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Concierge Medical Internal Medicine Doctor

High Quality Care, Direct Communications with Your Doctor & Flexibility to Choose Specialists and Hospitals

Would it be helpful if you could reach your doctor directly when you are sick or have medical concerns? Do you feel like your doctor has a detailed understanding of your medical history and personal health needs? If having a strong direct relationship with your doctor is important to you, then you should explore the option of a concierge medical internal medicine doctor. Your Choice Medical Internal Medicine is a local Newburyport practice offering patients high quality medical care, personalized medical attention and contrary to some misconceptions, they do accept insurance. With concierge medical practices patients experience a level of attention that is not commonly found within larger medical practices.

Many people assume that concierge medical practices are only accessible to super wealthy individuals. It is true that the concept originated as an option for the elite, but Your Choice Medical and other concierge medical practices across the country are servicing a variety of patients with a need or desire for a more personalized relationship with their doctor. Dr. Ficht is an internal medicine doctor or internist, with extensive background, training and experience focused on adult medicine. He has tremendous experience diagnosing and helping patients with serious medical conditions, having practiced in the Merrimack Valley for almost 20 years and working for Lahey Clinic and Anna Jaques Hospital. Your Choice Medical patients also have the option of seeing one of the nurse practitioners.

How does concierge medicine work? Dr. Ficht of Your Choice Medical, is the first independent and unaffiliated concierge medical internal medicine doctor in the area. There are other medical practices that are affiliated and/or within a network with hospitals or groups. Most medical practices are affiliated with large medical networks where you are limited to the specialists within that practice’s network. By choosing an independent and unaffiliated practice patients have the flexibility to choose any specialist within their insurance plan. In the state of Massachusetts most primary care physician’s offices are tied to one of the three major medical groups so if you prefer to have your surgery at a hospital that is not affiliated with your Primary Care Doctor’s network, you will need to pay out of pocket.

The concierge medicine health care model is ideal for people with health concerns who feel the need to have direct communications with their doctor and flexibility to speak to their doctor during non-standard business days and times. Your Choice Medical patients can schedule appointments within 24 hours and they have the email and cell phone for their provider in case they need assistance after hours or on the weekends. Office visits are not rushed as Dr. Ficht and the Nurse Practitioners see considerably fewer patients per day, allowing them to spend more quality time in each appointment. Your Choice Medical also provides preventative medicine offered through the providers and wellness partners, such as gym memberships and a session with a personal trainer.​

Patients pay an annual fee for this high level of service and the cost is not excessive. The cost of concierge medicine does not exceed what folks spend annually on gym memberships, hair and nail salons, sports activities, gourmet coffee, and other services, hobbies and habits. A concierge medical internal medicine doctor may or may not be necessary for you, but might be perfect for your friend who has health concerns and needs more time and attention from a doctor.  It also might be perfect for your aging parent or for someone with limited time or who travels often and needs the flexibility to schedule last minute appointments and or telemedicine sessions. If top quality medical care is important to you then we highly recommend a call to Your Choice Medical Internal Medicine of Newburyport.

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Your Choice Medical Internal Medicine
21 Storey Avenue, Suite 1B
Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 358-8777

Your Choice Medical, Newburyport MA

Newburyport’s Top Med Spa &
Premier Medical Aesthetics Team

Cutting Edge Anti-Aging, Health & Wellness &
Medical Grade Skincare Treatments

Experience the luxury lifestyle at Newburyport’s premier Med Spa.  Suite SIX Medical Aesthetics is the ultimate destination for anti-aging and corrective skincare treatments, as well as many procedures that enhance beauty, and offer health benefits. Suite SIX differentiates themselves from other spas, with their medically based approach.  The team includes double board-certified doctors, as well as highly trained estheticians, with certifications in laser treatments, advanced skincare treatments, anti-aging and medical aesthetics.  You deserve the best, and with Med Spa services it is critical to be treated by highly experienced medical professionals.  Suite SIX is the Best of Newburyport Med Spa for Anti-Aging, Skincare and a wide range of medical aesthetics treatments.

The Suite SIX skincare portfolio of services is top notch with a focus on anti-aging and corrective skincare treatments. Let a Suite SIX expert assess your skin type and recommend treatments tailored to your specific needs. Suite SIX takes a consultative approach offering a range of services including: laser treatments, micropeels, microneedling, micodermabrasions, dermaplaining and chryotherapy. In addition, Suite SIX helps clients enhance treatment results with their exceptional skincare productsSkinceauticals, a medical-grade skincare line and THÉMAÉ a luxurious organic Parisian line of products.

If you are considering medical aesthetics treatments Suite Six specializes in offering all of the most advanced procedures such as Ultherapy and Clearlift known as the “lunch time facelift” treatments. Suite SIX also offers other highly regarded treatments including: Laser Genesis, ThermiSmooth, and the Vampire Facial using PRP. The Suite SIX team of professionals also offers Botox and Xeomin injectable fillers as well. Rejuvenate your skin with the most advanced technology treatments performed by the top local anti-aging experts.

In addition to laser, light therapy, ultrasound and radio frequency treatments, Suite Six uses IV Therapy to give skin a beautiful glow and helps treat migraines and fatigue too. Suite SIX is also well known as the premier Med Spa for highly effective laser hair removal and tattoo removal procedures, using advanced technology to drastically minimize discomfort. Waxing services and lash extensions are also very popular services performed at Suite SIX.

