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By Greg Greene, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Greene Construction LLC based in Newburyport, MA. Greg began working in construction while finishing college, and decided he loved the creativity of finding solutions to give homeowners what they want and need. With more than 25 years in remodeling and custom home building, Greg loves what he does, and the community where he lives and works. He enjoys meeting with clients in their home or one of the Newburyport hotspots like Plum Island Coffee Roasters or Mission Oak Grill (awesome food). You can learn more about Greg’s varied projects at
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Kitchen Backspashes, Newburyport MA

When you buy a house in Newburyport or any of the towns on the north shore, you think about the style of the house – Federal Style, Victorian, Shingle Style or Colonial. You might even take time to research the many different home styles in our area by reading Yankee Magazine’s article on New England’s Architectural Styles.

You know if you want a historic home, or a house with an open floor plan. But you probably don’t give the same thought to what’s in the kitchen, and definitely not the kitchen backsplash. When planning a kitchen homeowners focus on the cabinets and countertops, followed by appliances, flooring and finally the backsplash which is easier to change than many other aspects of your kitchen.

The kitchen backsplash takes on an interesting role in the kitchen. You’ve got so much happening in the kitchen, there isn’t much room to decorate … and that’s where the right backsplash can make a huge difference. So we decided to explore what the latest trends are in kitchen backsplashes. Still mostly tile because it’s easy to clean, there are incredible new choices in tile you can put on your walls, ones that shimmer and shine.

So head on over the my article on kitchen backsplashes for a glimpse at the latest trends in kitchen backsplashes, and give us a call (978-790-4881) so we can help you plan your new kitchen.

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