Voting Information – Deadlines, Candidates, & Ballot Questions

By Elizabeth de Veer, Correspondent
Elizabeth de Veer is a writer who lives in Georgetown, MA. Her hobbies include organizing her elementary school-age daughter and chasing her labradoodle. Favorite coffee: hot. Favorite Beatles album: Sgt. Pepper. Favorite naughty food: lobster roll and fries. Her first novel is due to be published in winter 2019.
Voting Information, Newburyport

If you’re planning on voting this year, you need some information, starting with whether you’re registered to vote, then who the candidates are and what the ballot questions are about. Your opinion counts more when you vote, and you can’t vote unless you register! The deadline to register to vote in Massachusetts is Wednesday, October 17. Voting day itself is Tuesday, November 6.

The Elections Division of the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Bill Galvin, has a wealth of online resources about voting in Massachusetts. But what information do you need for voting? Read on!

Am I registered to vote?

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re registered to vote, you can check your status with a quick search here by providing your name, birthdate and zip code.

If not, how do I register?

If you are a citizen of the United States of America, are over 16, and have an ID issued by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, you can register online. Use the Online Voter Registration System to do any of the following tasks: register or pre-register to voteupdate your address or political party, or update your name. To register, you only need to provide your drivers’ license number, no need to upload any documents. If the information is correct, you will receive a confirmation email within a day or two and then you’ll be good to go. If you’d rather register by mail or in person, you can find instructions here. But make sure you do it by October 17!

Where do I go to vote?

Your street address determines where you are allowed to vote on election day, Tuesday, November 6. To figure out where you need to go, check out the Find My Election Info web page, enter in your address and find out the address of your personal poling station.

Am I allowed to vote early?

As long as you are registered for the general election, you can vote as early as October 22 up until November 2. For a list of places and times where you can vote early, go to this Early Voting search form and select your town.

What Congressional District do I live in?

Massachusetts has nine congressional districts.  The Sixth Congressional District includes: the Essex County cities of Amesbury, Beverly, Gloucester, Lynn, Newburyport, Peabody, and Salem and the towns of Andover, Boxford, Danvers, Essex, Georgetown, Groveland, Hamilton, Ipswich, Lynnfield, Manchester, Marblehead, Merrimac, Middleton, Nahant, Newbury, North Andover, Rockport, Rowley, Salisbury, Saugus, Swampscott, Topsfield, Wenham, and West Newbury.

For the Massachusetts lower state legislative district, Amesbury, Salisbury and Newburyport are in the First Essex District in Massachusetts. For more information, check the Statistical Analysis.

What offices are we voting for this year?

Secretary Galvin’s Elections web site lets you enter in your address and preview your actual ballot.

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Massachusetts voters will be asked to vote on the following offices:

U.S. Senator 
ELIZABETH A. WARREN, 24 Linnaean St., Cambridge, Democratic
GEOFF DIEHL, 10 Village Way, Whitman, Republican
SHIVA AYYADURAI, 69 Snake Hill Rd., Belmont, Independent

Governor and Lieutenant Governor 
BAKER and POLITO, Republican
GONZALEZ and PALFREY, Democratic

Attorney General
MAURA HEALEY, 40 Winthrop St., Boston, Democratic
JAMES R. McMAHON, III, 14 Canal View Rd., Bourne, Republican

Secretary of State
WILLIAM FRANCIS GALVIN, 46 Lake St., Boston, Democratic
ANTHONY M. AMORE, 182 Norfolk Ave., Swampscott, Republican
JUAN G. SANCHEZ, JR., 362 High St., Holyoke, Green-Rainbow

DEBORAH B. GOLDBERG, 37 Hyslop Rd., Brookline, Democratic
KEIKO M. ORRALL, 120 Crooked Ln., Lakeville, Republican
JAMIE M. GUERIN, 386 Pleasant St., Northampton, Green-Rainbow

SUZANNE M. BUMP, 6 Hoe Shop St., Easton, Democratic
HELEN BRADY, 1630 Monument St., Concord, Republican
DANIEL FISHMAN, 36 Colgate Rd., Beverly, Libertarian
EDWARD J. STAMAS, 42 Laurel Park, Northampton, Green-Rainbow

Representative in U.S. Congress
Sixth District
SETH MOULTON, 10 Forrester St., Salem, Democratic
JOSEPH S. SCHNEIDER, 1203 Broughton Dr., Beverly, Republican
MARY JEAN CHARBONNEAU, 8 Cleaves St., Rockport, Independent

Councillor – Sixth District
TERRENCE W. KENNEDY, 3 Stafford Rd., Lynnfield, Democratic
VINCENT LAWRENCE DIXON, 60 Lake St., Winchester, Unenrolled

MA State Representative 
First Essex District
JAMES M. KELCOURSE, 50 Monroe St., Amesbury, Republican
JENNIFER A. ROCCO-RUNNION, 497 1/2 Main St., Amesbury, Democratic

Second Essex District
LEONARD MIRRA, 11 Mirra Way, West Newbury, Republican
CHRISTINA ECKERT, 14 Anna’s Way, Boxford, Democratic

In addition, Massachusetts voters will be asked to weigh in on three questions:

Question One is about imposing limits on how many patient can be assigned to nurses. A YES VOTE would limit the number of patients that could be assigned to one registered nurse in hospitals and certain other health care facilities. A NO VOTE would make no change in current laws relative to patient-to-nurse limits.

This question is explained in detail in the red voter publication that was sent to everybody in Massachusetts. In-depth description about legislation to limit the patient to nurse ratio.

Question Two proposes a law that would create a citizens’ commission to consider and recommend potential amendments to the United States Constitution to establish that corporations do not have the same Constitutional rights as human beings and that campaign contributions and expenditures may be regulated.

A YES VOTE would create a citizens’ commission to advance an amendment to the United States Constitution to limit the influence of money in elections and establish that corporations do not have the same rights as human beings. A NO VOTE would not create this commission. In-depth description about the citizens’ commission.

Question Three proposes a law to add gender identity to the list of prohibited grounds for discrimination in places of public accommodation, resort, or amusement. Such grounds also include race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex, disability, and ancestry.

A YES VOTE would keep in place the current law, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity in places of public accommodation. A NO VOTE would repeal this provision of the public accommodation law. In-depth description of the gender identity ballot question.

Witches’ Night Out Newburyport – Dress to Impress!

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
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Who says Halloween is just for the little ones? Grab your broomsticks and pointy hats and fly on over to the annual Witches’ Night Out on Friday, October 19th from 6 pm to 9 pm, where “big kids” are invited to haunt the streets of downtown Newburyport and the Tannery in their best Halloween getups. Plan a wicked girls or guys night out or have a scary fun date night and paint the town orange for this Halloween celebration. Couples and group costumes are always a hit!

During Witches’ Night Out, costumed revelers are invited to stroll through town and pop into participating shops that will stay open late for tricks and treats. Many stores get creative with eerie decorations and offer up spooktacular snacks and drinks. And while all of town will be frighteningly exciting, there are a few shops that always outdo themselves. Kevin Riley, owner of Partridge in a Bear Tree, is known for his over the top decorations for just about every holiday, and Halloween is no exception. This shop is a must visit for all witches in know. You may even find some great decorations and ideas to make your own house the spookiest on the block. Next, head up State Street to pay a visit to Fluke’s & Finds. Along with ghoulish treats and great shopping, you will also find owner Susan Dieker serving up her famous Witches’ brew. Just a quick broom ride across the street will bring you to Farley’s of Newburyport where owner Lisa Burke is known by all to host great shopping parties. Expect fun themed snacks and drinks and great shopping opportunities.

All witches, warlocks and anything else that goes bump in the night, are invited to end the festivities at The Grog for the Witches’ Night Out costume contest. The contest kicks off at 9:15 pm, but we all know witches like to have fun at night, so expect the party to keep on going.

To find even more fun events happening this Halloween season, visit our Newburyport EVENTS CALENDAR.

Tech Neck-Impacts of Electronics on Your Spine

By Karen Holmes, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Karen Holmes, DPT has been a physical therapist for over 30 years. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University and later obtained a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Simmons College. She worked many years specializing in the treatment of orthopedic/sports related injuries and now owns a successful private practice in Salisbury, MA.
Holmes Physical Therapy
tech neck, Newburyport MA

If you spend time daily on a smart phone, laptop or other electronic device, you could be at risk of a growing medical condition known as tech neck. While this term may not sound that serious, over time, poor posture, attributed to smart devices, can lead to spine degeneration, pinched nerves and muscle strain.

How many times a day do you pull out your phone for a quick glance or to check email? How many hours do you spend working on your laptop? Do you spend a few hours a week catching up on the news or reading a good book on your tablet? Often we don’t even realize we are using our smart devices as frequently as we are, so these numbers may alarm you. The average person spends 14 to 28 hours a week, a staggering 700 to 1400 hours per year on their electronic devices, never mind the hours spent at work. Many folks may spend an additional 35 to 45 hours per week on electronic devices, depending upon their profession. And as the use of these contemporary conveniences have become more common, so have the number of people dealing with headaches, achy necks and shoulders and other associated pains related to tech neck. 

The good news is we don’t need to give up our handy little devices in order to protect our bodies from tech neck. What we have learned is that many electronic users look at their screen below eye level, causing their heads to flex forward. With each degree your head tilts, the strain on your spine increases. Simply being mindful of your head and neck posture when interacting with your devices will remedy much of your problem.

 If your symptoms persist or you feel like you spend quite a bit of time on smart devices, it’s a great idea to meet with a physical therapist trained to address tech neck. Located right in Salisbury, we at Holmes Physical Therapy, will not only address your current aches and pains with proper exercises focused on preserving the spine, but also help teach you the correct ways to use your devices to eliminate problems in the future. Many times, we find that changing our clients habits and environments, from proper work stations to simple posture tweaks, can be hugely beneficial.

Smart devices are incredibly useful and have made our day to day lives so much more convenient, but it is so important that we interact with them properly. So the next time you reach for your smart phone or pull up a chair to your laptop, do a quick check  of your head and neck posture.

Riverfront Music Festival

By Joe, Joe

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Riverfront Music Festival

Free Labor Day Weekend Concerts on the Newburyport Waterfront

No Tickets Needed for this
Waterfront Party

Mark your calendar for the 17th Annual Riverfront Music Festival in downtown Newburyport, MA on Saturday, September 1st from 12 -7 PM.  Thousands will gather at Waterfront Park to listen to amazing free concerts.

From 12 p.m. until after the sun set, crowds will line Waterfront Park, the Boardwalk and boats on the Merrimack River while food vendors and street performers also grab attention in historic Market Square.  Folks can also visit the Beer Tent if they are 21 years of age or older.

Thanks to sponsors 92.5 The River and The Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce for organizing this exceptional live entertainment for the everyone to enjoy.  Below is the 2018 line up. 

Concert Schedule:
12:00 – 1:00 PM The Aldous Collins Band 
1:30 – 2:30 PM Anderson East
3:00- 4:00 PM Phillip Phillips
4:30 – 6:00 PM Barenaked Ladies

Date: Saturday, September 1, 2018

Time: 12 – 7 PM

Location: Waterfront Park: 36 Merrimac Street, Newburyport, MA

Parking:  Satellite parking will be available at two locations:
Nock Middle School, 70 Low Street, Newburyport (no cost to park)
Newburyport Commuter Rail Station, 25 Boston Way – Lot A (off Parker Street) in Newburyport ($4 fee to park for the day)

The shuttle will drop off downtown at the Greater Boston Running Company which is at 27 Water Street.  Continuous loop every half hour (30 mins) starting from Commuter Rail station Lot A, Nock to Downtown.

Special Details:  FREE event on the lawns of Waterfront Park. Bring lawn chairs, blankets and a picnic basket to enjoy amazing musical performances. Please do not set up your blankets, chairs, etc. in the park before 9:00 am.  Thank you.

There will also be vendors set up in Historic Market Square, as well as live comedic shows throughout the day. Go to Live Web Cams to view the Market Square activity in real time.

Things to Do

Top-rated attractions, National Parks and historic tours are among the many things to do in Newburyport.
Plum Island Light House, Newburyport MA

Plum Island Light House the Newburyport Harbor Light

The Plum Island Light House also know as the Plum Island Light or the Newburyport Harbor Light, has a very interesting history. It was first lit in 1788 with a lantern burning whale oil. And it was the 13th lighthouse to be constructed in the U.S..  It was needed to guide boaters into the treacherous mouth of the Merrimack River and into Newburyport Harbor.

Gold Prospecting Adventures, Newburyport MA

Gold Prospecting Adventures in New England

Did you know that there was a gold rush in New England in the mid 1850’s? The Vermont Gold Mining Company was established in 1854 and they erected a crushing mill with crushers, stampers and washers, experimenting with how to separate the gold from the quartz matrix.

Theater in the Open

Theater in the Open

Theater in the Open is dedicated to bringing creative and innovative community theater to the cultural landscape of Greater Newburyport. They stage high-quality original productions each year for the enjoyment of the community. And they are dedicated to theater that is free and open to anyone!

Why Body Sculpting and Lipolysis Versus Cool Sculpting for Fat Removal?

By Dr. Edgar Ballenas, Correspondent
Dr. Ballenas graduated from New York Medical College, and completed his residency at Beth Israel Medical Center/ Mount Sinai in New York City. He became board certified in Emergency Medicine in 1994 and continues to practice at Jordan’s hospital in Plymouth, MA. Dr. Ballenas has been certified in medical esthetics since 2004. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic physicians. Call Suite Six Medical today for a consultation to personalize a treatment plan tailored to your goals, time frame and budget. You can view Before & After photos as you learn about the various treatments available, and all your questions will be answered.
Suite Six Medical Aesthetics
body sculpting, lipolysis, Newburyport

If you have stubborn fat and problem areas that dieting and exercise simply won’t fix, you’ll want to hear more about Suite Six’s Body Sculpting using lipolysis, a more effective alternative to Cool Sculpting for fat removal. This procedure not only targets fat, but is also effective in treating cellulite, stretch marks, excess sweating and gynostemia. As Suite Six’s body sculpting and lipolysis expert with over ten years of experience in the medical aesthetics field, I am confident I can transform your problem areas to reveal a better you.

Body Sculpting uses a treatment called lipolysis and smooths it over with smartlipo and vasorlipo. What does this mean? Unlike Cool Sculpting, Body Sculpting actually removes the fat and uses body contouring to tighten the area. With this mid invasive procedure we will have you fully recovered within 3 to 4 days. And the best part? You will see immediate results.

There are many candidates for Body Sculpting using lipolysis and is particularly popular with mothers wanting a little help from a fabulous “Mommy Makeover”. This procedure is an ideal way to get rid of the stubborn fat that mothers struggle to lose after being pregnant. Many times, despite dieting and exercise, a new mom’s body may not shed the extra fat in certain areas. Common problem areas that will benefit from this fat removal procedure include above and below the abdomen as well as under the arms.

It is also important to note key benefits to this procedure in comparison to other choices of fat removal treatments. Body Sculpting patients will not experience issues associated with Cool Sculpting such as Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) and Body Sculpting is a far more economical and less invasive alternative to liposuction. In addition, the entire procedure, conducted by myself, a board certified doctor, is done in the comfort of Suite Six’s relaxing spa atmosphere instead of a hospital.

Suite Six, a premier medical aesthetics spa located in downtown Newburyport, offers a multitude of other treatments, ranging from skin care to IV therapy. Our med spa has an extensive team of highly trained medical professionals, including myself, offering the most advanced medical treatments in the industry.

If you’re frustrated with certain areas of your body, dieting and exercise may not be enough. Contact Suite Six today at 978-358-8178 or online to inquire about our highly effective Body Sculpting procedure and take the first step to getting the body you deserve.

Newburyport Bed Racing – A Favorite Event of Locals!

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.
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When is Newburyport Bed Racing? Mark your calendar for the 2018 Newburyport Lion’s Club Bed Races on Thursday, August 2nd at 6 pm on Federal Street in Newburyport. What is Newburyport Bed Racing? It’s a totally fun event during Yankee Homecoming week where folks design and build a bed that is used to race down Federal Street in Newburyport. The starting line is at the intersection of Federal Street and High Street, and the finish line is at the intersection of Federal Street and Water Street across from the Tannery.

You will find that the goals of participants are all different. Some are determined to win the race, others are excited to show off their cool bed creations and some are just busy waving at friends. Bed Racing is a very social Newburyport event. Most of the beds are designed and raced by local small businesses. Some of the creations are entertaining and others are impressive, but in all cases the fans get very excited to cheer for their favorite small businesses as they race or saunter down Federal Street.

All are encourage to come enjoy this event, but if Bed Racing is one of your favorite events during Yankee Homecoming week, then you’re probably from the local Newburyport area as this event is an extremely popular tradition with the Newburyport locals. Bed Racing is an annual event hosted by the Newburyport Lion’s Club and generously sponsored by Watts Eye Associates. Proceeds benefit the Newburyport Lions Club local charities (eye exams / glasses for the needy, annual Thanksgiving dinner, visual aids for the blind, high school scholarships, local food pantries, etc.).

If you would like to enter the race the registration fee is $30 per bed and you can register up until 6 PM on race day, but you must be lined up at 5:30 pm for bed inspection. You will find the registration form on the Lions Club website and you can contact Chad McDonald with any questions, If by chance we have severe weather (not just rain) at race time, then this event will be moved to Friday, August 3rd at 6 pm. Enjoy our 2015, 2016 and 2017 video coverage.

Americana Rhythm & Roots Festival

By Elizabeth de Veer, Correspondent
Elizabeth de Veer is a writer who lives in Georgetown, MA. Her hobbies include organizing her elementary school-age daughter and chasing her labradoodle. Favorite coffee: hot. Favorite Beatles album: Sgt. Pepper. Favorite naughty food: lobster roll and fries. Her first novel is due to be published in winter 2019.
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If you’re looking for some great American music in a beautiful setting, check out the Americana Rhythm & Roots Festival at Newburyport’s Waterfront Park on Saturday, July 7 from 3:30 to 8:00 pm. Bring your picnic blanket and experience the Americana Rhythm & Roots Festival for free, or purchase VIP seats for $50 each and sit on the balcony of the Firehouse Center for the Arts while enjoying free food, wine and beer. All proceeds support the Newburyport parks.

But who’s playing at the Americana Rhythm & Roots Festival, you ask? This incredible line-up has something for everybody:

NRBQ  – aka the New Rhythm and Blues Quarter, originally from Louisville, Kentucky. This group has been rocking the music scene since 1966 with their unique combination of rock, pop, jazz, and blues. They have called themselves “the greatest bar band in the world” and was the unofficial house band for The Simpsons for seasons 10-12 and wrote the song “Mayonnaise and Marmalade” for the show.

Thornetta Davis – Ms. Davis is the self-appointed Detroit Queen of the Blues, a title she wholly deserves. This woman sings blues, soul, rock and funk in the tradition of Mavis Staples and Aretha Franklin and boy, does she bring the goods. Listen for yourself.

Po’ Ramblin Boys – This group, formed in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains, plays old-time country music, 1940s-style Tennessee bluegrass. “We want to be known for keeping the old music alive and making some new music that’s still close to the roots,” says C.J. Lewandowski, the group’s lead singer and mandolin player. This group will take you back in time to when coke was still cola and a joint was a bad place to be. (As Merle Haggard would put it.)

And last but certainly not least … Quentin Callewaert  – this high school junior from Byfield is not new to the Americana Rhythm and Roots Festival; he’s a regular on the North Shore music circuit and with good reason: he’s amazing. Quentin has been playing fingerstyle acoustic guitar for years, and has distinguished himself as a prodigy, playing classical, blues and jazz guitar with the ability and passion of someone two or three times his age. And he has a great voice to boot.

The Americana Rhythm & Roots Festival supports the Newburyport Parks Conservancy, which maintains several parks and playgrounds around Newburyport including Cashman Park, Mosely Woods and Atkinson Common, to name a few.

Work With an Interior Design Pro..11 good reasons why!

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
Worthington Interior Design Newburyport

WID has written about this very topic many times over; but if you are still not convinced read an article written by an Interior Design colleague below. A designer offers 11 ways a pro can help you get the most joy from your remodel while minimizing headaches along the way.  Yanic Simard May 22, 2018, Houzz Contributor, Founder, owner and principal designer of the award winning residential interior design boutique firm Toronto Interior Design Group…

When people consider hiring an interior design professional for the first time, they often don’t know what to expect. Television can make it seem as though designers are magicians. This can create the illusion that designing, purchasing for and executing a vision can happen in a day; that concepts cost next to nothing to achieve; or that these professionals do nothing but shop, cause drama and have the time of their lives spending clients’ money.

That’s good entertainment, but it’s not reality.

In the established design industry, the career is serious business. It takes years to master the art of interior design. It is complex, calculated and practical. A design professional is often part creator, part project manager and sometimes even part therapist, helping homeowners to determine their dream design and bring it to life while helping them to breathe through the complexities from start to finish. Design professionals have learned over the years to wear many hats to benefit their clients.

Here are some of the top reasons for entrusting your project, whether it’s big or small, to a professional designer.

  1. Designers keep it real. It’s important to have big design dreams, but it’s also important to have a good idea of your design limitations. Television shows can make it seem as though anything is possible, no matter your space or your budget. In reality, every project has limitations, whether from the physical structure (like immovable walls and support columns) or other factors.Design professionals can help you determine which of your goals are realistic for your project and warn you of potential issues before any work or buying begins. This ensures that your plans are achievablewithin the budget you’ve set.
  2. Designers see potential. When it comes to your space, design professionals see not only the limits, but also the potential. It’s easy to get used to a furniture plan or functional layout in your space, or to think that there are no other options. But trained eyes can help you see possibilities you might not have considered. Whether you’re planning a major renovation or just refreshing your style, a design professional can help you get the best from your home.
  3. Designers use a time-tested process. Knowing your project’s limits and potential is just the beginning of a process that design professionals use to make sure a project stays on track from start to finish.Each designer may have a unique way of doing things, but ultimately an experienced professional will have a tried-and-true method that will help guide the project and make sure nothing gets missed.
  4. Designers can save you money. Yes, bringing in a pro to help manage your project can even save you money. There are financial considerations that you might not see upfront, including the considerable potential cost of mistakes.That said, while professional design can prevent expensive errors, it is still a luxury. But it’s one that can be considered an investment in the enjoyment of your home.
  5. Designers speak many languages. Some design professionals may actually speak many foreign languages, but all speak languages you might not be aware of, such as “contractor,” “architect” and “permit approval officer.” Communication is key in any design project, and mistakes and hiccups usually occur when a seemingly simple conversation or request is misinterpreted by one or both sides. An experienced professional will know how to properly communicate your design vision to the relevant tradespeople and suppliers, with detailed drawings, documentation and follow-ups to make sure your design dreams don’t get lost in translation.
  6. Designers bring the best tools. Design professionals use a range of software programs that produce accurate drawings and 3D visualizations of a space. Whether you’re moving walls or ordering furniture, you might find it tough to picture in your mind exactly how things will fit and look. Proper drawings will ensure that the pieces come together the right way, and in good proportions, so you don’t have to return items and start again.

Professionals can also give you access to a wide range of samples and materials that have been preselected from their favorite providers. A trusted designer with knowledge and taste will greatly simplify the process of browsing materials and finishes by showing you the best of the best, rather than an overwhelming array of options.

Designers may look at hundreds of stone samples, fabrics or plumbing fixtures before showing the best three or four choices to their clients.

Most designers have access to exclusive products, paint colors, hardware or other go-tos that they have used before and know work well. These recommendations from an experienced pro are invaluable.

  1. Designers save you time. Designing, building and furnishing a home is a bit like planning a wedding: You don’t realize the incredible number of decisions that need to be made until the process is already underway and the to-do lists start to pile up.

Designers are also trained to anticipate obstacles, which pop up in virtually every project. A professional with years of practice overseeing complex projects will be able to spot the ways things could go off course and then plan ahead to avoid issues. Coordinating the ordering and delivery of materials, the different tradespeople and installers, and your personal schedule can be hectic, but it’s important to make sure these moving parts coordinate smoothly, or the project can see serious delays.

With every project, not everything goes according to plan. Things come up that require quick reactions. Designers are there on hand to make the crucial decisions on the spot so you can focus on life’s more important things.

  1. Designers think creatively. It’s easy to go into a store, buy a furniture set from a display, have it delivered to your home, set it up and call it a day. But will that set from a showroom floor suit your unique space? A design professional can think creatively about your goals for your space and come up with solutions and ideas that you would never have thought of. Clients often tell me, “I never would have pictured that piece or color in my home, but now that I see it, it’s perfect.”
  2. Designers know how to edit. While it’s important to be able to think of creative features to add to the space, it’s equally important to know what to leave out. An interior design professional can guide you through the intricate process of knowing when to stop adding new elements — and how to get rid of old clutter. Ultimately, it is good editing that gives a home a collected sensibility while remaining personal, unique and true to the people who live there.
  3. Designers offer a range of services. Hiring a designer isn’t just like handing over the keys to your home and letting someone take over.  While some designers specialize in full-service offerings, others will tackle smaller one-off jobs like helping you pick paint colors, find the right furniture, select materials or simply plan a space. Of course, with different offerings comes different fee structures, which is something you’ll have to discuss with your design professional.
  4. Designers find the wow factor. Finally, this brings us to the reason people often begin a design project in the first place: the wow factor. Clients may find it hard to take risks, and that makes sense. Nobody wants to gamble with hard-earned money and lose. However, it’s important to take at least some design risks to find the dazzling, show-stopping moment that makes a project feel as though it was worth undertaking in the first place. Call or Email Worthington Interior Design today.


Providing Cool Air Conditioning Comfort to our Community!

By Charity Lombardi-Simard, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Charity is president of Lombardi Oil & Gas. She is second generation in the family business that was started by her father in the 1950’s. Her interest in the industry is the continued evolution and fast-paced movement into cleaner and more efficient energy. Her vision for the business is to maintain a personal culture with the community and to provide options and service to those that heat with fuel – with focus on hi-efficiency equipment, use of new technologies and Biofuel delivery. In her personal time, Charity is active in the Icelandic Horse Community, with 2 of her own. She travels regularly to Iceland to train and supports promotion of the breed in the US.
Lombardi Oil & Gas
Air Conditioning, Newburyport MA

Air Conditioning used to be a luxury, but modernized homeowners are more reliant on cooler drier air. Higher efficiency options allow for comfort with less operational costs as well as creative solutions for style and decor. In addition to making everyday life more comfortable, air conditioning does much more for homeowners.



  • Air Conditioning continuously filters and circulates indoor air, removing airborne allergens, pet dander, pollen, pollutants and more. For those with respiratory conditions or sensitive allergies, HEPA filters and air purification systems work alongside air conditioning units to bring needed relief.
  • Air conditioning dehumidifies the air as it cools. This is important because humidity inhibits the ability of our bodies to self-regulate temperature, and it makes cooled indoor spaces feel clammy and smell musty.
  • Many modern air conditioning offers multiple fan settings, making it possible to filter and circulate indoor air even when the Air Conditioning isn’t actively cooling helping homeowners strike a balance between cleaner air and lower energy bills.
  • Smart Thermostats, the latest in thermostat technology, make it easier than ever to control air conditioning energy use. These thermostats can be controlled from anywhere using your smartphone, and they provide the most user-friendly interface for setting up detailed cooling schedules that will save you money.
  • As an alternative to central air systems, DUCTLESS Air Conditioning & HEAT PUMP units are Great for older homes, renovated spaces and targeted cooling and heating needs – and can provide added value with savings up to 30% in heating costs.
    • Whisper Quiet
    • Quick & Easy Install
    • Year-round efficiency
    • Wi-Fi compatible
    • Wall, ceiling or floor mounted
    • Aggressive rebates available for new installations

Some suggestions to keep your Air Conditioning system running at peak performance:

Keep your outdoor condenser free from leaves and brush. Sometimes you may want to hide the outdoor unit, however, please make sure to leave sufficient room around the whole unit, for proper air circulation on top and sides.

Change the filter regularly. Your air conditioner breathes through its filter, and when that filter becomes clogged, your AC unit struggles. A dirty filter can cause your fan to wear out prematurely and can sharply increase your energy use. Make a habit of replacing these on time!

Tune up your AC unit annually. Annual maintenance from a licensed technician is the only way to get your system ready for the cooling season. You’ll experience fewer breakdowns, lower energy bills and a longer life for your air conditioner.

Consider an Air Conditioning maintenance plan. The plan will cover an annual tune-up – and give you 15% off any parts and labor.

If you experience any disruptions in your cooling system, or have interested in upgrading to high efficiency or ductless, we are happy to help!

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We will offer the best value, with reliable, quality Air Conditioning service and installation and top of line expertise, to increase your comfort, convenience and safety. Call Lombardi Oil & Gas anytime to see how we can help you 978-465-7200 *!

32 Empire Dr, North Andover, MA 01845 Under Contract

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.


Homes on Empire Drive RARELY become available, this Energy Star certified young home is one of the desirable Willow floor plans. Built in 2012 to last with a modern, open concept kitchen with large dining space that flows nicely into the living room. With 9 foot ceilings on 1st floor, lots of natural sunlight, a lovely gas Fireplace plus cathedral ceiling this feels big and cozy at the same time. The walk out lower level family room has double glass doors and full size windows. On the 2nd floor you have a real master suite with private bath, great closet PLUS a laundry room with 2 additional sunny, nice sized bedrooms. These homes were built by a well respected local builder. You’ll love how convenient this neighborhood is to downtown, commuter routes, shopping & restaurants. Located in the sought after Franklin school district! On moving day you’ll open up your door and have instant friends of all ages. See it for yourself this weekend Sunday 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

View Listing

Lisa Johnson Sevajian

Newburyport High School Principal Leadership Transition

By Taylor Walker, Correspondent
Taylor is a local Newburyport writer helping to cover happenings within the Newburyport High School community. Taylor will be majoring in English at Worcester State University in the fall of 2018 and has participated in creative writing clubs.
Newburyport High School Principal

The Newburyport High School Principal, Mr. Parent, will be retiring at the end of this school year after eleven years of hard work. Mr. Parent has made huge contributions to this school’s environment for students and staff. Throughout his years here at NHS, Mr. Parent has conferred with a team of teachers, students, parents, and school officials to accomplish multiple projects. Since Mr. Parent started here at NHS, he has cultivated the flex program, which allows for students to partake in classes at night to free up their schedules during the school day; he has utilized every moment students have in their school day to allow as much learning as possible, changing the schedule and making adjustments as they were needed; as well as academics, Mr. Parent has helped to expand the different sports available to NHS students.

At the end of his eleventh year as the Newburyport High School Principal, Mr. Parent is welcoming Mr. Andrew Wulf in to take his place. Mr. Wulf is currently an Administrator of Teaching and Learning at Salem High School. As part of the new principal’s welcome to the Newburyport community, Mr. Wulf came for a tour of the school to really grasp an understanding of what life is like here at NHS. Transitioning into this position for Mr. Wulf will be an exciting time and he has a plan in mind in order to complete this switch as smooth as possible.

Recently, I corresponded with Mr. Wulf in relation to this change coming soon to Newburyport High School. Touching on the importance of keeping everyone connected and informed, Mr. Wulf said, “My goal is to learn about the school through the eyes of students, teachers, support staff and parents so that I can acquire a deep and rich understanding of Newburyport High School”. As this change takes place, NHS students, parents, and community members can all take note of the collaborative team work going on in this high school. Mr. Wulf went on to elaborate that his tour here had really given him an insight into how NHS is, calling it a “special place with a strong sense of community”, and further he expressed that he is excited, as we are here at NHS, to begin his tenure as our new principal.