The Suite SIX  Med Spa approach to aesthetics is medically based and driven by doctors with extensive training and experience in medical aesthetics. This is why Suite SIX is able to offer certain procedures that you may not find in other local Med Spas. Dr. Ballenas specializes in Body Sculpting using lipolysis, a minimally invasive technique that removes fat, makes the skin smooth and tightens the area. He also has extensive experience helping optimize hormone levels for both men and women utilizing Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This treatment is well known for improved sex drive, addressing Low-T, and symptoms of menopause, but it also has may other benefits. When hormone levels are balanced at a mid range this treatment helps to stabilize moods, improve muscle tone, increase bone density and help reduce chance of heart disease. Dr. Ballenas also performs very successful hair rejuvenation procedures and the Vampire Facial using PRP.

Dr. Cela Doppelt is a highly experienced OBGYN Doctor who performs the Geneveve Treatment which addresses vaginal rejuvenation utilizing PRP. You may have heard the term, the “O Shot” as many are familiar with this treatment in regards to improved sexual sensation, but it also addresses other common conditions such as: urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, fecal incontinence and vaginal laxity.

Suite SIX has built a strong reputation as the top North Shore Med Spa because of its comprehensive suite of services and highly experienced medical team. Best of all, treatments are performed in the private and relaxing setting of the Newburyport office, by a professional and welcoming staff.  Call today to schedule an appointment and let the Suite SIX team help develop a personalized aesthetics plan based on your specific goals and budget.

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Suite SIX Medical Aesthetics
6D Winter Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 358-8178

SuiteSIX, Skincare & Medical Spa, Newburyport

Welcome to Children’s Health Care!

Full Circle Pediatric Care for Greater Newburyport Families

Children’s Health Care of Newburyport and Haverhill provides full-circle pediatric healthcare from birth through adolescence with a full range of preventative and urgent care.

Since 1972, CHC’s team of board-certified providers has cared for generations of families from across the North Shore, Merrimack Valley, southern New Hampshire, and the Seacoast region.

We practice medicine as a team and value the contributions of all of our staff in providing excellent medical care and service. As a medical home for our families, we emphasize your children’s health and wellbeing as our primary responsibility. It is our goal to collaborate with parents to help their children develop healthy habits and lifestyles so they may achieve their greatest potential.

In fulfilling our mission each and every day, we practice child-centered and family-focused healthcare, partnering with you and guiding the choices that are right for your child.

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Children’s Health Care

Newburyport Lower Level
257 Low Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 465-7121
Mon – Fri 8 AM – 9 AM Walk-In Sick Call
Mon – Fri 9 AM – 8 PM Scheduled Appointments
Sat, Sun & Holidays 8 AM – 9 AM Sick Call

Newburyport Upper Level
257 Low Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 388-9880
Mon – Fri 8 AM – 9 AM Walk-In Sick Call
Mon – Fri 9 AM – 5 PM Scheduled Appointments
Closed Sat, Sun & Holidays

600 Primrose
Haverhill MA 01830
(978) 373-6557
Mon – Fri 8 AM – 9 AM Walk-In Sick Call
Mon – Fri 9 AM – 5 PM Scheduled Appointments
Closed Sat, Sun & Holidays

Children's Health Care, Pediatrician, Newburyport MA

Top Family Dentist For Routine & Specialized Services

Experience, Technology & Personalized Care

Are you in search of a family dentist who can address a broad spectrum of dental needs?  Portside Family Dental works with all ages from children to seniors and provides a broad spectrum of dental services.  Whether you are in need of a routine visit or more specialized procedures, Portside Family Dental can assist.  In addition to the basics, Portside Family Dental handles:  pediatric dentistry, gum treatments, crows & caps, bridges & dentures, dental implants, root canal, extractions, teeth whitening, invisalign, and sleep apnea.

The friendly staff strives to provide a comfortable, relaxing dental experience with an emphasis on getting to know the personal preferences of every patient.  Like many industries, the field of dentistry has seen significant advancements due to technology, many of which help to provide a more comfortable and pleasant patient experience.  Portside Family Dental utilizes many innovative technologies both to improve patient experience and to provide the highest quality treatments.

Call to schedule an appointment so that you can decide for yourself.  We are certain you will feel at home with the friendly, attentive team at Portside Family Dental.  From the staff at the front desk, to the dental assistants, dental hygienists, and the dentists you will feel as if you had scheduled a spa treatment for your teeth!

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Portside Family Dental
7 Brown Square
Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 462-4590

Portside Family Dental, Newburyport MA

Best of Newburyport Physical Therapist

Holmes Physical Therapy, A Partner You Can Trust for a Clear Path to Recovery

Holmes Physical Therapy has an outstanding reputation in the Greater Newburyport area for being the place to go when you need an experienced physical therapist.  The staff consists of highly trained licensed professionals dedicated to providing clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to maximize recovery and regain quality of life.  Treatment plans are are customized to the individual and start with a comprehensive evaluation.

Let Karen Holmes and her team of experts help you, whether you need assistance recovering from an accident or surgery, or you need a plan to assist with pain relief or strengthening.  If you want top quality therapy assistance and a plan that can put you back on track quickly, call Holmes PT today.  Holmes Physical Therapy LLC, is a physical therapist owned and operated outpatient clinic, conveniently located right next to Latitudes Sports Complex in Salisbury, MA.

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Holmes Physical Therapy, LLC
191 Elm Street
Salisbury, MA 01952

Karen Holmes Physical Therapist, Salisbury, MA
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