Gold Prospecting Adventures in New England

By Jim Somers, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Founder of American Gold Prospecting Adventures, Jim Somers is a seasoned gold prospector who leads prospecting excursions throughout northern New England. He has been featured in The Boston Globe, The Union Leader, Lost Treasure Magazine and The Gold Prospectors Association of America Pick & Shovel Newsletter.
American Gold Prospecting Adventures
Gold Prospecting Adventures, Newburyport MA

Did you know that there was a gold rush in New England in the mid 1850’s? The Vermont Gold Mining Company was established in 1854 and they erected a crushing mill with crushers, stampers and washers, experimenting with how to separate the gold from the quartz matrix. Gold Prospecting was a passion and source of income for many.

Gold can be found in all of the 6 New England states! Since the price of gold spiked in 2012 and those “gold fever” reality shows hit the airwaves, there has been a modern gold rush. But the gold here in New England is a bit tougher to find than out West or up in the Yukon.

The key to enjoying the unique and exciting world of gold prospecting is to know what you are doing. During my first year of prospecting in New Hampshire, I found virtually nothing. As time passed, I learned some valuable techniques from local prospectors and everything changed…Gold Fever had me in its grip!

Now 12 years later, I have the privilege of helping those who also want to enter this exciting activity through American Gold Prospecting Adventures. Our 3-hour gold prospecting class is a hands-on learning experience up on the rivers of New Hampshire.

For more information, go to See how you can get “the fever” and start finding your own gold!

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