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If you are in need of a wedding & event planning expert, we highly recommend Tiffany Learned and her team from Detailed Engagements.  You have a vision for your wedding or special event.  Let Detailed engagements be your trusted advise, the details team, and the ones who ensure that you get the chance to enjoy your event just as much as your guests.

You may know what you want, but do you know the best way to make it happen?  Tiffany has such extensive experience planning events that she understands the outcomes associated with the many key decisions that are made when hosting an event.  She will help execute your vision and will always provide you with important insight necessary for you to make good choices about the important details associated with your event.

Any professional event planner will tell you that there is no such thing as perfect.  We will tell you Detailed Engagements is the closest thing you will find to perfection and that you are guaranteed tremendous work ethic, exceptional responsiveness and insightful trustworthy advice.  Call or email Detailed Engagements so that you can enjoy the experience of planning as well as the event!

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Detailed Engagements
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Detailed Engagements, Wedding & Event Planning, Ipswich MA

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