level offers two beautiful outdoor seating areas: from the front, you see all of the action in Market Square and the back patio faces Waterfront Park with beautiful views of the river, boats and boardwalk. Dogs are welcome on the front side of the restaurant and need to stay on the outside of the patio fence according to the Newburyport Director of Public Health. Oregano is a wonderful Italian and Lebanese restaurant known for its amazing brick oven pizzas and Chicken Parmesan as well as popular Lebanese favorites such as grape leaves, and lamb kabobs. Oregano’s features a beautifully landscaped side café adjacent to the busy pedestrian walkway of Inn Street. Dogs are welcome to lay down on the outside of the patio right next to their owners. Bob Lobster is a long time Plum Island destination for lobsters, chowder, delicious fried seafood, ice cream, and the best lobster roll selection in town. They also have a wonderful fresh fish market. Feel free to bring your furry friend with you to Bob Lobster as they offer plenty of outdoor picnic table seating and beautiful sunset views over the Plum Island Marsh.

Dog-Friendly Casual Dining Restaurants in Newburyport

Just order your food and then relax at an outdoor table at any of the following dog-friendly restaurants. The Purple Onion is very popular with Newburyport locals serving delicious sandwiches, bowls, wraps, and salads. It is open 7 days per week for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is located directly across from the Inn Street Playground. This is a very popular spot to find dogs relaxing under the outdoor tables while owners enjoy a delicious meal. Stone Crust Pizza is of course known for delicious pizza’ but they also offer a nice selection of sandwiches, burgers, and salads as well. They are the only downtown restaurant with a convenient order window. Customers can eat their food at the outdoor tables and dogs are welcome to relax with their families. Anchor Stone Deck Pizza is known for their amazing thin crust pizza and exceptional tomato sauce but they also offer fresh salads, oven-roasted wings, calzones and Lasagna. Anchor also features a nice selection of beers and wines to pair with your meal. Dogs are welcome to relax under the table while owners enjoy a great meal at this very popular State Street spot.

Dog-Friendly Specialty Restaurants in Newburyport

Two establishments came highly recommended by our Beach Dog Facebook followers within the Tannery Marketplace: Chococoa Baking Company and Quinns Canine Bakery. The Tannery, a beautifully renovated mill building just a few block from downtown Newburyport, is a great place to walk and shop and it is very dog-friendly. Although the Tannery is dog-friendly, dogs are not allowed inside the eateries so The Beach Dog recommends that you stop in and grab one of  Chococoa’s famous Whoopies and a coffee, and then head to Quinns Canine Bakery to choose some amazing baked treats made special just for your furry buddy.

Dog-Friendly Healthy Restaurants in Newburyport

If it’s a healthy snack you’re craving then we highly recommend a visit to The Juicery. Known for its healthy smoothies, organic super juices and acai bowls, the Juicery is very popular with locals and visitors. Dogs are always welcome to relax under the outdoor tables while owners enjoy delicious healthy snacks and meals.

We cant end our dog-friendly restaurants in Newburyport article without shouting out to one of our favorite pet stores located conveniently right on Pleasant Street. Not only is Just Dogs Newburyport a pet store that carries carefully selected pet products, many of which are locally sourced, but it’s also a full-service dog bakery featuring fresh homemade gourmet treats that your dog is sure to love. Be sure to stop in with your furry friend to receive a free treat and a welcoming scratch behind the ear.

Once again, The Beach Dog Daycare had a great time collaborating with all of these dog-friendly restaurants in Newburyport, with our clients, our followers, and the local businesses that permitted us to showcase them in this article. We would also like to extend a big thank you to Laura at for all of her help as well. If you enjoy eating and shopping locally we recommend purchasing a Newburyport VIP Discount Card. Choose a Physical VIP Card or a Digital VIP Card in the Newburyport App and receive discounts EACH TIME you dine or shop at many local restaurants and retailers. Purchase one card for $25 or two for $40 and $10 of your purchase is donated to a local nonprofit partner.

Dogs on the Beach & Off Leash Dog Parks in Newburyport

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
Dogs on the Beach, off leash dog parks, Newburyport

If you’re looking to take your furry sidekicks on an adventure in and around Newburyport, you’ll want to check out this guide. From when you can bring dogs on the beach to where and when your buddies can ditch the restraints and run free at off leash dog parks, here are all the details to have a fun and safe day with your favorite pup!

BeachesHoping to explore the local sandy beaches? First and foremost, your dog will need to stay on leash at all times at all of the beaches in the area. But you can still walk, run, and play with your dogs on the beach if you follow the rules! Below are tips to make each beach trip a success with fido.

