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Enjoy feature articles and helpful tips from local experts in the home services field.  Whether your renovating your home, need interior design expertise or are in search of an experienced plumber or electrician, Newburyport Home Services is a great way to discover local professionals to assist with a variety of home services projects.  If you are buying or selling your home, Newburyport Home Services can help connect you with top realtors, mortgage experts, real estate attorneys, staging expertise,  experienced home inspectors and movers with a proven track record.

Design Techniques, Interiors, Worthington Interior Design, Newburyport

Design Techniques to Perfect Your Family’s Interiors

Here’s 5 Design Techniques to Perfect Your Family’s Interiors whether you have just moved or browsing for interior design techniques.  Worthington often suggests these ideas which can be incorporated with minimal effort and money. Sometimes adding small things make the most impact. Adding a mirror or a precious heirloom to a room-scape instantly personalizes your […]
Comparing Moving Companies, Moving Tips Newburyport

How to Compare Moving Companies – Moving Tips

Moving is already a challenging task, so make your big day go as smoothly as possible and compare moving companies before selecting one. While cost is always an important factor, sometimes the “best deal” ends up with a u-haul pulling up on moving day, three hours late, with a rag tag crew handling your goods. […]
Biofuel and Bioheat Newburyport

Biofuel Also known as Bioheat is the Evolution of Oil Heat!

Biofuel, also known as bioheat is a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil with renewable biodiesel made from organic and recycled products such as soybean oil, used cooking oils, inedible corn oil, canola, tallow, fats and algae. With biofuel, homeowners can burn a better, safer and more reliable fuel resulting in lower emissions, improved air […]
moving services

Call Early for Your Moving Services Estimate – Enjoy Big Savings!

Most people and businesses planning their next move tend to forget something really important before they’ve even gotten started: a moving services estimate. Whether you’re planning a same-city “mini-move” or a long-distance relocation, calling early for a moving-services estimate could save you a lot of money – up to 50% on moving costs, in fact. […]
service and repair, Newburyport MA

Quality Service and Repair – Protect Your Heating & Cooling Investment!

When inviting someone into your home for service and repair on your gas/oil heating or ac system, you want to ensure that you have partnered with a qualified, company that you can trust. We recommend for your safety and comfort, that the company be licensed and insured properly with both General Liability and Workers Compensation, […]
Ice Dam Prevention System, Newburyport MA

An Ice Dam Prevention System For Home & Commercial Buildings

Many Homeowners and Building owners in the northeast are having to deal with a growing number of weather related emergencies including hurricanes, wind storms, flooding and an increasing amount of snow accumulation from winter storms over the years. Ice dams in a matter of days, damage your home’s or business’s roof and the water that […]
Planning A Home Addition, Greene Construction, Newburyport MA

Planning a Home Addition in Newburyport

Have you outgrown your home but don’t want to move? Building an addition may be the right choice for you, especially if you love your neighborhood. Building a home addition not only adds to the value of your home, it will make it more desirable to buyers when you are willing to give up your 01950 zip code. […]
Renovating your Loo, Newburyport MA

Renovating Your Loo Working With Worthington, Expert Designer

Modernizing and renovating your Loo or powder room can be exciting when it comes to shopping and selecting dramatic tiles and finishes, fixtures and bathroom furniture; but before you begin here are a few important renovating items and questions we will discuss:       What are some current upgrades where you can make your […]

How Best to Prepare and Organize Moving to a New Home

How best to prepare and organize moving to a new home. The good news is our step by step checklist is easy to follow. We break these tasks down into smaller tasks to ensure you will not miss anything regarding the move. After all, you want to make the entire transition as smooth as possible […]
Commercial Interior Design, Newburyport

Commercial Interior Design What and How

Now seems like a good time to introduce you to our other design service Commercial Interior Design what and how. Commercial Interior Design is comprised of office, retail, and hospitality/restaurant type of projects. When commercial clients are outgrowing their existing space, need test-fits of spaces for lease, or just a new venture or business that […]
Worthington Interior Design Newburyport

Work With an Interior Design Pro..11 good reasons why!

