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Are you looking for a home inspector that is honest, extremely thorough, and knowledgeable?  Romano Home Inspection is a family business owned and operated by the father/daughter team of John and June Romano.  They have served customers for over 31 years with a focus on Boston to the North Shore, Metro West, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine.

Inspections by Romano Home Inspection are detailed and thorough.  They do not put a time limit on inspections they perform.  They give every job whatever time is necessary to analyze the property.  Proud members of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), they inspect all sorts of homes, but have extensive knowledge of antique homes, coastal homes (like the ones right here in Greater Newburyport!), as well as commercial properties.

They provide very comprehensive reports to their customers with detailed explanations and images.  An average inspection report is 25 to 50 pages.  They organize the report into sections that discuss projects that need to be addressed immediately and projects that can be addressed in the future.  Reports by this home inspector are written in terms that make sense to the average homebuyer!  They avoid overly technical terminology and strive to provide details that not only aid the homebuyer in understanding the issue, but also provide options that will help them to gain resolution to issues uncovered during an inspection.

Rapid turnaround time on reports is an extremely important attribute of a home inspector.  Romano Home Inspection completes reports for customers quickly, within a couple of days, because they understand time is critical for home buyers.

Organization and accurate record keeping are also essential to a successful home inspection business.  Should they have a past customer return to them needing information about an inspection, Romano Home Inspection is able to easily and quickly locate an old inspection, answer questions, and provide documentation.

Choose Romano Home Inspection for their breadth and depth of experience and extremely thorough work!

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