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CR Moulton’s American Restaurant

10% Off Food Portion of Check with Minimum $50 Food Purchase

Experience Local Newburyport Tradition at CR Moulton’s While Enjoying Creative American Cuisine & Live Local Entertainment

CR Moulton’s, known for exceptional creative American cuisine, is a restaurant founded on history of the Moulton Family linage as local business owners in the Newburyport Community.

You may know that CR Moulton’s is located in the historic Fowle’s building but do you know the reason for the name change from 17 State Street Cafe?  The physical address is certainly significant, but the people represent the local legacy of CR Moulton’s. Next time you visit make sure you check out the beautiful historic picture gallery. Wonderful images of the Moulton and Webster family members and their many Community businesses. The Moulton’s represent what most “Newburyporter’s” think of when they proudly boast about our historic town, that was built on family run small businesses. Do any of the following businesses ring a bell: Riverside Dairy, Webster’s Ice Cream, Stand, 3R Marina, Surfland Bait & Tackle, Riverfront Marine Sports and Riverfront Marina on the Parker River?  These are all Moulton and Webster family businesses along with Cathy’s great accomplishments of:  Cathy’s Country Kitchen, Cathy’s Pantry and CR Moulton’s.

Memories are made around the breakfast, lunch and dinner table, and CR Moulton’s offers opportunity for all of the above, serving breakfast during all hours of operation, and being an excellent choice for lunch and dinner as well. A scratch kitchen, which supports other small and local businesses, using locally grown produce.

As a breakfast fan, come dine at CR Moulton’s, where they serve the best meal of the day, all day. If you appreciate creative American cuisine, try the house made Bread Pudding French Toast, the stuffed Poblano, or a Fried Green Tomato Eggs Benedict.  If you are a Bloody Mary aficionado, then do try CR Moulton’s version, made in house, an absolute delight to the palate. There are plenty of options for folks who prefer the traditional breakfast specialties. CR Moulton’s lunch features a delicious assortment of Burgers, Sandwiches, Wraps and Salads which can be enjoyed with a revolving local, crafted beer on tap.

Coming in for dinner, CR Moulton’s serves creative American cuisine, offering many traditional dishes with the chef’s original enhancements. Known for their amazing Southern Fried Chicken, we also can recommend the Beef Bourguignon, the one bowl Korean Style Salmon or a traditional baked Haddock.

Cathy enjoys supporting the local musicians by offering Friday evenings as live Music Nights. Be sure to check out the CR Moulton’s Events Calendar to see if your favorite artist is playing. They also handle private functions and enjoy offering special evenings devoted to wine or beer pairings.

CR Moulton’s is a proud supporter of the Best of Newburyport VIP Program which helps to raise money for many local nonprofit organizations in the Grater Newburyport Community.  Show your Newburyport App or VIP Card at CR Moulton’s and receive 10% Off the food portion of your check with $50 minimum food purchase.  


CR Moulton’s
17 State Street
Newburyport MA 01950
(978) 948-3456


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