Plum Island: During the off season, you and your dog can stroll without restriction at Plum Island Beach. But when the weather warms up and beaches become more populated, timing is everything. While dogs are not completely banned, from May 15th through September 15th they are only permitted before 8:30 am and after 5:30 pm, so take a morning stroll or post dinner walk. Note: Dogs are never allowed on Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

Salisbury Beach: Dogs are actually allowed on this beach ALL year long, but within restricted areas. While you and your fur babies can roam the entirety of Salisbury beach during the off season, from May 1st to September 15th you need to keep your dog’s beach walks on the riverside of the beach only. An important note, due to strong currents at this beach, dogs are never allowed in the water.

Crane Beach: From October 1st through March 31st you can bring your dogs on the beach for a leisurely walk at this picturesque location in Ipswich. The only catch is it will cost you $3 per dog you bring along for the stroll. During the peak season, no dogs are allowed.

Off Leash Dog ParksWhile taking your dogs on the beach is a fun adventure, sometimes your pups just need to get off leash to run and socialize. Newburyport is super dog-friendly, offering three great locations for your dogs to run and play. When visiting these off leash dog parks, make sure to pick up after your dog and to always bring them in and out of the designated area on leash. For a full list of rules an regulations, including how to register your dog with the city, visit the city’s official site.

Cashman Park: With waterfront views, this park is always fun to visit. And from 7:30 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 7 pm, daily, you can take your dogs to run freely and play.

Mosley Woods: Tucked into the woods, this 16 acre park features tons of trails and great views of the Merrimack River. At this designated off leash dog park, your furry friends are free to walk alongside you leash free from dawn to dusk as long as they are well trained and not aggressive in nature. Tip: make sure your pup is good at coming on command as this park is large and dense, making a rouge dog hard to chase down.

March’s Hill: Located right off High Street, this wide open space is a great place for dogs and owners to hang out and socialize, and from dawn to dusk, you are free to do so, no leash necessary.

Photo Courtesy: Thank you to Mariah Eaton of Beach Dog Daycare for letting us feature her dogs, Dozer and Tonka! Planning to visit the beach on a day your dogs can’t join you? Drop your pups off at Beach Dog Daycare where they can play while you’re soaking up some rays!


Biofuel Also known as Bioheat is the Evolution of Oil Heat!

By Charity Lombardi-Simard, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Charity is president of Lombardi Oil & Gas. She is second generation in the family business that was started by her father in the 1950’s. Her interest in the industry is the continued evolution and fast-paced movement into cleaner and more efficient energy. Her vision for the business is to maintain a personal culture with the community and to provide options and service to those that heat with fuel – with focus on hi-efficiency equipment, use of new technologies and Biofuel delivery. In her personal time, Charity is active in the Icelandic Horse Community, with 2 of her own. She travels regularly to Iceland to train and supports promotion of the breed in the US.
Lombardi Oil & Gas
Biofuel and Bioheat Newburyport

Biofuel, also known as bioheat is a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil with renewable biodiesel made from organic and recycled products such as soybean oil, used cooking oils, inedible corn oil, canola, tallow, fats and algae. With biofuel, homeowners can burn a better, safer and more reliable fuel resulting in lower emissions, improved air quality and better efficiency of the heating system. For biofuel blends up to 20%, there are no modifications necessary for your existing home heating equipment.

The environmental benefits of biofuel are significant. First, biodiesel lowers the carbon content of heating oil. Secondly, biodiesel is made from renewable, organic sources. And research conducted by leading authorities such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the California Air Resource Board indicates that biofuel reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions (sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide) from 50% to 86% compared to traditional heating oil or diesel fuel. Additionally, research conducted by the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) indicates that when ultra-low sulfur heating is blended with biodiesel at 20% (B20), this BIOHEAT fuel significantly reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions making BIOHEAT cleaner than natural gas.

Following extensive testing and research, American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM), with support from the heating oil industry and the National Biodiesel Board, has set a standards for recommended percentage blends of biodiesel in heating oil. These percentage blend specifications are currently up to B20 (a 20% blend of biofuel). The heating oil industry along with the National Oilheat Research Alliance and the National Biodiesel Board are committed to introducing higher blends of biodiesel into the heating oil marketplace and these organization are conducting ongoing research on higher percentage blends of biodiesel in heating oil.

To learn more about bioheat, visit

To start enjoying the benefits of Biofuel with a 20% Blend, contact us at Lombardi Oil & Gas

Visit Lombardi Oil & Gas, sponsor of the upcoming Greater Newburyport Green Expo on April 11th.

Green Expo – Learn About Net Zero Newburyport

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
Green Expo, Net Zero Newburyport

For anyone wondering how they can do their part to help the environment, the upcoming Greater Newburyport Green Expo on Thursday, April 11 from 4-8 PM at the Rupert A Nock Middle School is the perfect place to start.  From speakers to interactive exhibits, the Green Expo aims to educate people of all ages about sustainability through net zero strategies. At this free event, attendees will enjoy products and programs from over 30 of the area’s most exciting eco-friendly companies. Click to view the full agenda of exhibitors and speakers.

