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Best of NewburyportSM Experts

service and repair, Newburyport MA

Quality Service and Repair – Protect Your Heating & Cooling Investment!

When inviting someone into your home for service and repair on your gas/oil heating or ac system, you want to ensure that you have partnered with a qualified, company that you can trust. We recommend for your safety and comfort, that the company be licensed and insured properly with both General Liability and Workers Compensation, […]

versatile appliance products, Newburyport

3 Versatile Appliance Products for Your Home

As Interior Designers we are always looking for versatile appliance products to offer our clients, solving a whole host of space and design dilemmas. Hopefully you’re getting excited about the spring  weather coming soon!  So after some thought and some recent projects, the topic of versatile appliance products seemed to resonate as entertaining, doing less […]

Have you hugged your dog, Newburyport, MA

Have You Hugged Your Dog This Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s a perfect time to talk about the power in a hug. Have you ever heard of the hormone oxytocin? Humans crave physical attention from the time they are born. In fact almost all mammals at some point literally need physical contact to establish healthy bonds. All mammals […]

Interior Colors, Newburyport MA

3 Tips for Selecting Interior Colors

3 tips for selecting interior colors for your home to steer clear of mistakes or repainting and blowing your budget. First it’s good to take inventory of what furniture you have and are keeping. This includes the color of the wood, materials or fabrics you will be using in each room. Are the materials a […]

William Merrill House Newburyport

Live The Newburyport Lifestyle…. in a Historic Residence!

Unique opportunity to make this special single family home your own…located in the historic shipbuilding district, the William Merrill House, originally built in 1790, is poised and ready to be lovingly restored.  This historic Georgian Colonial is an integral part of Newburyport’s history and is just waiting for the perfect buyers to bring her back […]

Gray Wolf

The Evolution of the Gray Wolf Becoming Man’s Best Friend?

Imagine living back in ancient times and having the gray wolf as man’s best friend. The scientific community, using today’s technology, strongly indicates that all dogs can genetically be traced back to the gray wolf. Yes, from wild dog species to your little labradoodle, all bloodlines point to the fact that the gray wolf’s DNA […]

Liberty Law Website, Newburyport MA

Liberty Law Website Re-Launch

Liberty Law & Title, LLC–one of the North Shore’s first concierge real estate & start-up law firms–is thrilled to announce the re-launch of the Liberty Law website at The new design for the Liberty Law website is teeming with valuable resources, useful checklists, and informative videos. We hope this fresh content and design will assist our […]

Design Trends, Newburyport

These Design Trends Could Sabotage Your Sleep

Metallic finishes, retro dressers, and all-white color schemes are bedroom trends have a powerful impact but these design trends could sabotage your sleep. We’ve put together a list of the top trends getting in the way of the restful shut-eye you need to be at your best. Multi-Functional Spaces While we are all for multi-functional […]

skincare products, Newburyport MA

Get Better Results from Your Skincare Products at Suite SIX Medical

Is your skincare-products regime due for a facelift? If you’re like many women, you rely on the same trusty lineup of skincare products you’ve used for years. But skin changes over time, and it’s worth reassessing your approach every once in a while.  When is the last time you had a consultation to ensure that […]

Featured Video Play Icon

Newburyport Mexican Restaurant Films Segment for “Phantom Gourmet”

Newburyport Mexican restaurant Metzy’s Cantina is heating up the airwaves on New England’s hottest foodie show! Owner Erik Metzdorf and Director of Operations and Chief Culinary Officer Anthony Leone were thrilled to welcome Phantom Gourmet.

Clicker Training, Beach Dog Doggie Daycare, Newburyport

Clicker Training Your Dog Can Be Fun and Rewarding

Make clicker training your dog fun and rewarding. It’s easy, you lead the game (training) by keeping the game fun, not serious. Dogs instinctively like order and actually look to the alpha dogs in the pack for guidance. At home, you and your family are the Alpha dogs…at least you should be. Your dog is […]


Choosing a Concierge Primary Care Doctor Can Save You Time, Money

Signing up with a concierge primary care doctor can save you time and money each year! Usually a concierge medical practice charges patients a small fee in exchange for premium services, such as maintaining a lower population of patients, providing accessibility to the providers, availability to the doctor, convenient appointments, fitness programs and other additional […]

Anti-Aging and Corrective Skin Care treatments, Newburyport, MA

Anti-Aging Treatments and Corrective Skin Care Treatments?

Have you considered anti-aging treatments and corrective skin care treatments?  Have you noticed the Suite Six billboards featuring the youthful, beautiful woman?  What is Suite Six Medical Aesthetics and what is the story behind the woman on the billboards?  Suite Six is a premier medical aesthetics spa located in downtown Newburyport, offering clients a welcoming […]

moving services

Call Early for Your Moving Services Estimate – Enjoy Big Savings!

Most people and businesses planning their next move tend to forget something really important before they’ve even gotten started: a moving services estimate. Whether you’re planning a same-city “mini-move” or a long-distance relocation, calling early for a moving-services estimate could save you a lot of money – up to 50% on moving costs, in fact. […]

giving back, Newburyport MA

Gratitude and Giving Back with WBespokeSpace

For our Gratitude and Giving Back with WBespokeSpace this November we’re rolling out Room selection design with WBespokeSpace Room Design. You share some of the tasks working together on the room of your choice (see below) offered with a half-priced design fee. November truly marks a time in everyone’s life to embrace both gratitude and […]

Internist, Newburyport MA

What are the differences between Internist vs General Practitioner?

Internal Medicine doctor, or Internist is a term that is frequently heard, but often misunderstood.  An internal medicine doctor, specializes in adult patients care, specifically focused on preventative care as well as non-surgical diagnosis, treatment and education of multi-system diseases of the internal organs.  Kay A. Ficht, M.D. who is an internist at Your Choice […]

Kaya Jewelers for Custom Jewelry, Newburyport MA

Exquisite Custom Jewelry Within Your Reach

In the past, custom jewelry was a luxury only accessible by the super wealthy. Today, adding a touch of personalized glamour to your style and jewelry collection is more affordable and easier than ever. The first step to transform your unique idea into a spectacular one-of-a-kind design is finding a reputable jeweler that specializes in […]

Featured Video Play Icon

Plum Island Real Estate – the Beach Lifestyle is Calling!

News Release – has just acquired Robert Bentley, the owner of and co-owner of BENTLEY’S real estate revealed this week in his monthly broadcast with Boston.Com (attached video)  the exciting news. Focusing on the  ability to connect Buyers and Seller with information about Plum Island Real Estate as well as hyper local information is […]

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