Man Caves and She Sheds – Everyone’s Perfect Sanctuary

By Greg Greene, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Greene Construction LLC based in Newburyport, MA. Greg began working in construction while finishing college, and decided he loved the creativity of finding solutions to give homeowners what they want and need. With more than 25 years in remodeling and custom home building, Greg loves what he does, and the community where he lives and works. He enjoys meeting with clients in their home or one of the Newburyport hotspots like Plum Island Coffee Roasters or Mission Oak Grill (awesome food). You can learn more about Greg’s varied projects at
Greene Construction
Man Caves, Newburyport

Man Caves, She Sheds, and the Perfect Playhouse – now everyone in the family can have a little place all to themselves. Each space can be designed to fulfill all of your needs and create a perfect sanctuary to retreat to. Greene Construction can help you customize these kinds of projects, or anything else within your home to make your space truly yours. What goes into making the perfect Man Caves and She Sheds?

The key to a successful Man Cave is planning the space perfectly to suit your needs. Will you want to mount a large flat screen TV on the wall? You’ll need to make sure the wall has the studs to support it. Will you be having friends over often? You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of electrical outlets so everyone can charge their devices. Is the kitchen on the other side of the house? You’ll want to consider putting in a mini-kitchen, or at the very least a mini-fridge for drinks and snacks. If the space you choose is in the basement or attic, you’ll want to make sure that it’s fully insulated and heated. Living in Massachusetts means that the weather changes often and quickly – you want to make sure your space is usable year-round! And so much more goes into customizing the perfect man cave.

For the ladies, if your home doesn’t have any extra space that you can take over, think about putting a shed in the yard. It can offer just enough space for you to get some “me time” and still be fully equipped with everything you need to be able to relax. Will your She Shed need plumbing for a bathroom or a sink to wash up after doing some gardening? Will you want electricity so you can put a TV in there to cozy up and watch a movie? What about built-in shelving to store books, craft supplies and photos? There’s a lot that can go into customizing your She Shed.  

Don’t forget about the kids – build the Perfect Playhouse for them! Create a space for them that appeals to their creative side, with lots of table space for coloring or drawing, or customize it to appease their adventurous needs by having a rock wall, ladders, slides or more. Creating a great playhouse lets your kids have tons of fun, and can be built near your Man Cave or She Shed so you can enjoy your space while your kids have fun in theirs.

Our goal at Greene Construction is to make our customers smile, so let us know if we can do that by customizing and creating a perfect relaxation space for you and your family! Man Caves, She Sheds and Playhouses are a fun way to create your special home inside your home! 

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