Newburyport High School Prom – An Annual Tradition

By Taylor Walker, Correspondent
Taylor is a local Newburyport writer helping to cover happenings within the Newburyport High School community. Taylor will be majoring in English at Worcester State University in the fall of 2018 and has participated in creative writing clubs.
Featured Video Play Icon

Newburyport High School Prom is always a time of excitement and fun! It’s a wonderful tradition that students prepare for, weeks in advance. The 2018 Newburyport Senior Prom was held Thursday, May 31st and the festivities started at 5 PM with the annual promenade. The Promenade always takes place at Newburyport High School before the prom in order to include everyone in this memorable event. Students (who so chose) name’s are announced as they walked down the steps of the high school and then continue down a sidewalk lined with people. Friends, parents, younger & older siblings, other family members, and many from the community come out to be part of this exciting nigh for the students. After the Promenade, students take photos with friends and family and then are transported to the prom on buses. This year’s prom was held at Blue Ocean event center in Salisbury.

Traditionally, at a prom students were expected to wear formal attire. Male students wore a black tux with a tie or vest that corresponded in color to their date’s formal gown. Now, with today’s society evolving faster than ever, students, especially girls, are encouraged to express themselves, as they so choose. You will still see lots of formal dresses but you will also see some wearing outfits that stray from traditional gowns, like jumpsuits and even two piece fashions. Meanwhile, boys are wearing different colored suits and switching up their formal attire.

Not only are students more expressive with their attire, but there is far less pressure to attend the Newburyport High School Prom as a traditional couple. You will see groups of girls, groups of guys and LGBT couples too. Newburyport High School students are attending prom with friends that they want to make memories with. Newburyport High School senior Isabelle Bacon said, “As a member of the LGBT community, I have personally noticed that our community has become more accepting, because our society has grown in awareness that not everyone is the same.” The Newburyport High School seniors are a diverse group of students but they are ready to celebrate their many wonderful accomplishments as they prepare for exciting future endeavors. enjoyed helping to capture this great group of students and we hope you enjoy our video of the Newburyport High School Prom Promenade. Make sure to follow Newburyport VIP on Instagram to view our VIP Prom photo highlights.

Newburyport High School PromNewburyport High School Prom










Best Outdoor Dining in Newburyport – Restaurants with Outdoor Seating

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
Featured Video Play Icon

The suns out, the weather’s warm, which means it’s time for some delicious outdoor dining, and nobody has better outdoor seating than Newburyport. From waterfront views to tacos on the run to classic New England seafood, our coastal town has it all. There are places great for kids and many that will even accommodate your four legged friends. If you are bringing your pup along for the day, pick a restaurant with a sidewalk/patio. Many will allow your buddy to hang just on the edge and some will even give them a refreshing bowl of water. So where will you be pulling up a seat for your next meal?

Hanging Downtown

If you’re hitting the shops downtown for a little retail therapy, there are tons of delicious outdoor dining options that won’t veer you off your path. West Row, in the Center of Newburyport’s Market Square, features a beautiful outdoor seating area located on the pedestrian only Inn Street, where you can frequently enjoy local musicians performing.

If your family is craving pizza or pasta, head to the opposite side of Inn Street to Oregano Pizzeria & Ristorante for classic Italian food or try their delicious Lebanese dishes. While the patio is technically on a sidewalk, the restaurant does a great job using greenery and plants to make you feel like you’re having a private outdoor dining experience.

Heading up State Street, the main drag in town, there are tons of restaurants offering sidewalk outdoor seating, so you can relax and still experiencing the bustle of Newburyport on a beautiful day.  If you’re looking to experiment, pop into The Paddle Inn for their eclectic menu ranging from Korean rice balls to fish tacos and everything in between, and of course equally creative cocktails. Brine, which describes itself as New England’s first Oyster, Crudo and Chop Bar, is your restaurant if your group fancies some caviar, a solid steak and oysters. Looking to pair a fabulous glass of wine with European style cuisine that locally sources exceptional cheeses, Charcuterie and creatively prepared entrees? Ceia Kitchen & Bar is where you want to pull up a chair. 

At the top of State Street, you can opt for a Guinness and bangers on the sidewalk patio at The Port Tavern, an Irish pub.  And if you’re not really into Irish fare, no problem, the tavern offers a mix of traditional Irish meals alongside classic pub favorites and a fabulous selection of beers.

Exploring downtown but hoping for dinner with a view? Sea Level Oyster Bar, offers substantial outdoor seating with a front patio overlooking downtown as well as a back patio overlooking Waterfront Park and the Merrimack River. Grab a seat out back and watch the boats come and go as you enjoy their extensive menu, ranging from a raw bar to sandwiches, pizza and lobster dinners. Come on a cool summer night and hang out by their fire pit for an after dinner drink.

Exploring ALL of Newburyport

While Downtown has its draws, Newburyport has amazing restaurants worth a quick walk or drive from the main area. 

Just a block off the center of downtown is Mission Oak, a delicious steak house situated in a renovated church. While the steaks are delicious, if you’re looking for a lighter fare, they also offers a more casual bar menu. Grab a seat on their sidewalk patio or the back patio, and enjoy a quieter outdoor seating option to the busy State Street restaurants.

A few more blocks west from downtown, feel free to drive as valet parking is complimentary, will take you to the Italian restaurant Andiamo. Their patio, which looks like a backyard garden lit up with overheard strands of lights, is always lively in the evening for both dining and drinks. 

Head east of town to the Tannery for delicious Thai Cuisine, and enjoy the side patio at Brown Sugar by the Sea

Just a half block down and you can drop into Starboard Galley for your seafood fix and enjoy outdoor dining with river views, or continue driving toward Plum Island to dine on award winning lobster rolls at picnic tables overlooking the marshes at Bob Lobster

If Mexican is what you’re craving, head towards the train station for this local gem. Metzy’s Cantina, a Newburyport staple, serves up a mean taco and margarita and has an awesome outdoor seating area where your kids can stretch their legs and play in the grass.

Quick Bites and Takeout

There’s so much going on in town, you may not want to stop and sit for too long. Newburyport has great options for privately owned quick service casual dining without the wait. If you want to grab a slice, Anchor Stone Pizza is your stop. While their cheese pizza is amazing, if you’re feeling more adventurous, try out their delicious specialty pies, all named after local spots. Order online or at the counter and enjoy great people watching from Anchor’s outdoor seating. If you’re looking for a table where you can relax and the kids can play, Purple Onion, which offers up healthy alternatives to fast food, has a small patio set up right outside the Inn Street Playground. However, if you’d like to grab a quick beer or coffee with that sandwich or salad, swing by Coffee Factory and snag a seat at their State Street sidewalk seating. As if these aren’t enough options, you can also walk down Pleasant Street to Dos Amigos for a tasty burrito at their outdoor dining area. They offer a great selection of creative options for kids and adults.

Sweet Treats

And no meal is complete without dessert. Grab a cone at Dolce Freddo Gelato and sit back and relax at a nearby bench or take your refreshing dessert down to the waterfront for a stroll. Feeling guilty about all the delicious food you’ve already indulged in? Opt for a healthier, yet equally satisfying snack, at The Juicery and kick back at their outdoor dining area. 

So if you’re looking for great outdoor seating options, Newburyport is the place to be. Just keep in mind that you can enjoy discounts at local restaurants and shops by presenting a valid Best of Newburyport VIP Card. The VIP Card Program rewards card holders with discounts every time they visit any of the 180 Greater Newburyport participating businesses. Purchase one VIP Card for $25 or two for $40 and $10 or 40% of your purchase is a donated to a local nonprofit partner of your choice. View discounts on or by downloading the Newburyport App. Purchase  your VIP Card today and have fun saving to save on your outdoor dining expenses!

Building Your Custom Home – Consult Newburyport’s Premier Custom Home Builder

By Greg Greene, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Greene Construction LLC based in Newburyport, MA. Greg began working in construction while finishing college, and decided he loved the creativity of finding solutions to give homeowners what they want and need. With more than 25 years in remodeling and custom home building, Greg loves what he does, and the community where he lives and works. He enjoys meeting with clients in their home or one of the Newburyport hotspots like Plum Island Coffee Roasters or Mission Oak Grill (awesome food). You can learn more about Greg’s varied projects at
Greene Construction
Building Your Custom Home, Newburyport MA

Building your custom home offers you the opportunity to design a home that manifests precisely how you imagine it to be and excludes any unwanted spaces or features that are not conducive to your lifestyle and personal preferences.  Consulting with a professional home builder will indeed, empower you by adding to the decision-making process and introducing factors you may not be thinking of. Your budget is something you surely have thought about; but have you considered factors such as the price of neighboring homes and how that might affect the value of your home?

When buying an existing home, you never want it to be the most expensive home on the street, because the selling price will be based on nearby homes. The same can be said for the custom-built home and its location. The property design is another factor to consider when building your custom home and you will want to ensure you are compliant with local zoning ordinances.

Searching for that utopian location can be tricky. Finding the exact match of the perfect location and the style of home that reflects your lifestyle and personal style is even harder. Location is key to your family’s daily routine and it’s important to think about where you are now financially, and how that has changed from where you were.

You may find yourself debating the expense of renovations for an existing house versus having the house built exactly to your standards. The benefit of building your custom home, is that it doesn’t have to be more expensive than investing in an already made home. You may find a home that is almost perfect, yet it’s missing something unique to your tastes. What’s worse, is having to deal with a section of a house or floor plan, that you would rather not be there.

Finding a home close to your liking may also not include the most current standards for safety codes. What is even more unsettling, is what you may not see, hidden in the foundation or the structure of the home. A custom-built home offers you the advantage of seeing the house from scratch to polish.

You may want to consider the resale value when planning your custom home location. Many people who have their home custom built may not think that they will ever want to move, but it is advisable to think about the possibility you may want to relocate at some point. As time changes, so do the lifestyles of their inhabitants.

Popular home styles in New England include: Colonial, Federal, Shingle Style, Victorian, and Contemporary. Even with classical styles and modern floor plans, you are more likely to see an efficient use of space and lighting with a custom-built home. Custom homes may externally appear to be architecturally older, but can have a floor plan that is quite modern. Building your custom home will implement energy efficient materials, climate control, modern insulation and innovative plumbing. Aesthetics that embody a balance between the structural integrity and the visual appeal of the home, will allow for future customization capabilities and home additions with less hassle and added value to your home.

Now that you are in the market for purchasing a new home, or even renovating your current home, contact Greene Construction, Newburyport’s Premier Custom Home Builder and Remodler. For more information about Greene Construction and our long history of designing and building custom homes in Newburyport, please visit


Allergies in Dogs: Fight Back with Simple Solutions

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
Allergies in Dogs, Newburyport MA

Guess what? Allergies aren’t just on the rise in humans, more and more pets are being diagnosed each year.  Allergies in dogs can be triggered by many more stimulants than ever before. Dr Denise Petryk summarizes that the rise in dog allergies is thought to be influenced by a range of factors: food additives, genetically modified foods, pollen’s, environmental allergens, and fleas. Some pets are easily triggered by other environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, household cleaners, and mold. Most of us know the importance of feeding our animals top quality foods and we do practice good dietary habits, but what  if the allergies are not triggered by food? What can we do to help lessen the symptoms of environmental allergies in dogs?

The first step is to create a spring regimen that boosts Rovers immune system, and combats against allergies in dogs. Try a simple wipe-down a few times a day. This removes pollen and prevents it from penetrating your dogs coat and settling on their skin. Add extra spray-downs during the day. A simple run through the sprinkler, a game with the garden hose, or a toddler pool with clean water is all that you need. Not only does it keep Fido pollen free, but it’s refreshing on those hot summer days. Add an oatmeal bath. There are a lot of products on the market that have healing properties such as aloe, and evening primrose. Note: don’t use any type of oat products if your dog’s itchy skin is yeast related. Always consult your doctor. The right diet can boost your dog’s immune system. Like humans dogs are designed to eat real foods, mostly meat but vegetables too. Most dog foods contain starch and starch is an inflammation instigator. knowing your dog’s food tolerances is very important but a diet in lean meat and veggies is perfect for building your dog’s immune defenses. Below is a list of eatables that are natures immune builders…you and your dog should add them to your diet.

Fight allergies in dogs with food.

  • Fish oil supplements
  • Vitamin D supplements
  • Rosemary
  • Biotin
  • Coconut oil
  • Echinacea
  • Peppermint
  • Plain yogurt
  • Vitamin C
  • Pumpkin
  • Diatomaceous earth

If you’re already familiar with diatomaceous earth than it’s an amazing way to kill internal parasites. It can also be used topically to kill fleas. But if you’re not familiar with diatomaceous earth you should research more before using it.

If you’re applying all of these new routines and your not seeing any results you may want to consult your vet for more aggressive relief to fight allergies in dogs.

Let’s hope that by simply modifying our spring pet regimen we can combat the discomfort associated with allergies. These steps just might help your furry friends get through the allergy season with little to no symptoms. But always keep in close contact with your vet when it comes to combating allergies in dogs.

If you found this article helpful, click here to view other informative blog posts from the Beach Dog.

Call Early for Your Moving Services Estimate – Enjoy Big Savings!

By Mary Boddy, Correspondent
Mary is the Office Manager for Ferrick Brothers Moving Company. From start to finish Mary gathers all important details about client moving needs, she sends quotes and executes contracts. She helps coordinate move logistics and convey important client needs to the folks facilitating the moves. Mary is there to help answer questions, confirm critical details and she is there in the end to follow up with clients and gather feedback about their moving experience.
Ferrick Brothers Moving Company
moving services

Most people and businesses planning their next move tend to forget something really important before they’ve even gotten started: a moving services estimate. Whether you’re planning a same-city “mini-move” or a long-distance relocation, calling early for a moving-services estimate could save you a lot of money – up to 50% on moving costs, in fact.

Ferrick Bros. Moving Company is a family-owned regional moving company serving commercial, residential, and industrial customers in the Newburyport area and beyond. As a locally owned and operated moving and storage company, Ferrick Bros. offers highly competitive pricing compared to national chains.

Be sure to get your FREE Moving Services Estimate as soon as you begin the moving process! Visit our website for a same-day online estimate or, for best accuracy, we’ll come to you. Online estimates are not as accurate as getting a quote from the owner, Bob Ferrick, either on the telephone or a free, in-house estimate.

Click here to get your moving coupons from Ferrick Bros!

  • $25 off any job between $500-$999
  • $50 off any job between $1,000-$2,000
  • $100 off any job over $2,000

Call us anytime 24/7 at 1-978-476-4229 for additional cost-saving moving services and storage tips. Same-day service available.

Ferrick Bros. also provides packing, unpacking, and pad-wrap services, and free boxes and other packing supplies are available upon request. We also understand that some moves require storage options as well. Ferrick Bros. offers furniture storage and portable storage facilities to fit any storage need.

Let Ferrick Bros. Moving Company do your heavy lifting for relocating your business office and equipment, moving into a new house or apartment, and/or transporting your specialty items with care.

Our strong reputation in the Newburyport area reflects our emphasis on best value and excellent customer service. Call or visit us online now to find out how much you could save on your next big move. You can’t afford not to!

Design Ideas for Outside Living on Your Patio, Porch or Deck

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
Patio, Porch or Deck, Newburyport MA

Explore easy ways to design outside living on your patio, porch or deck in Newburyport with amazing options for furniture, lighting and serve-ware! If you have enough space for a great sectional sporting an indoor/outdoor easy-to-clean material look to Restoration Hardware’s Classic Kingston collection. 14 different fabrics, 2 seat depths to fit  compact residential footprints are great. Want to get rid of your old picnic table? Wait a minute, you can paint it and apply a cool French stripe runner to dress up your 1950’s style picnic table. If you can’t bring your precious pillows outside on your patio, porch or deck have Newburyport’s 2017 Best Interior Designer, Worthington Interior Design work with you to select hip Perennials fabrics to create what looks like it belongs on the inside; but can live on the outside!

Newburyport has such a beautiful coastal setting to decorate your table with an obvious ‘sea-worthy’ theme, and there are so many great melamine dishes in marine, coral and nautical patterns it’s hard to choose. Think about introducing a different design approach of geometrics. Mixing stripes, chevrons, windowpane, hounds tooth or dot patterns to create unique outside space. All related without committing to a particular design so you can add more accessories year after year.  Anchor your outside space with a chevron rug in polypropylene, easy AND breezy!

Consider arranging your outside patio, porch or deck space whether small or large, so you have a view of your plantings and landscaping. Decorate the side of your house with all-weather artwork to resemble a room without doors and walls. Move your games and puzzles outside with comfy unique oversize to the trade cushions or poufs that Worthington Interior Design would be happy to acquire for you. Lighting with huge glass hurricanes and add a hanging a flea market chandelier from a tree with nautical rope you can find in Newburyport area marine supply stores creating a glow on your patio or deck. Just be sure candle- safety is in place. See our selection of French style Spring-Summer candles from Point a La Ligne/Bougies a la Francaise.

Also consider lighting with battery operated candles in all sizes to offer a worry-free outside! And the new LED colored sculpted sphere or globe lights with remotes will instantly set your mood to chill! Summer is all about outside, entertaining and fun. Fun can either be at the local Newbury Plum Island beaches or just a set-up game of croquet, badminton, or French boules in your own backyard!

Define your own outside albeit poolside, patio, deck or porch style with bright colors or classic neutrals! Try mixing the unexpected- turquoise with navy, red with pinks, oranges with purples and highlight with flowers in a single color for an understated elegance. With all the many ways to design living outside in New England’s beautiful coastal city of Newburyport, let us help you make the most of your patio, porch or deck decor.


Premier 18 Hole Mini Golf Course for the North Shore

By Steve Flynn Sr., Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Steve Flynn Sr. has worked in the greenhouse business since he was in his teens and has owned Nunan’s for over thirty years. Nunan’s is a family oriented and run business with three generation actively involved in the business. Steve enjoys the ever changing seasons of the greenhouse industry, and has built the business to be for both retail and wholesale customers .
Nunan Florist & Greenhouses
Mini Golf Course at Nunan's, Georgetown

Have you been to Nunan’s lately? Last year, we proudly opened Kallie’s Kones, a full-service ice cream parlor, and Garden Golf, a premier 18-hole, beautifully landscaped mini golf course. Our General Manager and Co-Owner Stephen Flynn, Jr. came up with the idea of building a miniature golf course to our property after seeing a rise in agritourism—a term that simply means an activity or attraction that brings visitors to a farm. Wanting to venture away from corn mazes, Stephen began planning for a miniature golf course. Construction began shortly after, and on July 29, 2016, Nunan’s Garden Golf celebrated its grand opening with a weekend of miniature golf, hot dogs, and ice cream!

Nunan’s Garden Golf is in the quaint town of Georgetown, MA, surrounded by our growing greenhouses,and a full-scale garden center, flower shop, and landscape company set on our 22+ acre lot. It’s not your run-of-the-mill mini golf course, as Garden Golf boasts no windmills or dinosaurs. Instead, our 18-hole course is set amongst a beautiful botanical garden that has some of the most alluring and unique annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees that grow in the northeast. The course takes you over bridges, through water hazards, by an 18’ waterfall and many other obstacles that make it a fun and challenging experience for the entire family! Throughout the garden, each plant has an identification label and our scorecards are designed with a “Plant Wish List” on the back of it so that you can write down what you like. After your game of golf, you can walk through our beautiful blooming front displays to our ice cream parlor and enjoy a Richardson’s ice cream as you shop for the plants on your wish list.

Now, Nunan’s Garden Golf has opened its doors to new opportunities within the community by offering a number of different programs, including youth programs and field trips, private events such as birthday parties, fundraisers, and corporate events. Garden Golf and Kallie’s Kones have already hosted a number of birthday parties and they’re a huge hit!

Hosting a corporate event for your business? Try something new and host a mini golf tournament for your employees. Many companies have standard golf tournaments, but the problem with that is not everyone plays golf and it takes an entire day. Mini golf is comparatively shorter, sweeter, and easier to play! With a Nunan’s Garden Golf corporate event, you can bring everyone together for a fun-filled day. Mini golf is a great outing activity for your employees—it helps improve communication amongst coworkers, helps employees get to know each other better, celebrate company achievements, show appreciation, energize your team, and boost morale. At Nunan’s, you can rent the entire area to play mini golf, bring in food or have it delivered, play music, or host family games, company awards, and presentations.





Mozart’s Harmony – Newburyport Choral Society Spring Concert

Newburyport Choral Society Spring Concert Harmony

Enjoy a beautiful musical journey and get tickets to Harmony, the Newburyport Choral Society Spring Concert. The Newburyport Choral Society (NCS) will perform a newer version of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s beloved Requiem as well as music by the Czech composer Jan Dismas Zelenka on Saturday, May 5th at 8 pm and Sunday May 6th at 4 pm at Belleville Congregational Church, 300 High Street in Newburyport. This Spring Concert will showcase not only the work of incredible composers, but will offer a virtuoso performance by the 150 voices of NCS singers along with a 17 piece professional orchestra and four soloists, all devoted to contributing to the culture of Greater Newburyport through choral music.

The Newburyport Choral Society Spring Concert, Harmony, will feature powerful masterpieces from the choral canon. The concert will intrigue audiences with a newer presentation of Mozart’s famous Requiem, which Mozart left unfinished when he died. The Concert will feature a version of the Requiem completed by the renowned Mozart scholar and Harvard Professor, Robert D. Levin. In addition, audiences will be amazed by the intriguing music of 18th century composer Jan Dismas Zelenka. This is the first time NCS is performing Zelenka’s music! While Zelenka is not as well known as Mozart, his contemporary Johann Sebastian Bach admired his work and his virtuosic compositions are enjoying renewed attention today. Music lovers will delight in experiencing this exceptional event.

Audiences will have the pleasure of hearing these choral masterworks in the wonderful acoustics of Belleville Congregational Church. Over 140 singers will perform during Harmony along with four professional soloists and a 17-piece orchestra. You will feel emotionally moved by the invigorating music and gorgeous performances of committed and dedicated singers and instrumentalists. This lively Choral Society Spring Concert will be led by the incredibly talented Music Director of the Newburyport Choral Society, Dr. George Case.

Come to the Newburyport Choral Society Spring Concert and share the gift of music with your friends and family!

The Newburyport Choral Society has been a community cultural asset for over 80 years.  They perform a spring and winter concert every year. NCS members range in age from high school students to retirees and are united in their passion for singing and sharing choral music with the Greater Newburyport Community.  

Tickets for Harmony are available in advance online as well as at the following locations:

  • Newburyport: Chamber of Commerce, 38 Merrimac Street, Unit 101; Jabberwocky, 50 Water Street; The Book Rack, 52 State Street; & The Natural Grocer, 334 High Street
  • Amesbury: Starbird Jewelers, 80 Main Street
  • Ipswich: Conley’s Drug Store, 146 High Street

Fairy Gnome Discovery Walk – Experience & Explore Magical Fairy Houses

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
Featured Video Play Icon

Put on your best and brightest wings, sprinkle a little fairy dust and head to the fourth annual Fairy Gnome Discovery Walk for a magical stroll through the woods to search for nearly 200 fairy houses. Mark your calendars for April 28th and 29th from 10 am to 3 pm for this whimsical event at Pettengill Farm, 45 Ferry Rd., in Salisbury Hosted by the Salisbury PTA, this event will transport your family to a pint sized world fit for Tinker Bell and all of her fairy friends. Tickets are available in advance online or at the ticket booth on the day of event.

You and your little fairies will frolic through a one mile path, discovering surprises along the way. Situated throughout the woods, children will delight at finding tiny fairy houses, some humble abodes with a small swing outside to sizable (for fairies of course) estates with numerous rooms, pools and more. Be on the lookout for a butterfly themed home, some bookworm fairies and a possible village! All of these enchanting creations are the work of talented professionals, families, school children, and local businesses.

While fairy houses may be very small, the Fairy Gnome Discovery Walk is a BIG day, complete with activities, entertainment and food. Spread your wings and dance to live music with David Torrisi, check out a performance with Theater in the Open, get your face painted and create fairy themed crafts with local groups like Macaroni Kid, the Greater Newburyport Mother and Families Club and Salisbury Public Library. And when you’ve worked up an appetite from all the fun, as we’re sure you will, the Fairy Gnome Discovery Walk will also have delicious local vendors serving up fresh eats from BBQ to pizza to sweets. We’re told there will even be a s’mores bar this year and to be on the look out for a very special Harry Potter drink.

Costumes and imaginations are strongly encouraged, so come dressed to impress in your fairy finest. There will be fairy inspired attire and accessories for purchase for those in need of a wardrobe update. Make sure to check out the Salisbury PTA’s stand, for tutus, wands, wings, gnome hats, snacks and more. Everything for purchase at their stand costs under $3 a piece, so you won’t break the bank.  And yes, parents, you can also dress up. After all, fairies have moms and dads too!

The fairy house walk is hosted by the Salisbury PTA, who raise money throughout the year to put on special events as well as to fund field trips, assemblies, college scholarships and other activities that enrich Salisbury Elementary’s curriculum.

Please note, the Fairy Gnome Discovery Walk will happen rain or shine.

Riverside Community Bike Swap – Buy or Sell Used Bikes

Bike Swap and Used Bikes Sale, Riverside Newburyport

Make sure to visit Riverside Cycle on Sunday, April 15th from 10 AM – 2 PM for the annual community bike swap, hosted by the locally based Pan Mass Challenge Team, The Riverside Rockets. This is an amazing opportunity to pick up used bikes at very reasonable prices, and your helping to support an important cause. If your interested in selling or donating bikes drop them off at Riverside between 9 AM – 5 PM on Saturday April 7th or 14th. Whether you’re, buying, selling or donating, a portion of all proceeds will go to the Jimmy Fund and the PAN Mass Challenge in support of cancer research. In addition to Riverside Cycle, The Tannery Mall, and The Coastal Trails Coalition are also hosts of this wonderful community event.

Here’s how it works; on April 15 between 1o AM – 2 PM, head over to Riverside Cycle’s Tannery tent and and browse the the amazing selection of used bikes. We recommend arriving early for the bike swap, as this is a popular event and a line normally forms by 9:30 AM! Pick out and pay for your favorite bike, and the friendly staff at Riverside Cycle give it a quick safety check, and get you on your way.

If you’re interested in selling used bikes make sure to drop off bikes on April 7th or 14th at Riverside Cycle. There are two options; take 80% of the purchase price in cash, or 100% as store credit at Riverside. Either way, 20% of the purchase price will go to the PMC. If you choose to donate bikes, all proceeds will go to charity. Remember, donations are tax deductible! Call the bike shop to arrange a pick-up for bike donations, if you can’t make it to the drop off times, 978-465-5566.

According to Riverside Cycle owner Aaron Millett, the goal of the bike swap is to raise money to help in the fight against cancer while providing a venue for people to buy or sell secondhand bicycles. Last year, about 200 bicycles came into the tent raising about $7,000. He estimates that in the seven years riding for the PMC, his team “The Riverside Rockets” has raised more than $500,000 for the PMC.

About 75 percent of those taking part in past bike swap events, are customers who enjoy finding great deals and supporting the Jimmy Fund. Among them are plenty of parents looking for gently used bikes for their children, or looking to part with older bikes their kids have outgrown. Some just stop by to donate bicycles. Regardless of the motive, it’s a great opportunity for customers and our fundraising efforts. “I think it’s a win-win,” Millett said.

Choosing a Concierge Primary Care Doctor Can Save You Time, Money

By Dr. Kay Ficht, Correspondent
Kay A. Ficht, M.D. is an Internal Medicine physician who has been practicing in the Merrimack Valley for 20 years. He launched Your Choice Medical, an independent concierge medicine, primary care practice in Newburyport, MA, April 2017, with nurse practitioners, Anja Comeau and Melissa Maloney. They are accepting a limited number of patients. Kay A. Ficht is recipient of the 2017 Top Doctor Award selected by his highly regarded peers.
Your Choice Medical Internal Medicine

Signing up with a concierge primary care doctor can save you time and money each year! Usually a concierge medical practice charges patients a small fee in exchange for premium services, such as maintaining a lower population of patients, providing accessibility to the providers, availability to the doctor, convenient appointments, fitness programs and other additional services.

Kay A. Ficht, M.D. of Your Choice Medical, a new concierge practice in Newburyport, MA charges patients in his practice a low fee, which is payable quarterly or annually. Many patients have found the up-front low quarterly charge has added up to substantial savings down the line. For example, patients who are having medical issues during off business hours are often able to bypass rushing to an urgent clinic or emergency room by contacting their concierge doctor, instead of the on-call physician that might not know the patient. Dr. Ficht or the nurse practitioner can access the problem and determine a course of action, which is often as simple as calling in a prescription. The possibility of avoiding a trip to the emergency room can save concierge patient’s usually a minimum of $300.

A lower patient population means the physician and patient can have in depth discussions about health issues which can lead to a better understanding for both the patient and the doctor. This stronger patient doctor relationship can offset membership fee costs. For example, a concierge doctor usually has more time to investigate a patient’s health issues thereby offsetting expensive prescriptions, unnecessary tests and reducing expensive referrals to specialists.

The cost of your time is also an important factor to consider.  You could spend five minutes on the phone with a concierge doctor to have your problem addressed or drive to a walk in clinic or emergency room where you don’t know the provider and the provider doesn’t know you, which may consume a large portion of your day and not solve your problem.  Additional stress isn’t always something you can quantify with money, but for many who choose a concierge doctor, the piece of mind is priceless.

33 Elmira Ave, Newburyport, MA 01950

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.


This sparkling three-bedroom home in Newburyport’s North End is the one you have been waiting for! Fully renovated and exceptionally cared for, this bright and sunny home radiates comfort, love and a sense of happiness from the minute you step inside. With hardwood floors throughout the first floor, an eat in kitchen with granite countertops, a Jotul wood stove, three bedrooms, two full baths, a premium composite back deck, and a picturesque yard, you will pinch yourself at this price point. The bedrooms are spacious, bright and support a flexible floor plan. Upstairs, the light-filled master bedroom has a full bath, two ample closets and plenty of storage. Just wait until the flowers start blooming! The lovely flat yard beckons with old maple trees, gardens and room for outdoor playtime. All of this on a safe, quiet, friendly street close to Moseley Woods, the Merrimack River, and Maudslay State Park – and only a few miles from Newburyport’s vibrant downtown and Plum Island beaches.

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3 Valuable Tips for Arranging Artwork in Your Home

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
arranging artwork, Worthington Interior Design, Newburyport

3 Valuable tips for arranging artwork on your walls and throughout your home. Often I get asked to help my clients hang their art or arrange their collectables in their home. First tip is to gather all the art into 1 room and begin to organize by size, subject or genre. This can take some time and is most important before anyone swings a hammer to nail! After you have made these select piles and you may mix all three ways just so you have separation. If you have sculpture pieces depending on the size or number you may need to make a special grouping for oversize or one-of-a-kinds.

Now looking at your piles, the 2nd tip for arranging artwork is to assign each piece to either a room or space that identifies with the furnishings or purpose of that room. For instance, if you have a room with a black and white color scheme you may want to use only black and white style art in that room. Or you may have a room with not a lot of color so choosing a grouping with lots of fun colors may really work nicely if the frames or pieces are not too heavy. If a room with neutral colors can be thrown off balance if the colors are too strong and the frames too heavy to hold the room or space together. In this case I would opt for colors that may be muted or pastel to go with the neutral furnishings in that room.

Tip 3 – Now that you have placed a grouping in the room or space : say you have 8 pieces of all different styles but the same subject as we mentioned above, you take the largest piece and lay it on the floor in front of the wall you are using. Then take the next few pieces say they are pair just smaller lay them next to the large piece and space them out using the middle of the large piece and do not let them exceed either the horizontal or vertical dimension of the large piece to find their final location.

