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Best of NewburyportSM Experts


Choosing a Concierge Primary Care Doctor Can Save You Time, Money

Signing up with a concierge primary care doctor can save you time and money each year! Usually a concierge medical practice charges patients a small fee in exchange for premium services, such as maintaining a lower population of patients, providing accessibility to the providers, availability to the doctor, convenient appointments, fitness programs and other additional […]

moving services

Call Early for Your Moving Services Estimate – Enjoy Big Savings!

Most people and businesses planning their next move tend to forget something really important before they’ve even gotten started: a moving services estimate. Whether you’re planning a same-city “mini-move” or a long-distance relocation, calling early for a moving-services estimate could save you a lot of money – up to 50% on moving costs, in fact. […]

Internist, Newburyport MA

What are the differences between Internist vs General Practitioner?

Internal Medicine doctor, or Internist is a term that is frequently heard, but often misunderstood.  An internal medicine doctor, specializes in adult patients care, specifically focused on preventative care as well as non-surgical diagnosis, treatment and education of multi-system diseases of the internal organs.  Kay A. Ficht, M.D. who is an internist at Your Choice […]

giving back, Newburyport MA

Gratitude and Giving Back with WBespokeSpace

For our Gratitude and Giving Back with WBespokeSpace this November we’re rolling out Room selection design with WBespokeSpace Room Design. You share some of the tasks working together on the room of your choice (see below) offered with a half-priced design fee. November truly marks a time in everyone’s life to embrace both gratitude and […]

Kaya Jewelers for Custom Jewelry, Newburyport MA

Exquisite Custom Jewelry Within Your Reach

In the past, custom jewelry was a luxury only accessible by the super wealthy. Today, adding a touch of personalized glamour to your style and jewelry collection is more affordable and easier than ever. The first step to transform your unique idea into a spectacular one-of-a-kind design is finding a reputable jeweler that specializes in […]

Newburyport Lions Club Thanksgiving Dinner

Newburyport Lions Club Thanksgiving Dinner Serves Local Families

The Newburyport Lions Club Thanksgiving Dinner is once again offering local families a free all-the-trimmings meal in a traditional holiday atmosphere. All are welcome to this one-seating dinner, which will be served on Thanksgiving Day at 12:30 PM at the Newburyport Senior Center (331 High Street, in front of the Bresnahan Elementary School). The menu will consist of Turkey, […]

Plastic Surgeon, Newburyport

Why Should a Plastic Surgeon Perform Your Botox?

Why is it important to have a plastic surgeon perform your Botox treatments? Let me answer that question with a question.  If you need to have knee surgery do you look for someone with strong credentials and a proven track record, or do you just pick the first name that comes up in your Google […]

Featured Video Play Icon

Plum Island Real Estate – the Beach Lifestyle is Calling!

News Release – has just acquired Robert Bentley, the owner of and co-owner of BENTLEY’S real estate revealed this week in his monthly broadcast with Boston.Com (attached video)  the exciting news. Focusing on the  ability to connect Buyers and Seller with information about Plum Island Real Estate as well as hyper local information is […]

co-parenting tips from Turco Legal, Newburyport

Co-Parenting Holiday Survival Guide

Co-parenting through the holidays can be easy or frustrating and Halloween is no exception. The reality is, some parents can’t put their children’s need before their own interest in making the other parent’s life difficult.  While that’s unfortunate, the good news is that by following these simple co-parenting steps, you’ll greatly reduce or eliminate any […]

coffee tables, newburyport ma

3 Really Cool Coffee Tables to Update Your ‘End Zone’

So as we watch weekend football and enjoy libations and snacks I thought you might like to see some really cool coffee tables to update your own ‘end zone’! Okay just as we think we’re going to spend more time inside Mother Nature keeps gracing us with summertime weather. Worthington Interior Design has been busy cultivating […]

transitioning your dog with the seasonal changes

Transitioning Your Dog with the Seasonal Changes

The seasons are changing and your dog will need to prepare for these changes as well. We have come up with three tips for transitioning your dog with the seasonal changes. Just like humans dogs can react to the changes of the season too. Keeping them happy and healthy through preparation can help make these […]

Famous Pizza Renovation, Newburyport MA

Latest Scoop on the Famous Pizza Renovation

Many ask do you know the scoop on the Famous Pizza renovation?  The project began in November 2016 and should finish towards the end of 2017.  It has been nice to see the recent progress and many loyal customers are getting very excited to have Famous Pizza back in operation. This major project entails a […]

credit score, Residential Mortgage Services, Newburyport, MA

Monitor Your Credit Score & Improve Your Mortgage Rate

I left off last time talking about how important it is to “be prepared” with respect to having your credit in order prior to applying for home financing.  Your credit score is so critical to your qualifying loan options and corresponding Annual Percentage Rate (APR) I feel compelled to briefly revisit the topic given the […]

Sleep Apnea Appliance, Portside Family Dental, Newburyport

Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance Provides Alternative to CPAP Machines

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. There is a broad range in regards to impact on breathing. Pauses in breathing can last from a few seconds to minutes, and can occur up to 30 times or more within an hour. If not treated it can interrupt sleep […]

seacoast recovery, Newburyport MA

There’s a lot of Seacoast Recovery going on

September is National Recovery Month and being in the middle of an overdone epidemic it’s important not just to talk about addiction, but also to shine a light on the local seacoast recovery efforts and its strong community of support. There are many examples of Seacoast Recovery, stories of hope, in Newburyport and the seacoast region.   […]

playgrounds in the Newburyport area

Top Eight Playgrounds in the Newburyport Area

We’re lucky to live in an area with more than its fair share of wonderfully designed and maintained playgrounds, including one rated top ten in the state! From relatively small but centrally located urban parks to expansive play structures banked by rolling hills and ballfields, there’s a playground for every age range and activity level. Here’s our […]

teeth whitening, Newburyport MA

Dramatic Teeth Whitening With Light-Activated System From Phillips Zoom

Does your head turn when you see someone with a beautiful smile and stunning white teeth? Have you ever tried pharmacy grade teeth whitening products, or whitening solutions from a dentist office? Did you feel that the results were not worth the time and discomfort associated with the teeth bleaching solution you utilized? Advances in […]

Supercuts, Newburyport

Mother/Daughter Entrepreneurs Behind 8 Local Supercuts Stores

You may know Supercuts as the national chain with salon locations throughout the Merrimack Valley, but did you know that all eight local stores are independently owned and managed by a Salisbury mom and her daughter? In this interview, Honey Tree Inc dba Supercuts owner Susan Marraffa and her daughter Josselyn Wilson fill us in […]

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