Whether you are a residents, business leaders, educators, or students, the Green Expo has something for everyone. Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your emissions, tips for recycling, ways to create an eco-friendly home, energy efficient improvements, nature friendly landscaping, and more.

Among the exhibitors will be many hands-on activities and visuals including Newburyport’s popular Repair Cafe staffed and ready to take on repairs, a display of electric cars, energy consultants, and delicious healthy food options from For The Love of Food and Drink.

You can also expect to visit with non-profit organizations—including the Mass Audubon, the Newburyport Farmer’s Market, and Our Neighbor’s Table—to name just a few. These exhibits will focus on issues like clean water, local food production, waste reduction, and more.

Equally exciting, the Green Expo’s featured speaker, Newburyport Mayor, Donna Holaday, will share plans to create a Net Zero Newburyport, unveiling strategies to to put the city on a path toward zero waste and carbon neutrality. Senator Diana DiZoglio and Representative James Kelcourse will also be attending to Green Expo and making opening remarks.

The overall purpose of the Green Expo is to teach communities how they can come together to address environmental issues like energy use, waste, and resiliency to confront climate change.  So whether you are looking for ways to improve energy use at your business, cut down on waste consumption as a local resident, want to learn more about going net zero, or you would to teach your child how they too can make an impact, this event has it all covered. Visit the Green Expo website to learn more about this important community initiative.

Platinum Sponsors: National Grid, N.E.T.R. Inc, and Revision Energy.

Gold Sponsors: Amesbury Industrial Supplies, Home Works Energy, Lombardi Oil, Beach Plum Flowers, Eastern Insurance, Apex Green Roofs, Serv Pro, Sun Bug Solar, RevolouSun, Window Woman, Andrew Sidford Architects, Green Cocoon, North Shore Home Energy, Graf Architects, Energy Source, Kearney HVAC, Rescom, Renewal by Andersen, High Road Farm, Black Earth Compost, Hall & Moskow, and Castagna Construction.




Newburyport Recycling – Simple Tips to Help Save Money for Our City!

By Elizabeth de Veer, Correspondent
Elizabeth de Veer is a writer who lives in Georgetown, MA. Her hobbies include organizing her elementary school-age daughter and chasing her labradoodle. Favorite coffee: hot. Favorite Beatles album: Sgt. Pepper. Favorite naughty food: lobster roll and fries. Her first novel is due to be published in winter 2019.
Newburyport Recycling

Newburyport Recycling provides an important service that allows community members to actively participate in minimizing our waste and, in turn, reflects how much we value a healthy environment. However, due to shifting policies overseas, the neighborhood recycling rules are changing, and Newburyport Recycling needs citizens to learn the new guidelines. Take a few minutes to become aware, and adjust the way you recycle. When the community supports the recycling process by following the rules, we save the city money that can be invested elsewhere.

Did you know … recycling companies assess carts of materials submitted for recycling? If more than 10% of the materials are considered trash, the city is subject to an additional 10% contamination fine on top of the recycling cost per barrel. That adds up fast!

Curbside recycling carts LOVE: empty bottles, jars, and containers made of metal, plastic and glass from the kitchen, laundry and bath, and paper and flattened cardboard. All of these things must be CLEAN – carefully rinse out food containers, like yogurt cups. Pizza boxes that aren’t too greasy and have no food or liners in them can be recycled.

Curbside recycling says NO THANKS to: recyclables in bags, loose plastic bags and plastic wrap, containers still containing food or liquids, clothing and linens, and “tanglers” – hoses, wires, chains, strings of lights, etc.

Some things can’t go into curbside recycling but can be brought to the Newburyport Recycling Center on Colby Farm Lane on the first Saturday of every month from 8 am to noon. This list includes: metal/aluminum siding, scrap metal, pots & pans, utensils (silverware, cooking utensils) and tools. If in doubt, throw it out!

Try at home:

  • Review this flyer showing what goes into curbside recycling and what does not. If anything on that list surprises you, make a list to post above your kitchen recycling bin, download a reference postcard or pick one up at City Hall.
  • Get the kids involved! Invite them to pitch in by reading the flyer and helping around the house to make sure that recycling not only gets done but gets done right.
  • Talk to your neighbors. The community wins when everybody makes the effort to become more aware of the DOs and DON’Ts.
  • Set up a backyard composting bin for vegetable scraps and garden waste. These can be used to create “compost tea” that can really help your garden. If you don’t know where to start, try this composting guide for beginners. Composting bins are available from the city at a great discount – and Newburyport has a subscription curbside compost program.
  • Sign up for a free home visit! Contact City Hall’s Recycling, Energy, and Sustainability Office at (978) 465-4410 or email and a member of the recycling team will come with a short presentation and be able to address all your questions for all members of your household.

Newburyport Recycling has employed a team of cart checkers to review curbside recycling carts and make sure all are complying. Team members will let residents know what they are doing wrong by leaving tags on carts. If a cart has multiple infractions, that cart will not be picked up until it is brought into compliance. For more information, check out this list of hard to dispose items, and recycling program basics.