Each time you lay down a piece and review if you like your arrangement be sure to take a photo of the layout recording it for hanging. Continue with the other pieces in the grouping placing them around the largest piece and relating them each piece you continue to place. This will create an interesting dialogue of your art and show you where it will fit best on your wall. If you have furniture on that wall it will also guide you with the starting heights. Many homeowners hang their art too high so keep in mind 60” above the floor onto the wall is the common site line dimension we use in the industry.

Using these 3 valuable tips for arranging artwork on your walls can make it a fun activity! However, if you need our help to solidify a special arrangement for your artwork call and make an appointment with us,  Worthington Interior Design 617-633-3005, we’d love to hang with you!

Happy spring!

See you next month.

Quality Service and Repair – Protect Your Heating & Cooling Investment!

By Charity Lombardi-Simard, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Charity is president of Lombardi Oil & Gas. She is second generation in the family business that was started by her father in the 1950’s. Her interest in the industry is the continued evolution and fast-paced movement into cleaner and more efficient energy. Her vision for the business is to maintain a personal culture with the community and to provide options and service to those that heat with fuel – with focus on hi-efficiency equipment, use of new technologies and Biofuel delivery. In her personal time, Charity is active in the Icelandic Horse Community, with 2 of her own. She travels regularly to Iceland to train and supports promotion of the breed in the US.
Lombardi Oil & Gas
service and repair, Newburyport MA

When inviting someone into your home for service and repair on your gas/oil heating or ac system, you want to ensure that you have partnered with a qualified, company that you can trust. We recommend for your safety and comfort, that the company be licensed and insured properly with both General Liability and Workers Compensation, technicians should be wearing company uniforms, always arriving in a marked company vehicle fully stocked with parts and tools and be fully licensed and trained. If you are using services of Fuel Oil Delivery, reputable companies will be taking extreme care with safe delivery process for environmental protection of your property. They should offer to check your oil tank to make sure its safe for delivery, and be sure that there is an accessible fill pipe and properly working vent whistle. We recommend Bioheat Fuel Oil, a cleaner energy option for your home. An Automatic Bioheat Fuel Oil Delivery program is highly suggested as it ensures that your fuel level doesn’t get too low, potentially stirring up any bottom residue, and clogging up filters. Also, drivers and routing programs can help to uncover any service issues, no heat issues and excessive usage. All Heat/Hot Water/AC systems should be serviced annually to keep them operating at peak performance while checking all safety features, and helping to prevent more costly breakdowns.

Homeowners Choose Lombardi Oil & Gas for their service and repair comfort needs!

If you need Bioheat fuel oil delivery, service and repairs on heating, hot water or AC, a consult/estimate for an upgrade to your heating system or conversion installation to high efficiency, you can count on us. We commit to offer the best value, with reliable service and installation and top of line quality and expertise. Over the past 60 years, we have kept our service area very localized to Newburyport and its surrounding communities so that we can be local and service local, quickly and efficiently. We have built our business on customer loyalty, referrals and providing unparalleled and quality customer services.

Choose us and count on:

  • Quality Gas or Oil Heating Service and Repair or Installation
  • Quality Water heater service and repair, or installation
  • Quality Central Air Conditioning and Ductless Mini-split heat pump, service and repair or installation
  • Value & Service that we stand behind
  • Automatic Delivery option for Bioheat fuel oil delivery
  • Payment plans on Bioheat fuel oil delivery
  • Option of Cap, Pre-buy and fixed price oil programs
  • Self Service account access
  • Senior and Pay per delivery discounts
  • Gas or Oil heating service plans, including Annual Maintenance and Oil Tank Insurance
  • 24-hour emergency service for our Bioheat oil delivery customers and Gas Service Plan Accounts
  • Company is Licensed & insured. All In home service technicians are full-time employees of Lombardi Oil & Gas, licensed, trained and have had full background check
  • Our commitment to exploring new heating and air conditioning technologies to promote energy conservation and efficiency for our customers. Including: Bioheat Clean Fuel, High Efficiency gas or oil heating systems, On demand Hot Water Heaters, Heat Pump heating and hot water systems and smart thermostats.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We will offer the best value, with reliable service and installation and top of line quality and expertise, to increase your comfort, convenience and safety. Call us to see how we can help you!

Lombardi Oil & Gas is a home heating, AC and fuel oil delivery company, located in Newburyport, MA. Lombardi Oil & Gas has been servicing the greater Newburyport community for over 60 years, offering personal quality service. Lombardi Oil & Gas has built their business on customer loyalty, referrals and by providing unparalleled and quality customer services. Over the past 60 years they have established deep community support of local organizations and businesses. Lombardi Oil & Gas is available to its regular accounts for peace of mind 365 days of the year. Homeowners Choose Lombardi Oil & Gas for their delivery of safe, reliable, quality and forward thinking services.

Have You Hugged Your Dog This Valentine’s Day?

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
Have you hugged your dog, Newburyport, MA

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s a perfect time to talk about the power in a hug. Have you ever heard of the hormone oxytocin? Humans crave physical attention from the time they are born. In fact almost all mammals at some point literally need physical contact to establish healthy bonds. All mammals produce and release a feel good hormone called oxytocin. The release of this hormone is easily stimulated through physical touch and eye contact. This hormone called oxytocin is one of the dominant factors in the creation of Man’s Best Friend. When you pat and hug your dog there is a hormonal release of oxytocin, the love drug. This hormone creates a euphoric response, one that is craved over and over again. So, Have you hugged your dog today?

Some research shows that oxytocin is a leading factor in Pet Therapy, the new age therapeutic treatment using animals to heal. Which really isn’t a new concept just a newly practiced therapy that intentionally puts the healing power of physical contact with animals into a practice of oxytocin release. Humans have enjoyed the companionship of animals, especially dogs for thousands of years.

Throughout these evolutionary years of loving dogs, oxytocin hormone release has escalated changing the wild dog into man’s best friend. Oxytocin is a bonding hormone that is found in lower doses in wild dogs and in higher levels in domestic dogs. This explains the way a dog in the wild will not approach you for a pat on the head while Rufus will literally climb a mountain to get a hug. Wild dog breeds do product oxytocin, just in smaller amounts than domestic dogs.

The love hormone is more than just a feel good response. This hormone plays more important roles in mammal biology. You see, the love hormone is one of many key factors in a pups survival. Yes, a puppy will look for it’s mother when it’s hungry but it’s also looking for the euphoric high of the oxytocin hormone, nature’s bonding mechanism. When oxytocin is deficient in animals there may be a lack of bonding which results in insufficient nursing patterns. This deficiency can go both ways. If the mother of a litter is deficient in oxytocin she may ignore her pups, likewise if a puppy is deficient they may not feed enough.

Oxytocin is released into the dogs physical body creating a euphoric high of sorts, and you thought your dog just missed you? Well, I’m sure he did but a little oxytocin sure feels good, so have you hugged your dog today? It’s beneficial to you both to do so. Don’t forget, it goes both ways. You release the same hormone through touch and eye contact as well, a little love goes a long way. So makes sure to get a daily dose of the love drug oxytocin everyday, it’s free, it’s healthy, and it’s all natural.

For  more interesting stories and helpful tips about Man’s Best Friend visit The Beach Dog Doggie Daycare blog page.

9 Lafayette Rd Unit 2, Salisbury, MA 01952

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.


YEAR-ROUND!!!!!! !Remodeled with a modern grey palette with a clean white kitchen, the dining area is spacious and sun-filled. two floors of living space, which offers 4 bedrooms. Live right down the street from Salisbury/Hampton Beach, where the fun is just a few minutes drive away. Plenty of parking and green spaces to set up an outdoor entertaining area that is private and welcoming. Available for viewing immediately, occupancy in a week.

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Luisa Pereira

9 Lafayette Rd Unit 2, Salisbury, MA 01952

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.


YEAR-ROUND!!!!!! !Remodeled with a modern grey palette with a clean white kitchen, the dining area is spacious and sun-filled. two floors of living space, which offers 4 bedrooms. Live right down the street from Salisbury/Hampton Beach, where the fun is just a few minutes drive away. Plenty of parking and green spaces to set up an outdoor entertaining area that is private and welcoming. Available for viewing immediately, occupancy in a week.

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Luisa Pereira

9 Lafayette Rd Unit 2, Salisbury, MA 01952

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.


YEAR-ROUND!!!!!! !Remodeled with a modern grey palette with a clean white kitchen, the dining area is spacious and sun-filled. two floors of living space, which offers 4 bedrooms. Live right down the street from Salisbury/Hampton Beach, where the fun is just a few minutes drive away. Plenty of parking and green spaces to set up an outdoor entertaining area that is private and welcoming. Available for viewing immediately, occupancy in a week.

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Luisa Pereira

9 Lafayette Rd Unit 2, Salisbury, MA 01952

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.


YEAR-ROUND!!!!!! !Remodeled with a modern grey palette with a clean white kitchen, the dining area is spacious and sun-filled. two floors of living space, which offers 4 bedrooms. Live right down the street from Salisbury/Hampton Beach, where the fun is just a few minutes drive away. Plenty of parking and green spaces to set up an outdoor entertaining area that is private and welcoming. Available for viewing immediately, occupancy in a week.

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Luisa Pereira

3 Tips for Selecting Interior Colors

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
Interior Colors, Newburyport MA

3 tips for selecting interior colors for your home to steer clear of mistakes or repainting and blowing your budget. First it’s good to take inventory of what furniture you have and are keeping. This includes the color of the wood, materials or fabrics you will be using in each room. Are the materials a cool palate or a warm palate? For instance if you have predominately cool colors you want to select a complimenting neutral color to enhance the room. If all your furnishings are neutral and bland you may want to liven them up with a crisp white so you won’t be overwhelmed with color. But if you like color our next recommendation is to …

Pay attention to your existing type of lighting as well as how the light comes in your windows or if you have no windows in those rooms.

Regarding the lighting– do you have a solo center fixture, lamps, sconces or recessed fixtures? All of these types of lighting affect the colors you choose. If you have lots of window light know that a strong color will lighten on the wall at the height of the day and as the day is done it will become more intense. So if you are trying to achieve a cozy room a dark tone color may work for your space.

And lastly study the floor treatments and ceilings in each room or space. Wood floors light or dark can have an effect on your color palate. Stone or tile also will also affect the interior colors you choose because natural or man-made tile happen to react to colors because of their inconsistency especially in a natural product and the man-made product is often trying to emulate the natural product.  Both can be difficult to match colors against especially if you want a neutral color palate.

What are the current ceilings treatment(s) you are working with to choose a color palate for the walls? Do you have ceiling a swirled finish, a drywall finish, beams across the ceiling to name a few or do you have an architectural feature like a coffer or cathedral ceiling? When working with existing conditions, providing you are not embarking on a full renovation, still need to play a role when you select new colors for your home.

So live with samples of your selections so you can see them during different times of the day. And if you want to achieve a simpatico relationship from room to room when it comes to color consider these 3 tips for selecting interior colors for your home.

You may always give us a call at Worthington Interior Design for a color consult to help!

Happy Valentine’s Day and may your month be filled with lots of reds and pinks!

See you next month.


The Evolution of the Gray Wolf Becoming Man’s Best Friend?

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
Gray Wolf

Imagine living back in ancient times and having the gray wolf as man’s best friend. The scientific community, using today’s technology, strongly indicates that all dogs can genetically be traced back to the gray wolf. Yes, from wild dog species to your little labradoodle, all bloodlines point to the fact that the gray wolf’s DNA fingerprint is within your dog’s biological makeup. How did it come to be that such a prehistoric domestication took place between man and beast. In this area science is unsure but a few specialist have a unique theory, and it’s one you might not have originally guessed. How did the gray wolf become man’s best friend, and if so how did the breeds of today get so characteristically, and physically distant from that of a wolf?

Domestication is key to the gray wolf becoming man’s best friend.

The story of wolf domestication could possibly date back to a single dwelling cave and a lone family hunting and gathering to simply stay alive. The common answer for domestication is the G rated version straight from a dysentery movie, when a baby cub is abandon by its mother and taken in and raised by humans. While it makes for good theatrics the practicality is lacking. The instinctual behavioral patterns of a wolf includes a “fight or flight” mechanism science has termed “flight distant.” This is how it works. Any given wolf pup around two weeks of age goes from being curious to being fearful. This fearfulness is the fight or flight response that even as humans carry. The higher the fight or flight response triggers is what scientist gauge as the flight distance. For instance a wolf is spooked by the snap of a tree limb in the woods. If he flinches and takes a few steps his flight distance is short and he holds more curiosity. But if the wolf fleas 20 feet up the hill his fight response is a lot bigger, meeting he is triggered more by a skittish behavior than a curiosity to know more. This means that the abandoned pup, within two weeks of life is about to develop his own instinctual flight distance. A characteristic manipulated by man before artificial selection ( captive breeding). So regardless of the hospitality of this caveman family, this wolf is going to run, it’s in his DNA….also, caveman didn’t have bottles to nurse the pup.

The more practical thinking is that a wolf is a pack animal therefore they are behaviorally very similar to the human species. This means that humans and pack animals adapt well to community living. In the beginning it is thought that when man started to co-adapt into tribes or communities the wolf packs probably stuck close for easy access to human scraps. Remember not all wild dogs have the same flight distance so some would remain isolated from humans while the more curious would linger. From this point the split in species begins because the more wild solitude animals would still breed within the pack (natural selection), while the more curious would start breeding closer to the human surroundings. Know there becomes a split in species and in behavior. The wild gray wolf stayed wild and the community wolves breed down in temperament…and this is one step towards the gray wolf becoming man’s best friend.

How Breeds of today are linked to the gray wolf becoming man’s best friend.

So know the last piece to the domestication puzzle. How did that huge, wild, man eating wolf become your little labradoodle? Back 30,000 to 40,000 years ago we see the split in flight distance play a part in the wolf evolving into a less ferocious beast and into a more curious and cautious creature. The science proves that this quick genetic change happens within three generations of breeding. Scientists say Adrenaline…fight or flight hormone and melanin and fur hormone are chemically connected so they change together. This is why the entire physical characteristics changed so fast once the wolf become domesticated. It’s called Characteristic Response. The science proves that this quick genetic change happens within three generations of breeding. That means once those curious wolves branch off from the pack and breed with similar temperament wolves, within the third generation those pups would be less wild and more tame in behavior, characteristics, size and shape. Push further and add another three years and now we are even closer to the gray wolf becoming man’s best friend. So you see, breeding a dog artificially to establish new traits is a fairly fast transaction of genetics. Quick genetic changes evolve the dog towards a domesticated temperament. The genetic cross breeding of dogs yield results fast and dramatically. James Serpell, professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine theorized that domestic dog breeds would be too complicated to trace back to all of their origins because the variables would be to complex. But to answer the question as to how my labradoodle could possibly once had the size and structure of a gray wolf, the science says through artificial selection and continuation of breeding in the trait desired.

From the great and powerful gray wolf to the lap dog of today and all canine species in between the gray wolf becoming man’s best friend was a combination of a few simple events. First wild dogs would have shown opportunistic behaviors by following community’s of man. As the more wild animals ventured off the more docile stayed behind and bred with other less flight distant dogs. Within three generations the genetic traits would be strong enough to be distinct. In such a time-frame of manipulation in structure it would be easy for humans to use man-made modes of breeding to establish just about any traits they desired. And that is why your labradoodle basically has no characteristics left from the gray wolf. View more interesting stories from The Beach Dog Doggie Daycare.

9 Lafayette Rd Unit 2, Salisbury, MA 01952

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.


YEAR-ROUND!!!!!! !Remodeled with a modern grey palette with a clean white kitchen, the dining area is spacious and sun-filled. two floors of living space, which offers 4 bedrooms. Live right down the street from Salisbury/Hampton Beach, where the fun is just a few minutes drive away. Plenty of parking and green spaces to set up an outdoor entertaining area that is private and welcoming. Available for viewing immediately, occupancy in a week.

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Luisa Pereira

Get Better Results from Your Skincare Products at Suite SIX Medical

By Lindsay Merrill, Correspondent
Lindsay is a Medical Aesthetician for Suite SIX Medical Aesthetics. Once she discovered the field, she fell in love! As someone with a desire to retexturize and nurture, everything perfectly fit together. Combining her passion for holistic health science, technology and skincare, Lindsay was excited to be a part of the Suite Six team. Her journey in medical aesthetics began at a very hands-on school, Esthetic Institute of New England, where she earned her medical aesthetics and advanced treatments with laser technical certification. In medical aesthetics, she constantly continues to educate herself on the latest technology, science-based medical skincare, and techniques providing clients with the most comprehensive skincare experience, allowing them to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and cared for. She has an honest approach to treatment expectations and offerings. She enjoys customizing skin care plans that treat individual issues, explaining the process and results. She is passionate about the ever evolving field of skincare and she wants you to feel and see that in your skin!
Suite SIX Medical Aesthetics
skincare products, Newburyport MA

Is your skincare-products regime due for a facelift? If you’re like many women, you rely on the same trusty lineup of skincare products you’ve used for years. But skin changes over time, and it’s worth reassessing your approach every once in a while.  When is the last time you had a consultation to ensure that the products you use are giving you maximum skincare benefits?

Suite SIX Medical Aesthetics is your local expert on ALL things skincare, not just corrective treatments but also the skincare products that can help you prolong their – or avoid needing them at all!

We offer two skincare lines: SKINCEUTICALS and THÉMAÉ.  SKINCEUTICALS is a medical based skincare line for folks who require a more aggressive, results driven treatment line.  THÉMAÉ is a more organic line to address skincare for people with more sensitive skin.

Suite SIX takes a consultative approach to skincare, starting with a personalized evaluation.  This enables our medical estheticians to recommend the appropriate skincare line and corresponding products for daily use.  Not only does this process help to ensure that clients are utilizing optimal products, it also helps them avoid wasting money on products that are not providing the necessary benefits.

“Shop local” at Suite SIX you’ll receive top-quality skincare products backed by our expertise and personalized service for maximum results. And the best part? Both of the product lines we offer are comparable in price to department-store skincare lines.

Suite SIX accepts the Newburyport VIP loyalty Card. Show your VIP Card and receive 10% discount off all skincare product purchases. Plus the VIP Card also gives customers a 25% discount off services and a $90 cost for Laser Genesis treatment. 

People who develop the right habits and use the appropriate products will have far more youthful looking skin as they age. If you haven’t taken the time to reassess your skincare regime, you may be missing out on the latest technological advancements. Let Suite SIX help you find the skincare products that will deliver maximum results for you.

Happy Holidays from Worthington Interior Design!

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
happy holidays

Happy Holidays! Thank you all for participating in our Gratitude and Giving Back last month.  This past November was a record sign- up with our WBespokeSpace Room Design offer!!

Thought we would keep this month short and sweet….

Worthington Interior Design sends everyone our Best Wishes for a  Wonderful Holiday  Season with Family and Friends!

We look forward to working with you in 2018 bringing our design talent to more of you, helping you to make your house a home.

Find Hidden Gems at the Newburyport Art Association Holiday Gift Show & Sale

By Emily Cowan, Newburyport.Com Correspondent

NAA Holiday Gift Show & Sale

For many years now, the Newburyport Art Association (NAA) has been hosting its annual Holiday Gift Show & Sale to offer shoppers the opportunity to purchase original artwork as holiday gifts and support NAA artist members.

At this year’s sale, find  2-D artworks (framed and unframed) and 3-D items (fine crafts, jewelry, textiles, etc.), plus cards, calendars, books, and handmade holiday ornaments. And don’t assume these fine artworks are out of reach as you budget your family gifting; works are priced (or sized) to make the purchases more accessible than they might be at other gallery exhibitions throughout the year, according to NAA Executive Director Elena Bachrach.

“The Holiday Show & Sale is designed with holiday gift shopping in mind,” says Bachrach. “We hope our artists are successful in selling their art & craft, and we will measure success based on number of visits to the galleries and happy holiday buyers.”

As you shop, don’t forget to use your Newburyport VIP Card/App for 10% off your purchase. No card? No problem: The Newburyport Art Association, as a VIP program fundraising partner, also receives $10 for every $25 VIP Card/App purchased through NAA.

Bachrach notes that this year’s sale is largest yet, boasting three galleries full of original works submitted by NAA artists. All NAA members are welcome to submit up to two 2D artworks and four bin works (unframed), while 3D items are submitted by invitation.  This process differs from other NAA shows, which are either “open” or “juried.” The 3D items on offer are curated by NAA to ensure a varied and high-quality selection of holiday gift options.

The NAA gallery and gift shop, conveniently located in downtown Newburyport across from The Tannery and next door to the Lighthouse, is open Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-5pm, and Sunday 1-5pm. NAA will also host two evening receptions to coincide with the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce’s Invitation Nights on Fridays, December 1 & 8, 6-9pm. The Holiday Gift Show & Sale will close on Sunday, December 24, at 3pm.  NAA will reopen with the Winter Members Juried Show, Friday, January 12.

NAA is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to the creation of art, art education, and community outreach.  Through gallery shows, art classes and workshops, and various special events, NAA provides a warm and supportive environment in which to look at, think about, and experiment with the process of creating art.

Anti-Aging Treatments and Corrective Skin Care Treatments?

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.
Anti-Aging and Corrective Skin Care treatments, Newburyport, MA

Have you considered anti-aging treatments and corrective skin care treatments?  Have you noticed the Suite Six billboards featuring the youthful, beautiful woman?  What is Suite Six Medical Aesthetics and what is the story behind the woman on the billboards?  Suite Six is a premier medical aesthetics spa located in downtown Newburyport, offering clients a welcoming and relaxing environment in a townhouse setting.  What makes Suite Six different from other spas in the area?  They specialize in anti-aging treatments and corrective skin care treatments providing a broad suite of invasive and non-invasive anti-aging treatments as well as corrective skin care treatments tailored to specific client needs.  Suite Six offers clients a personalized consultative approach and utilizes the most advanced medical treatments.  With the extensive knowledge of highly trained doctors and top estheticians, Suite Six combines the expertise you would find in a medical practice with the aesthetics experience you expect in a top-notch spa.

When in need of anti-aging treatments and corrective skin care treatments some folks explore options provided by a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. Plastic surgeons are primarily focused on surgery and invasive treatments and dermatologists are typically going to prescribe antibiotics to treat skin conditions.  They both offer important solutions in their area of focus but they typically don’t offer the full range of skin care services and corrective treatments that Suite Six Medical Aesthetics can provide.  Many people want to look younger without using invasive treatments offered by plastic surgeons.

Antibiotics can be effective in treating certain skin conditions but many clients prefer to explore medically based skin care solutions to treat conditions such as: acne, skin discoloration, dark circles, dark spots and scars.  In addition to traditional anti-aging treatments, Suite Six has expertise with laser hair removal, waxing services and tattoo removal.  Because Suit Six offers both invasive and non-invasive treatments as well as exceptional skin care products for ongoing maintenance, they are able to offer clients choices about the solutions they utilize to achieve their goals.

Suite Six clients have the option of both invasive and non-invasive corrective skin care treatments and access to the most advanced technology such as Ultherapy, the only non-invasive FDA approved device that lifts and tightens the skin minimizing lines and wrinkles using ultrasound. Whether you are considering more advanced treatments or widely used options such as Botox injections it is critical to have these types of services performed by a medical expert. Don’t let friends convince you to attend a party where someone is injecting a neuotoxin into your face in a social setting. This is critical to put yourself in the hands of medically trained experts in order to achieve optimal results.

Although the primary focus of Suite Six is providing corrective skin care treatments, they also offer high quality products to ensure that clients have a solid home maintenance program that complements skin care treatments.  Think of Suite Six as a apothecary for medical grade skin care products.  Suite Six is able to offer clients the option of medical grade skin care products because they have a medical professional on staff.  Medical grade products penetrate deeper into the skin helping to re-generate cell growth and provide stronger results in contrast with cosmetic products which just treat the surface.

We have talked about the services offered by Suite Six, but what is the story behind this innovative small business?  Local owner, Gabriela Varoudakis is passionate about empowering women by educating them on anti-aging and corrective skincare treatments and providing clients with the best individualized aesthetics plan on the market.  Working in the beauty industry for many years, Gabriela gained tremendous knowledge about the significant differences between various skin care treatments as well as the financial waste associated with purchasing cosmetic based products and treatments.  Gabriela enjoys helping her clients achieve their goals, whether that be to look younger, more beautiful and yes even sexier!  She is a strong believer that feeling beautiful and sexy isn’t sexist.  Some clients enjoy looking glamorous and others prefer the au naturel outdoor look.  Gabriela connects with her broad client base and is committed to helping everyone feel confident and achieve their goals within their budget.  If you haven’t experienced Suite Six, we highly recommend a visit.  If you are a Newburyport App/VIP Card user you will receive 25% off services, 10% off products and $90 for Laser Genesis Treatment. Call today to schedule an appointment, 978-358-8178.


Greater Newburyport Mothers & Families Club

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.
mothers club, newburyport

Greater Newburyport Mothers & Families Club

Support, Friendship & Fun

mothers club, newburyport

Not Your Mother’s “Mothers Club” – A Local Community of Families

Dedicated to providing fun and friendship for the families, the Greater Newburyport Mothers and Families Club (GNFC) is so much more than a traditional “mothers club,” connecting member moms and dads with local family-friendly activities, social events, and educational programs to keep our community happy, healthy, and socially engaged.

Founded in 1999 with just a few families, GNFC now has nearly 600 member-families and counting, a true testament to the Club’s commitment to Newburyport and surrounding North Shore Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine towns. As the club has grown, so has our involvement in the community and the scale of the events we host, including opportunities for couples to socialize in adult settings.

Member Benefits Include:

  • Six information-packed club newsletters each year
  • Access to our members-only online forum for networking, idea exchange, community issues, and more
  • Social events for parents, such as movie nights, exercise classes, wine tastings, couples’ mixers, and “Sip and Shop” events hosted by local businesses
  • Playgroup-matching services
  • A calendar of events with RSVP options and email reminder notices
  • An Annual Early Education Fair showcasing the area’s best early-education programs
  • Member-organized events such as the Winter Dance, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween and Holiday Parties, and Annual Cocktail Party
  • Fun and creative kid-and-family outings
  • Ways to help the community through community outreach efforts such as food drives and park cleanups
  • Opportunities to volunteer for our club
  • Assistance to members through “meal train” gifting
  • A list of local babysitters
  • A chance to meet other families and form lifelong friendships

GNFC members also enjoy a variety of exclusive discounts whether through local member-owned businesses or deals at moms- and dads-night-out events.

GNFC provides a great way to meet other families in the community and find fun things to do together!

If you have any questions about the Greater Newburyport Mothers and Families Club, please contact via email at

Greater Newburyport Mothers & Families Club

P.O. Box 316
Newburyport, MA 01950

Join the GNFC

Meet the GNFC Officers


Providing support, friendship & fun to the Greater Newburyport area including Amesbury, Boxford, Georgetown, Groveland, Haverhill, Ipswich, Merrimac, Newbury, Rowley, Salisbury, West Newbury and the Seacoast of New Hampshire.


Get Social

Take part in the online action. offers community social media sites for you to follow, like and post about all things Newburyport.

The party continues when you checkin & post reviews on

Foursquare | TripAdvisor | Yelp

Menorah Lightings Brighten Newburyport, Amesbury on Eight Joyful Nights

By Emily Cowan, Newburyport.Com Correspondent

local menorah lightings

Each year, Jewish communities in Newburyport and Amesbury illuminate their respective downtowns with festive menorah lightings on all eight nights of Hanukkah. The Festival of Lights begins this year at sunset on Tuesday, December 12.

Newburyport’s Congregation Ahavas Achim will light up its signature 6-foot-tall electric menorah in historic Market Square at 6 PM on December 12, 13, 16, and 18; at 5 PM on December 14 and 17; and at 3:30 PM on Friday, December 15, due to the Sabbath. Prior to the December 12 lighting, families from the Hebrew School will walk around the neighborhood singing traditional Hanukkah songs at some of the local businesses. These events are open to the public and all are encouraged to attend.

In Amesbury, come light the Hanukkah menorah in the gazebo in front of the Amesbury Public Library at 6 PM on December 12 through 19, except for Friday, December 15, when the lighting will be held at 3:30 PM. On Thursday, December 14, Rabbi Benjamin Resnick of Congregation Ahavas Achim will make an official appearance. Amesbury Mayor Kenneth Gray has also committed to attend on that evening.

Organized by Rachel Barcelona and Gerald Litcofsky, with support from members of the Amesbury community, both Jewish and gentile, Amesbury’s menorah lightings typically include storytelling, songs, jelly doughnuts, and gelt (chocolate coins) for the children.  In the spirit of the holiday, donations to Fisher House Boston, which provides lodging for families of hospitalized veterans, are encouraged. Those who come to the lightings are asked to bring canned soups/stews with meat, or canned fruits or vegetables for the community food pantry Our Neighbors Table.  All ages are welcome – dress warmly!

Community menorah lightings are an annual tradition that is relatively new to our area. Newburyport began its public menorah lightings in Market Square in 2012. Amesbury followed up with its own nightly celebrations in 2013.

Congregation Ahavas Achim, founded in 1896, is a welcoming and diverse spiritual community whose goal is to educate and inspire individuals and families to actively participate in Jewish Life, Torah study, prayer, acts of kindness. The congregation welcomes families and individuals from all backgrounds.

Newburyport Mothers Club Offers Adult Events for Moms (and Dads!)

newburyport mothers club adult events

At the Greater Newburyport Mothers and Families Club (GNFC), we understand how important it is that parents sometimes get out of the house and have fun without the kids. We get it! That’s why we have an Adult Outings Committee charged with organizing adult events throughout the year that encourage moms and dads to meet and mingle with other GNFC members.

We cater to all interests – from stand-up paddle boarding and yoga to floral design and wine tastings. Our adult events are organized to engage our diverse membership in a wide variety of activities. There truly is something for everyone.

As much as possible, we partner with local businesses to provide free or reduced cost events and discounts to our members. This includes our fantastic “Sip & Shop” series, which features local Newburyport shops providing discounts to our members, often in extended hours, as they enjoy snacks and beverages. (To find out how your business can host a members-only shopping event, please don’t hesitate to contact us!)

We also host upscale cocktail parties, often with a fun theme (think: Kentucky Derby and Roaring 20’s!). These events are ticketed events with awards for “Best Dressed Couple” and “Best Hat”; we often have live music and other entertainment.

GNFC board members organize and host our adult outings, but we often have volunteers from the membership help as well; it’s a fun way to get involved. Occasionally our members host more intimate GNFC events at their homes – a wonderfully low-key option for socializing and discussion. We are always looking for new ideas to treat our members to a fun and engaging night out.

Some of our adult events are open outside of membership and are great opportunities to learn more about the Greater Newburyport Mothers and Families Club. So invite a friend and attend a GNFC adult event today!

Newburyport Choral Society’s Holiday Concert a Sellout Event

By Emily Cowan, Newburyport.Com Correspondent

Featured Video Play Icon

The Newburyport Choral Society (NCS) delivers a knockout annual holiday concert, but buy your tickets early – the pair of performances typically sell out days before the chorus sings a single note. This year’s concerts will take place at Belleville Congregational Church on Saturday, December 9, at 8 PM and Sunday, December 10, at 2:30 PM. The Sunday concert is Sold Out.

The NCS Winter Concert will feature its 125+-voice chorus, professional soloists, and a full orchestra performing classical, traditional, and contemporary seasonal favorites. In recent years, the event has also welcomed a performance by the Greater Newburyport Children’s Chorus, comprised of local singers in grades 4 through 8.