WID has written about this very topic many times over; but if you are still not convinced read an article written by an Interior Design colleague below. A designer offers 11 ways a pro can help you get the most joy from your remodel while minimizing headaches along the way.  Yanic Simard May 22, 2018, Houzz […]
Building Your Custom Home, Newburyport MA

Building Your Custom Home – Consult Newburyport’s Premier Custom Home Builder

Building your custom home offers you the opportunity to design a home that manifests precisely how you imagine it to be and excludes any unwanted spaces or features that are not conducive to your lifestyle and personal preferences.  Consulting with a professional home builder will indeed, empower you by adding to the decision-making process and […]
Patio, Porch or Deck, Newburyport MA

Design Ideas for Outside Living on Your Patio, Porch or Deck

Explore easy ways to design outside living on your patio, porch or deck in Newburyport with amazing options for furniture, lighting and serve-ware! If you have enough space for a great sectional sporting an indoor/outdoor easy-to-clean material look to Restoration Hardware’s Classic Kingston collection. 14 different fabrics, 2 seat depths to fit  compact residential footprints […]
arranging artwork, Worthington Interior Design, Newburyport

3 Valuable Tips for Arranging Artwork in Your Home

3 Valuable tips for arranging artwork on your walls and throughout your home. Often I get asked to help my clients hang their art or arrange their collectables in their home. First tip is to gather all the art into 1 room and begin to organize by size, subject or genre. This can take some […]
versatile appliance products, Newburyport

3 Versatile Appliance Products for Your Home

As Interior Designers we are always looking for versatile appliance products to offer our clients, solving a whole host of space and design dilemmas. Hopefully you’re getting excited about the spring  weather coming soon!  So after some thought and some recent projects, the topic of versatile appliance products seemed to resonate as entertaining, doing less […]
Air Conditioning, Newburyport MA

Providing Cool Air Conditioning Comfort to our Community!

Air Conditioning used to be a luxury, but modernized homeowners are more reliant on cooler drier air. Higher efficiency options allow for comfort with less operational costs as well as creative solutions for style and decor. In addition to making everyday life more comfortable, air conditioning does much more for homeowners.     Air Conditioning […]
Interior Colors, Newburyport MA

3 Tips for Selecting Interior Colors

3 tips for selecting interior colors for your home to steer clear of mistakes or repainting and blowing your budget. First it’s good to take inventory of what furniture you have and are keeping. This includes the color of the wood, materials or fabrics you will be using in each room. Are the materials a […]
Caswell HVAC Maintenance Contract, Newburyport

5 Smart-Money Reasons to Buy an HVAC Maintenance Contract

Do you regularly change the oil in your car? More than likely you do, because a poorly serviced engine runs less efficiently and can create serious – and costly – problems down the road. Heating and cooling (HVAC) systems in the home work much the same way: Service them regularly and you’ll maintain efficiency and […]
Worthington Interior Design, Flooring Options

The Kentucky Derby, most exciting 3 minutes in sports and here are 3 exciting old flooring options

The 1st Saturday in May brings us the Kentucky Derby, the most exciting 3 minutes in sports and here are 3 exciting old flooring options for your Kitchen, Mudroom and Laundry. May in Kentucky is a beautiful time of year. The many horse farms have bluegrass brimming and mint juleps in play as the 143rd Run for the Roses […]
giving back, Newburyport MA

Gratitude and Giving Back with WBespokeSpace

For our Gratitude and Giving Back with WBespokeSpace this November we’re rolling out Room selection design with WBespokeSpace Room Design. You share some of the tasks working together on the room of your choice (see below) offered with a half-priced design fee. November truly marks a time in everyone’s life to embrace both gratitude and […]
coffee tables, newburyport ma

3 Really Cool Coffee Tables to Update Your ‘End Zone’

So as we watch weekend football and enjoy libations and snacks I thought you might like to see some really cool coffee tables to update your own ‘end zone’! Okay just as we think we’re going to spend more time inside Mother Nature keeps gracing us with summertime weather. Worthington Interior Design has been busy cultivating […]
Man Caves, Newburyport

Man Caves and She Sheds – Everyone’s Perfect Sanctuary

Man Caves, She Sheds, and the Perfect Playhouse – now everyone in the family can have a little place all to themselves. Each space can be designed to fulfill all of your needs and create a perfect sanctuary to retreat to. Greene Construction can help you customize these kinds of projects, or anything else within your […]
stylish beds for kids, Newburyport MA

3 Stylish Beds for Kids to Hit the Hay after Hitting the Books

You must have a look at these 3 stylish beds for kids to hit the hay after hitting the books! This time of year everyone can use a little refresh in their kid’s bedrooms. These stylish beds for kids will endure for a while since each bed style we have chosen has a timeless design. […]
Best Sofas for Napping, lounging and reading , Newburyport

5 Best Sofas for Napping, Lounging and Reading

Try these 5 Best Sofas for Napping, Lounging and Reading! Summer is always a great time to catch a Nap so why not try one of these cool sofas. The first sofa is the Sandra Napper Chaise. The name says super comfy and try placing it in an open loft space, alcove or  in front […]
Wallpaper is back, Newburyport MA

IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK, they’d say Wallpaper is back!