Let’s become aware, get active, and get busy recycling the right way. Recycling Right benefits the whole community! Make sure to mark your calendar for the Newburyport Green Expo, on April 11th where you can lean many ways that we can all help protect the environment.

Types of Service Dogs and How They Can Benefit You

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
Newburyport Service Dogs

More and more people are using service dogs, but with the popularity comes a bit of confusion and the regulations seem to vary state to state. The service animal amendments keep changing and so does the confusion. The Beach Dog thought it would be helpful to give some insights on the different categories and what criteria apply to each. There are a few terms used such as Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, and Therapy Dogs. All of which are wonderful ways that canines can enrich our lives. So what is a service dog, and could any of these categories benefit you? Let’s Break down the categories and rules to help simplify the types of service dogs and how they can benefit you.

Service Dogs

A service dog typically assists a person with a disability to aid in functions that a person is unable to perform. Some service dogs can aid in emergency help such as alerting to situations in a crisis or by performing tasks when a person is incapable to do so for themselves. Service dogs are trained to provide services for their owner but certification is not required if someone questions your animal. A local establishment is allowed a set of questions pertaining to your service dog, (1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? and (2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform? You do not need to answer questions pertaining to your specific disability or have your dog perform any tasks proving his or her legitimacy. A service dog must, however, be obedient at all times, and groomed for public hygiene purposes.

Because of the growing trend in service dogs, it is a good option to register and have a pet ID that states your animal is a service dog. Having a vest or visual is also a good idea; this eliminates any unwanted questioning that your dog provides a needed service. While a service dog cannot be denied access to public transportation, including domestic flights which are protected through the Air Carrier Access Act, pre-registering may require documentation of some sort. Preregistration is also a good idea to avoid delays at the airport.

Listed below are some examples in which a service dog is rendered important and beneficial.

  • Mobility issues
  • Visual Impairment (blindness)
  • Hearing Impairment (deafness)
  • Seizures
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Diabetes
  • PTSD
  • Autism
  • Epilepsy
  • Other physical/mental disabilities

The laws that offer protection of your rights regarding service dogs are covered through Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Any breed dog can be deemed suitable for this level of service as long as they are capable of performing the duties through training. This law also protects you in any housing situation in all 50 states regardless of the landlord’s policies. The same law also allows your dog to fly for free on any domestic flight. The Department of Justice clearly defines any legal issues pertaining to service dogs in this easy to download PDF.

Emotional Support Dogs Verses Service Dogs

Emotional support dogs assist individuals with emotional or mental health issues. An emotional support dog acts as a comfort zone to his or her provider in situations that can peak strong emotional afflictions. Emotional support dogs do not require training to provide comfort. Emotional support dogs must be leashed, calm, obedient, and properly groomed for hygiene purposes in public places.

Emotional support dogs are protected through the same laws that cover a person with disabilities when the owner has a medical diagnosis. Emotional support dogs are a trickier category than a service dog because sometimes a mental health person may not appear disabled. Having a documented dog with a certification makes life easier but is not required by law.

Unfortunately, amendments to the laws are radically changing because some individuals fraudulently state the animal is for emotional support. This trending issue is blurring the lines for the true necessity of an emotional support dog. Having proper Id or certification paperwork lessons the conflict.

Below is a partial list of emotional issues that can qualify for a support dog of this type.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar/mood disorders
  • Panic attacks
  • Other emotional/psychological conditions

Therapy Dogs are a Facility Type of Service Dogs

A  facility category of service dog typically means the dog is owned and cared for by a second or third party and is used by an organization to provide a service to a patient. Therapy dogs are often used in facilities for recovering individuals such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. Therapy dogs offer affection and comfort. Studies have shown that rehabilitating patients heal faster and with less psychological stress when therapy dogs are available to them. Below is a list of some of the therapeutic values associated with therapy dogs.

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Cause release of oxytocin, a hormone that eases stress levels
  • Reduce awareness of pain
  • Improve coordination and motor skills through petting
  • Aids in communication when verbal skills are limited
Lets Summarize Service Dogs  

So let’s sum it up the types of service dogs and how they can benefit you. A service dog is trained to aid an owner with disabilities. A service dog requires training to accommodate the person with disabilities. By law, an establishment can only ask if a person is disabled and what tasks the dog is trained to perform. Registration as a service dog is not a state requirement but Service Dog identification is helpful in public situations. An emotional support dog does not require training and also cannot be turned away for any reason. Both service dogs and emotional support dogs must be under control at all times and properly groomed for public hygiene. Having your dog registered or certified is not a legal requirement but will aid in authenticating and verifying your needs. Just as legal documentation is not required a ‘service dog vest’ is not a valid criterion for admittance to public access but may alleviate unwanted questioning. A therapy dog typically works in a facility to aid the healing and comfort level of a patient. 

