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New VIP Cards | The Newburyport VIP ProgramVIP Program History

What is the history of the Newburyport Mobile App?  Starting in 2012, CEO Robert Bentley launched The Best of Newburyport VIP Program for the Greater Newburyport Community with a mission to boost the local economy.

Back in the 90’s Robert owned an advertising company in the Virginia Beach area and built a very successful VIP loyalty program for 146 restaurants, selling 45,000 VIP Cards and eventually selling the company to a phone card company.  Robert’s success came from selling VIP Cards through local nonprofit channels, which was the next step for the Best of Newburyport VIP Program.

In 2014, Robert’s wife Laura left her 16 year career in corporate sales for Sprint to help grow the VIP Program, develop the local fundraising partners and launch the Newburyport Mobile App.  Laura grew the VIP Program from 100 participating businesses to 180 and continues to expand the program in Newburyport and surrounding towns.  Between 2014 – 2016 Laura developed relationships with 22 local nonprofit organizations who utilize the VIP Program as a fundraiser for their organization.  VIP Cards are sold for $25 and the fundraising partners receive $10 of each card sold thru their channel, plus they have the opportunity to raise additional funds each year going forward through card renewals.

The VIP Program was intentionally designed to allow all the local restaurants and retailers to choose the discount they offer, in order to ensure that the program was driving profitable business to our small business owners.  Robert realized that although the VIP Program provided tremendous value to consumers, it was difficult for them to remember so many different discounts.  With this realization, he immediately secured the name “Newburyport” for his mobile app.  Laura worked with developers to design The Newburyport Mobile App with a goal of making the VIP Program easy to use.  App users would no longer need to carry their VIP Card.  They could digitally display their VIP Card on their smartphone and easily view discounts for the 180 participating local businesses.

How to Get The Newburyport Mobile App

newburyport-app-landing-pageHow do you get the Newburyport Mobile App?  Just type “Newburyport” in the Apple or Google Play Store and download.  Make sure to select “Newburyport” as opposed to “”  There is no cost to download the Newburyport App, so folks have the option to check out the participating businesses and their discounts prior to purchasing a card.  Upon purchasing a VIP Card, folks receive login credentials allowing them to digitally display their VIP Card on their mobile device.  They also receive the physical VIP Card via regular mail.  If you are a flip phone user, don’t worry!  There is no intention of replacing the VIP card with the Newburyport App.  The goal is to have a solution for everyone regardless of whether they carry a smartphone.

Purchase a VIP Card To Get App Login

Purchase a VIP Card on, through the Newburyport App, at the Custom House Maritime Museum Gift Shop or the Anna Jaques Hospital Gift Shop.  VIP Cards are also sold at many local fundraising events.  When purchasing your card thru the Newburyport App or online, it is important to make sure you select a local nonprofit partner to receive $10 of your $25 purchase.  When purchasing at an event, $10 of your purchase is automatically donated to the organization hosting the event.

The VIP Landing Page on is where you can view discounts for the 180 participating Best of Newburyport Places to Eat, Shop, Stay & Experience.  This is also where you can look to check the newest businesses to join the program and businesses that have recently changed their discount.  App users can view discounts from the VIP Card Deals tab in the Newburyport App.

VIP Card & App Expirations

Everyone who had already purchased the Best of Newburyport VIP Card prior to the Newburyport App launch in September 2016, received an email from with login credentials.  All VIP Cards that were purchased prior to 2016 have an app expiration of 12/31/16.  The Newburyport App expiration date for all other card holders is, one year from the VIP Card purchase date.

Physical cards are printed in large volume and and are set to expire at the end of each calendar year.  The expiration for the current Best of Newburyport VIP Card is 12/31/16 but has decided to extend the expiration of the physical card thru 12/31/17 and will put out a mass communication about this extension.  The original “Free” VIP Card is expired.  It was distributed in order to jump start the VIP Program while the nonprofit fundraising channels were being built.  Folks with this card will need to purchase a current VIP Card in order to receive login credentials.

In addition to providing access to the Best of Newburyport VIP Program, The Newburyport App also connects folks to: search Greater Newburyport Real Estate, check out our Greater Newburyport Events Calendar, enjoy views from our 13 Live Web Cams, view the Business Directory, enjoy local News & Stories and follow Newburyport VIP on Facebook.

Do you live in Newburyport and surrounding towns or do you visit often?  Get the Newburyport App, your guide to everything Newburyport!

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