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High Quality Care, Direct Communications with Your Doctor & Flexibility to Choose Specialists and Hospitals

Would it be helpful if you could reach your doctor directly when you are sick or have medical concerns? Do you feel like your doctor has a detailed understanding of your medical history and personal health needs? If having a strong direct relationship with your doctor is important to you, then you should explore the option of a concierge medical internal medicine doctor. Your Choice Medical Internal Medicine is a local Newburyport practice offering patients high quality medical care, personalized medical attention and contrary to some misconceptions, they do accept insurance. With concierge medical practices patients experience a level of attention that is not commonly found within larger medical practices.

Many people assume that concierge medical practices are only accessible to super wealthy individuals. It is true that the concept originated as an option for the elite, but Your Choice Medical and other concierge medical practices across the country are servicing a variety of patients with a need or desire for a more personalized relationship with their doctor. Dr. Ficht is an internal medicine doctor or internist, with extensive background, training and experience focused on adult medicine. He has tremendous experience diagnosing and helping patients with serious medical conditions, having practiced in the Merrimack Valley for almost 20 years and working for Lahey Clinic and Anna Jaques Hospital. Your Choice Medical patients also have the option of seeing one of the nurse practitioners.

How does concierge medicine work? Dr. Ficht of Your Choice Medical, is the first independent and unaffiliated concierge medical internal medicine doctor in the area. There are other medical practices that are affiliated and/or within a network with hospitals or groups. Most medical practices are affiliated with large medical networks where you are limited to the specialists within that practice’s network. By choosing an independent and unaffiliated practice patients have the flexibility to choose any specialist within their insurance plan. In the state of Massachusetts most primary care physician’s offices are tied to one of the three major medical groups so if you prefer to have your surgery at a hospital that is not affiliated with your Primary Care Doctor’s network, you will need to pay out of pocket.

The concierge medicine health care model is ideal for people with health concerns who feel the need to have direct communications with their doctor and flexibility to speak to their doctor during non-standard business days and times. Your Choice Medical patients can schedule appointments within 24 hours and they have the email and cell phone for their provider in case they need assistance after hours or on the weekends. Office visits are not rushed as Dr. Ficht and the Nurse Practitioners see considerably fewer patients per day, allowing them to spend more quality time in each appointment. Your Choice Medical also provides preventative medicine offered through the providers and wellness partners, such as gym memberships and a session with a personal trainer.​

Patients pay an annual fee for this high level of service and the cost is not excessive. The cost of concierge medicine does not exceed what folks spend annually on gym memberships, hair and nail salons, sports activities, gourmet coffee, and other services, hobbies and habits. A concierge medical internal medicine doctor may or may not be necessary for you, but might be perfect for your friend who has health concerns and needs more time and attention from a doctor.  It also might be perfect for your aging parent or for someone with limited time or who travels often and needs the flexibility to schedule last minute appointments and or telemedicine sessions. If top quality medical care is important to you then we highly recommend a call to Your Choice Medical Internal Medicine of Newburyport.

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