If you are wondering if registering your dog is a good fit for you read,  Service Dog Registration isn’t Essential but can be Helpful. 

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Audible Books for your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
dog's separation anxiety, Newburyport MA

First, let’s define separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a label used when a dog is left alone and exhibits bad behaviors. This is actually instinctive behavior in canines. Dogs are pack animals and they are safe in the pack. There is strength in numbers. When a dog strays or is left behind its instincts kick in ‘fight or flight’ behavior, which triggers the bad behavior. So when you leave your dog it’s not necessarily the dog missing you, sorry, abandonment triggers the behavior and puts your dog into panic mode. This is an instinctual characteristic designed to keep the dog safe in its natural habitat. Audible books for your dog’s separation anxiety substitutes a human presence which significantly decreases bad behaviors.

What are Audible Books

Audible books are a narrated voice book that is listened to out loud using a device such as the Amazon echo. Audible books can be played in multiple ways. The trigger here is to teach your dog that the audible narrator mimics having a unit of the pack still around, which enables the dog to relax. Cesar Millan has an amazing audible book that gives the data from the studies coupled with the psychology behind the training, check it out.

How does it work?

The key is to get your dog to associate the audible book with quiet time. When you leave your dog alone it triggers energy almost in a panic mode. The first step is to deplete this energy load by exercising your dog before you leave the house. This means implementing a morning workout routine. Cesar has some valuable ideas for indoor exercise: How to Exercise Your Dog Indoors.  Exhausting the dog helps him concentrate. It’s the first step in using Audible books for your dog’s separation anxiety.

After depleting his energy put your dog in his quiet spot immediately upon entering the house. This could be any preferable spot where your dog typically naps, crate, dog bed, couch, under kitchen table etc. Then introduce him to the device that will play his audible book. He will start to associate this with quiet time and another member of the pack, or your family unit. When you leave the house do not shift your energy. Do not say goodbye, do not interrupt the Audible and your dog, simply leave the house. The concept is to make your dog believe that there is still a member of the pack in the house with him.

How to choose the right book

When choosing audible books for your dog’s separation anxiety there is a method.  Almost sounds silly, it’s not like your dog can literally follow along with the storyline. But this is actually a valid decision in getting optimal results. Data proves that audible books yielded better results than leaving a TV on or Playing music…why? The TV and the music will shift in voice, tone, and volume, all of which can easily trigger a dog’s anxiety. Audible books are mostly monotone. The narrator’s voices vary in tone, and volume slightly yielding fewer triggers for your dog. Now think books and genres, if your dog has lots of energy try a children’s book, the narrator is typically a tender tone. Don’t forget to pick a long book. You want the audible book to play as long as possible.

Audible books for other anxiety level triggers

  • While healing an injury typically accompanied by the all annoying cone
  • Company or children having a household visit or gathering
  • Fireworks and holidays
  • Thunder and storms

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Holistically Protect Your Dog from Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquitos

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
Holistically Protect Your Dog from Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquitos

It has begun, estimated to be worse than it was last year: the disease that mosquitos, ticks and fleas are transferring to humans and dogs gets deadlier and deadlier every year.  The bug repellants don’t seem to be much better; as consumers, we have learned the importance of natural, chemical free products. Combating against deadly bug bites and spraying down with a bottle of poison isn’t my way of starting off my summer.  So what do we do to keep our dogs and ourselves safe from disease carrying bug bites? Armouring yourself and your dog with organic all natural, chemical free, healthy repellants is the best way to go.  You may be surprised at how simple this is. You can holistically protect your dog from fleas, ticks, and mosquitos.

Bug repellants come naturally in nature. Plants have natural biological properties that repel bugs from attempting to eat and ultimately kill off the plant. Plants both attract and deflect bugs by using smells and poisons.  The essences of some plants have been genetically evolved to repel bugs. Have you heard of aromatherapy? Aromatherapy has become a household combatant against bacteria, viruses, ailments, and just uplifting and beautifying. But these same plants can naturally help us to ward off bugs before they bit. Let’s take a tip from our green leafy friends to protect our lovable furry friends

Essential oils are extracted from plants in different ways. No matter what way the extraction process is done they are extracted to keep the chemical properties preserved so that humans…and dog’s can have enhanced lifestyles in a healthy and natural way. Listed below are a few options that are specifically designed (by Nature) to repel bugs. These essential oil repellant can be added to a spray bottle of water or apple cider vinegar to holistically protect you and your dog from fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. You can make your repellant strong by adding more drops of essential oil. Start with a few drops and work your way up to establish the perfect spray for you and your dog. Essential oils protect your dog from fleas, ticks, and mosquitos.

Mixing your spray with vinegar instead of water is an added benefit because bugs also hate the smell. There are a few other benefits to using vinegar. Its properties make the hair shiny for you and your dog.  Try adding some apple cider vinegar to Rovers bath water. You can also consume apple cider vinegar to internally repel bugs, vinegar consumed raises the acidic levels of your blood and bug’s don’t like acidic. When using apple cider vinegar internally mix a teaspoon to a tablespoon in water per every 50lbs. of your dog’s weight.  Consuming apple cider straight can be upsetting on the tummy for both you and your dog. Apple cider vinegar can be used to protect your dog from fleas, ticks, and mosquitos.