The 2017 program include “Christmas Oratorio” by Camille Saint-Saëns, popular arrangements of the Germanic hymn “Lo How A Rose E’er Blooming,” and an uplifting piece from South Africa titled “Hope for Resolution.”

If you go to the NCS holiday concert, prepare to lend your voice to the festivities. The audience will be invited to join in as the chorus performs holiday carols and traditional tunes of the season.

NCS is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing outstanding choral music to the Greater Newburyport area, including Essex County and southern New Hampshire. It is one of the largest community choral societies in New England, and one of the nation’s oldest choral groups.

In 2017, NCS Music Director Dr. George Case was named by the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce as one of 40 Under 40 local entrepreneurs and leaders. The honorees were chosen for their “tremendous impact in the community where they work, and for their ongoing dedication to making Newburyport a very special place to live, work and play.”

Envelope yourself in yuletide song at the Newburyport Choral Society’s gorgeous and uplifting winter concert – an annual community event that’s not to be missed. Purchase your tickets online or at store locations from Newburyport as far as Ipswich, including the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce and Jabberwocky Bookshop, among others. Purchase tickets.

What are the differences between Internist vs General Practitioner?

By Dr. Kay Ficht, Correspondent
Kay A. Ficht, M.D. is an Internal Medicine physician who has been practicing in the Merrimack Valley for 20 years. He launched Your Choice Medical, an independent concierge medicine, primary care practice in Newburyport, MA, April 2017, with nurse practitioners, Anja Comeau and Melissa Maloney. They are accepting a limited number of patients. Kay A. Ficht is recipient of the 2017 Top Doctor Award selected by his highly regarded peers.
Your Choice Medical Internal Medicine
Internist, Newburyport MA

Internal Medicine doctor, or Internist is a term that is frequently heard, but often misunderstood.  An internal medicine doctor, specializes in adult patients care, specifically focused on preventative care as well as non-surgical diagnosis, treatment and education of multi-system diseases of the internal organs.  Kay A. Ficht, M.D. who is an internist at Your Choice Medical in Newburyport, MA states some examples of multi-system diseases are diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and high blood pressure.  Finding a trusted internist can be extremely important for adult patients who have existing health issues as well as patients who are having new health issues and need a diagnosis.   According to the American College of Physicians “Historically, internal medicine and family medicine developed from very different backgrounds. Internal medicine grew out of the increasing application of scientific knowledge into the practice of medicine starting in the late 1800s.  This “scientific” approach to medicine was unique at the time and was progressively applied to the wide spectrum of diseases that commonly affect adults.  With the growth and development of pediatrics as a separate specialty devoted to the care of children in the early 1900s, internal medicine continued its primary focus on adult patients.

General practitioners, also known as family doctors, differ from internal medicine doctors because they treat infants to adults, focusing on preventative care, chronic illnesses and patient education.  This is a broader scope of treatment due to the vast age differences between patients.  A general practitioner can see someone from birth to death, which can enable a long lasting and trusted relationship.

Most people are familiar with the term primary care provider because most insurance plans require members to choose a primary care provider, or PCP to be listed as their doctor.  Both internist and general practitioners fall under the category of primary care provider.  Internal medicine doctors and general practitioners are the first line of defense in treating your health and before you may or may not need to see a specialist.  So whether you prefer to choose an Internist or a general practitioner as your PCP, it is important to find the right doctor who you can establish a trusting relationship with and who can treat, educate and communicate with you about your health care needs.

Invitation Nights Draw Crowds for Local Holiday Shopping

By Emily Cowan, Newburyport.Com Correspondent

Featured Video Play Icon

Newburyport-area residents seeking the ultimate holiday shopping experience tend to bypass the malls in favor of Invitation Nights – a series of shop-local events in which downtown retailers stay open late and spread the holiday cheer by offering discounts and light refreshments. Traditionally held in the first half of December, these Invitation Nights draw spirited crowds as shoppers enjoy all the merchant hospitality, live entertainment, and shopping and dining their downtown area has to offer.

In Newburyport, Invitation Nights are typically scheduled on the first two (and sometimes three) Friday evenings in December. Beautiful and festive holiday decorations line the streets of downtown from Merrimac Place and Horton’s Yard to the Tannery, including the main thoroughfares of State and Pleasant Streets. You’re likely to see plenty of tired holiday-shopping enthusiasts taking a break in Market Square, resting on the benches ringing the city’s giant Christmas tree.

The Custom House Maritime Museum frequently hosts an Invitation Night Open House, celebrating the Clipper City’s rich maritime heritage with museum gift shop specials, live musical performances, and “warm and historic holiday cheer.”

Parents who don’t want to miss out on the wine and hors d’oeuvres at their favorite stores have a unique and cost-effective option for childcare during these Invitation Nights. For the past few years, Newburyport Youth Services has seized the opportunity to entertain the kiddos while mom and dad do the family’s holiday shopping. Children in grades 1 through 5 are invited to City Hall Auditorium on Pleasant Street for the screening of a special holiday movie, popcorn and drinks included. For more information, call Newburyport Youth Services at 978-465-4434.

Newburyport Invitation Nights are presented by the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Check the Events Calendar for the specific days and times.

In Amesbury, Invitation Nights are typically scheduled for Thursday evenings in December, when downtown merchants greet patrons with refreshments, snacks, and special pricing on some of their merchandise. These events are hosted by the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce & Industrial Foundation.

3 Really Cool Coffee Tables to Update Your ‘End Zone’

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
coffee tables, newburyport ma

So as we watch weekend football and enjoy libations and snacks I thought you might like to see some really cool coffee tables to update your own ‘end zone’! Okay just as we think we’re going to spend more time inside Mother Nature keeps gracing us with summertime weather. Worthington Interior Design has been busy cultivating new furniture selections for our clients.

Our first really cool coffee table to update your end zone is from OKA. The Trifoglio coffee table is 38” square made of wood with a rustic lace design known as trefoil, a classic architectural design that can make your space either casual or formal. The size is really great because it’s slightly bigger than 3’ and not too large to gather around with drinks and game day refreshments.

From this we come to the rectangular Lantau faux shagreen with gold accents coffee table. This table measures 47’ x 20” which works great in living rooms and open floor plans. The Lantau collection works with many styles of furniture so you can add some glamour without changing all the furniture in your room. The collection brings in the new trend of gold and brass we are seeing. In fact this is gilded gold leaf on the frame of this really cool coffee table! OKA says the Lantau Effortlessly elegant and deliciously opulent.”

Finding a coffee table that adds a cool factor yet is functional and wont date itself can be challenging but we at Worthington Interior Design have many, many sources to find you the best piece at a great price!

Sometimes you need a square, sometimes you need a rectangle and sometimes you need round style coffee tables. Now we are seeing many with tufted fabric tops more like an ottoman but you know placing a drink on a tray on these style pieces can be challenging, so we will work with you to find the best investment coffee table.

Our third winner is from Room and Board. We love the Gibson a mid-century style cocktail table measuring approx.. 53” x 36”.

Durable solid wood is transformed into the light, fluid profile of our Gibson cocktail table through the skill of West Virginia woodworkers. Softly beveled edges, turned legs and unique contours contribute to this table’s mid-century elegance.” Many of us have combined our living room or family room spaces and this table offers the table surface without the heavy look of furniture. Perhaps you have a view from your family room or living room and this table anchors the room without weighing it down. I love mid-century style pieces mixed withBohème or Traditional style furniturefor an eclectic look. It is both elegant and functional. Designing your own space with some unusual materials makes everything really warm and cozy.

You really can make any aspect of your home your very own ‘end zone.’ We would love to work with you on any project you have small or large. Making your house your home is what we do best.

Enjoy Mother Nature’s gift a while longer and check out these 3 really cool coffee tables to update your end zone from OKA or Room and Board. Give us a call at Worthington Interior Design to discuss your design project.

See you next month.

Monitor Your Credit Score & Improve Your Mortgage Rate

By Bob Pezzella, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Why Bob Pezzella for your mortgage needs? Because my 19 years of lending experience coupled with the lending powerhouse that is Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. (RMS) we will streamline your mortgage and home buying process. After the crazy rate fluctuations of the late 1990s through the tumultuous 2000’s first decade and beyond I have navigated the mortgage process every step of the way for my clients. I pride myself on a thorough, consultative approach to understanding customer needs and goals and match your criteria with the parameters of available down payment monies and income level. Whether it makes sense to make a smaller or larger down payment, help raise a credit score, or pay off / refinance current debt, I will find the mortgage solution that is right for you. I will help you evaluate the array of mortgage options from the traditional 30-year fixed rate, through the various state housing programs to the government programs FHA, VA, USDA and together Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. (RMS) and I will guide you home!
Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
credit score, Residential Mortgage Services, Newburyport, MA

I left off last time talking about how important it is to “be prepared” with respect to having your credit in order prior to applying for home financing.  Your credit score is so critical to your qualifying loan options and corresponding Annual Percentage Rate (APR) I feel compelled to briefly revisit the topic given the time of the year and recent political events.

We have just come through the holiday shopping season and many of us took advantage of large discounts at the cash register simply for agreeing to open a new store credit card.  Although the savings was great, these transactions inevitably lower your credit score:

  • The credit inquiry itself lowers your score.
  • The amount borrowed compared to the limit set by the store can further lower your score.
  • The number one zinger is if the store got your billing address incorrect when the cashier was keying your information in to the computer. Zip code or street number off by a digit and your bill goes to the wrong address, you potentially forget about the new account and miss a payment.

Please, exercise extreme due diligence in tracking down any of these new accounts and make sure these new bills get paid in a timely manner!

Recent national events are costing us more money too. Regardless of your political affiliation, national politics has affected the cost of borrowing money. The result of the presidential election  has  strengthened a bull market, trading off the idea that lower personal and corporate income taxes will stimulate the economy, coupled with the belief that deregulation has been constraining growth. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW)  is flirting daily with a record 20,000-point level and the Federal Reserve Board (FED) raised its benchmark interest rate recently for just the second time since the financial crisis of 2008. These factors have helped inch up home interest rates costing new mortgage customers more money per month. Although there is little we can do about these national events, you can protect and monitor your credit scores ensuring that you qualify for the best interest rate available.  Consider this: a half- point difference in APR on a 30-year fixed rate $300,000.00 mortgage can cost $88.00/month more in your payment, $1,056.00/year and $31,680.00 more if you were to stay in the mortgage for the life of the loan.

Friends, my message here is very simple. Although credit is not the only qualifying lending criteria, good credit helps you qualify for the best rates and programs. If you need a hand assessing your credit and your qualifying criteria, I would be more than happy to assist you!

There’s a lot of Seacoast Recovery going on

seacoast recovery, Newburyport MA

September is National Recovery Month and being in the middle of an overdone epidemic it’s important not just to talk about addiction, but also to shine a light on the local seacoast recovery efforts and its strong community of support. There are many examples of Seacoast Recovery, stories of hope, in Newburyport and the seacoast region.


The Addiction

Addiction comes in many forms and the deadliest today are alcoholism and the skyrocketing opioid epidemic. “A new study published in JAMA Psychiatry this month finds that the rate of alcohol use disorder, or what’s colloquially known as “alcoholism,” rose by a shocking 49 percent in the first decade of the 2000s. One in eight American adults, or 12.7 percent of the U.S. population, now meets diagnostic criteria for alcohol use disorder, according to the study.” The study also reported that alcoholism with women has risen over 80% during the past decade.

At the same time the opioid epidemic is growing fast with a daily report of almost more deaths from overdose. Many are thankfully being revived with Narcan, an antidote that most first responders now carry, however OD deaths continue to rise. Last year MA reported over two thousands deaths from heroin, although in over 70% of the deaths it was a result of fentanyl and other synthetic opioids being added to heroin. Opioid-related deaths in MA were more than four times higher in 2015 than in 2000. This recent rate of increase is several times faster than anything seen here before. In 2013–2014 alone, opioid-related deaths occurred in two-thirds of the cities and towns in Massachusetts. Drug overdoses killed roughly 64,000 people in the United States last year, up 22% from 2015. SIXTY FOUR THOUSAND AMERICANS. That’s more than the AIDS epidemic at its peak, and more than ten times American troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since September 11th or during the entire Vietnam War.

Locally, at least every other day I see a new post about another death of a New Englander from overdose. Why should you care about the seacoast recovery, right?  It’s your neighbors; business professions, soccer moms, cooks, veterans, students, nurses, elderly…many starting their addiction with pain prescription medication. The number of painkillers prescribed in the United States have quadrupled between 1999 and 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.   In 2015, nearly one in six Massachusetts residents obtained an opioid prescription from a health care provider. Those receiving prescriptions obtained more than three filled prescriptions on average.  Once you’re hooked the financial cost of addiction becomes overwhelming leading to the cheaper heroin, often laced with the deadly fentanyl, 50-100 times more potent than heroin or morphine. Alarmingly, fentanyl is now being found in cocaine, black market prescription opioid pills and even marijuana. To make matters even worse, recently deaths are being traced back to drugs laced with carfentanyl, a synthetic cousin 100 times more potent than fentanyl, both more profitable for the drug trade. That is why we have so many deaths and an epidemic growing faster than AIDS during its peak.

Safe Harbor Recovery Center in Portsmouth is a authorized NH distributor of Narcan.  They are provide a brief overview on their distribution and training. You can find Safe Harbor at SafeHarborNH.

The Stigma

Yet we are not talking enough about addiction or recovery. Cancer used to have a stigma that led to people not wanting to talk about it. Referred to as “the C word” in the past, today communities appropriately rally around their adults and children suffering from cancer. There is still a stigma around alcoholism and addiction today despite the many families impacted. According to the first-ever Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health released last year, “few other medical conditions are surrounded by as much shame and misunderstanding as substance use disorders. Historically, our society has treated addiction and misuse of alcohol and drugs as symptoms of moral weakness or as a willful rejection of societal norms.”

My Story

It took several years for me to admit that my drinking was controlling me after many failed attempts to control my drinking. I tried to quit for almost two year using my own willpower. Like most I first tried to control my drinking by swearing off hard alcohol, then limiting myself to X number of drinks, only drinking on weekends, only drinking wine, …but as the saying goes, “once you try to control your drinking you’ve already lost control”.  The same strong willpower that had helped a barely athletic youth become captain of my Marblehead High School football program, pay for my own education at UMASS Amherst and travel around the world in a successful finance career in one of the top global companies …that same willpower…, was useless with my addiction. As a ‘functional alcoholic’, I had received several ultimatums from my wife and tried casually going to 12-step meetings but I couldn’t stay sober for more than a couple of months at a time. As much as I wanted to quit and knowing all I had to lose I still couldn’t stop on my own.  I had been living with the guilt of having my oldest son being from a broken marriage and I didn’t want my youngest to suffer the same fate.  I wasn’t going to let that happen.  Yet it wasn’t until I lost my second marriage that I finally gave up my own ideas of how I’d get sober and joined the local recovery fellowship.

I’ve been sober 43 months today, 1,309 days, thanks to God and the large group of sober & clean friends from the Seacoast region who have also found the same hope and success in their recovery.  I didn’t do anything more than follow the same program that those with longtime recovery followed.  I attended local twelve step meetings almost everyday, following the program as it was laid out and finally it worked.  The mental obsession to drink was lifted and I haven’t had an urge to drink since.

I’ve met so many wonderful people up and down the seacoast, from old Marblehead high school friends reaching out for the same solution to several leading the effort in the Portsmouth region through organizations like Safe Harbor Recovery Centers in Portsmouth and Seabrook and the SOS Recovery Community Organization in Somersworth. I can’t sit in Market Square or shop at Market Basket in Newburyport without receiving a hug from someone from our local recovery community.

The Recovery 

So many families in our town and region are being torn apart by addiction. People are dying from it. Divorces, arrests, loss of licenses, jail terms, homelessness, debt …yet the spouses, family and friends don’t understand how the addict keeps using.  I’m not going to debate here whether addiction is a disease however once an alcoholic/addict is being controlled by their drug of choice they rarely can stop on their own. Despite the damage caused, the negative consequences and all that they have to lose, like me, they’ll keep going back to the drink or drug. We hate ourselves, isolate from others and lie to those around us.

We promise to stop yet then we hear a voice in our heads whispering in our own voice that this time it’ll be different. But it just keeps getting worse. However, for some unexplainable reason when we hear another alcoholic or addict tell their story, most at some point will hear our own story through that person. We also hear stories of HOPE and a solution. We see others getting back lives they lost and more. We see the unimaginable, that life can still be fun and even better without alcohol or drugs. Yes the alcoholics, like me, no longer drinks. The addicts stop using drugs. Hope comes back. Lives get better. Families heal.

I Am Not Anonymous is a movement started by Kate Meyer and Tom Goris as a mission to break the stigma of addiction. “Our mission is to bring the SOLUTION into the conversation in hopes of helping the millions of people who remain untreated and help the world understand that addiction is not a moral failing.” They stress how the stigma can be as deadly as the disease itself. They also write this about Recovery, “I felt a new kind of freedom. I could picture a life without drugs or alcohol. I was exposed to a vibrant, compassionate world full of people in recovery. I heard my story in their story. They helped me find my voice. I now use my voice to bring recovery into the light. Stigma only grows in the dark. Together, we can put an end to it.”

Earlier this year a young professional who I worked with from my hometown drank himself to death alone.  Attending his funeral, I couldn’t help but question if I could of helped him if he had only known my story and and others in Seacoast Recovery.   This is why I and many others in the Seacoast Recovery choose to be open about our addiction. We want to help shine a light on the Recovery and the HOPE. It’s why I write a recovery blog, and am part of a closed (to protect anonymity) Facebook group called Seacoast Recovery where you can privately interact with 250+ locals in recovery.

This Seacoast region has a vibrant social life for those who enjoy drinking and partying. We also have a supportive, successful and fun seacoast recovery community. If you, a family member or friend need to learn more about recovery please reach out to me, others you may know that are part of this recovery community or ask to join Seacoast Recovery on Facebook. There is hope. Please come join us.

September is Recovery Month. “The world has seen addiction but not recovery…and Recovery Is Everywhere.”

My name is Greg Kelly, I’m a recovering alcoholic and living proof that recovery works.


Local Specialty Food & Wine Shops Feature Great Gift Ideas

specialty food & wine shops, Newburyport MA

Our Greater Newburyport specialty food & wine shops are the go to destination when entertaining and many also feature great gift ideas.  In order to reward customer loyalty and encourage folks to shop local, many retailers provide discounts to Newburyport VIP Card/Mobile App users.  Over the course of the year, folks can enjoy substantial savings, especially during holiday shopping times.

We highly recommend a visit to our local specialty food & wine shops when in search of the perfect gifts.  Your friends and family are sure to appreciate thoughtful/useful food and drink related gifts instead of well intentioned gift attempts that end up becoming “dust collectors.”  Plus shopping local is a great way to support our local Greater Newburyport economy and say thanks to our small business owners.

You can’t go wrong with freshly prepared foods, beautifully packaged quality food products, wines or perhaps a bottle of sparkling cider.  Bucciarelli’s and Fowle’s Market are wonderful destinations to pick up top quality meats and prepared foods when entertaining and they also carry many specialty food and wine items to help create a beautiful gift basket.  You may think of Giuseppe’s as a great place to enjoy dinner, but don’t forget about the market area.  They offer many freshly prepared dishes as well as a wonderful selection of packaged specialty food products such as pastas, oils, olives, exceptional deli meats and cheeses.

Locals are familiar with Leary’s Fine Wine & Spirits of Newburyport & Amesbury for their great selection of wines & spirits, but the Newburyport Cheese Market offers an exceptional selection of cheeses cured meats, oils and many other gourmet foods.  New England Wine & Spirits and Port Wine & Spirits offer a broad selection of high quality wines, craft beers, and spirits in all price ranges.  The Grand Trunk Wine & Cheese Shop features many special wines as well as delicious cheeses and other packaged specialty items to enhance the cooking experience.

Port Plum & Newburyport Olive Oil is well known for their top quality olive oils and they also carry many other specialty food products as well as unique culinary gift items.  Port Plum offers the quality of William Sonoma yet is more exclusive in that you will find unique items carefully selected by the Mother/Daughter local owners Karen and Katie.

If searching for sweat treats, Greater Newburyport offers quite a few delicious options.  Simply Sweet in downtown Newburyport features amazing hand-made chocolates, nostalgic candies, gluten free chocolates, Vermont nut free products and make sure to ask about the hot-chocolate shots.  Carriagetown Chocolates in downtown Amesbury offers beautifully packaged high quality affordable chocolates, a great selection of “classic penny candy” and make sure to try the delicious freshly brewed hot and ice-coffee.  Whether you need something special to bring to a party or your hosting one yourself, we strongly recommend the high quality reasonably priced: cakes, pies, brownies, and cupcakes at Dianne’s Fine Desserts.  At the Buttermilk Baking Company everything is made from scratch.  They pride themselves on making small-batch, by hand baking products and do all of the baking in-house.  Nancy’s Marshview Cafe is an exceptional bakery, located on Bridge Road in Salisbury.  Nancy bakes  many wonderful pastries, cookies, cakes, each day and for special occasions we suggest placing an order for one of her delicious cakes or pies.

When in search of great gifts, make sure to consider our Greater Newburyport specialty food & wine shops. Collectively, if everyone in our community makes a few more local purchases each year it has a significant, positive impact on our local economy and benefits our small business owners.  Plus, folks are sure to appreciate quality foods, wines and desserts to enjoy and share with others.

Below is a current list of discounts for the Best of Newburyport VIP Program Specialty Food & Wine shops.  Although discounts don’t change often, they are subject to change.  You can confirm current discounts by checking the VIP Landing Page or by downloading the Newburyport App.

    • iOS click this link from your phone.
    • Android click this link from your phone.

Best of Newburyport VIP Card/Newburyport App Discounts:  

  • Bucciarelli’s – 10% off purchases (excludes alcohol)
  • Buttermilk Banking Company – purchase 6 like items & get the 7th for free
  • Carriagetown Chocolate – 10% off purchases of $5 or more 
  • Dianne’s – 20% off purchases & a free single serve dessert 
  • Giuseppe’s – 10% off purchases of $50 or more
  • Grand Trunk – 15% off 12 or more bottles of wine 
  • Leary’s – 10% off one non-sale 750 ML bottle of wine & 10% off purchases from the Cheese Market
  • Nancy’s Marshview Cafe – $5 off purchases of $30 or more 
  • New England Wine & Spirits – 10% off 12 or more bottles of wine 
  • Port Plum & Newburyport Olive Oil – 10% off purchases of $50 or more 
  • Port Wine & Spirits – 10% off 12 or more bottles of wine 
  • Simply Sweet – 10% off candy shop purchases over $5 and under $100

Mother/Daughter Entrepreneurs Behind 8 Local Supercuts Stores

By Emily Cowan, Newburyport.Com Correspondent

Supercuts, Newburyport

You may know Supercuts as the national chain with salon locations throughout the Merrimack Valley, but did you know that all eight local stores are independently owned and managed by a Salisbury mom and her daughter? In this interview, Honey Tree Inc dba Supercuts owner Susan Marraffa and her daughter Josselyn Wilson fill us in on their family-operated franchise and what it means to them to be a “family friendly” business.


Newburyport Macaroni Kid: How did your family get into the salon business?

Susan Marraffa: I was inspired to attend Beauty School by a friend of a friend. She had gorgeous red hair and a very unique, artsy look. I liked the idea of learning the various behind-the-scenes secrets to bring out, create, and enhance the beauty in everyone. After graduating beauty school at Essex Agricultural & Technical Institute, I went on to get my cosmetology license and begin a career in the beauty industry. I later returned back to college where I earned a BA degree, which helped me take on managerial roles while continuing to utilize my haircutting skills.

Soon after college I joined a startup haircare company offering a new concept as a Manager/Stylist, Director of Operations & Vice President of Operations. Eight years later with a wealth of corporate and franchise-operations experience I joined Supercuts as a Director of Operations in the Northeast. Two years later I was Vice President of Operations on the East Coast, with management responsibility for hundreds of corporate stores as well as supporting [individually owned] franchisees. Nine years after that I became a Supercuts franchise owner with multiple locations in the Merrimack Valley and Seacoast area.

I always loved every role I played and I particularly enjoy training and developing people. I believe we have the best of all worlds in our industry as we get to listen to music all day while being creative styling hair, interact openly with fellow stylists and our valued guests, be a part of current trends in hair and fashion, and set goals to encourage and bring out the best in everyone and the business!

Josselyn Wilson: As VP of Operations overseeing Supercuts’ East Coast Markets, my mom traveled a ton!!! So when the opportunity came up to switch roles and become a franchise owner she took that leap. The market was in our backyard so to speak, with locations in Newburyport and Plaistow, Methuen, Haverhill, and Salem NH, among others.  I started working in the office as a young assistant.  Reviewing the paperwork and doing other tasks like making copies or filing.  During college I worked as a receptionist in our Plaistow location. Once I graduated with a degree in Business Management/ Marketing I started Managing our Methuen location. After a few years of that I was further promoted to oversee the office and the market.

MK: What’s it like working with your mother/daughter? Benefits? Challenges?

Josselyn: I love working with my mom – it’s the biggest perk and the main reason I’m here! She is such an amazing woman who has so much to offer not only with her knowledge but just by who she is. She’s a certified yoga instructor, she eats super-clean and healthy, and she’s a runner – we ran a marathon together in 2000! My mom also shops local and loves and supports the works created by local artisans. She stresses giving back to the community and trying to get involved in as much as we can.

We work really well together because we exist really well together. The joke is that we have conversations without even talking and our management group doesn’t know what we’re thinking! So then we all laugh and have to fill them in on what’s going on in our heads. They’ll say, “Ok, so are you going to tell us what you decided?”

We never fight, even in life. Obviously we don’t agree on everything all of the time but we’re able to communicate maturely with each other – always have.  I also think it’s because of this that has made Honey Tree feel like family to most of our employees. We invest in our people.  I know every single employee who works with us and I typically will remember important facets about their lives too.

All of my siblings at one point have worked either in the office or in one of the stores as a receptionist, and none of us ever got special treatment of any kind. I remember getting a verbal warning one time because my skirt was too short! The only challenge we have is that sometimes we end up talking about family/personal stuff and we don’t get all of our work done.

Susan: Working with my daughter Josselyn is an amazing blessing! She is strong, bright, responsible, creative,  articulate, and fully understands my intentions and approaches in managing the business. Many of our employees have observed and commented on how we oftentimes do not actually finish our sentences and yet we know exactly what the other person is communicating. We do not experience any challenges in how we work together as we are completely aligned in our thinking. Where there is a difference in opinion we discuss all the ideas and variables to come up with the best possible solution. Our only personal challenge is in practicing an awareness to not let the business responsibilities and concerns dominate our personal family time!

We also get to have lots of fun together with planning and participating in our Company Celebrations, Employee Spa Days, Red Sox outings, summertime Manager Meetings at the beach, and community sponsorship events.

MK: How do you define “family friendly”?

Josselyn: Family friendly to us is that we can be your one-stop shop for all your family’s hair care needs!  We have family appropriate magazines in the waiting room, we try to keep the music and atmosphere friendly and upbeat.  We have an al a cart menu so you can pick what services you want with nothing extra. We are a walk-in business that doesn’t make appointments so you can come in whenever is convenient for you.  We can do men, women and children’s haircuts. We carry the Paul Mitchell Professional Color line so we have a permanent color option, a demi-permanent option, a men’s grey blending option, and we can highlight – pull through a cap, paint tips, foils!  We also offer different conditioning treatments if your hair needs to be rejuvenated or even a deep cleanse after some time in the pool!  On top of all of that we offer an array of professional hair products that come with a guarantee from the manufacturer. There’s a line for everyone with a price point that fits different budgets.

MK: How do you measure success?

Susan: Success is when everyone is having fun, enjoying themselves, growing and thriving in a positive, supportive, productive, thoughtful environment. We strive to treat everyone fairly and with respect and to express and show our appreciation for their efforts and contributions in as many ways possible.

Josselyn: I measure success by how happy and cohesively functioning my team is. I try to surround myself with good people and I can say I have that in my management team. Every one of them is a genuinely good person who is just trying to do the best they can every day in a career they love.  We have two managers that have been with us for 19 years! And another three managers who we say “grew up” with us, like me, in Honey Tree. They’ve been with us 15 years starting either as a receptionist or coming to us right after beauty school. So to me, that is success. Giving people an opportunity to grow and reach their potential and fulfill their career dreams is success. Helping people see themselves in a different way so that they take on these challenges and surpass their expectations of what they originally thought capable of is success.

Obviously I like to see us grow the business! Increase sales! At least beat prior year numbers! But you can’t get to that point if you don’t have a functioning team out there representing our ideas and beliefs and not only upholding our standards but also by leading by example.

MK: What would you most like MK readers to know about Supercuts?

Josselyn: I think it’s important to note that our stylists are exceptional and highly trained. A Supercuts stylist not only had to graduate from beauty school and pass a state exam to get their cosmetology license, they also had to go through our pre-training sessions and pass a week long Hair Stylist Academy to be able to cut on our floor. We continue to educate with post-training sessions and are always giving feedback.  We train in our waxing technique before being able to perform our waxing services.  And we also pretrain our stylists, who need to attend our two day Supercolor class before being able to perform any color services. Our stylists work on live models throughout their training.  We also quarterly have on-site education where our Corporate Artistic Directors come in and work on something with the group and then we have individual breakout sessions where the stylist works one-on-one with the Artistic Director on a live model on any area’s they need to focus on. This is where we roll out any new techniques so we can stay on the cutting edge of the hair industry.

Honey Tree Inc dba Supercuts operates Supercuts locations in Newburyport, Amesbury, Haverhill, Plaistow, Salem NH, Seabrook, and two stores in Methuen. For more information, please visit:


3 Stylish Beds for Kids to Hit the Hay after Hitting the Books

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
stylish beds for kids, Newburyport MA

You must have a look at these 3 stylish beds for kids to hit the hay after hitting the books! This time of year everyone can use a little refresh in their kid’s bedrooms. These stylish beds for kids will endure for a while since each bed style we have chosen has a timeless design. With all the websites offering children’s furniture; it’s Worthington Interior Design’s keen eye for design sourcing these treasures for your home.

While the the bunk style is chic it’s also convertible. Many shy away from bunk beds because they can look cheap but our selection here is not. Our twin bed picks are colorful and refined which transcend into high school and beyond.

Modway’s Phoebe has a sophisticated look complete with nail heads and tapered legs. Like we mentioned it can take your kids bedroom from middle school to becoming a senior’s hideaway! Your kids can choose from bright red, navy or even shocking yellow fabrics. I love the sensibility of design this bed offers.

The Austin bunk bed looks more like a genuine Frank Lloyd Wright or Richard Neutramid-century modern furniture design. This bunk offers accessories to customize your child’s bed. “Perfect for sleepovers or inseparable siblings, the austin bunk bed can be ordered as a split bunk bed for when the kids outgrow their shared space. Customize the bunk with cubbies on either side for more storage.” 

Once you decide on a style Worthington will help you with paint colors and bedding to complete your children’s look and declare their bedroom a cool place to hit the hay after hitting the books.

After a great summer it’s sometimes hard to reel everyone into a routine of studying and going to bed early; so adding a new fresh look can help everyone to get back into the swing of things. Studying can go from a chore to a happy place in your children’s bedrooms when you hit the refresh button.

Okay this brings us to saving the best for last with the Parker. I’ve presented it in this Kelly green color even though it comes in a few other colors, because it’s crisp and fun! Love the green wood stain and the styling is great.

So there you have it, 3 stylish beds for kids to hit the hay after hitting the books!

Enjoy autumn and the cooler temps and give us a call at Worthington Interior Design to help you refresh and make your home cooler too!

See you next month.

