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By Greg Greene, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Greene Construction LLC based in Newburyport, MA. Greg began working in construction while finishing college, and decided he loved the creativity of finding solutions to give homeowners what they want and need. With more than 25 years in remodeling and custom home building, Greg loves what he does, and the community where he lives and works. He enjoys meeting with clients in their home or one of the Newburyport hotspots like Plum Island Coffee Roasters or Mission Oak Grill (awesome food). You can learn more about Greg’s varied projects at
Greene Construction
Building Your Custom Home, Newburyport MA

Building your custom home offers you the opportunity to design a home that manifests precisely how you imagine it to be and excludes any unwanted spaces or features that are not conducive to your lifestyle and personal preferences.  Consulting with a professional home builder will indeed, empower you by adding to the decision-making process and introducing factors you may not be thinking of. Your budget is something you surely have thought about; but have you considered factors such as the price of neighboring homes and how that might affect the value of your home?

When buying an existing home, you never want it to be the most expensive home on the street, because the selling price will be based on nearby homes. The same can be said for the custom-built home and its location. The property design is another factor to consider when building your custom home and you will want to ensure you are compliant with local zoning ordinances.

Searching for that utopian location can be tricky. Finding the exact match of the perfect location and the style of home that reflects your lifestyle and personal style is even harder. Location is key to your family’s daily routine and it’s important to think about where you are now financially, and how that has changed from where you were.

You may find yourself debating the expense of renovations for an existing house versus having the house built exactly to your standards. The benefit of building your custom home, is that it doesn’t have to be more expensive than investing in an already made home. You may find a home that is almost perfect, yet it’s missing something unique to your tastes. What’s worse, is having to deal with a section of a house or floor plan, that you would rather not be there.

Finding a home close to your liking may also not include the most current standards for safety codes. What is even more unsettling, is what you may not see, hidden in the foundation or the structure of the home. A custom-built home offers you the advantage of seeing the house from scratch to polish.

You may want to consider the resale value when planning your custom home location. Many people who have their home custom built may not think that they will ever want to move, but it is advisable to think about the possibility you may want to relocate at some point. As time changes, so do the lifestyles of their inhabitants.

Popular home styles in New England include: Colonial, Federal, Shingle Style, Victorian, and Contemporary. Even with classical styles and modern floor plans, you are more likely to see an efficient use of space and lighting with a custom-built home. Custom homes may externally appear to be architecturally older, but can have a floor plan that is quite modern. Building your custom home will implement energy efficient materials, climate control, modern insulation and innovative plumbing. Aesthetics that embody a balance between the structural integrity and the visual appeal of the home, will allow for future customization capabilities and home additions with less hassle and added value to your home.

Now that you are in the market for purchasing a new home, or even renovating your current home, contact Greene Construction, Newburyport’s Premier Custom Home Builder and Remodler. For more information about Greene Construction and our long history of designing and building custom homes in Newburyport, please visit


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