Another fun way to protect your dog from killer bugs is to make a bug repellent dog collar. You can have fun with this and make it elaborate or you can do it simply, the important part is to do it every day. You can make a bandana collar and drop your essential oils right onto the bandana. Make it refreshing and beat the heat, soak the bandana in cold water, then drop essential oils or apple cider vinegar onto it. You can also simply tie a trusted brand insect repellent wipe around your dog’s collar. Don’t Waste the Crumbs also has some more in depth ways to make a bug repellent dog collar

We as consumers know that a lot of the bug repellants that are sold on the marked are harmful to our dogs and us but there are a few products out there that are safe.  Look for labels that say all natural, no chemicals or pesticides. Read the ingredients; if you can’t pronounce them don’t use them. Some of the products on the market can also protect your dog from fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. There are many ways to holistically protect you and your dog from bug bites this year. The Wellness Mama has a few other recipes you can try if you really want to get fancy with items you may have in your home.  The Beach Dog Daycare wishes you a happy and safe summer season, armour up and enjoy.



Operation Backpack Annual Backpack and School Supply Drive

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
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Backpack and School Supply Drive, Newburyport

The Pettengill House has begun its collection and sign-ups for Operation Backpack, an annual backpack and school supply drive with the goal of helping every student start the school year ready to learn. Operation Backpack provides new backpacks and school supplies to students in pre–k through twelfth grade who attend school in the Amesbury, Newburyport, Triton, and Pentucket school districts. If you would like to donate, please refer to the list of needed items below.  Items can be dropped off at any of the listed drop-off locations throughout the community.  Please drop off all items by August 15th. would like to encourage everyone to consider how they might make this annual program an even bigger success this year. If you have kids, include them in the decision making process as you purchase backpacks and school supplies, as this is a great opportunity for your kids to understand the importance of helping others in our community. Don’t grab just any backpack. Take the time to choose things that will bring a smile to a child’s face and get them excited about going back to school!

You can also visit the Operation Backpack Amazon Wishlist to shop for needed items online and have them shipped directly to The Pettengill House. You can also help this community wide effort by sharing the Pettengill House Operation Back Pack Facebook Post with your friends and family.

Monetary donations and gift cards are always accepted and appreciated as well.  Please make checks payable to The Pettengill House, Inc., note “Operation Backpack” in the memo line, and mail to P.O. Box 5551, Salisbury, MA 01952.  All donations are tax-deductible, and directly benefit the children in our community.

If you are in need of assistance through our annual backpack and school supply drive, please sign up through the Pettengill House food pantry on August 1st or 8th, or call The Pettengill Family Resource Center at (978) 792-5205 on or after July 31st to schedule an appointment. Backpacks and supplies will be distributed during the third and fourth weeks in August by appointment only.

The Pettengill House is a nonprofit social service organization. This annual backpack and school supply drive supports Pettengill’s School Link Service Program. For more information, please visit 

Items Needed (NEW items only, please):

sturdy backpacks, three-ring binders & dividers, spiral & composition notebooks, scientific & regular calculators, pens, no. 2 pencils, colored pencils, pencil cases, erasers, markers, crayons, glue sticks, index cards, sticky notes, small staplers, scissors, rulers, fine-tipped sharpies, highlighters, graph paper, loose-leaf paper, pocket folders, protractors, thumb drives, lunch boxes, tissue packs

Drop-off Locations:

Amesbury: Align Credit Union, Amesbury Public Library, Cider Hill Farm, Holy Family Parish, Main Street Congregational Church, Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank, The Provident Bank, St. James Episcopal Church, Stone Ridge Properties, Unity on the River

Newbury: Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank

Newburyport: The Dance Place @ The Tannery, Institution for Savings, Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank, The Provident Bank, YWCA of Greater Newburyport

Salisbury: Eclipx Salon,Institution for Savings, Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank, Salisbury Public Library, Star of the Sea Church, Star of the Sea Beach Chapel is proud to have The Pettengill House as a fundraising partner for the VIP Program. If you appreciate dining and shopping in our local community, you can support The Pettengill House by purchasing or renewing your Newburyport App and VIP Card.  The VIP Program allows you to enjoy discounts at 180 restaurants and shops in the Greater Newburyport community and $10 of each purchase or renewal can be donated to The Pettengill House.

If you don’t already have the Newburyport App, just type the word “Newburyport” in the App Store or Play Store or use the links below from your mobile device.

