Being a historic waterfront town, Newburyport sets the stage for Coastal Design.  Enjoy stories and tips from local experts in various areas of interior design, decorating, renovations and home improvements.

Renovating your Loo, Newburyport MA

Renovating Your Loo Working With Worthington, Expert Designer

Modernizing and renovating your Loo or powder room can be exciting when it comes to shopping and selecting dramatic tiles and finishes, fixtures and bathroom furniture; but before you begin here are a few important renovating items and questions we will discuss:       What are some current upgrades where you can make your […]

Building Your Custom Home, Newburyport MA

Building Your Custom Home – Consult Newburyport’s Premier Custom Home Builder

Building your custom home offers you the opportunity to design a home that manifests precisely how you imagine it to be and excludes any unwanted spaces or features that are not conducive to your lifestyle and personal preferences.  Consulting with a professional home builder will indeed, empower you by adding to the decision-making process and […]

Patio, Porch or Deck, Newburyport MA

Design Ideas for Outside Living on Your Patio, Porch or Deck

Explore easy ways to design outside living on your patio, porch or deck in Newburyport with amazing options for furniture, lighting and serve-ware! If you have enough space for a great sectional sporting an indoor/outdoor easy-to-clean material look to Restoration Hardware’s Classic Kingston collection. 14 different fabrics, 2 seat depths to fit  compact residential footprints […]

arranging artwork, Worthington Interior Design, Newburyport

3 Valuable Tips for Arranging Artwork in Your Home

3 Valuable tips for arranging artwork on your walls and throughout your home. Often I get asked to help my clients hang their art or arrange their collectables in their home. First tip is to gather all the art into 1 room and begin to organize by size, subject or genre. This can take some […]

Interior Colors, Newburyport MA

3 Tips for Selecting Interior Colors

3 tips for selecting interior colors for your home to steer clear of mistakes or repainting and blowing your budget. First it’s good to take inventory of what furniture you have and are keeping. This includes the color of the wood, materials or fabrics you will be using in each room. Are the materials a […]

Worthington Interior Design, Flooring Options

The Kentucky Derby, most exciting 3 minutes in sports and here are 3 exciting old flooring options

The 1st Saturday in May brings us the Kentucky Derby, the most exciting 3 minutes in sports and here are 3 exciting old flooring options for your Kitchen, Mudroom and Laundry. May in Kentucky is a beautiful time of year. The many horse farms have bluegrass brimming and mint juleps in play as the 143rd Run for the Roses […]

Design Trends, Newburyport

These Design Trends Could Sabotage Your Sleep

Metallic finishes, retro dressers, and all-white color schemes are bedroom trends have a powerful impact but these design trends could sabotage your sleep. We’ve put together a list of the top trends getting in the way of the restful shut-eye you need to be at your best. Multi-Functional Spaces While we are all for multi-functional […]

giving back, Newburyport MA

Gratitude and Giving Back with WBespokeSpace

For our Gratitude and Giving Back with WBespokeSpace this November we’re rolling out Room selection design with WBespokeSpace Room Design. You share some of the tasks working together on the room of your choice (see below) offered with a half-priced design fee. November truly marks a time in everyone’s life to embrace both gratitude and […]

Man Caves, Newburyport

Man Caves and She Sheds – Everyone’s Perfect Sanctuary

Man Caves, She Sheds, and the Perfect Playhouse – now everyone in the family can have a little place all to themselves. Each space can be designed to fulfill all of your needs and create a perfect sanctuary to retreat to. Greene Construction can help you customize these kinds of projects, or anything else within your […]

stylish beds for kids, Newburyport MA

3 Stylish Beds for Kids to Hit the Hay after Hitting the Books

You must have a look at these 3 stylish beds for kids to hit the hay after hitting the books! This time of year everyone can use a little refresh in their kid’s bedrooms. These stylish beds for kids will endure for a while since each bed style we have chosen has a timeless design. […]

Best Sofas for Napping, lounging and reading , Newburyport

5 Best Sofas for Napping, Lounging and Reading

Try these 5 Best Sofas for Napping, Lounging and Reading! Summer is always a great time to catch a Nap so why not try one of these cool sofas. The first sofa is the Sandra Napper Chaise. The name says super comfy and try placing it in an open loft space, alcove or  in front […]

Wallpaper is back, Newburyport MA

IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK, they’d say Wallpaper is back!

