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Plum Island Coffee Roasters

$2 off 1 lb. of freshly roasted varietals or blends

Coffee Available:

Brazil Cerrado Light roast. A mild flavor profile with low acidity and a wonderful nutty aroma.

Colombia Supremo Medium roast.Smooth tasting with a medium body, this coffee is a great choice if you take your coffee with milk or cream. Supremo refers to the large bean size.

Costa Rica Tarrazu Medium roast. Highest altitude coffee from one of the most sought after growing regions. The high altitude imparts an excellent balance of body and acidity.

Mexico Altura Medium roast. This coffee’s lighter body and mild taste means a well-rounded coffee. Great if you drink your coffee black.

Panama Boquete Medium roast. A mild coffee with a sweet flavor. This region is often judged as one of the finest coffee growing areas in the world.

Ethiopia Moka Harar Medium roast. Widely considered to be one of the very best coffees from where the coffee plant originated. Exhibits medium body and delicate floral notes along with a lighter wine-like taste.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Medium roast. A well balanced coffee containing intense body and acidity, this coffee contains a surprising sparkling finish.

Tanzania Peaberry Medium roast. This coffee is appreciated for its smooth mild flavor, good body and lower acidity. A peaberry is the result of a plant that only produces one small rounded seed as opposed to two in typical coffee beans.

Captain Red Medium roast. A blend of Central American coffees with excellent balance and a delicious taste any way you like it. Our most popular coffee.

Port Wine Blend (Fair Trade / Organic) Medium roast. A blend of Central American coffees with excellent balance and a delicious taste any way you like it. Our most popular coffee.

Boatyard Brew Our blend of French Roast and medium roast coffees produces a well balanced coffee with just a hint of smokiness. Extremely popular as a “House” coffee, we also use this coffee for our famous iced coffee.

Espresso Dark Roast We blend three superior coffees and dark roast them until oil appears on the surface of the bean for an authentic espresso taste. Our blend retains a balance of body and flavor while providing a perfect starting point for cappuccino or caffe latte. Also great as straight espresso.

Traditional French Roast (Columbian) Our French Roast is a single varietal, and not a blend. We dark roast these beans until oil appears on the surface, retaining the essential sweetness of the high quality, high altitude beans we employ.

Farmstand Medium Roast. Our blend of Central American coffees creates a smooth mild flavor profile with a lighter body.

Plum Island Blend: Medium Roast. Central American coffees are known for light body, bright flavors and a clean finish. This unique blend has a smooth mild flavor as well.

French Roast Sumatra: Sumatra produces some of the finest coffees in the world. We French Roast this single origin coffee which produces a rich flavor with an immense body.


Plum Island Coffee Roasters
Hilton’s Marina
54R Merrimac Street
Newburyport, MA

(978) 465-1444


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