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Regardless of your age, income or goals, it is important to have strong financial services partners who are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. Residents and small businesses in the Greater Newburyport area are fortunate to have access to some very experienced financial services businesses with a strong history of providing exceptional results and top level customer support. Allow our local financial experts in Accounting, Banking, Financial Planning & Real Estate to guide you and provide valuable insight regarding the ever changing financial world. is proud to recommend these exceptional local businesses. They provide services for and personal financial needs as well. We want to thank them for their sponsorship which allows to donate 40% of VIP Card revenues to 23 local nonprofit organizations and to provide free access to our media platform for our nonprofit partners as well as our many local restaurant, retail and lodging small business customers. We offer a special thanks to our Premier Sponsor, Newburyport Bank a strong supporter of small business and an exceptional community bank serving the North Shore and Southern NH Seacoast.

Bridge Loan from Newburyport Bank

A Bridge Loan Makes the Path to Your New Home Easier Than You Think

Every day, countless people in our community purchase homes without knowing the financing programs available, including the bridge loan. Some are buying their very first, while others are closing on

The Biggest Financial and Non-Financial Benefits of Owning A Home

In the midst of a global pandemic, our homes have become much more than a space that provides a roof over our heads. We’ve experienced sheltering in place for several
checking account, Newburyport Bank

Our Checking Accounts Make Your Money Work for You

As a banker who serves this community, my goal is to help you journey well. While each person’s journey is unique, most life journeys are improved when your money works
credit score, Residential Mortgage Services, Newburyport, MA

Monitor Your Credit Score & Improve Your Mortgage Rate

I left off last time talking about how important it is to “be prepared” with respect to having your credit in order prior to applying for home financing.  Your credit

Greater Seacoast Community Bank

Life is full of different adventures, from starting a family, buying a home, to embarking on a business dream. Whatever journey you’re on, it helps to have the support of
Turco Legal, Divorce Law Trends, Newburyport MA

Trends in Massachusetts Divorce Law: Equality and Structure

Divorce law trends are moving in a direction of equality and structure. Divorce may seem like a modern issue.  That is, it sometimes seems like one of those problems with
moving services

Call Early for Your Moving Services Estimate – Enjoy Big Savings!

Most people and businesses planning their next move tend to forget something really important before they’ve even gotten started: a moving services estimate. Whether you’re planning a same-city “mini-move” or
Finding the best agent just got easier, Newburyport MA

Finding the Best Agent Just Got Easier

In partnership with Zillow and Trulia, RealTrends.Com is a national site that provides rankings of Real Estate Agent performance. They have been tracking Real Estate Agent performance at the agent, team, and brokerage level for the past eight years and provide consumers the data necessary to make an educated decision.
Blanchette Financial, Newburyport MA

Emergency Funds: Preparing for the Unexpected

You’ve probably heard how important it is to establish and maintain an emergency fund. Unfortunately, most people don’t fully realize this until a money emergency is upon them. Are you
Tax Scams, Newburyport MA, Michael Capo, CPA

Avoid Tax Scams With Awareness Of IRS Process

Protect yourself, your family, and close friends against common tax scams.  Take the time to understand key facts that can help you know if you are being legitimately contacted by
Being Prepared with Residential Mortgage Services, Newburyport

Secure Your Dream Home By Being Prepared

Be prepared! A truly great motto, not only for the Boy Scouts of America, but also for anyone embarking on today’s new mortgage process. Through my own quest for Eagle
S Corporation Advantages, Michael Capo, Newburyport

S Corporation Advantages and Disadvantages

What are S Corporation advantages and disadvantages?  Frequently, this question arises whenever a client is just starting a business, or has been operating as a sole proprietor and may be
put your house on the market, Newburyport MA

Market Update – When Should You Put Your House on the Market?

Market Update – When Should You Put Your House on the Market? Are you waiting for the Spring market because you’ve heard that is the best time to list your property?
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