If these walls could talk they’d say Wallpaper is back! Coming from Europe on the decorating scene in the past 2 years has been floral wallpapers and handmade “de Gournay” wallpapers panels.  And you know there are some very pretty florals that look updated and fresh. SO before you wrinkle your nose let me give […]

keep existing furniture, Newburyport MA

5 Really Good Reasons to keep Existing Furniture

When renovating your home here are 5 really good reasons to keep existing furniture and rethink your home’s interiors. 1. Because it’s old I should get rid of it. Well that couldn’t be further from the truth, even if it’s not an antique you can make the table or chair work in another room or […]

Add some GREEN to your Home Interiors

Add some GREEN to your Home Interiors

Green is the color of the year, it signifies Spring is near, it means asparagus is peaking and English peas are ready! We all identify Green with the month of March for obvious reasons; so let WorthingtonInterior Design add some green to your home interiors! So how does one begin to include the correct shade […]

hygge, Newburyport MA

Hygge-pronounced ‘hew gah’

Hygge – cozy and comfort ways to bring small pleasures as we rang in the new  year and head into February. I first saw this word in a Scandinavian cookbook recipe for ‘That Banana Cake.’ Now I read in the New York Times we are obsessed with Hygge! My home has always been an important […]

brass and gold, newburyport ma

Grab the Brass and Gold…Finishes

Well after a long hiatus, grab the brass and gold as these finishes are back on the merry-go-round of residential interiors. Brass detailing on furniture, other types of brass hardware are making a strong sparkling comeback. Now many of you may think brass or gold was never out of fashion. But looking back just about […]

Kitchen Backspashes, Newburyport MA

Kitchen Backsplashes with Sizzle

When you buy a house in Newburyport or any of the towns on the north shore, you think about the style of the house – Federal Style, Victorian, Shingle Style or Colonial. You might even take time to research the many different home styles in our area by reading Yankee Magazine’s article on New England’s Architectural Styles. […]

Prepping for School with Worthington Interior Design

Making Prepping for School Fun and Fresh

Wow the summer has flown by and now you can begin making prepping for school fun and fresh cause it’s almost here! While we enjoy the best days of summer in New England dipping our toes in the warm Atlantic ocean and still playing outside until dark. Kids have the time of their lives during the […]

Tracey Chareas Designs, Newburyport MA

Staging as Merchandising

Many people still think staging is only about trying to make a home look more beautiful or about “depersonalizing.” Instead, what we are trying to achieve is a proper merchandising of the home so that as a product, it can be seen in its best possible light. By highlighting features or showing that a small – looking bedroom can actually fit a queen size bed and dressers too (done it!), we can bring tremendous value.

Black and White from Worthington Interior Design


Using the black and white in a small space can really be cool forever, you won’t get tired of this design scheme and it can look fresh season to season. You can add a hint of red- raspberry, coral-orange, easy- on- the eye greens or turquoise to change up your space. Try a stripe of black and […]

Greene Construction, Newburyport MA

Bathroom Trends – Larger Rooms & Sassy Bathtubs

It’s always fun to see new products as they enter the market, and most people only see them on television or in magazines. A business associate had the opportunity to attend the International Home Builder show in Las Vegas this year, and shared some of their photos so I could share them and today we’re looking at bathroom trends. Bathroom […]

I saw the Light, Worthington Interior Design, Newburyport MA

I Saw the Light, I Saw the Light…No more darkness

New Hollywood film,”I saw the the Light”, song by Hank Williams Sr. How apropos, light and lighting are essential design elements in the interiors of your home. Throughout my career, there has been the question ‘what is the key ingredient of a successful design project?’ Always without a doubt it’s the lighting. Exterior or interior lighting […]

Green Construction, Newburyport MA

Building is a Partnership

Homeowners love to dream about the house they’d like to have one day, but often they don’t know what steps to take to turn their ideas into reality. That’s where a builder/remodeler who offers end-to-end services beginning with design, through demolition and construction, makes the project much easier. In fact you’ll save time and money […]

Gingham a checkered past, Worthington Interior Design, Newburyport MA

Classic & Versatile, Gingham A Checkered Past…

Here we are near the end of February 2016 and we can see fewer weeks left demarcating winter.  As you continue to nest by the fire and enjoy hearty meals, the glimmers of springtime are in the offing. So this brings me to a fabric design of the past, Gingham. It is a design pattern […]

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