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The Greater Newburyport Community is fortunate to have local access to cutting edge health care technology, facilities, and professionals in so many areas of health care expertise.  Although word class hospitals are just a short drive away in Boston if needed, many surgeries, procedures and treatments can be preformed right here in the comfort and convenience of Newburyport by health care professionals with exceptional reputations and experience.

Sleep Apnea Appliance, Portside Family Dental, Newburyport

Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance Provides Alternative to CPAP Machines

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. There is a broad range in regards to impact on breathing. Pauses in breathing can last from a few seconds to minutes, and can occur up to 30 times or more within an hour. If not treated it can interrupt sleep […]
relieve computer eye strain, Newburyport MA 01950

Relieve Computer Eye Strain with Tips from Local Eye Care Experts

It is important to know what you can do to relieve computer eye strain. Many of us have jobs that require up to eight hours a day in front of a screen and we usually accrue more screen time when we get home! Such a significant portion of our day spent hunched over a keyboard can […]
the dangers of chocolate and your dog, newbury ma

The Dangers of Chocolate and Your Dog

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Beach Dog Daycare! Considering Valentine’s day is a widely celebrated holiday when giving chocolate is a must have The Beach Dog thought it would be a good opportunity to address the issues of the dangers of chocolate and your dog. How can such a joyful treat for us humans have […]
Protect Yourself From Injury, Holmes Physical Therapy, Salisbury MA

Protect Yourself from Injury While Gardening

Gardening is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the fresh air and beautifying your home.  It should be enjoyed and considered a “work in progress” not a task to be completed in one weekend.  If you do garden there are many things you can do to protect yourself from injury.  First apply […]
Eat Gluten Feee @ Andiamo Restaurant & Bar, Newburyport MA

Eat Gluten-free at Andiamo Restaurant + Bar

Did you know that you can eat gluten-free at Andiamo Restaurant + Bar?! It’s true, you can eat not just gluten-free but you can also experience the wonderful Italian flavor that Andiamo Restaurant + Bar has to offer. Chef-Owner, Jim Rogers, and his team work tirelessly to create dishes that not only meet your dietary […]
New Years Resolutions for Your Dog, Newburyport MA

New Years Resolutions for Your Dog

New Years Resolutions for your dog…sounds funny, but its not. The most made resolutions made by us humans is to get exercise. During the winter months it’s never more important to stimulate your dog than now. Just like you, your dog can get cabin fever and depressed when the weather gets cold and out door […]

The Story Behind Children’s Health Care

It may seem like just a sign. But the Children’s Health Care logo – that red and blue circle with our name across it – has a story behind it. In fact there are countless stories behind CHC. Each and every patient, family member, staff member, and CHC medical provider contributes a new chapter every […]
transitioning your dog with the seasonal changes

Transitioning Your Dog with the Seasonal Changes

The seasons are changing and your dog will need to prepare for these changes as well. We have come up with three tips for transitioning your dog with the seasonal changes. Just like humans dogs can react to the changes of the season too. Keeping them happy and healthy through preparation can help make these […]
Karen Holmes Physical Therapy, Salisbury MA

PT Treatment Based on Evidence Based Medicine

Today’s  physical therapists are highly educated professionals,  most have graduate degrees and many have clinical doctorates.  Physical therapists base their treatment plan on evidence based medicine to restore mobility, reduce pain and optimize function.  The vision statement for the physical therapy profession is   “transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.” Physical therapy […]
Help your child adjust to glasses or contacts, Newburyport MA

Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to Glasses or Contacts

Looking for some advice on helping your child adjust to glasses or contacts? While corrective lenses have vastly improved in terms of technology and style over the past few decades, it’s not always easy for kids feel comfortable with their new eyewear. Here are few ideas to help your child make the transition. Get in […]
Old Dog New Itch: Does Your Dog Have Dry Itchy Dog Skin?, Newbury MA

Old Dog New Itch: Does Your Dog Have Dry Itchy Dog Skin?

I’m a new age hippie so if there is an herbal holistic remedy out there I’m going to find it. So when my old dog got a new itch I went on a mission. Her symptoms were mild, so I searched dry itchy dog skin. I am the proud owner of two beautiful Labs, Madeline […]
Prevent Blindness Caused by Diabetic Eye Disease, Newburyport MA

Prevent Blindness Caused By Diabetic Eye Disease

Did you know that diabetic eye disease is the leading cause of blindness among adults? Did you also know that often times there are no symptoms until the disease is advanced? High blood sugar is the major culprit of eye problems and the longer you live with the disease, the greater the risk. Three major […]
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