Prevent Blindness Caused By Diabetic Eye Disease

By Dr. Chad McDonald, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Optometrist and Partner in Watts Eye Associates, Dr. Chad McDonald is an expert in the eye care field with over 18 years of experience with Watts Eye Associates. Dr. McDonald, a graduate of University of New England and New England College of Optometry, completed his residency with Boston Medical Center and Mass Eye & Ear and furthered his education in comprehensive care for the visually disable at the Lighthouse Center in NYC. In 2013 Dr. McDonald became Newburyport's first Board Certified Diplomate in the American Board of Optometry. He is also a member of the Mass Society of Optometrists and the American Optometric Association. He serves as a Senior Examiner for the National Board of Examiners in Optometry is an Adjunct Clinical Faculty member of the New England College of Optometry and still finds time to serve on the board and be a past president of the Newburyport Lions club serving as chair of the much loved Bed Race during Yankee Homecoming week.
Watts Eye Associates
Prevent Blindness Caused by Diabetic Eye Disease, Newburyport MA

Did you know that diabetic eye disease is the leading cause of blindness among adults? Did you also know that often times there are no symptoms until the disease is advanced? High blood sugar is the major culprit of eye problems and the longer you live with the disease, the greater the risk. Three major eye problems to be concerned about are cataracts, glaucoma and retinopathy.

A cataract is a clouding in the lens of the eye that is normally clear and affects the clarity of your vision. Anyone can get a cataract, but people with diabetes tend to get them at an earlier age and with progression of the cataract occurring at a faster rate.

Glaucoma is a condition when the fluid inside the eye does not drain properly and leads to an excess of pressure inside the eye. That pressure can damage nerves and blood vessels in the eye causing vision impairment. In people with diabetes there is a higher risk of glaucoma due to high blood sugar.

Retinopathy is damage to small blood vessels or fluid leakage in the eye. Retinopathy is also the leading cause of irreversible blindness. Many studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between high blood sugar and retinopathy.

So what can be done? Is diabetic eye disease inevitable? Thankfully, there are two major things you can do.

The first is controlling your blood sugar which often times requires lifestyle adaptations- easier said than done. An integrated approach of working closely with your primary care physician and/or endocrinologist as well as other specialists is a great start. They can help you understand how diabetes affects your body and what you can do to prevent complications.

The second thing you can do is to make sure you have an eye exam every year. Your optometrist is a key player in your eye health. Diagnosing eye disease right away is crucial to getting early treatment. Your appointment with your optometrist will include taking a medical history and a full eye exam. Here at Watts Eye we pride ourselves on having the most up to date technology. We have the ability to take imaging of your eyes that is non-invasive and only takes seconds. By using our Opto Map machine and Ocular Tomography machine, retinal scans are done within moments, allowing our doctors to see the health of your retinas immediately. Often times our doctors are able to review the results with you as part of your exam.

Port Plums Mother-Daughter Team Cooking Up Big Things

By Emily Cowan, Newburyport.Com Correspondent

Port Plums Newburyport

For Port Plums co-owners Karen and Katie Shernan, going into business together was a no-brainer. The mother-daughter duo purchased Newburyport Olive Oil Company in the Tannery Marketplace in December 2014 and have since taken over the adjoining space to open Port Plums, a high-end specialty foods and culinary equipment store. With the positive response and success of Port Plums, Karen and Katie have opened another fabulous specialty shop: Port Blue Accents, a specialty shop featuring many unique and eclectic personal accent items, located on Newburyport’s State Street – just a couple blocks away from Port Plums. We caught up with these busy ladies on a rare day off, which they spent cooking together (of course).

Newburyport Macaroni Kid: So which one of you first suggested that you go into business together?

Karen Shernan: I honestly don’t remember! We’ve always just kind of finished each other’s sentences.

It’s often hard to remember who came up with an idea first. It’s more like…before you know it,we’re working together on it. I do give Katie credit for finding the Newburyport Olive Oil Company when it was put up for sale. We are generally of one mind on things.

MK: Obviously you two are pretty close! Has it always been that way?

Karen: I’ve got pictures of Katie and me cooking together when she was really little. She was always one of those kids who wanted to try everything. Very open-minded about food.

Katie: To be honest, as an only child it was more fun to follow my mom around and do things with her than play by myself.

We’re actually cooking together right now! We just did a roast chicken with asparagus, applesauce, and mashed potatoes. We used to get together on Sundays and cook for the week. This is kind of like that – time to clean out the fridge! But we’ve been so busy lately we haven’t had a chance to cook together in about two months.

MK: Was cooking together your inspiration for Port Plums?

Karen: As a matter of fact it was a trip to Spain. Katie spent her junior year of college studying in Granada. I went to visit over the holiday break and we saw “Katie’s Granada”:it’s a small city that manages to be both historic and organic and cool. We were particularly inspired by the tapas there.

Katie: Granada is one of the last Spanish cities where tapas are still free when you order a drink! You can spend an evening sipping wine and trying all these little dishes. It was such an amazing food experience. On the plane back one of us said – I can’t remember who! – that we should try to recreate that sense of warmth and hospitality at home.

MK: Did either of you have any experience working with food?

Karen: Not at all. I had a 20+ year career in corporate. I was a Senior Vice President of account management for a software startup – primarily a sales role. I enjoyed my career and was able to save money toward retirement, but I realized that I’d rather take that money and use it for myself now.

It was a deliberate decision, but also just a matter of timing and staying open to whatever opportunity the universe had to offer– and taking advantage as it came along.When Katie found Newburyport Oil Oil Company it was just time to make the transition.

I firmly believe in just going for it, maybe even before you’re ready.

MK: Sounds like a lot of learning on the job.

Katie: We’ve made lots of little mistakes along the way – choosing the right payroll provider, point of sale system, that kind of thing. It’s definitely a lot of trial and error.

Karen: I say that if you’re making mistakes you’re doing it right. I mostly figure things out by the seat of my pants!

For example, I do most of the buying (finding, I should say) for the store – browsing online, going to places that I love and just seeing what appeals to me. We also go to craft shows like “New England-Made,” which exclusively features artisans and craftspeople from this area. It’s just a matter of keeping your eyes open.

Katie: We also like to take trips together to another town or venue just to get some new inspiration. We call them “sharpen the saw” days – because otherwise we’d get pretty dull!

MK: You seem to have very complementary styles. What do you most admire about the other and how do you think that benefits the business?

Katie: My favorite part of working with mom is that she encourages me to just try something. I’m more cautious and that leads me to avoid taking risks, even when they could really pay off. Whenever I go to her with an idea she just says “Try it!”

Karen: Katie was born going on 40. I really appreciate the way she thinks and how she helps me think things through when I get stuck. She can talk me off the ledge if I start to feel overwhelmed.

Katie: I guess I’m a little better at being reductive and narrowing many options down to the best few before making a major decision.

MK: How have your lives changed since going into business together?

Katie: For me it’s work/life balance. I used to commute two hours a day from my home in West Newbury to my HR-coordinator job in Lexington. Now my commute is about 10 minutes. I have so much more time to spend with my boyfriend, my friends, my dog. And what I’m doing is my passion. I may work on my business more than 40 hours a week but it’s so much more rewarding than what I was doing before.

Karen:I used to be a real road warrior, spending 2-3 weeks a month traveling for work. My friends were all work-related and spread out across the U.S. Now I have so many wonderful friends locally, and I feel such a huge sense of community. My social life if no longer corporate dinners with big clients. It’s so much more meaningful to me to participate in community events and be part of something righthere at home.

MK: What’s next for Port Plums?

Katie: We have had success hosting  a series of culinary events in partnership with other local businesses and and will continue to host many more.  We have had so much positive feedback and response as folks enjoy the social atmosphere combined with opportunity to learn from experts in the food and wine industry. Our second store, Port Blue Accents opened in the Spring of 2017. We are continuing to grow awareness as the Newburyport destination for unique personal accents and expand our customer following. While Port Plums is focused on culinary, Port Blue Accents features locally and regionally made home and personal accents and is wonderful place to purchase specialty gift items.

MK: You’ve got a busy year ahead of you! How will you measure success?

Karen: For me it’s about the customers who come into the store and are so thrilled to be there that they come back bringing friends and family to show them, too. They make my day more than anything else.

Katie: When the customers are as excited by the products we carry as we are – that’s what we consider success.



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Sidebar Local Videos

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.

Nunan’s 100 Years Celebration – A Fun Family Event

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.
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Mark your calendar for the Nunan’s 100 Years Celebration On Saturday, July 22, 2017 at 269 Central Street, Georgetown!  Come help Nunan’s Celebrate from 10 AM – 2 PM with family fun and games.  The official 100 year ceremony will take place at noon!  Enjoy great activities for the entire family including: free balloons, free hot dogs, touch a truck, creative creatures and mini golf specials.  Nunan’s will also be running a customer appreciation sales both Saturday July 22nd and Sunday the 23rd giving customers 25% off purchase store wide.  There are some exclusions that apply.

Nunan’s has a rich history of family, top notch customer care and service to the community.  Albert D. Nunan started Nunan Florist & Greenhouses as a florist shop in Saugus, MA, in 1917. After a long and successful career, Albert passed the business to his son Ken. In 1985, Ken sold the company to Steve Flynn and Bill Guerrini. Respectfully, they decided to keep the name of the business. Over the last 30 years, Steve and Bill have grown Nunan’s into the diversified, family-oriented business it is today. Steve continues to oversee Nunan’s business operations, and, though Bill is now semi-retired, he continues to help in the greenhouses on a part-time basis.

Family ties are strong at Nunan’s. Steve’s son Stephen, Jr. is the Owner/General Manager, his sister Maryanne is the Office Manager, his sister Maureen is the Garden Center Manager, his wife Christine is an office staff member, and his son Brody is a full-time employee. 

Over the last 30 years, Steve and Bill have grown Nunan’s into the diversified, family oriented business it is today. From its small roots as a florist shop, they have added services and offerings year after year including a vibrant nursery, landscaping services and plant rentals. In 2016 they opened an extraordinary 18 hole Garden Golf Course and an ice cream shop named after their grandchild – “Kallie’s Kones” proudly serves premium Richardsons ice cream.

If you haven’t experienced Nunan Florist and Greenhouses this is your excuse to explore this amazing garden center while enjoying the Nunan’s 100 Years Celebration.  A trip to Nunan’s is more than a shopping excursion. It is a fun afternoon activity! You are certain to be impressed with the knowledgeable and friendly service and understand why Nunan’s has been able to achieve this wonderful accomplishment of 100 Years in business.

DIY Dog Ice-Block Treat Equals Cool Canines

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
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Create a great treat to cool off your Hot-Dog this summer with the DIY Dog Ice-Block Treat. Its easy and just takes one or two nights to freeze depending on how big of a cube you decide to make.

What You Need to Make a Dog Ice-Block Treat

  • Plastic Tub or Bowl
  • Chew Toys
  • Treats
  • Water
  • Freezer

This is a really simple little project you can do for your dog to help in the summer heat. I recommend using some toys that your dog is already attached to and add a few new ones. I use toys that I know my dog is familiar with because a new Dog Ice-Block treat might be confusing to your pet the first time he or she sees it. Having familiar toys and some yummy treats will entice your dog to start licking at the Dog Ice-Block treat. Check out our full blog on tips for keeping your Hot-Dog a Cool Canine.

Layer One: Add a few treats and toys to the plastic tub or bowl of your Dog Ice-Block then add a layer of water about half way up the container. Freeze over night.

NOTE: Some items may float to the top of your Dog Ice-Block treat. This is ok because they will be locked in to the next layer. If you’re only doing one layer it will stick out of the ice-block enough to attracted your dog to start licking.

Layer Two: After the first layer hardens add the remainder of your toys and treats then freeze again. Remember its good for some toys to float to the top and protrude from the Dog Ice-Block Treat.

Creating a Dog Ice-Block Treat can also be made ahead of a heat wave and left in the freezer for those hot-Dog days in the future! No more hot-dogs just a pack of cool canines.

Autism- and Sensory-Friendly Events in the Newburyport Area

By Emily Cowan, Newburyport.Com Correspondent

autisim and sensory-friendly, Newburyport MA

Looking for autism- and sensory-friendly options for family entertainment? From autism spectrum to sensory processing disorders, there are plenty of reasons why your child might need a little extra consideration when it comes to high-impact events or activities. Many large entertainment venues now make specific accommodations for these kids (think lower lights, decreased noise levels, and smaller crowds), so no one has to miss out on the fun.

Here are a few area events and activities specially designed to create a calmer environment for sensory-sensitive kids. (For a complete and continuously updated list, check out the Greater Massachusetts Special Needs Event Calendar.)

Movie Theaters

Cinemagic (Salisbury MA and Portsmouth NH) – Sensory- and family-friendly showings run once per month

AMC Theaters (Methuen and Burlington MA) – Sensory-friendly films run four times per month

Chunky’s (Haverhill MA and Pelham NH) – Lights up, sound down sensory-friendly showings run monthly


Boston Children’s Museum (Boston MA) – Morningstar Access for a less crowded experience once per month

The Discovery Museum (Acton MA) – Autism-Friendly Evenings, Sensory-Friendly Afternoons, Visually Impaired Family Evenings, Mornings and Evenings for Families with Deaf or Hard of Hearing & KODA Infant and Toddlers programs that offer increased accommodations and access to exhibits in an understanding environment

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire (Dover NH) – Exploring Our Way Program is open the first Sunday of the month for families to enjoy the museum in a less crowded, understanding environment

Museum of Fine Arts (Boston MA) – Beyond the Spectrum program one Saturday per month for children ages 8-12 to explore galleries and create art


Autism Eats (Various Locations) – Hosts dinner parties in restaurants and function facilities with accommodations for sensory sensitivities

Chuck E. Cheese (Burlington, Danvers, and Methuen MA, and Newington NH) – Sensory Sensitive Sundays held the first Sunday of the month


SkyZone (Danvers MA) – Sensory Hours held on the second Sunday of the month


Amesbury Public Library (Amesbury MA) – Sensory Storytimes offered once per month


For more events for kids and families in the Greater Newburyport area, visit Subscribe to our FREE weekly e-newsletter to have our complete calendar delivered right to your inbox:

IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK, they’d say Wallpaper is back!

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
Wallpaper is back, Newburyport MA

If these walls could talk they’d say Wallpaper is back! Coming from Europe on the decorating scene in the past 2 years has been floral wallpapers and handmade “de Gournay” wallpapers panels.  And you know there are some very pretty florals that look updated and fresh. SO before you wrinkle your nose let me give you a few places to look for fresh floral wallpapers and how to use them.

Newburyport is known for its maritime look and feel but you can bring some eclectic wallpaper into your home, think of it as letting the garden come inside! Now if you have a finished 3rd floor or attic space that you have made into a guest room go all out like the English and use the wallpaper on the ceilings and walls. It’s okay! Take a look at English UK wallpapers- Colefax and Fowler or Designer’s Guild. Or just stay state-side and look at Schumacher wallpapers.

You still don’t believe that wallpaper is back? Another idea a little more contemporary is to try oversized geometric wallpaper on 1 wall in your foyer, up one side of your stairway or even in your powder room. Many of the geometric wallpapers have pure color which enhances your furniture or bathroom vanity. If you use the wallpaper with a strong pattern in a controlled amount you will not get tired of it and you will find you can skip the artwork and highlight the space with the type and style of light fixture.

Think about your Northshore, Newburyport home just a little bit differently and use wallpaper in a pure color against a white backdrop. You will see how much you will love the change and understand why wallpaper is back!  Your room becomes a new space in your home. Want a great fresh color look at Thibaut wallpapers or step it up a notch with Quadrille’s vast collection of unique style wallpapers!

Many of you are minimalists and would prefer no wallpapers; but I beg to differ on this with you because you may want to look at Phillip Jefferies absolutely Amazing collections of grass cloth wallpapers. They even have some with overlay geometrics, like the Greek key or oriental style design. Using one of PJ papers will warm the space and hanging paper on 1 wall can make a huge statement. Cowtan and Tout and Kenneth James have been experimenting with a marbleized or agate style wallpaper that I simply love for both traditional and contemporary spaces. The colors are warm grays, soft neutrals and even a neutral pink that can work with many shades of colors, like navy, charcoal, or rich browns.

Worthington will meet and work with you at your residence to identify where “if these walls could talk, they’d say Wallpaper is back” in your home! We have so many wallpaper options to show you, whether wallpapering a simple wall, room or ceiling in your Newburyport or Northshore home Worthington will create just the right touch!“To Define is to Limit.” -Oscar Wilde


Have a Happy 4th of July and see you in August.

Call Me Traditional – Bringing the Wedding Ceremony Back to Ipswich Country Club

By Melissa Nolet, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Melissa is originally from the South Shore. She started her career with Saphire Events group at Ridder Country club along with Pembroke Country Club. Graduated with a degree in Sports/Entertainment/Event Management with concentrations in Resort Management and Event Planning Management, from Johnson and Wales. Melissa’s Career in events took her to Stowe Vermont for two years as Conference and Event Planning Manager at Stoweflake Resort and Conference Center. Missing her love for the coastal state and various event opportunities we welcome her back to Massachusetts at the Ipswich Country Club.
Ipswich Country Club
Ipswich Country Club, wedding ceremony

Now call me traditional but when did the wedding ceremony become an afterthought? I may be living in a fairytale, waiting for that prince charming, but I have been planning that magical moment for others and cannot go another day without planning that perfect ceremony first. As I plan more and more everyday, I struggle to find the perfect blend of excitement for the ceremony as the reception from the wedding couples. Yes the food, family, décor, and dancing all play a huge role in this day, but we have perfected that and make it easy to pull off the perfect wedding reception. Our 52,000 square foot clubhouse has the space for an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour, along with a ballroom, one of the few venues on the North Shore that can host up to 250 guests with a large dance floor. What I want the couple to focus on is the wedding ceremony, it is all about you as a couple and the intimate decisions, you make as a couple, that make the ceremony so special.  If your unsure on what to do or how to make this ceremony special, leave it to me and the team who dedicates their attention to one wedding a day, here at Ipswich Country Club. We are here to lend you ideas and to make sure your day goes as smoothly the day of as it does in your head.

Its time to think about the magical moments together that made this day happen. With my guidance as your personal wedding planner your ceremony will be planned out start to finish. We will start with you and your wedding party proceeding down the isle in perfect order and cued to music.  The officiant will welcome your guests and start the ceremony that you and your fiancé planned. You may have no idea where to start or what to include in the ceremony so here are a few ideas to spice up any wedding ceremony, for any wedding couple. Any of these ideas would fit perfectly into the beautiful garden and country club backdrop of Ipswich Country Club.

Is there a traditional reading that reminds you where your values, as a couple, came from?

  • 1 Corinthians 13:4-8New International Version (NIV)
  • Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
  • Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

 Or maybe it is a reading that tells your love story in a perfect light.

  • Marriage joins Two People in the Circle of its Love By Edmund O’Neill
  • Marriage is a commitment to life, to the best that two people can find and bring out in each other. It offers opportunities for sharing and growth that no other human relationship can equal; a joining that is promised for a lifetime. Within the circle of its love, marriage encompasses all of life’s most important relationships. A wife and a husband are each other’s best friend, confidant, lover, teacher, listener, and critic. There may come times when one partner is heartbroken or ailing, and the love of the other may resemble the tender caring of a parent for a child. Marriage deepens and enriches every facet of life. Happiness is fuller; memories are fresher; commitment is stronger; even anger is felt more strongly, and passes away more quickly. Marriage understands and forgives the mistakes life is unable to avoid. It encourages and nurtures new life, new experiences, and new ways of expressing love through the seasons of life. When two people pledge to love and care for each other in marriage, they create a spirit unique to themselves, which binds them closer than any spoken or written words. Marriage is a promise, a potential, made in the hearts of two people who love, which takes a lifetime to fulfill.

If you are thinking to yourself “We are not your traditional couple”, well I got a solution for you too. If you’re a non-traditional couple, try a cocktail ceremony where mixing a drink together can not only add some relief to the wedding ceremony, but also gives your guests a hint of how the night is going to be.  Maybe you’re looking to connect deeper as a couple and deeper in the environment, try planting a tree to watch your love “root” itself into the ground and grow.

If family and friends are the most important part of why you’re together than this stone tradition is for you. Have a basket of small skipping stones at the entrance of the ceremony for guests to pick up. Guest will hold these stones throughout the wedding ceremony and after you are done saying your vows to each other you will ask your friends and family to say a vow or wish for you. They will take a moment of silence to wish or promise something to the happy couple, all while holding this small stone. At the end they will leave their stones in a vase for the couple to display in their home or in a small garden at their new place. This is to remind the couple of all the support they have from their friends and family.

For those that are more musical a bridal party flash mob may be the right fit or a fun upbeat song for the happy couple to exit their ceremony to. These examples are just the start to what you can do at your wedding ceremony and each one has a different reflection on you as a couple. So you will want to pick the one that fits right for you.

The magical moments do not end there for the newly married couple. The Wedding ceremony is not the only time to reflect on why you are there. I always tell my wedding couples that this is their day and that the people they invited are there to be spectators in this monumental moment and they are just happy to be a part of it. I want to make sure every couple has ten minutes to themselves during the wedding night away from all interruptions, whether that’s just a few minutes locked away in our spacious private suite…..

Or perhaps it is standing on the Country club balcony looking over their wedding guests during cocktail hour.

Or maybe it will be leaving the couple on hole nine as the sunsets with a champagne bottle.

Help me bring more inspired ceremonies and special moments to your wedding held at Ipswich Country Club. Call Melissa Nolet, Private Events Director at my direct line 978-312-3082.

Looking forward to working with you in 2017 or 2018,

Melissa Nolet
Private Events Director
Ipswich Country Club, Ipswich MA

The Newburyport App Provides Real Time Access to Local Real Estate

By Robert Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
CEO/Owner & Residential/Commercial Sales Specialist for Bentley's, Robert has been the #1 agent in the Greater Newburyport market for the past six years. Robert's success is due to his dominance with on-line real estate marketing, strong negotiation skills, and good old fashioned work ethic. Robert has a strong sales, marketing, and finance background and always does what is necessary to get the deal done, and make his clients happy. Experience and proven reputation are key when you are making the largest financial transaction of a life time.
Robert Bentley
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The Newburyport App is a local loyalty program that encourages folks to shop and dine local, and rewards them with discounts at participating restaurants and retailers.  In addition The Newburyport App provides real time access to local real estate searches  It is a powerful tool for real estate real estate searches, in addition to providing access to the Events Calendar, Live Web Cam Views and much more. The Newburyport App allows users to digitally display their Newburyport VIP Card on their Apple or Android device and provides them discounts EVERY TIME they visit the 180 participating local businesses.  It enables users to very simplistically view businesses and their discounts and it also allows for the option to receive reminders to use the App at businesses that are near.  In addition to being great for the consumer, the Newburyport App helps support the local community by giving 40% of App sales back to local nonprofit organizations.  When purchasing the Newburyport App, users choose which nonprofit partner they would like to support.

Whether folks already live in the Newburyport area or they are exploring the possibility of a move, the Newburyport App provides real time access to local real estate searches while on the go.  There is strong demand to live in Newburyport and surrounding towns because it’s a beautiful historic small city with a thriving downtown, great schools and so many fun things to do.  Residents and visitors enjoy excellent restaurants and shopping as well as arts and entertainment and many wonderful outdoor activities as well.  The downtown area of Newburyport runs along the Merrrimack River which flows right into the Ocean offering the beautiful beaches of Plum Island and the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.  The Newburyport real estate market has stayed consistently strong as folks love its close proximity to Boston as well as beautiful destinations in Main, New Hampshire and Vermont as well.  For a small city Newburyport has so much to offer and is a major attraction for empty nester’s ready to give up their big home and enjoy a condo on the water.  Newburyport is definitely a major family town but it is also attractive to younger singles and couples who are ready to move out the city for the opportunity to walk to restaurants and shops while enjoying life on the water.  Newburyport, it’s a lifestyle!

The Newburyport App provides real time access to local real estate.  This is a must have if you are buying, selling or just researching the community.  Download the Newburyport App from the App Store or Play Store and when you make a purchase make sure to choose which which local nonprofit organization you would like to support.

Apple/App Store: Download “Newburyport” for iOS/Apple

Android/Play Store: Download “Newburyport” for Android/Google




Downtown Newburyport Family Friendly Restaurant – Italian & Lebanese Cuisine

Newburyport Family Friendly Restaurant

Oregano Pizzeria and Ristorante is a wonderful Newburyport family friendly restaurant featuring a welcoming and casual atmosphere.  They serve absolutely delicious Italian cuisine and Lebanese cuisine.  Located in a historic downtown Newburyport building, the restaurant has a charming ambiance with high ceiling and exposed brick walls, a beautifully framed bar and open kitchen.  In warm weather, the outdoor patio is great place to enjoy your meal.  In addition to offering Italian and Lebanese cuisine, Oregano is very well known for serving exceptional brick oven pizza.  They also prepare many delicious entrees such as chicken saltimbocca, scallop risotto, and braised lamb shank.  And for those who enjoy Lebanese cuisine, the lamb kabobs and falafel are not to be missed!  Oregano can delight the adults and satisfy the kids with delicious selection of pizzas or the option of the kid’s menu.  If you leave room for desert, the Pizza Cookie is a must.  Served with vanilla ice cream, the Pizza Cookie is a warm chocolate chip cookie baked in the pizza oven.  Try it once and it will become a tradition!

One of the unique features of this Newburyport family friendly restaurant is their oven, which was imported from Genoa, Italy.  This special oven heats up to 1400 degrees and can bake a pizza in three minutes.  Because the base plate of the oven is cut from one piece of Lumina stone, it helps the pizzas to cook evenly.  What does this mean for customers?  It allows the pizzas created at Oregano to be crispy and chewy at the same time.  Owners, Claude and Laura Elias believe strongly in using top quality ingredients.  San Marzano tomatoes are used to make the pizza sauce and marinara sauce as well as many other dishes, such as the braised lamb shank.  San Marzano tomatoes are grown in volcanic soil in the foot hills of Mont Vesuvius and known to be the highest quality most expensive tomatoes in the world.  The combination of the climate in this region and the volcanic ash make San Marzano tomatoes sweeter and less acidic than other tomato varieties.

Oregano is a terrific Newburyport restaurant choice for those who appreciate the option to pair great drinks and food together.  They not only serve crafted cocktails and high quality wines, but also offer imported and local craft beers.  The drink menu at Oregano features an extensive selection of wines by the glass.  Try a Malbec, Super Tuscan, Montepulciano, or the Lambrusco, a sparkling chilled red wine.  Stella and Peroni are always on tap, as are a rotating selection of craft beers from the greater Newburyport area.  Red sangria is offered all year and they also serve a refreshing and crisp white sangria in the warmer months.  The bartenders at Oregano create exceptional sangrias with the perfect balance of wine, fruit, and other ingredients.

Oregano Pizzeria and Ristorante is a family run and family managed Newburyport Italian and Lebanese restaurant that provides a high level of customer service.  Oregano is owned by Claude and Laura Elias and managed by the sibling team of TJ and Jill Kelly.  Claude and Laura Elias are very customer focused owners, and with their two sons Zachary and Sami they do many things to give back to the greater Newburyport Community.  They support and are involved in The Newburyport Education Foundation, The Newburyport PTO, Boys and Girls Club, and Anna Jaques Hospital, to name a few of the organizations they support.   Oregano is also a proud supporter of the Newburyport VIP Program offering discounts to Newburyport App/VIP Card Holders and raising money for local nonprofit organizations.  TJ and Jill do a fantastic job of managing the restaurant with TJ focusing on the restaurant and Jill on the bar.

Although Oregano Pizzeria and Ristorante does not take reservations, they do accommodate call-ahead seating.  Give them a call or stop in to add your party to the list.  Take a walk around town or relax while the kids enjoy the Inn Street Playground and Oregano will send you a text when your table is ready!  Come visit this Newburyport family friendly restaurant and enjoy delicious Italian cuisine and Lebanese cuisine.










Helpful Tips for Protecting Your Coastal Home or Condo

By John Romano, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
John Romano is a licensed home inspector and owner of Romano Home Inspection Inc. He serves clients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine. Romano He has been inspecting residential homes, condominiums, multi unit homes, log homes, timber frame homes, mobile homes and commercial buildings since 1986. In addition to home inspections, Romano Home inspection also offers consulting services for home and building owners. As a home inspector he has inspected thousands of buildings from 1986 to present with many having historical interest. The buildings sale ranges from less than a quarter million dollars to multimillion dollar properties. John uses his expertise to educate you the client of the condition of what you may be purchasing and maintenance for the systems and components. My knowledge comes from hands on experience from the 1970’s with timber frame buildings, balloon framed buildings and platform framed buildings. John has attended Whittier Technical School for licenses in construction, heating and cooling in addition to countless hours of educational training with (ASHI) American Society of Home Inspectors. John is a long time member of (ASHI) American Society of Home Inspectors and a member of Historic Buildings Association. Besides being licensed in home inspection, he holds licenses in construction, heating, cooling (RRR) and wood destroying insects. John has been trained in carbon monoxide inspections with the Bacharach Company. John has retired from Title 5 septic system inspections and repairs as well as soil evaluations.
Romano Home Inspection
Protecting your coastal home or condo, Newburyport MA

Consider the importance of protecting your coastal home or condo! When you purchase a home or condominium near the ocean you need to be aware and accept the possibilities of damage to the building from extreme and hurricane force winds, wind driving rain and snow as well as over land flooding. Wind driven rain may penetrate the best constructed building envelop. This is all part of accepting the possibility of damaged homes or condos with living along the coast. Protecting your coastal home of condo is important for the longevity of the building as well as to minimize continuous repairs.

Buildings constructed next to or near the ocean tend to have more damage from these storms than inland buildings. Protecting your coastal home or condo may minimize damage that tends to occur with buildings near the ocean include roof shingle, roof sheathing, roof framing, exterior siding, exterior sheathing, windows and any other roofing and exterior related components exposed to the elements. There is a possibility of damage to the building from overland flooding.

Helpful Tips for Protecting Your Coastal Home or Condo When Renovating:

  • Roof shingle should be rated for winds up to 120 TO 150 MPH. These types of roof covering shingle tend to last with high winds if installed correctly. The shingle should be fixed to the roof with proper fasteners and roof shingle adhesive for coastal installations.
  • Roof framing and ceiling joists should have hurricane ties installed securing them to the top wall plates.
  • Wall framing should be secured with mechanical anchoring systems and fasteners to the sills and the sills to the foundations.
  • Vinyl siding is not recommended to be installed along immediate coastal areas. Vinyl siding tends to peel from the building. Vinyl siding is not fully water tight. It is the protection of the building sheathing and rough openings under the siding that prove to be water resistant if properly installed.
  • (Fiber cement) siding and hard board siding is not recommended as these siding materials tends to be swell, delaminate and break down more rapidly than wood.
  •  Wood siding is recommended for coastal siding
  •  Windows depending on how close to the coast they home is should be impact resistant windows. Coastal homes should have (Zone A) windows. These are impact resistant windows to a point and are vinyl clad to resist salt in the air and spray from salt water. The window frames, sash and panels are reinforced for high winds.
  • In many cases flood doors may be needed for crawl space and basements should overland flooding occur. Properly installed these flood doors allow water to come and go during overland flooding. In some cases with severe overland flooding during a severe storm damage to the foundation may still occur.

Buildings constructed next to or near the ocean tend to have more damage from these storms than inland buildings. Protecting your coastal home or condo may minimize damage that tends to occur with buildings near the ocean include roof shingle, roof sheathing, roof framing, exterior siding, exterior sheathing, windows and any other roofing and exterior related components exposed to the elements. There is a possibility of damage to the building from overland flooding.