If these walls could talk they’d say Wallpaper is back! Coming from Europe on the decorating scene in the past 2 years has been floral wallpapers and handmade “de Gournay” wallpapers panels.  And you know there are some very pretty florals that look updated and fresh. SO before you wrinkle your nose let me give […]
Home Remodeling Projects, Greene Construction, Newburyport MA

Start Your Home Remodeling Projects Now

Are you waiting until the Spring to start your home remodeling projects? Don’t! Your home is your family’s foundation and it needs to be maintained regularly.  Changing seasons bring varying weather conditions that can affect your home, inside and out.  If you have considered making interior modeling plans, it might be best to tackle those […]
Soffron Electrical Newburyport MA

Convenient & Economical Home Heating & Cooling

With the different temperatures that New Englanders face during the four seasons, some are finding it nice to come home to a house that is the perfect temperature and also saving money at the same time. “The Nest” smart thermostat is what is helping your neighbors achieve this savings. “The Nest” smart thermostat is a […]
Kitchen Backspashes, Newburyport MA

Kitchen Backsplashes with Sizzle

When you buy a house in Newburyport or any of the towns on the north shore, you think about the style of the house – Federal Style, Victorian, Shingle Style or Colonial. You might even take time to research the many different home styles in our area by reading Yankee Magazine’s article on New England’s Architectural Styles. […]
Tracey Chareas Designs, Newburyport MA

Staging as Merchandising

Many people still think staging is only about trying to make a home look more beautiful or about “depersonalizing.” Instead, what we are trying to achieve is a proper merchandising of the home so that as a product, it can be seen in its best possible light. By highlighting features or showing that a small – looking bedroom can actually fit a queen size bed and dressers too (done it!), we can bring tremendous value.
Black and White from Worthington Interior Design


Using the black and white in a small space can really be cool forever, you won’t get tired of this design scheme and it can look fresh season to season. You can add a hint of red- raspberry, coral-orange, easy- on- the eye greens or turquoise to change up your space. Try a stripe of black and […]
Finding the best agent just got easier, Newburyport MA

Finding the Best Agent Just Got Easier

In partnership with Zillow and Trulia, RealTrends.Com is a national site that provides rankings of Real Estate Agent performance. They have been tracking Real Estate Agent performance at the agent, team, and brokerage level for the past eight years and provide consumers the data necessary to make an educated decision.
Greene Construction, Newburyport MA

Bathroom Trends – Larger Rooms & Sassy Bathtubs

It’s always fun to see new products as they enter the market, and most people only see them on television or in magazines. A business associate had the opportunity to attend the International Home Builder show in Las Vegas this year, and shared some of their photos so I could share them and today we’re looking at bathroom trends. Bathroom […]
Green Construction, Newburyport MA

Building is a Partnership

Homeowners love to dream about the house they’d like to have one day, but often they don’t know what steps to take to turn their ideas into reality. That’s where a builder/remodeler who offers end-to-end services beginning with design, through demolition and construction, makes the project much easier. In fact you’ll save time and money […]
Newburyport A Destination City, Newburyport MA

Newburyport A Destination City

Newburyport a destination city, serves as the hub for many North Shore and Southern NH towns.  Newburyport’s historic charm, amazing restaurant & shopping scene not to mention the beautiful water views all put Newburyport in high demand for the great lifestyle this unique community offers.  Newburyport provides the opportunity to experience city life along the […]
Gingham a checkered past, Worthington Interior Design, Newburyport MA

Classic & Versatile, Gingham A Checkered Past…

Here we are near the end of February 2016 and we can see fewer weeks left demarcating winter.  As you continue to nest by the fire and enjoy hearty meals, the glimmers of springtime are in the offing. So this brings me to a fabric design of the past, Gingham. It is a design pattern […]
Bentley's Real Estate, Newburyport MA

Prices Adjust with Increased Newburyport Housing Inventory

The Newburyport real estate market remains strong, but prices adjust with increased Newburyport housing inventory for the summer months, and Fall is starting to look the same. The area saw premium pricing during the Winter months due to the low inventory but the Spring and Summer markets have provided buyers with many more options.
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