Support Local, Shop Small, GO VIP!

Best of NewburyportSM VIP Program

Newburyport VIP Card

Purchase the Best of NewburyportSM VIP Card and enjoy Deals/Discounts EVERY TIME you visit the 180+ participating Greater Newburyport Places to Eat, Shop, Stay & Experience.  For $25 you receive one Newburyport VIP Card and login credentials for one person to digitally display their VIP Card on the Newburyport App.

The VIP Card can be shared but the App can not, as it is tied to an individual’s email address and designed to work on only one device.  The expiration date for the physical card and the App are different.  The printed expiration date on the back of the physical card says 12/31/16 but this has been extended and is valid through 12/31/17.  The App is valid one year from your VIP Card purchase date.

The VIP Card pays for itself in a couple of uses, plus $10 of your Newburyport VIP Card purchase is donated to a local nonprofit partner of your choice.  The fundraising program is constantly growing to include nonprofit organizations throughout the Greater Newburyport Community.  View the complete list of Community Partners & Fundraising Organizations.

Our motto at Newburyport.Com is Support Local, Shop Small, Go VIP!  It reflects our mission to raise money for our local nonprofits and drive sales for our small business owners.  We encourage everyone to shop local, helping to stimulate the Greater Newburyport economy, all while enjoying deals from participating local businesses.

To download the App click on the Apple or Android link below from your mobile device.  There is no cost to download the App, but you must purchase a VIP Card in order to receive login credentials.  You can order a VIP Card onlinethrough the App, or if you prefer to purchase in person visit the Anna Jaques Hospital Gift Shop or the Custom House Maritime Museum Gift Shop.  Discounts can be viewed below by clicking on Places to Eat, Shop, Stay and Experience, or they can also be viewed by downloading the Newburyport App.

Apple/App Store: Download “Newburyport” for iOS/Apple

Android/Play Store: Download “Newburyport” for Android/Google

Don’t have a smart phone and don’t want one, but would like a printable list of the VIP Businesses and Discounts? Print the attached document but make sure to check back periodically for updates.  The VIP Program is always changing and these changes are reflected on the website, in the Newburyport App and in the printable document.  Please always note the date of the last update.

VIP Discounts Printable List Updated 10-12-17

Explore Best of NewburyportSM VIP Card Deals/Discounts By Clicking Below on: Places to Eat, Places to Shop, Places to Stay & Places to Experience.

Experience the Newburyport VIP Program

The Best of Newburyport VIP Program is a chance for you to help Greater Newburyport Small Businesses by using the Newburyport App or VIP Card to make more of your purchases right here in our local community.

If we all spend more of our dollars at our local restaurants and shops, collectively it has a huge impact on our local economy and is greatly appreciated by our small business owners.

We welcome you to explore Best of NewburyportSM Places to EATSHOP, STAY & EXPERIENCE, and enjoy our Newburyport App videos produced by Anchor Hitch Media.

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