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Brine Oysters, Crudo + Chops

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Brine Oysters, Crudo + Chops

Located on State Street in the heart of downtown Newburyport, Brine Oysters, Crudo + Chops  was New England’s first oyster, crudo and chop bar. The brainchild of local restaurateur Nancy Batista Caswell, Brine brings together a love for the sea and a respect for the land in a hip, mercantile-style setting. Brine features industrial lighting, modern galvanized furnishings and a Carrera marble bar that is unique in Newburyport. Brine is the sister restaurant to Caswell’s, Ceia Kitchen and Bar, located just across the street.

A visit to Brine, brings with it the opportunity to sample its smorgasbord of gastric delights starting with its famous oysters. Its an easy pivot to other seafood-based dishes including ceviche, crudo and fresh bivalves, Other dishes include variations of tartare, carpaccio, sashimi and Daily Dock specials. Carpet baggers and po-boys round out Brine’s Spanish and Italian-influenced menu.


Brine Oysters, Crudo + Chops

25 State Street
Newburyport, MA 01950


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