Protecting your coastal home or condo with proper materials will help to minimize added funds needed for repairs. All exterior trim, fascia and soffit should be of a cellular PVC manufactured product rather than wood. These materials tend to stand up to high winds and are rot resistant. They need no finish applied. When using wood for fascia, soffits boards and trim the wood tends to rot quickly and paint tends to peel more rapid. Exterior decks, balconies and porch framing connectors should be stainless steel. Stainless steel fasteners should be used throughout the exterior of the building. All exterior attachments should be hurricane connected. Attic venting is not recommended due to the possibility of extreme wind and uplift of the roof frame. This however may contradict venting standards.

When purchasing a home or condo near or along the coast, the property should be professionally inspected to make sure damage has not incurred from wind driven rain, storm surge, debris or fire.

The first step in protecting coastal homes or condos is hiring an experienced professional inspector to evaluate all components with the home or condo. Even if you currently own a home or condo along the coast it is important to protect your coastal home or condo with first hiring an experienced professional home inspector.

Top 10 Benefits of Having a WordPress Website

By Jim Somers, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Sonora DesignWorks, Jim is an expert in web design and development with 22 years of experience including the launch and ongoing support of Newburyport.Com.
WordPress Website, Sonora DesignWorks, Newburyport

A WordPress Website is a great choice for content management software (CMS) in today’s competitive business environment. Sonora DesignWorks in Newburyport works with companies to design websites and utilizes the WordPress platform to create the optimal website solutions for their clients. In fact,, the website you are currently visiting, uses WordPress and was designed by Sonora DesignWorks. Keep reading to learn more about why a WordPress website is a great choice for your business.

1. You can manage your own website

With a WordPress Website there is no need to depend on a web designer to manage content on your site. You have the ability to control, edit, and create content on your website.

2. No specialized training or software needed

A WordPress website allows you to control and manage the content in your website without technical training, programming, or HTML experience. And you do not need any specialized HTML editing software to manage the website.

3. Manage your website from anywhere in the world

WordPress allows you to edit your website from any web browser. In short, if you have an Internet connection, you can access and edit your website from anywhere on the planet!

4. Keep website content up to date

You can keep your content current by using a WordPress platform. This CMS gives you the ability to update and publish your own website in minutes allowing you to get your content on-line without delay.

5. Mobile Friendly

It is important to have a website that is mobile ready because many people primarily use their mobile devices to search the web. A custom responsive WordPress theme is enabled to display content to someone whether they are viewing the website from a computer or mobile device. Google also gives preference to mobile ready sites in search results.

6. Search Engine Optimization

WordPress makes it easy for search engines to index and read content. Tip: Your pages will be more likely to rank highly in search results if you include content that follows the basics of search engine optimization writing. This brings you traffic and business.

7. Editing Power

A CMS website, such as WordPress, saves you money by allowing you to edit your website whenever you want! No need to rely on someone else for basic changes or edits. You can easily add photos and images, post new content, and edit content on your website.

8. Your website belongs to you

A WordPress website provides a universal CMS platform. This means that you are not tied to a website developer for support when you need help with your website or decide to make design alterations.

9. Plugins expand the reach of your website

Plugins in WordPress make it possible to add elements such as video content, an event calendar, or a Twitter feed to your website. This engages your audience and attracts more visits to the site.

10. Expand your website content

As your business expands you may want to add more content to your website. WordPress allows you to incorporate an unlimited number of new posts and pages as you grow.

A WordPress website you can control and manage yourself is a terrific solution for a business. However, you still need a trusted and experienced company to design and develop your website. Contact Sonora DesignWorks in Newburyport to learn more about our award winning design. Check out our impressive web design portfolio too!

CYBER-FRAUD IN REAL ESTATE DEALS – JOB POSTING: “Cyber-Crook Wanted: Great Pay & Flexible Hours, Internet a Must – No Gun Required”

By Robert Ciampitti, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Attorney Ciampitti is a frequent and dynamic speaker on topics related to residential and commercial real estate, land use law, zoning and condo law. As one of the Co-Founding partners of Liberty Law & Title, LLC. (one of the North Shore’s first truly “concierge” level, boutique law firms), attorney Ciampitti brings a highly innovative approach to providing creative and competitive legal services. Attorney Ciampitti and his co-founding partner Charlie Palmisano have earned the loyalty and confidence of a diverse client base including lenders, investors, developers, buyers & sellers of real estate throughout a variety of property matters. Mr. Ciampitti continues to represent clients from residential and commercial transactions to venture capital, private financing, private equity, development, permitting and general corporate matters. Attorney Ciampitti also serves as a visiting professor of business law at Salem State University’s Bertolon School of Business (Salem, MA). An active licensed pilot since 1989, Mr. Ciampitti holds a Private Pilot’s License Certificate with an Instrument Rating and shares his passion for aviation with his wife and two sons, flying for pleasure as well as for business – and is currently completing FAA training toward his Commercial Pilot’s License. Mr. Ciampitti also enjoys scouting with his two sons and serves as a Scout Leader and Merit Badge counselor within Boy Scout Troop 21 (Newburyport, MA) and is himself an Eagle Scout.
Liberty Law, LLC.
Cyber-Fraud, Liberty Law, Newburyport

Seminar Description:  Today, it is easier than ever for scam-artists, through cyber-fraud, to quietly amass public information about us and our industry (called “Social Engineering”).  The latest national data confirms that these cyber-criminals are getting smarter and learning how to sound like us and behalf like us on-line, so that they can more easily target not just banks and closing firms, but also Real Estate Agents & Brokers.  Their sole purpose is to pose as you and trick your clients into diverting private information or worse, diverting MONEY!  In this instance, protecting yourself and your clients from cyber-fraud in real estate deals IS the new standard of care.  Whether we know it or not, if we work in real estate and in doing so, handle Non Public Private Information (“NPPI”), then we ARE duly-bound to serve as guard & century against all invaders (whether seen or unseen).

Seminar Purpose:  In response to this mounting cyber-fraud threat – and with input and assistance from leaders within the Massachusetts Licensing Commission as well as experts within the insurance and IT communities – LIBERTY LAW has developed this Training Seminar to assist our real estate colleagues in recognizing this very real, emerging threat.  Our goal through this Seminar is to share valuable new information about how the real estate community can protect themselves and their clients from becoming a victim of this new species of cyber-crime.

Seminar Take-Aways:  Through this 60 minute, Newburyport based seminar (along with a robust Q&A), attendees will learn the statutorily required steps that every agent and/or broker must take to protect themselves and their clients’ NPPI and funds.   If the worst should occur, attendees will learn the immediate reporting steps they are obligated to take (as licensed professionals) to report an incident to the Boston Field Office of the FBI and the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General.

Tall Ships Visit Newburyport – Experience Our Maritime History – May 24th – 29th 2017

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.
Tall Ships, Newburyport

Thanks to the Custom House Maritime Museum, the Greater Newburyport Community and curious visitors from near and far, will once again be able to experience Newburyport’s maritime history through tours and events associated with the visit of Tall Ships:  Schooner Alabama and Schooner Adventure.  Enjoy tours and special events May 24th through May 29th.

Newburyport Maritime Days are almost here!  Mark your calendar for a couple of special times: the Tall Ships are due to arrive on Wednesday, May 24th at 10:52 AM on the high tide at the mouth of the Merrimack River.  The arrival will be marked with a parade of sails to the Newburyport waterfront and the official welcoming ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday evening from 6 – 8 PM.

General public tours will be available Thursday through Monday.  Check the Events Calendar for specific inforTall Ships, Newburyportmation and days and times of special tours and events for student groups, seniors, and artists as well as a number of fun social events.  You should purchase tickets in advance for tours and special events.  If you have questions contact the Custom House at 978-462-8681.

If you are enamored by the beauty of these amazing tall ships, we highly recommend a tour of the Custom House Maritime Museum.  Newburyport is a city filled with fascinating stories of folks who navigated ships, worked on ships, built ships and those who sailed for both business and adventure on incredible journeys of exploration.  If locals weren’t somehow connected to ships, it was certain that a family member or neighbor was, and that ships had a significant impact on the lives of everyone from Newburyport.  The Custom House Maritime Museum is the ultimate destination for learning and sharing maritime history and tradition.  If you haven’t been it is a must on the bucket list, and if you have been then stop in again and discover more stories and adventures of our Newburyport founding residents.

While exploring the Tall Ships we also highly recommend a visit to the, Newburyport Collection, a group of regional hand crafters, artists, and vendors selling their wares on the green, the 27th through the 29th.  This is another great opportunity to further explore Newburyport’s maritime traditions and and history.  You will find them under the tent on the Custom House waterfront lawn.

The schooner Alabama is a living piece of America’s maritime history. Built in 1926 for the Mobile, Alabama Bar Pilots, she sTall Ships, Newburyporterved until her retirement in 1966. She is not a replica, a ship built to emulate the style of past generations, but rather a design of Thomas F. McManus, a man widely regarded as the best designer of all the Gloucester fishing schooners. Alabama’s second phase of her life began when the Coastwise Packet Company and its owner, Robert Douglas purchased and brought her to Vineyard Haven in 1967. Never fitted out as a sailing vessel by the Mobile Pilots, she was finally given this opportunity thirty years later when it was decided to put her back to work in 1994. The rebuild that was a result of this decision lasted over three years and replaced almost 90% of her original form. As with the Shenandoah, Captain Douglas gave every consideration to her construction and the result is a vessel true to the era and design of McManus. The fishing schooner was an American invention, and the Alabama represents the finest vessels from this area when ships like her were relied on to provide the country with the staple of its economy, codfish.

Tall Ships Newburyport

The Schooner Adventure was designed by the famous marine architect Thomas McManus as a “knockabout” without a bowsprit for the safety of the crew. The schooner was built in 1926, in Essex, Massachusetts, by the John F. James and Son Shipyard. She measured 121.6 feet in length, 24.5 feet in breadth, and 14 feet in depth. Her gross tonnage was 130 and her net tonnage 62. When built, Adventure was powered by a 120 horsepower engine turning a single screw in a cutout space in the rudder.

Experience Newburyport Maritime Days by touring the Tall Ships, attending amazing events, and make certain you also tour the Custom House Maritime Museum.  Whether you are local to Newburyport or just visiting for Maritime Days be sure to download the Newburyport App.  The Neburyport App is a community based loyalty program that offers folks discounts at 180 local restaurants and shops and and helps support local nonprofit organizations.  Please consider supporting the Custom House Maritime Museum with your Newburyport App purchase.  In addition to being a nonprofit partner, The Custom House Maritime Museum also provides discounts as part of the VIP Program.  Show your Newburyport App or VIP Card and receive 50% off Museum admission and 10% off gift shop purchases of $25 or more.

Annelies to be Performed by The Newburyport Choral Society

Annelies Newburyport Choral Society Concert

Under the direction of Dr. George Case, the NCS, Newburyport Choral Society Spring Concert will feature James Whitbourn’s powerful oratorio Annelies, the only musical setting based on the story of Anne Frank during the Holocaust. Premiered to huge acclaim in 2005, Annelies has been praised for its “woundingly beautiful” music and an extraordinary libretto that captures Anne’s keen observations and indomitable spirit. Whitbourn wrote this about Annelies:

“It was to be a commemorative work, not only for Anne Frank, but for those by whose side she lived, those she watched with penetrating eyes, and those voiceless millions who shared her fate.”

Numbering more than 125 singers, the Newburyport Choral Society will perform this dramatic oratorio to commemorate Anne Frank’s spirit and her vision of hope as an inspiration to all of the world’s oppressed people. The piece includes a variety of musical styles of the time period, including classical, folk songs, and a cabaret influence. NCS will end the concert with Whitbourn’s healing All Shall Be Amen and Alleluia, transcending the horrors of history and underlining a belief in the power of the human spirit to triumph.

The Newburyport Choral Society will perform two concerts: Saturday, May 6th at 8 PM and Sunday, May 7th at 4 PM at the Belleville Congregational Church located at 300 High Street in Newburyport.  Purchase tickets now for this amazing performance.


“I can feel the sufferings of millions and yet, if I look  up into the

heavens, I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too

will end, and  that peace  and tranquility will return again.”

Massachusetts Cultural Council






The Newburyport Choral Society gratefully acknowledges funding support for this program from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.  This program is also supported in part by grants from the Local Cultural Councils of Ipswich, Merrimac, Newbury, Newburyport, Rowley, Salisbury and West Newbury.


Floral Design Classes at Nunan’s – Develop Your Creativity!

By Steve Flynn Sr., Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Steve Flynn Sr. has worked in the greenhouse business since he was in his teens and has owned Nunan’s for over thirty years. Nunan’s is a family oriented and run business with three generation actively involved in the business. Steve enjoys the ever changing seasons of the greenhouse industry, and has built the business to be for both retail and wholesale customers .
Nunan Florist & Greenhouses
Nunan's Spring Floral Design Classes, Georgetown MA

Develop your creativity by signing up for floral design classes at Nunan’s this Spring. Nunan Florist & Greenhouses, located at 269 Central Street in Georgetown, MA, offers seasonal classes to help your creative side shine. This April, we are offering both floral design classes and container classes, and our annual Spring Open House is April 22nd and 23rd. We are excited to announce Kallie’s Kones will be opening Saturday, April 1. Check out our list of classes below. To register, please call us at (978) 352-8172 or email

Thursday, April 6th at 6 PM
Flower Therapy Class

Come have fun and create a beautiful fresh flower arrangement. We will supply the flowers and guidance and you provide the creativity, so that everyone’s will be different. This will be a fun, relaxing evening as you create an arrangement for your table or for a friend. The fee for this class is $35.00.

Saturday, April 8th at 1 PM
Spring Containers Class

There is nothing that says spring more than pansies, flowering bulbs, and spring magic. Bring your own container or select one of ours as we plant a beautiful container for your doorstep for springtime. We will only use plant material that can withstand a light frost, so that it can stay out on most April nights. Cost of class is dependent on the plant material you choose and if you purchase a container.

Saturday, April 15th at 11 AM
Spring Easter Baskets for Kids Class

We will plant pansies and other spring plants into a wicker basket to make a living Easter basket that can be given as a gift or kept for your Easter table. Nothing says Easter and springtime like pansies! The fee for this class is $15.00.

Saturday & Sunday, April 22nd and 23rd
Spring Open House

Come join us at our Spring Open House! It falls on Earth Day this year, so we have a lineup of fun events for kids and educational seminars for adults. The children’s events will run from 11 AM until 2 PM and consist of “Plant a Pansy”, “Plant a Tomato Seedling”, and Earth Day crafts, as well as a Fairy Garden Class starting at 1 PM.  From 10 AM until 12 PM, we will hold a seminar where we will answer any and all of your lawn care questions, and from 12 PM to 2 PM, ask your most important tree and shrub care questions. After the winter we’ve had, we’re sure you have some!

Whether you sign up for our floral design classes or just come stop in for the open house, a trip to Nunan’s is sure to spark your Spring fever!


5 Really Good Reasons to keep Existing Furniture

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
keep existing furniture, Newburyport MA

When renovating your home here are 5 really good reasons to keep existing furniture and rethink your home’s interiors.

1. Because it’s old I should get rid of it.

Well that couldn’t be further from the truth, even if it’s not an antique you can make the table or chair work in another room or for another purpose. Often times you have only thought of 1 way of thinking about how you have been using that piece; but we Interior Designers are trained to think outside the box for you! We keep you from making a costly mistakes buying miscellaneous or wrong pieces and instead help you keep existing furniture. You may already have something existing we can use. We will help redirect you to spend wisely with intended priorities.

2. It’s not my style now so I can’t use it.

Your tastes change over time and you may have loved this chair or sofa and now you cannot see how to incorporate it into your new look. We at Worthington Interior Design are masters at getting you to fall back in love with these pieces you already own. New upholstery and perhaps refinishing can make these pieces look fabulous to work with your new style. For instance, a client had some wing chairs and said“they’re old and I want to get rid of them,” but we found the perfect fabric and they were magically transformed!

3. The color doesn’t work.

The color of your piece is the least of its problems. We have so many sources for fabrics and finishes that a new color fabric and trim, paint or stain and wecan reinvent easily.

Often clients tell me these lamps I have are ugly and I need new. Well in fact this happened with a client while we were designing the interiors for her vacation home. So we took all her lamps and sourced new lampshades and brought them all back to her and she said, ‘those are not my lamps’, but in fact they were her lamps and we just tweaked them and they were like new!

4. My piece is an heirloom and comfortable buy I cannot see it working with my new renovation.

These are in fact 2 very good reasons to keep the piece! Again we can simply repair the sofa or chair, make the cushions like new andreupholster. Everything will be singing the same song in your new home. Many soft pieces like sofas and chairs need to have the springs retied and the wood connectionsre-glued but you must know that the older the piece the better it’s been made.

Sure the new furniture these days has a more modern appeal or just fresh and new but often it’s not made as well. Because nowadays pieces that are made as well are much more expensive! Kindel

5. I have this piece of furniture and I like it but I’m not sure how to use it.

Creating a new purpose for one of your existing pieces of furniture is part of what we do at Worthington Interior Design.  We take great pride when we can help you keep existing furniture by reintroducing you to your pieces and possession. Be it a lamp or a side table or a large armoire.  A Boston client purchased an Armoire for their home in Beacon Hill and shestored linens and towels.They moved to Back Bay andit became a European way to store her dishes. Then it made its way to another home and we repurposed for the flat screen TV.And now she decided to make it the bar!

Spring is all about renewing. If you’re in a quandary about how to incorporate your existing furniture set up an appointment with Worthington Interior Design and we’d welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Happy Easter and see you in May.


Awaken your inner decorative genius!

By Steve Flynn Sr., Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Steve Flynn Sr. has worked in the greenhouse business since he was in his teens and has owned Nunan’s for over thirty years. Nunan’s is a family oriented and run business with three generation actively involved in the business. Steve enjoys the ever changing seasons of the greenhouse industry, and has built the business to be for both retail and wholesale customers .
Nunan Florist & Greenhouses
Nunan's March Classes

Nunan Florist & Greenhouses, located at 269 Central Street in Georgetown, is offering a March-full of classes to evoke your floral and botanical creativity. Additionally, we are thrilled to announce the opening of Nunan’s Mini Golf and Kallie’s Kones ice cream stand — weather permitting — Saturday, April 1. We’ll keep you posted. View our list of March classes below and register today at 978-352-8172 or

Fairy Gardens for Adults
Sunday, March 12 at 1 PM – 2 PM

Awaken your inner child with our class on Fairy Gardens for Adults class! Our Fairy Garden Classes have been very popular and now we will be holding a class for adults. Our greenhouse is a great space to be working in to create a flourishing environment of small tropical plants and hideaways that any fairy would love. Choose from a selection of small tropical plants and other supplies to create your own keepsake fairy garden.

No up-front fee — Cost is dependent on which supplies you choose.


Let’s Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
Wednesday, March 15 at 6 PM – 7 PM

Become the life of your St. Patrick’s Day party with our Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day class. Those ‘lucky’ enough to attend will create a Green Mug ‘o Beer Arrangement along with a corsage for the missus and boutonniere for her man — a delightful evenin’ for all! May the luck of the Irish be with you.

Pittance for the class is $25.

Monets Garden Arrangement
Sat. March 25th  1 p.m.  

No better way to welcome spring than to create your very own fresh flower arrangement mindful of colors, light and textures of Monet’s Garden.

Choose from an assortment of fresh spring florals guaranteed to bring life to any space. Join us for our Monet’s Garden Arrangement class and be inspired.

Cost for this class is $35.00.

Nunans is currently finalizing a full slate of classes and workshops for the month of April.

Spanish Tall Ship El Galeón Visits Newburyport – May 2016

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.
Featured Video Play Icon

Newburyport, MA a city rich with maritime history, is excited to host Spanish Tall Ship El Galeón from May 25th – 30th, and we can thank the Custom House Maritime Museum for helping facilitate this special visit.  The arrival of El Galeón is expected on Wednesday the 25th between 2-3 PM and will be accompanied by the Coast Guard.  She will come up through Cape Ann and into the Merrimack River offering spectacular viewing opportunities.

Come welcome her to Newburyport’s waterfront and help start a new Newburyport tradition!  As El Galeón passes, The ASpanish Tall Ship El Galeón merican Yacht Club will fire a salute to welcome El Galeón to Newburyport.  Captain Rosario Fernandez will ring the ships bell to return the salute, and the crew will sound their bosun whistles from up in the ship’s sails.  This is a wonderful opportunity to partake in the start of a Newburyport tradition.  All are invited to participate by sounding their bosun whistles.  You can purchase these beautiful copper and brass bosun whistle souvenirs at the Custom House gift shop for just $6.

There are many festivities that will take place during the Maritime Days celebration including:  general public tours, student toursPirate Night Costume Party, Flamenco Evening (sold out), Breakfast on a Tall Ship and the Children’s Pirate Party!  Tickets to tour Spanish Tall Ship El Galeón can be purchased online or at the Custom House gift shop.  General public tour tickets will also be available at the waterfront kiosk but we recommend purchasing tickets as soon as possible, as this exciting event is expected to bring large crowds to Newburyport.

Whether you are local to the Newburyport area or just planning a visit, this is a special experience that you don’t want to miss.  Come tour Spanish Tall Ship El Galeón, Newburyport MASpanish Tall Ship El Galeón and we highly recommend a visit to the Custom House Maritime Museum as well.

If you enjoy our maritime history and would like to help support the Custom House efforts, consider purchasing a Newburyport VIP Card online or this weekend outside on the back lawn of the Custom House.  The VIP Card allows you to enjoy discounts EVERY TIME you visit 180 participating Greater Newburyport restaurants and shops and $10 of your $25 card purchase will help support the Custom House Maritime Museum.



A Family Vacation Yields Unexpected Treasure

By Jim Somers, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Founder of American Gold Prospecting Adventures, Jim Somers is a seasoned gold prospector who leads prospecting excursions throughout northern New England. He has been featured in The Boston Globe, The Union Leader, Lost Treasure Magazine and The Gold Prospectors Association of America Pick & Shovel Newsletter.
American Gold Prospecting Adventures
Family Vacation Adventures, Newburyport MA

About 15 years ago, my wife and I took our kids to Scottsdale, Arizona for a family vacation. We didn’t have firm plans for the trip, preferring instead to explore the local options upon arrival. After settling in at the hotel, we gathered a bunch of brochures from the lobby and let the kids pick our first adventure.

The next day, we headed out to the Goldfield Ghost Town in the Superstition Mountains. We learned all about the gold rush and the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine. We also learned about the town’s history—how it boomed into existence and then, just as quickly, went bust. Finally, we learned how to pan for gold. That hands-on experience let us all feel the rush of adrenaline you get when you find gold in a simple pile of dirt.

The entire family was struck by gold fever.

After returning to New England with a small vial of gold and some great family memories, we started to do a little research. It turns out that there is not only gold in New England, but a thriving community of gold prospecting enthusiasts all around the region and an opportunity for a local family vacation.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to find gold, we took a trip to New Hampshire. This time, we struck pay dirt!

The thrill of that first find, right in our own back yard, gave us the fever—gold fever!

There’s something addictive about finding those elusive pieces of gold flakes. And once you find that first piece, it’s hard to stop. You’ll want to feel that thrill again and again. And from my own experience, the thrill never goes away.

But it really isn’t just about the gold.

While finding gold is always a thrill, gold prospecting isn’t really just about the gold. The real gold is in the relationships you build while you are outside prospecting.

When you spend the day sitting in a riverbed, digging up dirt, sifting out the rocks and swirling what remains around in a pan, time seems to mysteriously slow down.

It’s a meditative process. Your mind becomes quiet and you start to think about things in a different way. You might notice the cool, clear water and appreciate the natural beauty of the area, or you might strike up a conversation with another prospector—a friend, family member or perfect stranger—sharing their stories while learning more about yourself.

You forget all about your cell phone, tablet and computer—even the kids will lose interest in technology after a little while on the river. And when it comes time to run the remaining dirt through the sluice, everyone on the river shares the excitement and hope of hitting pay dirt!

At the end of the day, even if nobody finds a speck of gold, everyone realizes that they had a great time and goes home with new friends and memories.

We want to share this experience with your family.

Today, I’m excited to have partnered with Dan Brown and Bruce Roberts to lead gold prospecting adventures for families. We provide all the equipment and teach you everything you need to know about the river and the process of gold prospecting. Our half-day adventures are good for families with younger children, while our full-day adventures are perfect for older kids and families already more familiar with the process.

While we can provide you with a wonderful day on the river, the real magic happens when you and your kids become engrossed in an unforgettable shared family experience.  If your looking for a unique and memorable family vacation, this is it!


Market Update – When Should You Put Your House on the Market?

By Robert Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
CEO/Owner & Residential/Commercial Sales Specialist for Bentley's, Robert has been the #1 agent in the Greater Newburyport market for the past six years. Robert's success is due to his dominance with on-line real estate marketing, strong negotiation skills, and good old fashioned work ethic. Robert has a strong sales, marketing, and finance background and always does what is necessary to get the deal done, and make his clients happy. Experience and proven reputation are key when you are making the largest financial transaction of a life time.
Robert Bentley
put your house on the market, Newburyport MA

Market Update – When Should You Put Your House on the Market? Are you waiting for the Spring market because you’ve heard that is the best time to list your property?  Some will say list your house, “just after the Super Bowl, or as soon as the snow starts to melt.”  Timing of when to put your house on the market is a very common question.  The answer depends on a few factors but the most important factors are: when is your house ready to show and when are you ready.

The Greater Newburyport real estate market is currently lite on inventory, as it frequently is in the middle of Winter months.  What’s this mean to sellers in the Greater Newburyport real estate market?  It means, don’t wait if your house is ready to be put on the market.  List now and you are likely to get a better price because there are many educated, quality buyers just waiting to act when they see the right property.

The Spring market is traditionally a very popular time to list, but sellers will experience substantially more competition because buyers have more options during the busy Spring market.  There are many very educated buyers in the Greater Newburyport real estate market place right now, many of which have been searching for quite some time.  These folks are sitting on the sidelines patiently waiting for the right property, and they clearly recognize when a great property comes along.   Don’t over-analyze when to put your house on the market.  This is a simple supply versus demand equation.  If your house is ready, jump in now and you are likely to get premium pricing while buyer demand is at its highest.

Call, text 781.858.5115 or email  to schedule a meeting to discuss listing your home or condo.

Nunan’s on Canvas Art Exhibit

By Steve Flynn Sr., Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Steve Flynn Sr. has worked in the greenhouse business since he was in his teens and has owned Nunan’s for over thirty years. Nunan’s is a family oriented and run business with three generation actively involved in the business. Steve enjoys the ever changing seasons of the greenhouse industry, and has built the business to be for both retail and wholesale customers .
Nunan Florist & Greenhouses
Nunan's Art Exhibit, Georgetown MA

It’s Here! The Nunan On Canvas Art Exhibit is Sunday, January 29th. Throughout January, local artists have been participating in our Paint-In, working on site at Nunan Florist and Greenhouses. They’ve had fun painting the colors and textures of Nunan’s and showing the public how the magic happens. Now it’s time to exhibit their art.

If you enjoy art, stop by Nunan Florist and Greenhouses, 269 Central St., Georgetown on January 29, 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. Along with the artists who participated in the Paint-In, we invite any local artists who want to showcase their work. Please contact Ann Jones at for more information. Refreshments will be served at the event.

To read more about this event “like” us on or visit to see this and all of our upcoming events!

Presented by Greater Haverhill Arts Association and Nunan Florist and Greenhouse.

What Sets Me Apart?

By Joe, Joe

What Sets Me Apart? I have an energetic and out-of-the box style to real estate that makes me a favorite among my clients. I try to make buying and selling a home a truly enjoyable and memorable experience.

I became a Real Estate Broker  after practicing law for over a decade as an established attorney with a top-tier law firm. “I decided to make the transition to real estate because I love meeting new people, working one-on-one, and building relationships. I truly love what I do.” At the same time, my clients have an advantage because my legal background brings a deeper, critical understanding of the deal and negotiating skills that are second to none.

As a local Newburyport resident and a mother of two children, I also understand how important finding the right home in the right neighborhood is. I know the market well and put my clients first in every single transaction.


Eat Gluten-free at Andiamo Restaurant + Bar

By Jim Rogers, Correspondent
Owner and Chef – Jim was born and raised in Newburyport and now owns Newburyport’s top Italian Restaurant
Eat Gluten Feee @ Andiamo Restaurant & Bar, Newburyport MA

Did you know that you can eat gluten-free at Andiamo Restaurant + Bar?! It’s true, you can eat not just gluten-free but you can also experience the wonderful Italian flavor that Andiamo Restaurant + Bar has to offer.

Chef-Owner, Jim Rogers, and his team work tirelessly to create dishes that not only meet your dietary needs, but also fulfill your appetite. Their gluten-free menu items include a range from Bolognese with beef, veal, pancetta, and shaved Parmigiano to their flavorful Cast Iron Skillet Salmon with Sweet Corn & Basil Orso and Sauteed Broccolini.

At Andiamo we understand that many people have an sensitivity to gluten and that’s we have designed a delicious gluten-free menu for our customers. We not only want you to have a variety of dishes to choose from, we also want you to experience the magnificent flavor that Andiamo Restaurant + Bar provides – minus the gluten.

Stop by this summer and give our gluten-free menu a try! We promise you wont we disappointed.

You can view our full menu and gluten-free menu by following this link:


By Alissa Christie, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
EVP Broker Esquire of BENTLEY'S Real Estate, Alissa is an experienced Sales Specialist committed to making the buying and selling process enjoyable for her clients. Alissa is passionate about putting her clients first and with her strong legal background she is the agent you want negotiating on your behalf. strives for excellence and is passionate
Alissa Christie
Buy A House, Newburyport MA, Alissa Christy

It’s that time in your life to buy a house . . . You start to think about possibly moving into a new home. Your apartment or first home no longer seems big enough. Perhaps you are looking for another bedroom or a place to put all of the toys. A quieter street, a newer house, a different school district . . . You scour For Sale listings daily and cannot stop thinking about your Dream Home. You say “Maybe now is the right time to make a move and buy a house.”  Mortgage interest rates are at historically low rates after all . . . and how long are they going to last?


And then those dreamy thoughts get shut right down. How in the world can I really manage to move? I can hardly manage to get dinner on the table!


There is good news for you! With a strategy and written plan in place, moving can be a simplified process. Below we have included some tips on how to find out if now is the right time to buy a house, how to get there, and ways to help the actual move feel less complicated.


For New Buyers {This Applies to Sellers Too}

A Pre-approval is a smart idea. A huge first step in the home-buying process is determining how much house you can actually buy. Taking this step means you’ve been tentatively approved for a mortgage of a certain size.


Make an appointment to sit down with a mortgage professional to go over your options — it’s free after all!  Ask your real estate agent for a mortgage broker who she/he has done business with, and who is easy to reach and trustworthy. Some important questions you may want to ask: How much can I safely put down for a mortgage? Should I continue to save for a large down payment? Do I need to sell to buy? There are many unique mortgage products available and a good mortgage professional can assist you with finding the product that suits your family’s needs best.


Make a Wish List. Once you have determined your purchasing power, meet with your real estate agent to discuss a wish list for your new home. What is absolutely necessary and important to you? What can you live without? Consider your desired Neighborhood, Schools, Square Footage, Bedrooms, etc. Your agent can help you decide on a happy compromise among the long list of choices and set you up for MLS listing alerts that are focused on homes that fit your desires.


Once you find the right home and have an accepted offer, it is important to be on top of the deadlines. In roughly a two-week period, you will complete a home inspection, sign a Purchase and Sale agreement, and start your mortgage process. Know your deadlines up front and make sure that you have them properly calendared.


