Best of Newburyport Princess and Superhero Children’s Birthday Parties

Create Childhood Memories that Last a Lifetime with Party Princess Productions

Party Princess Productions serves the Greater Newburyport area and works with you to host awesome princess and superhero children’s birthday parties. Are you looking to create special memories for your child’s birthday party? Watch kid’s eyes sparkle when their favorite life-sized princess and superhero characters arrives at the party!

Party Princess Productions is a full service party business and has tremendous experience in creating character-themed princess and superhero children’s birthday parties. They customize children’s birthday parties in Greater Newburyport to make your child’s birthday a truly special occasion. Party Princess Productions will come to you whether you are hosting a birthday party at your home or at another special venue. They are very professional and offer flexible and convenient services as well as easy booking.

Although the company name emphasizes the word princess, Party Princess Productions helps host a wide range of fun children’s birthday parties with popular storybook characters, superheroes, television and movie characters, including princesses! They even offer joint princess and superhero children’s birthday parties. You will be really impressed when you hear these fun-loving folks sing, see their artistic face painting skills, watch them play games or help facilitate other fun activities to make a kid’s birthday party truly special. The children even have the opportunity to take pictures with their favorite characters!

Party Princess Productions brings authenticity to birthday party character entertainment with beautiful costumes and high quality equipment. A dedicated group of lively character entertainers provide very fun and interactive performances for your child, family, guests, and friends. Princess and superhero children’s birthday parties by Party Princess Productions are the way to go if you are looking for a very special and memorable party for everyone!

The kids will be amazed and won’t believe their eyes when they see their favorite princess or superhero arrive at the party. For the ultimate in princess and superhero children’s birthday parties in Greater Newburyport look no further than Party Princess Productions.

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Party Princess Productions
104 Towne Hill Road
Bradford, MA 01835
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Party Princess Productions, Newburyport MA

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