Our Checking Accounts Make Your Money Work for You

By Carrie Dick, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
After an extensive career in banking that started in 1998, I took the position of AVP, Business Development Manager at Newburyport Bank in 2017. This allowed me to be closer to home and spend more time with my two young daughters. Throughout my banking career, I’ve guided customers to success with their banking, lending (home equity and mortgage), life insurance and investment needs. I also really enjoy home decorating—and even received my Certified Interior Decorators license in my spare time. Working for a local community bank helping customers achieve their financial goals is an incredibly rewarding experience. I look forward to it every day.
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As a banker who serves this community, my goal is to help you journey well. While each person’s journey is unique, most life journeys are improved when your money works for you. This might surprise you but getting your money to work for you starts with one important tool—your checking account.

Often, customers come to Newburyport Bank seeking advice on how best to manage their accounts, grow their money, and prepare for the future. After meeting with the customer to get a better understanding of their financial picture, I usually recommend they look at their checking account.  Is it interest-bearing and low-cost? Does it earn rewards and include online banking tools that make managing money easier? If not, you are not taking advantage of every opportunity to make your money work for you. Our Rewards Checking Account was designed to help you save well and spend well, so you can journey well.

The way you manage your money day-to-day can have a lasting impact on your finances—both today and in your future. It is essential to be aware of how you approach money (are you a saver or spender?), your financial goals, and the best tools to help you reach those goals.

A checking account, after all, is the center of your financial operations. It’s the one account that usually touches all money coming to you and departing from you. You want your checking account to serve you well, whether you’re spending or saving. At Newburyport Bank, we offer a Rewards Checking Account. For just $10, you can open it and start earning a competitive interest—2.00% APY*

This checking account requires the use of other valuable financial tools such as online and mobile banking, which gives you financial clarity, and you have total access to your funds around the clock.

This low-cost and low-maintenance account helps you build your savings more quickly due to the competitive interest rate it offers. You don’t have to worry about transferring money from your checking to savings to earn interest. You earn 2.00% APY on the first $15,000.00 in the account, as long as you meet the account requirements. And even if you don’t meet the account requirements, the account still earns 0.01% interest. Finally, you get up to $20 in foreign ATM surcharge fees reimbursed with this checking account, which is another way it helps you to save well.

Our Rewards Checking Account accommodates the spender. To earn the competitive rate, you have to make a minimum of 12 signature-based debit card purchases in the statement cycle over $10 each.

Another requirement is to have a direct deposit minimum of $100 in the statement cycle. Direct deposit is a great tool to help you organize your finances and optimize your cash flow because checks are deposited immediately after being issued, so you don’t have to pick them up from your workplace and go to the bank. With funds deposited in your account immediately, you have more time to build that interest.

*The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for the Rewards Checking account is 2.00% as of 5/1/21. To qualify for the Rewards Checking preferred interest rate and receive up to a $20 reimbursement for foreign ATM fees per statement cycle, you must meet the following monthly requirements: the minimum account balance is $10; the maximum account balance is $15,000; enrollment in online banking; enrollment in eStatements; a direct deposit in the account of at least $100 per statement cycle; have at least 12 POS ATM signature debit card purchases per statement cycle with a minimum of $10.00 for each purchase; no more than 16 days delinquency on any loan. Notice: monthly statement of account will reflect credit card days delinquent at 0 as this is not a requirement to receive the preferred interest rate. If the account does not meet one of the criteria above, the account will earn 0.01% interest. Rate is subject to change.

Fees may reduce earnings.

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