For Sellers

Timing. The first step is to think about when you would like to move. Set a date and then work backwards from there. Many families work around the school calendar and focus on the Spring and Summer markets, but this is a personal choice and any time of the year can be right if it makes sense to you.


Getting Your Home Ready for the Market. In this stage, it’s important to start thinking about your home as a commodity for sale. Look at your home critically. What do I need to do to show it in its best light? If selling in the Spring is right for your family, you will have plenty of time this Fall and Winter to tackle the projects that will help you maximize your profit when the flowers start blooming. A huge part of this process involves de-cluttering, staging, and making necessary updates and repairs. Make a list of the most important items and then start tackling them one by one with deadlines to accomplish each of your tasks.


For example, if you have eccentric or bold wall colors, this Winter is a good time to update to a more neutral palette. If you don’t have the resources to paint the whole interior, simple tricks such as a fun, fresh coat of paint on your front door and a new coat on the interior trim will help to make the house look correspondingly more modern and fresh.


And staging does not mean shipping out all of your furniture and bringing in new! It can be easy to work with the furniture you have. Moving furnishings around and getting rid of items that make your space look smaller will go a long way to making your home feel spacious. The goal is to create focal points in main living areas that potential buyers will find appealing, comfortable and inviting. It is also easy to create more of an upscale look with simple staging items such as oversized throw pillows, and fancy brand-name items from Marshall’s such as bath salts. When it comes to staging items, sometimes the right item makes a subtle but impactful difference.


Hire a real estate professional to help you identify what you need to do and to help you come up with a written game plan and roadmap to position yourself to sell quicker and maximize your profit. Many real estate professionals offer in-house staging advice and services as well, so don’t be afraid to ask.


Don’t Forget About Moving Day

It’s easy to get caught up in the process and forget about the actual nuances of moving. There are many ways to help you keep control and have your possessions organized throughout the move. Again, it’s important to write everything down! You will thank yourself later.


Reach out to your real estate agent for ways to help you make a plan. Some tips include creating a record keeping system with a number on every box you pack and a corresponding list with the contents. Designate a room as the Packing Central. Contact moving companies well in advance to secure the best quote.


The Bottom Line:  Have a Plan!

Buying and selling real estate is possibly one of the largest decisions you will ever make. Like anything in life, being prepared and having a plan in place will make the transition more seamless.


Did we say make a list?
Whether you are one week away or one year away from buying a new home, a targeted plan that fits your wants and needs will be well worth it!


Alissa Christie is a real estate broker and owner of Greater Newburyport’s #1 Real Estate team, BENTLEY’S Real Estate. She is a beach lover, runner, attorney, real estate enthusiast, wife, parent of 2 girls ages 4 and 6 and soon to be golden retriever owner. Her modern approach to home sales and her polished negotiating skills enable her clients to have an elevated real estate experience. She can be reached at or (978)494-3807.

“Sweetheart of a Deal” for Your Home

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
"sweetheart of a deal" Worthington Interior Design Newburyport

As the snowflakes continue to fall in February we have a “sweetheart of a deal” for your home!

Yes February has Valentine’s Day and we can have fresh flowers and candy to enjoy but what about enjoying a new fabric on one of your comfy chairs? Or new pillows? Now that the ones you have were ruined as you were twisting them into pretzels watching the Patriots fight their way back to win the Super Bowl for a 5th time!

We offer many fabric lines: Les Indiennes, Thibaut, Cowtan & Tout, Anna French, Kravet, Brunschwig & Fils, Colefax & Fowler, Pindler & Pindler, Fabricut, Duralee, Robert Allen and many others!

Worthington Interior Design will help you select the fabric so we can help you have the pillows made, window treatments or the upholstery completed. Here’s where the “sweetheart of a deal” comes in- you purchase 2 or more yards of fabric from us and get 1 yard of your selected fabric at 50% of the regular per yard price (plus tax and freight). And 10% off our Design Meeting fee.

At your convenience we will schedule a Design Meeting at your home to meet and discuss what fabrics and what type of work you want to get completed. Many of our unique fabrics are sure to brighten up your homes. You may have a dining room chair seat or a whole set of chairs and their seats to be reupholstered. It’s like getting 1 yard on a chair for 1/2 off.

Once we decide on your pillow style, furniture piece(s) you want reupholstered or windows needing roman shades or drapery we’ll write up work orders for the materials, any pillow inserts, trim, and labor, details for workroom, trim, tax, and freight and get the ball rolling.

This “sweetheart of a deal” will be valid until March 7, 2017. The fabric will need to be ordered and paid for prior to March 7, 2017 to receive this offer. Worthington usually orders a CFA (cutting for approval) so we are 100% sure the fabric you selected is the correct dye-lot.

We will go over the next steps at our first Design Meeting. Remember our Design fee for our first meeting will be less 10% to sweeten the deal.

Call or email: 617-633-3005,

Your sweetened home will be officially ready for the next sporting event “Sweet Sixteen College Basketball Tournament in March!”

See you next month!

Attention Art Lovers and Artist – Nunan’s on Canvas! Paint-In & Art Exhibit

By Steve Flynn Sr., Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Steve Flynn Sr. has worked in the greenhouse business since he was in his teens and has owned Nunan’s for over thirty years. Nunan’s is a family oriented and run business with three generation actively involved in the business. Steve enjoys the ever changing seasons of the greenhouse industry, and has built the business to be for both retail and wholesale customers .
Nunan Florist & Greenhouses
Paint at Nunan's in January, Georgetown MA

Paint-In: January 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Exhibit: January 29, 12:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Nunan’s & The Greater Haverhill Arts Association are joining together to showcase the works of local artists. The artists will be working on site four Sundays in January, setting up easels in the greenhouse. If you enjoy art, stop by Nunan Florist and Greenhouses, 269 Central St., Georgetown, and watch local artists as they paint the colors and textures of Nunan’s Then they will exhibit their art on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

To the Artist: Greater Haverhill Arts Association and Nunan Florist & Greenhouses invite local artists to paint on site at Nunan’s in Georgetown Sundays in January then show their work at an exhibit Sunday, January 29, 2017.

Artists will enjoy painting the colors and textures of Nunan’s. In the serenity of the greenhouses create a still life from the vast array of beautiful flowers and amazing plant life. (Jacob the parrot is great at modeling too!) Show the public how the magic happens and gain exposure.

Bring whatever medium you choose. You may sign-up for one week or all four. There is no fee to participate.

For more information and a contract that states the dates you plan to participate,
please contact Ann Jones at or visit  

Want to display your art at the exhibit? Please contact Ann Jones at


Start Your Home Remodeling Projects Now

By Greg Greene, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Greene Construction LLC based in Newburyport, MA. Greg began working in construction while finishing college, and decided he loved the creativity of finding solutions to give homeowners what they want and need. With more than 25 years in remodeling and custom home building, Greg loves what he does, and the community where he lives and works. He enjoys meeting with clients in their home or one of the Newburyport hotspots like Plum Island Coffee Roasters or Mission Oak Grill (awesome food). You can learn more about Greg’s varied projects at
Greene Construction
Home Remodeling Projects, Greene Construction, Newburyport MA

Are you waiting until the Spring to start your home remodeling projects? Don’t! Your home is your family’s foundation and it needs to be maintained regularly.  Changing seasons bring varying weather conditions that can affect your home, inside and out.  If you have considered making interior modeling plans, it might be best to tackle those projects during the winter.  Winter comes with shortened daylight hours.  Working on indoor remodeling projects during the winter allows you to make the best use of your time when you can’t be outdoors working on exterior projects. Although autumn is the best time to do home improvement projects externally, such as fixing leaky roofs and replacing damaged ones, it is wise to start planning your project now.

With winter upon us and children in school, now is the perfect time to plan and execute indoor remodeling projects.  As with any project, research is essential. Be sure to find a contractor of your choice that has been remodeling for a long time.  They can guide you through unforeseen delays that may impact your budget and timelines.  Contractors work with city officials on a daily basis and are aware of unforeseen delays that may affect your home remodeling project.

Be smart, and consult with your contactor to identify the various permits that will be needed to support your projects.  You will need interior remodeling permits if your project involves plumbing, electrical, heating areas and kitchen cabinets.  Your outdoor zoning/variance permits can take between 30-90 days to obtain.  By working closely with your contractor, you will gain the necessary knowledge and practices that will save you time, which means saving money.  Starting your home remodeling projects during the winter season can be very cost effective! 

Based on the complexity of your project, a good contractor will take into consideration the complications of the holiday season and how that may inconvenience you and your family, such as weather conditions. Breaking up the project into phases may be suggested.  The contractor most likely will schedule your indoor remodeling projects to start now during the winter months.  In addition to the execution of your indoor remodeling projects, you should start planning and preparing for your outdoor remodeling projects which may start in the spring.  Your contractor can advise you on the best quality materials to purchase for your indoor and outdoor projects.  By planning ahead, you can take advantage of sales, and slowly begin to purchase the materials for your outdoor projects in advance at the best price.  You can also store these materials now until you are ready to start your spring projects and have everything you need to complete your remodeling project with little or no delays. 

We can help with both your indoor and outdoor home remodeling projects.  Give us a call today for a free consultation at 978-790-4881, or visit our website at:

Remember, do not underestimate the value of investing in your family’s foundation. Recall the memories you have spent with your family in the places you cherish the most in your home. Now it’s time to create new memories with a fun and exciting remodel!

Easy Bake Dog Treat Recipes

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
Easy Bake Dog Treat Recipes, Newburyport MA

Store bought dog treats are great but its super easy to bake dog treats at home. The benefits are bountiful; you know exactly what your feeding your pooch and you can adapt the recipe according to ingredients you have on hand in your kitchen. This is why The Beach Dog Daycare has come up with Easy Bake Dog Treat Recipes to share with you.

We start with a basic dog treat recipe and show you how to add foods to create unique dog treats your pet will love.  Also adding ingredients that your dog may need as nutritional supplements to help them with healthy issues is a breeze with these Easy Bake Dog Treat Recipes.

Basic Dog Treat Recipe

As a base recipe try this easy recipe. Start here with just four ingredients from your kitchen and you can’t go wrong. The Beach Dog created this recipe because it’s nutritious all by itself and can be easily modified for the perfect dough to form into cookie cutter shapes or just drop a spoonful onto a cookie tray. Simply add more milk if your batch is dry or add more flour if the dough is too moist.


2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour (fair source of fiber)

1/2 Cup Quick Oats (excellent source of fiber)

2/3 Cup Skim Milk (Vitamin D and Calcium)

3 T Olive Oil (antioxidants and vitamin E)


Mix the dry ingredients first and then add in the milk and oil. Mix until dough is formable, spoon or roll and cut. Bake at 350 degrees. If rolled to 3/8″ baking time is 30 to 35 minutes…or until a golden brown.

Tip: Cooking time may vary for many reasons, keep an eye on the baking process and make sure the treats are cooked completely for a hard biscuit and to prolong the shelf life.

Sweet Potato Bones

Now that you have the basics lets try varying the recipe. Sweet Potato is loaded with the good stuff…vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber! So making Easy Bake Dog Treat Recipes with a simple veggie is a nutritious way to feed your dog snacks from home. Add any veggie you like to the mix and balance the texture of the dough with either flour or milk depending on what the dough may need after mixing in your veggies.


2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour (fair source of fiber)

1/2 Cup Quick Oats (excellent source of fiber)

2/3 Cup Skim Milk (Vitamin D and Calcium)

3 T Olive Oil (antioxidants and vitamin E)

2 Cups of Cooked Sweet Potato


Mix the dry ingredients first and then add in the milk, oil, and sweet potato. Mix until dough is formable, roll and cut. Bake at 350 degrees. If rolled to 3/8″ baking time is 30 to 35 minutes…or until a golden brown. 

Peanut Butter & Oats Dog Treats

Most dogs love peanut butter; I know we play “hide the medicine in the peanut butter” at our house all the time. It works every time. So we can’t pass up the opportunity to create a peanut butter treat, its typically always in the cabinet and its sure to please your pooch.


2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour (fair source of fiber)

1/2 Cup Quick Oats (excellent source of fiber)

2/3 Cup Skim Milk (Vitamin D and Calcium)

3 T Olive Oil (antioxidants and vitamin E)

1/2 cup of peanut butter (I used the creamy kind)

1/4 cup honey (can be good for allergies if you buy local)

1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil or olive oil (excellent for healthy skin)


Mix the dry ingredients first and then add in the milk, coconut oil, honey, and peanut butter. Mix until dough is formable, remember you can ad more flour if the dough is moist or add more milk if the dough is crumbling. Roll and cut. Bake at 350 degrees. If rolled to 3/8″ baking time is 30 to 35 minutes…or until a golden brown.

Fennel & Oats Dog Treats

This recipe is geared towards supplementing health issues. For example, we all battle bad doggie breath at some point, fennel is a liquorish flavored herb that works great in combating bad doggy breath, you can also use parsley.  Easy Bake Dog Treat Recipes can be made to correct or add nutrients that your dog may need.


2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour (fair source of fiber)

1/2 Cup Quick Oats (excellent source of fiber)

2/3 Cup Skim Milk (Vitamin D and Calcium)

3 T Olive Oil (antioxidants and vitamin E)

¼ cup fennel or parsley


Mix the dry ingredients first and then add in the milk, and fennel. Mix until dough is formable, remember you can ad more flour if the dough is moist or add more milk if the dough is crumbling. Roll and cut. Bake at 350 degrees. If rolled to 3/8″ baking time is 30 to 35 minutes…or until a golden brown.

Lastly try making Jerky

Use any kind of left over meat and dry it out in a dehydrator or put them in the oven on a low setting, 170 degrees for 4-6 hours depending on how big your meat slices are. Make sure the meat is totally dried out, this might take longer than 4-6 hours but you will be able to tell just by looking.

We hope you enjoy these Easy Bake Dog Treat Recipes. It is really simple to do and don’t forget, make a big batch and freeze some so they are always available for your dog to enjoy.

Check out our blog page at for more Wicked Easy Homemade Dog Treats


Avoid Probate Headaches and Protect Your Assets with Proper Estate Planning

By Arlene M. Keating, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Attorney-At-Law, for Arlene M. Keating LLC, with over 25 years of legal experience, Arlene is an expert in estate planning.
Arlene M Keating LLC
Avoid Probate, Arlene Keating, Newburyport MA

While unfortunately death is unavoidable, probate is not. Put in the time upfront to avoid unnecessary cost, time and stress. Our firm is fully equipped to handle the probate process for our clients in MA and NH, but our focus is helping them to avoid probate altogether.  We do this by evaluating each situation and putting the right estate planning tools to use, including:



  • Wills
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Proxies
  • Living Wills
  • State and Federal Estate Taxes Evaluation
  • Asset Protection
  • Trusts
  • Revocable Trusts (Living Trusts)
  • Homestead Declarations
  • Irrevocable Trusts

Nationwide polls show that the majority of adults in the United States either have inadequate estate plans or no estate plans at all. The grieving families of decedents without proper estate plans will be left to struggle with everything from end-of-life care to the payment of rent and property expenses. Meanwhile, the assets of the estate will be tied up in a lengthy and expensive probate process. For the sake your loved ones it is critical to invest the time necessary to develop a sound estate plan.

What do the 25-year-old bank teller and the 62-year-old investment banker have in common? They both need an estate plan. The idea that young people or people with modest assets don’t need to worry about estate planning is completely false; the only difference will be the exact composition of their plans.

This is where it becomes important to have a tailored approach to your estate plan. With over 25 years of experience, Arlene M. Keating, LLC. is ready to guide you through every step of the estate planning process, keep your assets safe and avoid probate. Contact us today at 978-363-1400or to get started. Let us help protect your assets, avoid probate and give you peace of mind.

See more at:

Nunan’s Holiday Floral Classes and Events for November 2016

By Steve Flynn Sr., Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Steve Flynn Sr. has worked in the greenhouse business since he was in his teens and has owned Nunan’s for over thirty years. Nunan’s is a family oriented and run business with three generation actively involved in the business. Steve enjoys the ever changing seasons of the greenhouse industry, and has built the business to be for both retail and wholesale customers .
Nunan Florist & Greenhouses
holiday floral classes and events, Georgetown MA

Nunan’s is proud to introduce holiday floral classes and events starting on November 17th. Nunan Florist & Greenhouses is one of the largest retailers of outdoor winter décor, such as greens, roping, wreaths, and Christmas trees. We also grow over 20,000 poinsettias annually, all grown in our 20 growing houses on site. This coming holiday season is bound to be a busy one over at Nunan Florist & Greenhouses. Make Nunan’s your first and only stop for holiday décor, both inside and out.

We have been busy organizing fun, holiday floral classes and events to help you add your own personal touch to your home, such as learning how to design a unique centerpiece in our Thanksgiving and Christmas Centerpiece classes, learning the art of bow-making for your fall cornstalks and holiday wreaths, plus holiday floral classes and events especially for children, such as designing a beautiful fairy garden and a centerpiece class. Nunan’s will also host the Holiday Lights night, a new event that will showcase our beautifully decorated Christmas trees as well as interior decorating demonstrations, including boxwood trees and floral arrangements, a preview of our beautiful poinsettias, and more. The event will take place on Thursday, November 17th from 6 PM to 8 PM.

November 27th is Nunan’s Annual Winter Open House, an event that is always fun for the entire family. Delicious Kane’s Donuts and other refreshments will be served, and Santa will be visiting from 10 AM to 4 PM, with a photographer taking keepsake family photos from 11 AM to 3 PM. Let the children visit with Santa and munch on a delicious donut, then venture outside to browse our endless benches of Christmas greens and our sea of Christmas trees.

Last, but certainly not least, Nunan Florist & Greenhouses boasts a team of talented floral designers who are eager and ready to help you create a beautiful holiday centerpiece for your dinner table or to bring as a hostess gift. Bring your ideas to our girls in the florist shop and watch them create the perfect centerpiece to celebrate the holidays.


The Perfect Event Space in Newburyport

By Jim Rogers, Correspondent
Owner and Chef – Jim was born and raised in Newburyport and now owns Newburyport’s top Italian Restaurant
Andiamo Restaurant & Bar Newburyport MA

Looking for the Perfect Event Space in Newburyport?  It’s all about location, location, location. This well-known real estate phrase holds true when buying a home, planning a wedding, holding celebrations, and more. Location matters when you are making memories.

At Andiamo Restaurant + Bar, we know how to create a personalized environment for you and your loved ones to make memories. Our restaurant has the feeling of home and is simultaneously a great spot for private events. We take pride in our ability to help your entire party feel comfortable in our restaurant and home.

We can host a variety of events including:
Baby showers
Birthday parties
Bridal shows
Bridal showers
Corporate events
Holiday parties
Intimate weddings
Rehearsal dinners

Chef-Owner Jim Rogers and his staff are passionate about working with you to plan your event. Jim will sit down with you to plan your own custom menu. You can choose from our full menu or, if you have something special in mind, we will try to create it for you! During your event, our experienced staff will serve you professionally and discreetly and our bartenders will design signature drinks for your party.

With just a little bit of direction from you, we can customize our restaurant for your event. Let us host you and your loved ones and provide you with the perfect space to make memories.

Contact us today to discuss booking your next event at Andiamo Restaurant + Bar.
Contact information: Special Events Coordinator, Lily McAloon,

Support The Pink House Kicks Off it’s First Art Show in November

Support the Pink House, Newburyport MA

The first Pink House Art Show and Auction is planned November 17, 2016 within sight of the pink lady herself – at PITA Hall, 8 Plum Island Turnpike in Newbury, MA. Doors open at 6:30 pm.

There will be paintings and photographs for auction, and additional pieces for sale with a percentage also going to Support The Pink House the grass roots movement working to save and preserve the iconic Pink House. Participating are artists Robin Thornhill, Jonathan Elcock, Alan Bull, Edith Heyck, Mark Hayden, Jim Fenton, Pat Lutz, Mark Antinoro, Pamela Leavey, Leslie Scott-Lysan, Marina Forbes, Tina Rawson, Robert Ring, and more! Thank you to Pamela Leavey for the beautiful Pink House photography featured in this post.

There will also be a chance to win a bona fide custom made men’s shirt from Wardrobe Stylist Rochelle Joseph, as well as a stunning jewelry piece from Pam Older Designs something for everyone on your list – especially that hard- to-buy-for category. You may end up leaving with something just for YOU!

Refreshments and light bites will be served.

So come warm up on a blustery evening, stroll with something to sip on and enjoy taking in all the extraordinary art done by local photographers and painters of the icon that is all our own. Jump into the spirit of the season and do some gift shopping that goes to a good cause and supports our local artists!

Support The Pink House is a grass roots movement that has worked daily for the last year, successfully raising consciousness regarding the imminent plans to demolish The Pink House, whose presence since 1922 has captured the hearts and imagination of residents, tourists, birders, artists, writers and photographers. Now the public, whose outcry has been heard, is stepping forward to join in. The group meets monthly the last Wed of the month at PITA Hall and has begun raising funds while pursuing solutions to keep the house in the community.

PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR and support our cause and your fabulous local artists who make the house and our community such a revered place!  Visit/Like our Facebook Page and see the event invite there!  Email with any questions. 


Convenient & Economical Home Heating & Cooling

Soffron Electrical Newburyport MA

With the different temperatures that New Englanders face during the four seasons, some are finding it nice to come home to a house that is the perfect temperature and also saving money at the same time. “The Nest” smart thermostat is what is helping your neighbors achieve this savings.

“The Nest” smart thermostat is a programmable thermostat that takes cares of heating and cooling your home. You can set it manually from the actual device hanging on your wall just like your current thermostats with the older technology. You can program the thermostat from anywhere, such as your PC, laptop, or smartphone. The app for your smartphones comes free with the thermostat.

As you use “The Nest” it will eventually learn the temperatures you like your house to be and the time you like it to be those temperatures. It will learn every time you turn the ring, you will eventually find yourself using the ring less and less to control the temperature. It will eventually take over the control of your homes temperatures and keep you comfortable at night and then it will remember what time you wake and make sure your home is the correct temperature. It does not matter the season, it will always learn and keep its memory.

What if you have a great ski trip planned but do not want to leave your home because you afraid of some frigid temperatures that you heard are coming? Not to worry, “The Nest” thermostat has an away feature where you can set it and not have to worry at all while you are away. How about security of your home, “The Nest” thermostat has you covered. You can hook up a camera to the system and watch what is happening at your home live.

“The Nest” is eventually going to help you start saving money and energy. “The Nest” has a leaf that pops up on the screen of the thermostat and that means you are saving money. You might be using heat, but you can still save money with “The Nest” smart thermostat. Contact the experts at Soffron Electrical for assistance with “The Nest” and other great energy saving products.

Protect Yourself from Injury While Gardening

By Karen Holmes, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Karen Holmes, DPT has been a physical therapist for over 30 years. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University and later obtained a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Simmons College. She worked many years specializing in the treatment of orthopedic/sports related injuries and now owns a successful private practice in Salisbury, MA.
Holmes Physical Therapy
Protect Yourself From Injury, Holmes Physical Therapy, Salisbury MA

Gardening is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the fresh air and beautifying your home.  It should be enjoyed and considered a “work in progress” not a task to be completed in one weekend.  If you do garden there are many things you can do to protect yourself from injury.  First apply a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and reapply it throughout the day.  Wear a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses.  Use an insect repellent with DEET, tuck your pant legs into your socks or wear high rubber boots.  Always check for ticks.  Wear a good pair of gloves and appropriate footwear-NO FLIP FLOPS.  Prevent dehydration by drinking plenty of water even if you don’t feel thirsty.  Some of the effects of dehydration are dry mouth, thirst, skin flushing, fatigue, chills and dark colored urine.

Use proper equipment by selecting tools that improve your grip and minimize bending and carrying.  Choose long handled rakes and hoes so you can stand upright.  Make the “OK” sign with your thumb and index finger; this is the ideal grip diameter of a hand tool.  Using knee pads when kneeling can protect your knees, some come with handles that can assist you getting up and down to reduce back strain.  Others come with long handles and can be flipped upside down so that the cushion becomes a seat.  I recently switched to a lighter weight hose and am amazed at the decreased strain to my neck, back and shoulders.  Using a 2 wheeled cart vs. a wheelbarrow also reduces muscle strain as it is more stable.   An ergonomic watering can is helpful for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Lift with your leg muscles not your back.  Face the object you intend to lift, squat down keeping your back straight and tighten your abdominal muscles, then lift.  Keep your feet shoulder width apart and distribute the weight of the load equally across your body to help protect yourself from injury.  Don’t twist; take small steps while turning your body.  Protect your neck and shoulders when reaching; keep your arms at or below shoulder level if possible.  Keep your shoulders away from your ears!  If you have to work above shoulder heights then take a break every 5 minutes to stretch your neck and back.

Overuse of repetitive motions such as digging, weeding and constant gripping can cause tendonitis of the wrist and elbow.  To minimize the chance of injury take breaks every hour, change your activity when possible.  Stretch throughout the day.  Break heavier tasks into shorter sessions.  Never work through pain or you may cause a serious injury if you push yourself beyond your limits. Stretches that counter the forward bend position are helpful at the end of the day.

Don’t be a weekend warrior.  Take the necessary steps to protect yourself from injury.  It may be discouraging not to complete a task or make your garden look as good as you had hoped.  But it will be more frustrating if you end up in so much pain that you can’t do anything.  However should you develop pain that lasts more than a few days,  Holmes Physical Therapy can help.  We specialize in the treatment of orthopedic and sports related injuries and will be happy to assist you in your return to safe gardening.

BENTLEY’S Customer Appreciation Event 2016

Bentley's Customer Appreciation Event 2016, Newburyport Real Estate

The Custom House Maritime Museum created the perfect setting for the 1st Annual BENTLEY’S Customer Appreciation Event.  Over 200 BENTLEY’S real estate clients were welcomed by an upbeat brass band to get the party started, as they toured the beautiful historic maritime museum.  The party flowed outside on to the back lawn under an extra high spectacularly lit tent.  Guests enjoyed picture perfect weather and beautiful views of the boats on the Merrimack River.  Jim Rogers and his Andiamo team catered a top notch feel with an amazing selection of food.  New England Wine & Spirits brought in their 90 Plus representative featuring a wine tasting with a special selection of high end 90+ wines, in BENTLEY’S branded stemless wine glasses.  The entertainment was exceptional!  Carubia Brass Bands drew crowds to the front of the Custom House for the start of the party and local favorite Dan Sky took the party to the next level packing the dance floor, as many folks lined the exterior walk way and benches around the tent to enjoy his incredible music.  Of course the Bentley’s team made thoughtful decisions to plan this wonderful BENTLEY’S Customer Appreciation Event, but the true magic behind this over the top, Best of Newburyport event was performed by local event planner Tiffany Learned of Detailed Engagements.

After establishing the number 1 real estate team in Essex County and growing from 6 to 15 people, Robert Bentley opened the BENTLEY’S office in partnership with Alissa Christie, an attorney and top producing real estate agent.  BENTLEY’S Greater Newburyport is located at 2A Winter Street, and you will see their many for sale signs all over Newburyport and surrounding towns.  The BENTLEY’S office also has agents who service Southern NH as well as folks who work with clients all over the North Shore and down into Boston.

In addition to being a great celebration of the BENTLEY’S team success in real estate, the BENTLEY’S Customer Appreciation Event was also perfectly timed with the launch of the Newburyport APP, the mobile version of the Best of Newburyport VIP Card.  The APP takes the loyalty program to the next level, enabling card holders to digitally display their VIP Card, and easily view discounts for the 180 participating local restaurants and retailers.  Just type “Newburyport” in the Apple or Google store to download.  The APP is free to download, and login credentials are sent with the purchase of a VIP Card.  For $25 folks enjoy discounts EVERY TIME they visit the 180 local participating businesses plus, $10 of the purchase is a donation to a local non-profit partner organization of their choice.  Robert Bentley and his wife Laura own and operate  In addition to the Best of Newburyport VIP Program, the site has a robust local Real Estate Portal, Greater Newburyport Events Calendar, beautiful live views from 13 Live Webcams, and it offers great information on Things To Do in the Greater Newburyport area.

PT Treatment Based on Evidence Based Medicine

By Karen Holmes, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Karen Holmes, DPT has been a physical therapist for over 30 years. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University and later obtained a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Simmons College. She worked many years specializing in the treatment of orthopedic/sports related injuries and now owns a successful private practice in Salisbury, MA.
Holmes Physical Therapy
Karen Holmes Physical Therapy, Salisbury MA

Today’s  physical therapists are highly educated professionals,  most have graduate degrees and many have clinical doctorates.  Physical therapists base their treatment plan on evidence based medicine to restore mobility, reduce pain and optimize function.  The vision statement for the physical therapy profession is   “transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.”

Physical therapy can help reduce pain without medication and can help prevent  the need for surgery.  There are many studies today that show physical therapy  is as effective as surgery for knee osteoarthritis and meniscus tears.  Receiving treatment from a physical therapist for low back pain is often successful and less expensive than other options.  In many cases expensive imaging costs (MRI’s) are avoided.

Many physical therapists provide “hands- on” treatment in addition to other modalities.  There is an art to physical therapy that is developed with practice and experience.  Also there is scientific evidence supporting the application of manual skills to enhance patient outcomes .

At Holmes Physical Therapy we specialize in the treatment of orthopedic and sports injuries.  Combined, our four physical therapists have over 100 years of experience.   We regularly attend courses and seminars to keep relevant with today’s medical evidence and current  treatment  concepts.  We customize our treatment plans based on individual goals, challenges and needs.

For more information regarding physical therapy please visit the American Physical Therapy Association website  You can also find out more information about Holmes Physical Therapy at

Trends in Massachusetts Divorce Law: Equality and Structure

By Damian Turco, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Principal Attorney and Owner of Turco Legal, Attorney Turco is highly regarded as an expert in the areas of divorce and family law. He has represented hundreds of clients through divorces, modifications, contempt matters, and other family law matters from beginning to end. He sits on multiple committees for the Mass Bar Association, has been recognized by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly as one of the state’s upcoming top 25 lawyers of 2015. Attorney Turco’s donates considerable time to help within the community. He serves on the board of LARC, a legal non-profit that helps thousands of lower income folks get desperately needed legal help. He also volunteers his time monthly delivering legal assistance at homeless shelters, day shelters, and soup kitchen’s in Boston, Lowell, Lawrence, and Salem.
Turco Legal
Turco Legal, Divorce Law Trends, Newburyport MA

Divorce law trends are moving in a direction of equality and structure. Divorce may seem like a modern issue.  That is, it sometimes seems like one of those problems with society that’s far worse now than it used to be.  Perhaps that’s because it’s the type of thing that nobody seems to discuss until it’s happening to them, especially not in a tight community like Newburyport.  Or maybe because it is consistently ranked as one of the greatest challenges one may face in his or her lifetime.  Who wants to talk about that?

Actually, despite it not being talked about much, it’s been an important and impactful part of society since shortly after the existence of marriage.  Its prevalence has fluctuated over the thousands of years of recorded history and the trend has largely followed the influence of religion on government and society generally.

While there is disparity around the world as to the popularity of divorce, it is clear that in Massachusetts, like most states, the law is trending from what we would consider traditional to a system of equality and structure.  Here’s how the main issues in divorce are treated in Massachusetts and are trending nationally today.

“Child custody” is still the terminology used in Massachusetts, but many states have done away with it, instead opting for more neutral terms such as “time sharing”, reflecting a growing national view of co-parenting that makes it a point to not characterize children as property or either parent as the “primary” one.  While most divorces with children still result in one parent having about a third of the time and the other having two thirds, there are more judgments granting equal time between parents than ever.  Family Law Judges in Massachusetts continue to have broad discretion in fashioning parenting schedules, so putting the relevant facts about ones case into evidence is just as critical as ever.

