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the dangers of chocolate and your dog, newbury ma

The Dangers of Chocolate and Your Dog

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Beach Dog Daycare! Considering Valentine’s day is a widely celebrated holiday when giving chocolate is a must have The Beach Dog thought it would be a good opportunity to address the issues of the dangers of chocolate and your dog. How can such a joyful treat for us humans have […]

princess company, Newburyport MA

Why Would a Dad Own & Operate a Princess Company?

Why a princess company? You are a Dad, businessman, husband, hockey coach with 3 boys and you are starting a princess company?! I heard this and still hear it every day that I tell someone that I own and operate a princess party company. Well it is more than just a princess company, Party Princess […]

"sweetheart of a deal" Worthington Interior Design Newburyport

“Sweetheart of a Deal” for Your Home

As the snowflakes continue to fall in February we have a “sweetheart of a deal” for your home! Yes February has Valentine’s Day and we can have fresh flowers and candy to enjoy but what about enjoying a new fabric on one of your comfy chairs? Or new pillows? Now that the ones you have […]

Antique Home North Shore of MA

Inspector Finds Hidden History in Local Antique Home

In New England there are many old homes and multi unit dwellings and in some cases the purchase process can be long and intricate when dealing with an antique home.  Many homes range between 150 years and 300 years old.  I have been inspecting residential and commercial buildings including timber frame homes, timber frame barns, […]

Time to downsize, Newburyport MA

Kids off to College, Is It Time To Downsize?

Is It Time To Downsize?  My kids are off to college, is it time to downsize?  This is a very exciting time of year, for our area’s hundreds of high school’s seniors.   They are wrapping up their final semester of high school and planning lots of exciting events ahead, including senior class trips, senior week […]

put your house on the market, Newburyport MA

Market Update – When Should You Put Your House on the Market?

Market Update – When Should You Put Your House on the Market? Are you waiting for the Spring market because you’ve heard that is the best time to list your property?  Some will say list your house, “just after the Super Bowl, or as soon as the snow starts to melt.”  Timing of when to put […]

hygge, Newburyport MA

Hygge-pronounced ‘hew gah’

Hygge – cozy and comfort ways to bring small pleasures as we rang in the new  year and head into February. I first saw this word in a Scandinavian cookbook recipe for ‘That Banana Cake.’ Now I read in the New York Times we are obsessed with Hygge! My home has always been an important […]

Free Birthday Club for Area Kids, Macaroni Kid, Newburyport

Macaroni Kid Launches Free Birthday Club for Area Kids

Parents are invited to register their children ages 12 and under for a chance to win a $350 prize pack provided by nine generous local sponsors – monthly drawings! Newburyport Macaroni Kid, a free web calendar and e-newsletter of local events for families, is celebrating its fifth birthday with a present for area kids! Parents […]

credit score, Residential Mortgage Services, Newburyport, MA

Monitor Your Credit Score & Improve Your Mortgage Rate

I left off last time talking about how important it is to “be prepared” with respect to having your credit in order prior to applying for home financing.  Your credit score is so critical to your qualifying loan options and corresponding Annual Percentage Rate (APR) I feel compelled to briefly revisit the topic given the […]

Buy A House, Newburyport MA, Alissa Christy


It’s that time in your life to buy a house . . . You start to think about possibly moving into a new home. Your apartment or first home no longer seems big enough. Perhaps you are looking for another bedroom or a place to put all of the toys. A quieter street, a newer […]

New Years Resolutions for Your Dog, Newburyport MA

New Years Resolutions for Your Dog

New Years Resolutions for your dog…sounds funny, but its not. The most made resolutions made by us humans is to get exercise. During the winter months it’s never more important to stimulate your dog than now. Just like you, your dog can get cabin fever and depressed when the weather gets cold and out door […]

Home Remodeling Projects, Greene Construction, Newburyport MA

Start Your Home Remodeling Projects Now

Are you waiting until the Spring to start your home remodeling projects? Don’t! Your home is your family’s foundation and it needs to be maintained regularly.  Changing seasons bring varying weather conditions that can affect your home, inside and out.  If you have considered making interior modeling plans, it might be best to tackle those […]

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