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Download the “Newburyport” App for Direct Access to 24/7 Live Views delivers 24/7 live views of local things to do, events and activities in Newburyport, MA  through our Newburyport Live Cams. Our many Newburyport webcams cover the real-time vibrancy of our town.  Check out the boat traffic, view live entertainment in Market Square, or take in a beautiful Plum Island sunset.  Stay connected 24/7 Live from Newburyport, MA!  We hope to provide you with fresh, and ever-changing experiences through our Newburyport Live Cams.  Do you enjoy our Newburyport Live Web Cams, then be sure to check out our local Newburyport Videos page.

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Best of NewburyportSM Experts

Riverfront Boating Live Cam

Market Square Live Cam

Inn Street South Live Cam

Inn Street North Live Cam

Boat Traffic Live Cam

State Street North Live Cam

State Street South Live Cam

Merrimack River Live Cam

Plum Island Marsh Live Cam

Sunset Live Cam

Merrimack River South Live Cam

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