Child support is treated as a statutory calculation, considering the income of the parties, the parenting schedule, employment-related child care, and health insurance in nearly every state.  While there is not much movement nationally on this issue, every state periodically adjusts the guidelines figures, so the amount set for child support tends to go up over time.

Alimony is perhaps the most inconsistently treated issue across the country, recently having been overhauled in Massachusetts in 2011.  While some states have actually done away with permanent alimony altogether, Massachusetts has added more structure and limitation into the law.  Permanent alimony is now generally only available in Massachusetts when the marriage lasted over 20 years, with shorter term types of alimony are more tailored to the situation.  Generally, the longer you’ve been married, the longer the alimony is likely available, if available at all.

Property division is unique in Massachusetts, with judges having more discretion than in most other states.  That’s because in Massachusetts all property is part of the marital estate subject to division by the court including premarital property, gifts, and inheritances.  Many states carve these types of assets out of the marital estate, but in Massachusetts we give judge’s more authority to determine an equitable or fair result.

Massachusetts divorce law is quite sophisticated.  We live in a community of highly intelligent, hardworking, family-focused individuals who for many can’t avoid the realty of the breakdown of a marriage.  There will always be an element of loss associated with divorce and that comes with a grieving period.  But, when properly educated on divorce law and with the right counsel and support, more parties can and do move on to a better life.  So, if you’re facing divorce and living in our community, don’t be afraid of the issues.  While you may not want to discuss it over drinks at Adiamo’s or while the kids circle you at Gelato, there are plenty of Newburyport divorce lawyers, including me, who will help you through the process.


Bring Your Dog on Vacation when Visiting Newburyport & Plum Island

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
Beach Dog Doggie Daycare, Bring Your Dog on Vacation

Don’t put your furry family member in a boarding service while you travel. Bring your dog on vacation when you visit Newburyport and Plum Island Massachusetts. Our area is one of the best dog communities along the North Shore. The Beach Dog Daycare has done all the work for you, book your hotel, make restaurant arrangements and jump right into some daytime activities that are all pooch friendly! We pride ourselves on being a dog-friendly community that incorporates your vacation experience along with your furry family members. Most importantly when you bring your dog on vacation to our area, The Beach Dog Daycare offers vacation hours so that you can enjoy a day at the beach while your dog enjoys a day socializing and stress-relieving playtime. Check out all that The Beach Dog has to offer on our Day at The Beach page

Before you head this way book your lodging accommodations. Both the Garrison and the Blue Inn make bringing your dog on vacation when you visit Newburyport and Plum Island Massachusetts fun and easy. The Garison Inn is located in Newburyport right in Market Square so you are in walking distance to many trendy spots that are all in walking distance. If you should chose to stay on Plum Island then The Blue Inn on The Beach is where you should book a room with amazing views and dog-friendly accommodations.

The next important aspect of any vacation is eating! Newburyport and Plum Island have some of the best eateries on the planet…well in the North Shore area anyway. When you bring your dog on vacation our community encourages Rover to come along and enjoy the eats too. For a full menu of amazing options try Oregano Pizzeria & Ristorante  located at 16 Pleasant Street, Newburyport MA. This restaurant has an outdoor side patio perfect for bringing dogs. If you just want to grab something café style than Plum Island Roasters offers specialty coffees from around the world and your dog is allowed inside and outside seating…as long as they remain on a leash and are socially behaved.

Ok, so you have your lodgings and some hot spots to eat when you Bring your dog on vacation when you visit Newburyport and Plum Island Massachusetts, so I just wanted to add a few must see hot spots just for Rover. Lets start with Just Dogs. This is an amazing little doggy bakery that hand makes all sorts of snacks that cater to all sorts of doggy needs. If your dog has food allergies Just Dogs has a snack for that, if your dog is a vegetarian, they have a snack just for that…you have to take a trip to see what Just Dogs has to offer. Just Dogs is located at 37 Pleasant Street in Newburyport .We are adding The Natural Dog to our list because they are an amazing pet supply company in our area and they offer eco-friendly products and all natural foods. Most of our local dog owners shop here, so if you find yourself low on supplies while Bringing your dog on vacation pop in at the Natural Dog to restock or take a visit just to browse. The Natural Dog is located at 155 State Street in Newburyport.

Now its time to get into some fun daytime activities when you bring your dog on vacation to Newburyport and Plum Island Massachusetts. Your first stop should be Mill Pond in West Newbury. This is a pond activity with lots of other dogs swimming and running off leash. If your dog is well behaved in social environments Mill Pond is highly recommended. Their Facebook page showcases the park the best so be sure to check it out. Next at the top of the list is Maudslay State Park. This is an old horticultural and agricultural estate. There are many gardens and roaming around with your dog is allowed on leash and they even provide doggy bags and a trashcan in the parking lot for any deposits Rover may leave behind during your visit. If you’re up for a more vigorous hiking experience check out Old Town Hill in Newbury. This attraction has many hiking trails that highlight the naturally made environment such as salt marshes, wetlands and cliffs with amazing views. This park is absolutely a place to take pictures so don’t forget your camera, again Rover must be on a leash and please pick up and discard anything your dog deposits. Unfortunately not all pet owners are aware of the on-leash policy but we ask that you stick to the rules and keep this in mind when planning your day trip to Old Town.

We hope you chose to bring your dog on vacation when you visit Newburyport and Plum Island Massachusetts. Contact The Beach Dog or visit our website to pre-enroll for some daycare hours. While Bring your dog on vacation with you is highly recommended, having some activities without your dog is inevitable but it doesn’t have to mean leaving your dog alone in a hotel all day.  We will happily cater to your dog while you enjoy your vacation as well.


Making Prepping for School Fun and Fresh

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
Prepping for School with Worthington Interior Design

Wow the summer has flown by and now you can begin making prepping for school fun and fresh cause
it’s almost here!

While we enjoy the best days of summer in New England dipping our toes in the warm Atlantic ocean and still playing outside until dark. Kids have the time of their lives during the summer and I’m sure they are growing like weeds!

Now, just before school begins, when we think about new school clothes; it may also be time to think
about updating their rooms and playrooms to bring along a fresh look with paint, new furniture or
bedding. With wallpaper coming on strong from the UK, it’s a single idea that comes with an instant
WOW factor! Making prepping for school fun and fresh!

Contact us a Worthington Interior Design; we have a few ideas you may want to introduce into your kids
rooms as you. Or perhaps a new born is on the way!

Simple painted graphics of mountain ranges, water, or geometric shapes make a plain wall hip!

ROMO’s, – by Jon Burgerman is showcasing new fabrics. We can reupholster a chair or
stool, make roman shades, duvet covers or add pillows using their cool fabric collection. The new
fabrics: “Rainbow Scrawl”,“Wobblepotamus”, “Mild Beasts + Mini Mild Beasts” “Mallowland” or
“Spaghetti Yeti” to name a few!

As September approaches rearranging your child’s room will help put everyone in the right frame of
mind for the start of the new school year. We always know how good it feels to change up things in our
homes; it gives us a new outlook and we can sweep out the old, bring in the new.
New baby coming we have a fabulous made in the USA source for cribs, youth furniture and bunkbeds.
They offer other furniture items for your children. Even cool wallpapers.

Worthington Interior Design would love to help with your nursery and/or give your kid’s rooms an
updated look for fall. Or even work with you to freshen up your teenager’s room. School prep their
rooms with new storage and a new design to create an inviting homework space.

Just a simple update will make coming inside more fun and new!

Ring us up: 978-255-3001; 617-633-3005

Staging as Merchandising

By Tracey Chareas, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Tracey is a Residential Sales Specialist with a background as a designer and former CPA. She provides staging services as part of her listing package using an extensive collection of vintage furniture and home accessories, leveraging her unique and specialized skill set to analyze and effectively merchandise properties to achieve their fullest potential. Growing up she was involved with her family’s real estate development and interior design firms in Pennsylvania, through which she developed her passion for real estate as both an investment and a lifestyle. Tracey is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and has lived in various parts of the country, but has called the Boston area home for over ten years. A lover of antique houses, she lives with her husband and two young children in a Victorian farmhouse in the small village of Byfield within Newbury.
Tracey Chareas
Tracey Chareas Designs, Newburyport MA

As one of the staging specialists on Robert Bentley’s real estate team, Robert asked me to write a post to introduce myself and give my thoughts on the importance of staging as merchandising, which (due to my background) I like to refer to as “merchandising.”

There is a lot of talk about staging in recent years, almost a hype going on with it. There are so many real estate shows on the air showing how to do it, with people talking about “greiges” and “pops of color” and “repurposing” furniture that it probably either intrigues you or totally annoys you.

The truth is that it really is a powerful sales tool when done right, and even though there is so much information about staging available now, there are still far too many people who truly do not understand why it works. In fact, within the real estate industry it is a fairly controversial topic! I recently read some comments by a successful agent in which he claimed he did not believe in it because he felt it created “artificial value” by making houses look nicer than they would typically appear. Not a very good reason not to do it if you are selling a house, in my opinion.

But the real problem is that many people still think staging is only about trying to make a home look more beautiful or about “depersonalizing” a home (which is a borderline waste of time in my opinion). Instead, what we are trying to achieve is a proper staging as merchandising of the home so that as a product, it can be seen in its best possible light.

The flow of the rooms, the size of the rooms, the light coming into the rooms, the ceiling height, window size… all of these attributes need to be highlighted, and they can too easily be overlooked when you have too many things in a house, not the right things or no things at all. By highlighting features or showing that a small – looking bedroom can actually fit a queen size bed and dressers too (done it!), we can bring tremendous value.

I’ll share one great example I have (shown in the featured picture) which is a recent successful project I worked on with Robert. It was a fantastic loft condo in downtown Newburyport that was (I thought) a perfect mix of original rustic detail and modern conveniences. But after working many open houses it became clear that it was a challenge for people to imagine themselves actually living there, and numerous times I heard that the space was not practical.

I realized that we needed to physically show just how functional and well designed the space really was. So Robert, the developer and I came up with a plan to stage, using properly scaled pieces from my collection of vintage modern furniture, along with very limited “décor” to show this property to its fullest potential. The result was that not only did the property look aesthetically beautiful, but all the rooms looked bigger, the space flowed beautifully and it really got people talking about how they would decorate it if they had the chance. The excitement at the next couple of open houses we did was palpable and it went under contract shortly thereafter.

So the takeaway? Well, I believe so strongly in the results that we get that I actually stage my own listings so I urge you to not ignore this vital step in the pre-selling process. And if you have already listed but feel like you need a little help, we can always come in and help you. Proper design and new pictures makes a big impact no matter when you do it!


Annual Riverfront Music Festival 2014

By Joe, Joe

Pull up your lawn chair & enjoy the day

Annual Riverfront Music Festival

Music Carries Us Into Last Days of Summer 2014


Toad and the Wet Sprockets -#RiverfrontMusicFestival @ Waterfront Park in downtown Newburyport

Toad and the Wet Sprocket -#RiverfrontMusicFestival @ Waterfront Park in downtown Newburyport

Yesterday’s Annual Riverfront Music Festival in downtown Newburyport, Massachusetts gathered thousands to Waterfront Park to listen to fantastic free concerts by Air Traffic ControllerDelta Rae and headliner, Toad and the Wet Sprocket.

From 12 p.m. until after the sun set, crowds lined the Waterfront Boardwalk, while street performers and food vendors also grabbed attention in Historic Market Square.

Thanks to sponsors 92.5 the River and the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce for another stellar year of live entertainment and fun.

A special shout out to Mother Nature as well. Last year she wasn’t as kind, but this time around the weather was absolutely perfect, making this event a great kickoff to Labor Day Weekend!

Golf Fundamentals Build Rewarding Foundation for Life Long Activity

By Daniel Dwyer, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Director of Golf for Ipswich Country Club, Daniel brings years of experience playing golf and teaching to all ages and levels of expertise. Daniel is know for his patience and his dedication to instructing golf based on personal goals of the individual golfer. Daniel is a true asset to the Ipswich Country Club team.
Golf Fundamentals from Ipswich Country Club

My name is Daniel Dwyer and I am the Director of Golf at Ipswich Country Club in Ipswich, MA and I would like to share what I have learned to be key golf fundamentals. I have been in the golf industry in various positions since 1982.  I started as a caddy and then moved on to other jobs such as cart runner, grounds crew, golf shop attendant, food and beverage assistant, touring professional, coaching, assistant professional, and head professional. These various positions have allowed me to grow as a professional and as an adult. My time as a caddy taught me life lessons of work ethic, responsibility, and to respect my elders. Playing professionally in the United States and overseas was a particularly special time of my life and allowed me to build lasting friendships and the travel was incredible.

The most rewarding part of my golf experience has been introducing beginning golfers to the game of golf and helping them learn golf fundamentals. The first ladies clinic I taught was at the age of 16 at Mt. Hood Golf course.  The Head Professional was sick and asked me to fill in. I was so nervous that I stuttered and spoke very quietly through the whole thing, I felt like it was a disaster. Thankfully one of the students pulled me aside and said that she really learned a lot and I was very patient with the group and I should stick with teaching. Since that day, I have grown and learned as a teacher and have been instructing golf fundamentals to beginning ladies, men’s, and junior clinics at every course I have worked.  Some of the rewards that I have reaped from these clinics is getting a call from a former student about his first professional tour win in Asia, as well as having many of my students play in college with a handful of them receiving Division 1 scholarships. Some other teaching victories include seeing a pair of ladies win the 4th flight of the Member-Member after only taking up the game four years beforehand.

With years of learning from other Professionals that I have worked with and attending seminars, my knowledge has expanded from that nervous kid 29 years ago. I have developed a few thoughts on the beginner’s game that I would like to share:

I always start by evaluating the student’s goals.  Everyone has different goals ranging from feeling comfortable playing with other members, all the way to winning the local Club Championship. As a teacher, it is most important to understand what the student’s expectation are first, that way we can tailor a program to fit the student/group’s needs.

The second step in my teaching process is the grip.  More bad swings are created as a result of an improper grip. By working on the proper position of the hands, you may see an instant improvement with this alone.

The third step in my process might be the most important and the most overlooked.  Aim, like a bad grip, will only lead to bad habits in the full swing. It only takes a couple of minutes to put down a club to ensure proper alignment. This will help you maximize your practice session.

The final step is to set-up to the golf ball.  Golf is an athletic sport and a good set up helps to make a full swing to match your body type. There is no one swing for everyone but there is a swing for everybody regardless of age, mobility, or injuries.

The quickest way to get out on the course and feel like you belong is the short game.  I recommend to practice putting and chipping as much as possible. The Professionals on all of the tours can hit all the shots but what separates the best players from the rest of the field is putting and chipping. Set realistic goals for yourself such as two-putt every hole, getting out of the bunker in one stroke, or just getting on every green with a chip for 18 holes.

Thank You for taking the time to read this. The game of golf is a rewarding, life-time activity that can be exactly what you want it to be.  It can be social, competitive, relaxing, and a good way to spend time with family. Please get out and start swinging and remember that learning the proper golf fundamentals in the beginning will greatly increase the time it takes to get you on the course.

Daniel R Dwyer, PGA


Finding the Best Agent Just Got Easier

By Robert Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
CEO/Owner & Residential/Commercial Sales Specialist for Bentley's, Robert has been the #1 agent in the Greater Newburyport market for the past six years. Robert's success is due to his dominance with on-line real estate marketing, strong negotiation skills, and good old fashioned work ethic. Robert has a strong sales, marketing, and finance background and always does what is necessary to get the deal done, and make his clients happy. Experience and proven reputation are key when you are making the largest financial transaction of a life time.
Robert Bentley
Finding the best agent just got easier, Newburyport MA

Finding the best agent just got easier.  In partnership with Zillow and Trulia, RealTrends.Com is a national site that provides rankings of Real Estate Agent performance.  They have been tracking Real Estate Agent performance at the agent, team, and brokerage level for the past eight years and provide consumers the data necessary to make an educated decision.

Buying and selling a home is typically one of the largest financial transactions you will make in your life time.  Therefore it is critical to choose a local experienced agent with a proven track record.  Do you purchase or sell a car without checking ratings websites?  Almost all people research properties online, but researching agents is also an important part of the equation.  You need someone you can count on to get the job done.

In real estate, like many other fields, the more transactions an agent has done, the more capable they are of effectively advising their clients.  At the end of the day, you don’t need a new best friend, you need someone with extensive knowledge and experience, which directly correlates with sales performance.

Interior Designers Are Interior Architects

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
Interior Designers Are Interior Architects, Newburyport MA

Interior Designers are really the Interior Architects for the inside of your home or office space. And this is why Interior Designers and Decorators are uniquely separate professions.  Both possess many of the same professional responsibilities: principles of good design, theory of color(s), fabrics and furniture and accessory selections, purchasing and installing the products you select.
But there is a distinct difference and here is a brief explanation to help you understand and decide what is best for your needs. Interior Designers have a degree from an accredited college. A design degree is defined as: “The degree program includes such subjects as color theory and space planning, and more in-depth subjects as accessibility (handicap or ADA) and building codes, building structure and construction, plumbing mechanical electrical and structural issues that pertain to residential, commercial & retail design. “
If you are doing either a renovation or a remodel you would better suited working with a Designer/Interior Architect as they produce architectural working construction documents that can be stamped and sealed. These documents may include a space plan (demarcating egress and code compliance for doorways and clearances in kitchens and bathrooms for example), electrical & plumbing and reflected ceiling plans, millwork or special cabinetry detail plans, particular elevations. Designers assure your finish selections will arrive on time and be available for the contractor when he/she is ready to install.
Designers assist you in vetting any consultants along with reviewing and comparing project bids. During actual construction, we can perform Construction Administration, review pay requests and change orders or RFIs (request for more information) from General Contractors. Designers and Decorators are learned of the nuances and aesthetics of design principals; Decorators are better suited for strictly décor related projects. In essence, Designers are the interior architects even if we’re working with architects. As a homeowner making this distinction makes you a savvy client in assembling a comprehensive and knowledgeable team making for a successful design experience.

S Corporation Advantages and Disadvantages

By Michael Capo, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
President of Michael Capo CPA, P.C. Mike has over 25 years of accounting and finance experience in corporate, individual, independent and government environments. Mike's extensive knowledge is invaluable to his clients and allows him to provide a consultative approach personalized to each of his business and personal tax clients.
S Corporation Advantages, Michael Capo, Newburyport

What are S Corporation advantages and disadvantages?  Frequently, this question arises whenever a client is just starting a business, or has been operating as a sole proprietor and may be wondering about the tax advantages of incorporating as an S Corporation.  Also, many clients assume it will be too costly or time-consuming to incorporate—but neither is the case.  The following is a brief outline and comparison of an S Corporation advantages and disadvantages.  However, please feel free to set up a consultation to discuss your specific business opportunity needs and whether or not an S Corporation is right for you.

What is an S corporation?

Essentially, an S corporation is a corporation that is treated, for federal tax purposes, as a pass-through entity through an election made with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to be considered an S Corporation. What does that mean?

As a corporation, an S corporation is created through filing Articles of Incorporation with the Mass. Secretary of State. It issues stock and is governed as a corporation. The owners, who are called shareholders, have the same protection from liability as shareholders of a C Corporation.  An S corporation shareholder’s personal assets, such as personal bank accounts, cannot be seized to satisfy business liabilities.

However, like a sole proprietor or a partnership, an S corporation passes through its income and loss items to the shareholders. Unlike a regular corporation, there is no “double taxation,” once at the corporate level and again on the individual shareholder level. Each shareholder is subject to his or her own individual tax rate on the income (or losses) passed through to him or her at year-end. The following are S Corporation advantages and disadvantages to consider.

S corporation advantages

The advantages of an S corporation often outweigh any perceived disadvantages. The S corporation structure can be especially beneficial when it comes time to transfer ownership or discontinue the business. These advantages are typically unavailable to sole proprietors and general partnerships. S corporation advantages include:

  • Protected assets. An S corporation protects the personal assets of its shareholders. A shareholder is not personally responsible for the business debts and liabilities of the corporation as long as there is no personal guarantee. Creditors cannot pursue the personal assets (house, bank accounts, etc.) of the shareholders to pay business debts. In a sole proprietor or general partnership, owners and the business are legally considered the same—leaving personal assets vulnerable.
  • Pass-through taxation. An S corporation does not pay federal taxes at the corporate level.  Any business income or loss is “passed through” to shareholders who report it on their personal income tax returns. This means that business losses can offset other income on the shareholders’ tax returns. This can be extremely helpful in the startup phase of a new business.
  • Tax-favorable characterization of income. S corporation shareholders can be employees of the business and draw salaries as employees. They can also receive distributions from the corporation that are tax-free to the extent of their investment (basis) in the corporation. A reasonable characterization of distributions as salary or dividends can help the owner reduce self-employment tax liability, while still generating business expenses and wages paid deductions for the corporation.  This is one of the major advantages why an S Corporation is preferred by most privately owned businesses.
  • Straightforward transfer of ownership. Interests in an S corporation can be freely transferred without triggering adverse tax consequences. (In a partnership or an LLC, the transfer of more than a 50-percent interest can trigger the termination of the entity.) The S corporation does not need to make adjustments to property basis or comply with complicated accounting rules when an ownership interest is transferred.

S corporation disadvantages

An S corporation may have some potential disadvantages, including:

  • Formation and ongoing expenses. To operate as an S corporation, it is necessary to first incorporate the business by filing Articles of Incorporation with the Mass. Secretary of State and pay the appropriate fees. Massachusetts also imposes ongoing yearly fees, such as an annual report and excise tax fees. Although these fees usually are not expensive, and can be deducted as a cost of doing business, they are expenses that a sole proprietor or general partnership will not incur.
  • Stock ownership restrictions. An S corporation can have only one class of stock, although it can have both voting and non-voting shares. Therefore, there can’t be different classes of investors who are entitled to different dividends or distribution rights. Also, there cannot be more than 100 shareholders. Foreign ownership is prohibited, as is ownership by certain types of trusts and other entities. Typically, this is not an issue with locally private owned businesses.
  • Closer IRS scrutiny. Because amounts distributed to a shareholder can be dividends or salary, the IRS scrutinizes payments to make sure the characterization conforms to reality. As a result, dividends may be re-characterized as wages, which subjects the corporation to employment tax liability.  This is one particular area that needs to be discussed in great lengths to assure that a shareholder is taking the proper amount of salary.
  • Less flexibility in allocating income and loss. Because of the one class of stock restriction, an S corporation cannot easily allocate losses or income to specific shareholders. Allocation of income and loss is governed by the percentage of stock ownership, unlike a partnership or LLC where the allocation can be set in the operating agreement.

If you are interested in further exploring S Corporation advantages and disadvantages in regards to your specific business, contact the offices of Michael Capo, CPA. P.C. to schedule a meeting, 978-499-4300.

Renovating Your Loo Working With Worthington, Expert Designer

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
Renovating your Loo, Newburyport MA

Modernizing and renovating your Loo or powder room can be exciting when it comes to shopping and selecting dramatic tiles and finishes, fixtures and bathroom furniture; but before you begin here are a few important renovating items and questions we will discuss:




  • What are some current upgrades where you can make your money back at the other end?
  • When you are thinking of renovating your loo first think about what your needs maybe.
  • Need to save space or create better function in the power room or bathroom?
  • What level finish are we going for? Home Depot , Semi-Custom, Custom
  • Are we upgrading to accommodate more people?
  • Do we need to replace the tub with a walk in shower?
  • Do we need a no- threshold to the shower?
  • Is there a window in the bathroom and where is it and should it go or remain?
  • Is the water closet ( Loo/Toilet) old and need to be change? Design a separate room within the bathroom?
  • What are the advantages of wall hung with Geberit housing or floor mounted?
  • Storage needs- drawer and cabinet space, dual sinks?
  • What materials are timeless and easy maintenance-wise
  • Can we donate my old vanity and fixtures to be recycled?
  • Flooring material upgrade or change?
  • Do we use the same plumbing location or not?
  • Structural issues
  • Lighting needs
  • HVAC system needs
  • Exhaust fan needs
  • Accessory options- towel heater, hooks, towel bars, toilet rolls
  • Shall we paint or use a hip new wallcovering- will wallcovering work in this space?
  • How long are we going to live here, how much do we upgrade?
  • Will my selections be eligible for a rebate and are they energy conservative?

Where to start can be overwhelming unless you have a good Interior Designer to work with to keep your renovation within your budget while developing your vision to include your wish list.

Don’t worry if you do not know what you like; it’s better to know what you don’t like as far I’m concerned.

Make no mistake any renovation you embark upon with limited knowledge will come with many surprises!

Hiring Worthington Interior Design early on in the process will guarantee you have a great team to help you navigate the contractor’s role and requirements. No need for you to settle on a new bathroom you so deserve.  Call Worthington Interior Design for expert guidance renovating your loo, 978-255-3001.


Bathroom Trends – Larger Rooms & Sassy Bathtubs

By Greg Greene, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Greene Construction LLC based in Newburyport, MA. Greg began working in construction while finishing college, and decided he loved the creativity of finding solutions to give homeowners what they want and need. With more than 25 years in remodeling and custom home building, Greg loves what he does, and the community where he lives and works. He enjoys meeting with clients in their home or one of the Newburyport hotspots like Plum Island Coffee Roasters or Mission Oak Grill (awesome food). You can learn more about Greg’s varied projects at
Greene Construction
Greene Construction, Newburyport MA

It’s always fun to see new products as they enter the market, and most people only see them on television or in magazines. A business associate had the opportunity to attend the International Home Builder show in Las Vegas this year, and shared some of their photos so I could share them and today we’re looking at bathroom trends.

Bathroom Trends Like Never Before

If you think back over the last ten years, what’s changed in the bathroom. Granite countertops have moved in from the kitchen, free-standing sinks that sit on top of the countertop and larger, feature rich showers.

The newest trend that goes hand-in-hand is larger bathrooms and free-standing bathtubs. When you dig into the larger bathrooms, you quickly realize that what people are doing is creating in-home spas which are great for relaxing after a long day at work.

The question you want to ask yourself is how often do you get to the gym (not how often you’d like to visit the guy)? And how much time do you spend driving to/from the gym if you’re disciplined enough to get there? Now consider how much time and money you’d save, if you could workout in your own private spa, and finish up with a relaxing soak in a fabulous bathtub.

Another reason this makes so much sense is people aren’t moving as often as we once did. After the housing bust that started around 2007, homeowners are much more reluctant to sell their homes. That means we’re remodeling more kitchens and bathrooms than ever.

A Bathtub That Can Help You Relax

For years homeowners have thought about removing (or omitting when building a custom house) the bathtub from the master bath. It is true that many homeowners took out their jacuzzi tubs but kept some type of bathtub for resale purposes if nothing else. So I invite you to check out some of the new stand-along bathtub designs on my website … and when you’re ready to install one, give us a call at 978-790-4881.

Summer IS Special at the Club

By Deb Binder, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Deb brings dozens of years of marketing expertise and thousands of tennis balls hit to her position as Communications Ace for the Newburyport Tennis Club.
Newburyport Tennis Club
Tennis Club, Newburyport MA

Why is summer special at the club?  In New England there is a long-running debate as to whether tennis is an indoor or an outdoor sport. Playing tennis outdoors on a beautiful day is fabulous, no doubt about it. But, there is alot of tennis to be had indoors, too. Why?

First, there is the rain. You can’t play tennis in the rain so indoors you go. Then there are 90 degree temperatures and blistering sun. Great on the beach, not so much on the tennis court. Add in some humidity, a little sun-stroke and an errant wind-storm and it’s time to think about going indoors. So, in the summer, there is some great indoor tennis to be had. And lastly, many players use the summer to really work on their game. Taking lessons outside can be challenging when there is wind taking your great forehand off course and sun in your eyes totally ruining your serve. Taking lessons inside allows you to really work on your game.

But another reason to go indoors is the Racquet Club’s Summer Special.From June through August, the Club has special rates for adults ($65/month or just $175 for the entire summer) as well as Juniors ($50/month or just $125 for the entire summer). To sign up for the Summer Special, contact the Club at 978 462 3121.


Local Plum Island Artist Coloring Book Inspiration

Local Plum Island Artist Coloring Book, Newburyport MA

Sandra Turner’s first coloring book was inspired from a series of ink & watercolor paintings she did back in 2013 – 2014. These paintings started out as contour drawings of plants that then took a life of their own when she allowed her imagination to run wild. It was a very creative experience.

Looking over the series, she thought back then that the drawings themselves would lend themselves well if made into a coloring book, but it wasn’t until December of 2014 that she recreated 18 images from the series and had the “IMAGINE” coloring book self- published. ( available online

As an artist living on Plum Island for over 30 years, Sandra Turner has enjoyed drawing local scenes. This is what has recently led her to begin the process of two additional coloring books “Color Plum Island” and “Color Newburyport”. All three Coloring books will be available for purchase at her booth at the Newburyport Spring Festival held on Sunday and Monday, May 29 & 30th. They will also be added to her online shop www.PlumIslanderArt.Etsy.Com on that same weekend.

If you follow her postings on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll note that she likes to sketch on site as much as possible, then finish up the line drawings in her home studio. You may see her sketching in her car, at local eatery or outdoors in some local scenery.

The illustrations are printed one to a page on perforated heavy white 8.5” x 11” cover stock with a sturdy spiral binding. The book includes an introduction on the artist’s process, instructions on various suggested mediums (colored pencil, watercolor, watercolor pencil) along with photographs of some of her colored pages.

There is no suggested age limit as younger children can easily color in large shapes while adults can modify colors to experiment in each of the smaller more individual shapes. For those interested in blending your own colors, she has included three color wheels for each medium and blank ones for you to practice on.

On a side note, she has a patent pending on her “Decorative Vent Pipe Covers “ which were introduced at the PITA Hall Christmas Fair this past year. They are made of stretch fabric and come in 4 different patterns to cover the unsightly “Candy Cane” pipes dotting Plum Island and many other towns across the US. They will also be available for purchase at my booth in Newburyport and are currently available online at www.PlumIslanderArt.Etsy.Com.

Sandra thanks you for all for your encouragement and support and looks forward to continuing the enjoyment with future additions to the “Color Series”

Happy Coloring!

Sandra Turner



On line shop:

Facebook: Plumislander Art & Design

Instagram: Plumislanderart

Building is a Partnership

By Greg Greene, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Greene Construction LLC based in Newburyport, MA. Greg began working in construction while finishing college, and decided he loved the creativity of finding solutions to give homeowners what they want and need. With more than 25 years in remodeling and custom home building, Greg loves what he does, and the community where he lives and works. He enjoys meeting with clients in their home or one of the Newburyport hotspots like Plum Island Coffee Roasters or Mission Oak Grill (awesome food). You can learn more about Greg’s varied projects at
Greene Construction
Green Construction, Newburyport MA

Homeowners love to dream about the house they’d like to have one day, but often they don’t know what steps to take to turn their ideas into reality. That’s where a builder/remodeler who offers end-to-end services beginning with design, through demolition and construction, makes the project much easier.

In fact you’ll save time and money by using a design build company like Greene Construction. The same team that turns your ideas into a blueprint, is the team that manages the project from beginning to end. We’ll bring speciality contractors in for their expertise when needed, but we’re there every day to insure the quality and your satisfaction to the very end.

We’re a design build company that offers a wide range of services including:

We’re Newburyport’s premier builder/remodeler and we’d love to discuss your project with you. You can learn more about us at and when you’re ready to talk, feel free to emailor call (978-790-4881) us to schedule your appointment.

Every homeowner deserves a home they love, and we welcome the opportunity to make your dreams a reality.

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