Apple/App Store: Download “Newburyport” for iOS/Apple

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Bring Your Dog on Vacation when Visiting Newburyport & Plum Island

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
Beach Dog Doggie Daycare, Bring Your Dog on Vacation

Don’t put your furry family member in a boarding service while you travel. Bring your dog on vacation when you visit Newburyport and Plum Island Massachusetts. Our area is one of the best dog communities along the North Shore. The Beach Dog Daycare has done all the work for you, book your hotel, make restaurant arrangements and jump right into some daytime activities that are all pooch friendly! We pride ourselves on being a dog-friendly community that incorporates your vacation experience along with your furry family members. Most importantly when you bring your dog on vacation to our area, The Beach Dog Daycare offers vacation hours so that you can enjoy a day at the beach while your dog enjoys a day socializing and stress-relieving playtime. Check out all that The Beach Dog has to offer on our Day at The Beach page

Before you head this way book your lodging accommodations. Both the Garrison and the Blue Inn make bringing your dog on vacation when you visit Newburyport and Plum Island Massachusetts fun and easy. The Garison Inn is located in Newburyport right on Brown Square so you are in walking distance to many trendy spots that are all in walking distance. If you should chose to stay on Plum Island then The Blue Inn on The Beach is where you should book a room with amazing views and dog-friendly accommodations.

The next important aspect of any vacation is eating! Newburyport and Plum Island have some of the best eateries on the planet…well in the North Shore area anyway. When you bring your dog on vacation our community encourages Rover to come along and enjoy the eats too. For a full menu of amazing options try Oregano Pizzeria & Ristorante  located at 16 Pleasant Street, Newburyport MA. This restaurant has an outdoor side patio perfect for bringing dogs. If you just want to grab something café style then The Coffee Factory offers specialty coffees and delicious breakfast and lunch and you can enjoy the outside seating…as long as they remain on a leash and are socially behaved.

Ok, so you have your lodgings and some hot spots to eat when you Bring your dog on vacation when you visit Newburyport and Plum Island Massachusetts, so I just wanted to add a few must see hot spots just for Rover. Lets start with Just Dogs. This is an amazing little doggy bakery that hand makes all sorts of snacks that cater to all sorts of doggy needs. If your dog has food allergies Just Dogs has a snack for that, if your dog is a vegetarian, they have a snack just for that…you have to take a trip to see what Just Dogs has to offer. Just Dogs is located at 37 Pleasant Street in Newburyport. We are adding The Natural Dog to our list because they are an amazing pet supply company in our area and they offer eco-friendly products and all natural foods. Most of our local dog owners shop here, so if you find yourself low on supplies while Bringing your dog on vacation pop in at the Natural Dog to restock or take a visit just to browse. The Natural Dog is located at 155 State Street in Newburyport.

Now its time to get into some fun daytime activities when you bring your dog on vacation to Newburyport and Plum Island Massachusetts. Your first stop should be Mill Pond in West Newbury. This is a pond activity with lots of other dogs swimming and running off leash. If your dog is well behaved in social environments Mill Pond is highly recommended. Their Facebook page showcases the park the best so be sure to check it out. Next at the top of the list is Maudslay State Park. This is an old horticultural and agricultural estate. There are many gardens and roaming around with your dog is allowed on leash and they even provide doggy bags and a trashcan in the parking lot for any deposits Rover may leave behind during your visit. If you’re up for a more vigorous hiking experience check out Old Town Hill in Newbury. This attraction has many hiking trails that highlight the naturally made environment such as salt marshes, wetlands and cliffs with amazing views. This park is absolutely a place to take pictures so don’t forget your camera, again Rover must be on a leash and please pick up and discard anything your dog deposits. Unfortunately not all pet owners are aware of the on-leash policy but we ask that you stick to the rules and keep this in mind when planning your day trip to Old Town.

We hope you chose to bring your dog on vacation when you visit Newburyport and Plum Island Massachusetts. Contact The Beach Dog or visit our website to pre-enroll for some daycare hours. While Bring your dog on vacation with you is highly recommended, having some activities without your dog is inevitable but it doesn’t have to mean leaving your dog alone in a hotel all day.  We will happily cater to your dog while you enjoy your vacation as well.

Vacationing Dogs with The Beach Dog Daycare

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
Vacationing Dogs at The Beach Dog Daycare, Newbury MA

The Beach Dog Daycare would like to announce a new sector to our services. We are now accommodating vacationing dogs in the Newburyport and Plum Island areas at the daycare. Have your dog spend a day with us and enjoy a socially active day with other dogs, while you vacation with the confidence that your furry family member is enjoying their dog vacation just as much as you are! Tell your family and friends before they head into town so that they can pre-register and book before our daytime schedule between Monday and Friday reaches capacity.

We are also delighted to announce that we are collaborating with Plum Island Beach Rentals. This rental company makes sure to have pet-friendly accommodations for our families that like to take their dogs on vacation with them. Use our website to cut down on your research time and plan a dog vacation quick and easy.

