Why Would a Dad Own & Operate a Princess Company?

By Matthew Robertson, Newburyport.Com Correspondent

After attending Malden Catholic High School, and earning a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Bentley University in 1995, I decided to work in the credit card industry, specifically processing. Married in 2001 to my wife Michelle we have 3 boys together, Zachary (13) Timothy (11) and our youngest Brady surprised us 3 years ago and changed our outlook on life tremendously. Brady underwent successful open heart surgery at 3 months old and is a fighter, he also happens to have Down syndrome and amazes us everyday. I felt the need to change up my profession a little bit, to be able to stay home and stop traveling as I was prior to Brady. I looked to opening another business type along with Credit Card processing that would keep me close to home. Party Princess Productions fit what I needed in my life for work and family. I am able to run 2 very successful businesses and still be home for my wife and 3 boys. I will admit I never thought with 3 boys I would be dealing with princesses but here we are!

Party Princess Productions
princess company, Newburyport MA

Why a princess company? You are a Dad, businessman, husband, hockey coach with 3 boys and you are starting a princess company?! I heard this and still hear it every day that I tell someone that I own and operate a princess party company.

Well it is more than just a princess company, Party Princess Productions Boston changes people’s lives, it makes people happy, it lets them escape reality for a brief period of time. Princesses, super heroes and Star Wars characters all make people transform their minds if even for an hour into that fun place we all knew as kids. Nothing is better than seeing the smile on a kids face or a Dad jump into battle Vader to prove to his son he knows how to have fun.

We aren’t just princess birthday parties, we also have done lots of work with Make a Wish, March of Dimes, Down syndrome, we attend grand openings, we do meet and greets at corporate events and believe it or not we see bigger smiles on the faces of adults sometimes at these events than the kids. A princess company that helps people take a break from the real world, helps them forget about the crazy things happening in the world for a while. A princess party company that has Super Heroes, Star Wars characters and princesses too. A princess company that comes to you, that makes even the youngest kids smile and on occasion the oldest kids too!

Princess Party Productions makes memories that last a life time. We cater to the needs of the parents and mesmerize the kids. It is a truly rewarding feeling being able to help parents create very special memories with their children, friends and family. We are very flexible and willing to help host parties at your home, in a park, the beach or other special venues that can help make the day special.

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