Newburyport Real Estate Market Update

By Laura Ouellette, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Laura is a writing correspondent. She does freelance writing features and blogging on special interest topics, travel and the north shore of Massachusetts.
Newburyport Real Estate Updated on Boston.Com, Newburyport MA

The Greater Newburyport real estate market is still very active for the end of the year in Newburyport, MA and surrounding area, with warm weather January should be active as well.

Most sellers are unsure of the market time due to the year closing but Robert Bentley recommends keeping your houses on the market and to maintain your price where it is. There is still a very active buyer market and they are eager to find a home and close the deal before the end of the year and start of New Year.

The buyer market can be equally tricky in terms of not knowing if it’s smart to wait until the influx of listing due out in the spring but Bentley suggests going for it and acting now if you see something you really like because the spring market is competitive and you might be able to find a better bargain in the colder months. In some situations, properties have been on the market for longer than the seller would have liked and they are willing to come down on the price. These houses wouldn’t necessarily be such a bargain in the spring market because of the competitive nature spring brings.

The Newburyport market is still seeing new listings come on even as the winter is approaching. Bentley says, “It’s interesting because everyone is trying to find the best time to put something on market or buy a property but it’s not necessarily about trying to time it, it’s about whether you’re personally ready to buy or sell or whether the property is in a condition to be bought or sold.” If you find something you like, go for it now and don’t let Newburyport’s winter stand in your way. There is still plenty of opportunity to find a great home for sale in Newburyport and the surrounding Greater Newburyport Market.  Call Robert Bentley today for expert advice as everyone’s situation is different, but working with an active agent that is practiced and available full time, Like Boston Player for the Greater Newburyport Market Robert Bentley 781 858 5115.

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