Newburyport Documentary Film Festival

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Newburyport Documentary Film Festival

Annual Newburyport Documentary Film Festival

The annual Newburyport Documentary Film Festival presents a wonderful selection of thought provoking documentary films that open dialog about topics that are important to the local and world community.  During the festival, the filmmakers who are in attendance will interact with the audience via Q&A sessions, workshops and panels.  Additionally, educational sessions will be planned to further engage the community.

Sessions under consideration include screenings at the local schools and senior centers.  Work-in-progress forums will be presented to give filmmakers the chance to solicit audience feedback regarding their not yet completed film.   Activities will also be planned to target the student filmmaker community such as a special award for best student film and an internship program for high school and college students.


Purchase a Newburyport VIP Card for $25 and and $10 of your purchase will be donated to The Newburyport Documentary Film Festival.  Use the form on this page to order your VIP Card.


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