Here is a quick overview of what we offer vacationing dogs in the Newburyport and Plum Island areas. Doggy Daycare is available Monday through Friday. This includes the same free valet services as our own daycare clients. Yes, you heard that right. Plan your vacation hours without having to run your dog to daycare. Book ahead and put your vacationing dog on our morning and afternoon valet route. We typically cater within a 10-mile radius but exceptions can be made, again please call ahead. We are a full-service dog daycare. This means we offer grooming and training, two very convenient aspects for a dog vacation.  All of our staff members are CPR certified and we have a reliable vet in our area that we use for our local dogs so we can assure you that in an emergency your dog would be in good hands.

Please view A Day at The Beach on our website for a more detailed description of our services for vacationing dogs to our area.

Also please note that it is imperative that your family and friends pre-register before they arrive on vacation. Applications, vet releases, bookings for daycare, valet, grooming, and training sessions must all be on the schedule before vacationing dogs arrive at The Beach Dog Daycare.

Lastly, enjoy your stay!


Picture Book Features Local Dog, Local Grocery Store

Rumplepimple, Newburyport MA

When we lived in Newburyport a few years ago, our naughty wire fox terrier Charlie leapt from the car at the grocery store, ran across the parking lot, and entered Shaws when the automatic doors swished open. My wife Diane ran in after him and eventually found him standing on his hind legs at the meat counter, sniffing.

And so a book was born.

I fictionalized the event so that Charlie (aka Rumplepimple) had a darned good reason for running in; a little girl was being bullied and Rumplepimple rushed to help. By the time his mom arrived, he’d already saved the day and was checking out the butcher shop.

I was trying to convey that there are lots of things going on behind the eyes of our dogs, friends, neighbors, and children that we just don’t understand. It’s a universal experience to feel misunderstood, and I wanted the kids who read Rumplepimple to say “Hey, I feel that way too!” I also wanted them to giggle: Rumplepimple has a rather unorthodox way of showing others that he’s the boss. He pees on them.

The book has been receiving attention for a variety of reasons. It’s got a subtle anti-bullying message, and the family structure includes two moms. It came out just a week or two before the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage, which meant opportunities for both approbation and condemnation. This timing is still playing out in the webosphere as we connect with authors who also believe that diverse family structures need to be represented in children’s fiction, and respond to those who are violently opposed.

Rumplepimple lives in Haverhill now with his sister cat Chicken and his two moms, but Newburyport will always be his home town. It’s the place he spent his first two years (or fourteen, depending on how you count them). The place he loved to roam and sniff along brick-lined sidewalks. The place that had a dog park with a river he could lose tennis balls in. And the place that had the only grocery store he’s ever managed to enter, with its enticing display of tasty meats. He comes to visit often, and when we cross the bridge he demands to stick his nose out the window and get a good long sniff of the smell of home.

You can find Rumplepimple on, visit his website at, or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

By Suzanne DeWitt


Snow Emergency and Parking Ban Info for Newburyport

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
Newburyport snow emergency, parking ban

The City of Newburyport will declare a snow emergency and parking ban when snow fall predictions for the area are at least 3 inches. Here’s a breakdown on everything you need to know when the city declares a snow emergency. And with snow, comes the issue of snow removal and resident responsibilities. Below are tips to keep you fine free and shoveled out when there’s snow fall in Newburyport.


How to Know if There’s a Parking Ban:

  • Look for the “Blue Lights”, flashing blue emergency beacons located at major intersections. These lights are turned on 6-7 hours in advance of the ban. When the lights are shut off, the parking ban has ended.
  • Call the Department of Public Services at 978-463-0472 or the Snow Emergency Information Line at 978-465-4464 ext. 1797.
  • The ban will be broadcast on Cable Access, WBZ radio and the city’s website homepage.
  • Sign up for email alerts by visiting the city’s website and selecting emergency alerts from the Department of Public Services

Where to Park During a Ban:

During a snow emergency all cars must be moved from public streets. Those that are not moved are at risk of being towed at the owner’s expense if the car directly affects snow removal, or fined a $50 ticket.

Residents may move their cars to any of these alternative parking locations during a snow emergency:

Green Street Municipal Lot
Cashman Park, (off Merrimac Street)
Cushing Park (off Washington Street)
Waterfront Lots, NRA Lot (behind Custom House)
Hales Court Lot (corner of Hales Court and Prince Place)
State Street Lot (corner of Harris Street and State Street)

All vehicles must be moved from these lots within 12 hours following the end of the parking ban or they will be towed/ticketed.

Snow Removal Information:

  • It may take several hours for snowplows to make it to your street, regardless of snow emergency status, but if you do think that your area has been neglected call 978-465-4464 to put in a snow removal request.
  • Property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from sidewalks. This should be done within six hours after the snow stops if daytime or before noon if the snow stops during the night. Much like the parking ban, a fine of $50 can be issued for failure to shovel your sidewalk.
  • If you are able to help those in need of shoveling, contact the Council on Aging at 978-462-8650 or

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